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How To Write a Reflection Paper

Top-Notch Guide On How To Write a Reflection Paper

Perhaps this might be one of the most challenging papers students have to grapple with in college. The thought of how to start a reflection paper gives some students the feeling of wanting to drop out ASAP! You can now put all these aside and find your way out of a reflection paper with this professional guide.

What is Reflection Paper?

It is an academic writing that presents students with a chance to showcase their identification of the main themes of the readings integrated with their classroom experience and how both affect their thinking and practice. In short, reflective writing offers you the opportunity to take a personal approach and give your thoughts on a topic.

Reflection papers come in three types, namely:

  • Educational reflective essay: It is a student’s response to some book, film or lecture studied in class
  • Professional reflective writing: It is focused on analyzing a person’s behaviour – a common task for teachers and social workers
  • Personal reflection paper: Also known as a self-reflective paper, it gives you a chance to express your feelings regarding a more intimate subject.

We have a reflection paper sample for each of the three types available at your request.

Importance of Writing Reflection Paper

Before we delve into how to write reflection paper, it is critical for us first to understand its essence. Below are three crucial relevance of a reflection paper to a student:

  • It gives students a chance to add their thoughts and analysis to what they have read and experienced.
  • It shows a student’s understanding of a particular material
  • Students can jot down how a piece of writing affects their ideas and possible practice in future

Now that we know what is a reflection paper and its relevance, it’s now time to get into the steak of the matter.

Reflection Paper Example

Reflection On The Media Piracy

The argument over the downloading of music and films using shareware programs that provide access to other computers with potentially copyrighted material is essentially an argument posed by the record labels and record industry executives and supported by the some of the artists. Notable in the press as supporting legislation against illegally downloading music was Metallica who felt illegally downloading music is akin to stealing. This presents a potential moral issue of whether downloading copyrighted music and movies over the internet is morally wrong since this may be considered as stealing, which inherently breaches Hammurabi’s Code as well as the Fourth of the Ten Commandments.

The label the artists are contracted to is essentially the entities that have the most to lose and who lose the most money. Artists are compensated for primarily their live performances and any other events they happen to do. The record label signs artists to a deal and records and markets their album. The artist negotiates a small percentage of every album and singles sale, perhaps maybe $.07 on the U.S. Dollar, for example. The income from their record deal isn’t significant when compared with the income potential from a live show when considering ticket sale revenues after subtracting for event costs. Some musicians charge $40 or more per event and to which stadiums may sell out at 50,000 such profit can be made in just 1 ½ hours. The record must do well along the lines of double platinum etc. for the recording artist to really earn significant money from their record deal.

The piracy by individuals who use shareware programs to download the music onto their hard drives is generally frowned upon but not deemed a problem by the industry. The issue is the sharing of the music and the mass downloading of music and films and then sharing of these files. The bootlegging, which is not explicitly talked about is the practice of selling for profit the illegal downloading and/or copying of music and films. The sales are generally not online as these are hardcopy forms of the music and/or cinema that is sold by bootleggers either on the street or via website and shipped from a storefront that sells bootleg material. Either form of piracy or bootlegging is considered to be a form of stealing given the degree one would attribute to downloading music and/or movies.

Is downloading music really stealing? Most of the music that is downloaded had been paid for by the downloader at some point in their lives and often they are downloading old music they are already familiar and likely previously owned. This can enable the artist by making the artist relevant again in a day of new and more modern artists and music. The artist can then host concerts and do live shows once again and earn income. Record deals do not last forever and once the artist is no longer profitable under the label, may be let loose to which the downloading of their music may be all that is left to make the artist appear relevant and active in the music industry.

The morality of the issue is inherently part of the social cost to society and to those that may be able to afford the downloading of music illegally relative to the income derived from those who do download the music by paying the cost to download or to buy from the store. The question may be akin to whether a person steals an item that is unnecessary from the store simply because the store can afford the loss. The store does allocate for the loss of stolen goods however that does not imply the store wishes to see theft of its goods and therefore to pay for the replacement of stolen inventory. The moral question of stealing as morally wrong is to place music and film as the personal property of an individual. Often, music becomes the property of an entity, such as a corporation to which stealing from a corporation is implied as stealing intellectual property from an entity owner and not stealing personal property from a private owner.

Reflection Paper Format

The format of any piece of academic writing is vital in many aspects. However, there is no standard format for a reflection paper since it dwells on writing about a personal experience. That is why most institutions give students the freedom to write it appealingly.

Thoughts expressed in pros form better understood than those restrained with ‘punitive’ writing guidelines. However, if you have not been given any format and you need one, here is a professionally, well-though-out APA format reflection paper that you can use:

  • Use a standard A4 paper size.
  • Word count should be between 400-800 words
  • 1-inch margins on each side.
  • Times New Roman 12 point font
  • Double spaces between the lines.
  • Include a page header on the top of every page
  • A page number on the right side
  • Divide your reflective paper into four parts: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References.

We also have reflection papers format for Chicago and MLA styles.

How To Begin a Reflection Paper

The process of beginning to write a reflective paper is simplified at this stage. Depending on the type of reflection research paper, these fundamental ideas may come in handy as a stepping stone to your top grades today:

  • Thoroughly read through or study the material (book, movie, or academic paper)
  • Highlight key ideas and concepts as you read
  • Make summary notes on the main concepts
  • Think of supplementary ideas such as graphs, diagrams or illustrations

At this stage, you are almost ready to pen down your first draft. However, if you still do not feel prepared at this point, you can use our best-rated, research paper help to steer you ahead.

Organizing your ideas will help smoothen the entire writing process. You can achieve this by employing the following:

  • Stage 1: Main ideas
  • Step 2: Summary of the main ideas
  • Step 3: Short reactions of your feeling throughout the reading process

Let us now explore how to write a good reflection paper using a standard outline.

Reflection Paper Outline

Since your writing is reflective rather than descriptive, the attitude you have at the beginning is essential. A reflective research paper encompasses learning, researching, and explaining. Here is how the reflection paper looks like:


Having an informative, brief, and catchy reflection paper intro is the killer secret. In the introduction:

  • Provide insight into what to expect in the subsequent body paragraphs
  • Summarize the main idea in an exciting and captivating manner
  • You may choose to have a reflective question in the opening line

Since this is the first part of your paper, ensure that it does not turn off your reader. Being too emotional or sentimental in this part may kill your essay. Instead, be reasonable and write academically.

Use this template for your introduction:

‘After reading on Coronavirus, I gained the knowledge of…’


Unlike other research papers, the thesis is explored in the body section. The body paragraphs give you a chance to explain your case in a straightforward yet exciting way. Quotes, passages, and other illustrations may be essential in having a substantive body.

In writing the body section using the three-paragraph structure:

  • Introduce the experience and how it influenced you in the first paragraph.
  • Compare the experiences of others in the second paragraph
  • In the last section, tell the officers what you learned from it.

Ensure that you are logical and dig into nuances to give an in-depth explanation of everything. You can use a high-quality reflection paper example from our pro writers to understand this section.


“I witnessed many people getting infected by a coronavirus in social places. Masks were now the order of the day to help curb the spread of the deadly virus.”


Here, you will summarize what you have learned from the experience. It should be reliable and even more striking than the other two sections. In your conclusion:

  • Leave the conceivable image of your experience to your reader
  • Highlight the main arguments of your discussion
  • Answer the question you asked in the intro

The conclusion should sound persuasive and influential in earning you top grades.

Nobody can say that he/she doesn’t need help with research paper. Our online assistance is affordable and cheap for students at all levels. Get A+ grades in your assignments with us today!

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