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narrative essay topics

Narrative Essay Topics From The Top Experts

Writing can often be a difficult thing to do as it can only be done when your heart’s in it. You can’t write if you are not in the right mood, or you have chosen a topic that doesn’t spark a light in you. Therefore, make sure you decide to write on something that you are passionate about, that you know is connected to your emotions, that you know you have plenty of information about.
This is exactly where narratives come from.

A narrative essay is basically you telling a story that has come directly from your heart.

Try to write in the first person, but if you are not comfortable with that, you may write in the third person. However, make sure you use plenty of descriptions to make your narrative essay interesting. In the end, try to give a moral or conclusion that would influence the reader’s mind in a positive manner.

What Are Good Topics For A Narrative Essay

In a nutshell, the best way to choose a topic is by selecting something that means a lot to you. You can pen down your emotions, and the authenticity surely makes such essays stand out to get further clarification. You may look at examples of similar essays and get started.

Literacy narrative essay topics:

  1. The darkest day of life

  2. A weird stranger who helped me

  3. Happily ever after, just a myth, or it actually happens?

  4. The story of Eve and Adam

  5. Me and my loneliness

  6. How I battled depression and came out as a better person

  7. A safe haven is real

  8. Life and its shenanigans

Narrative essay topics for grade 8:

  1. My first day at school was after all not so bad

  2. My favourite parent

  3. Happy mother’s day to the coolest mom on earth

  4. My first fight with a friend who broke my heart

  5. The most horrible day of my life

  6. An act of kindness that saved my life

  7. An evil deed that I’ll never forget

  8. The most difficult decision I had to take

  9. A scary moment that changed everything

  10. Favourite summer vacation spot of all times

  11. The happiest day of life

  12. My first pet and his doings

Narrative essay topics for high school students:

  1. Losing or gaining confidence

  2. An unforgettable conflict

  3. My first love made me who I am today

  4. My first salary told me what being proud actually meant

  5. Funny episodes of life that are unforgettable

  6. How I truly found myself

  7. A special person who changed my life

  8. How my education made me a better version of myself

  9. Is being too passionate about something wrong?

  10. Unrealistic dreams bring the most real joy

Personal narrative essay topics:

  1. My life as a student

  2. My family traditions and me

  3. How education helped my practical life

  4. Me and my weird habits

  5. My secrets

  6. My coping mechanism for anxiety

  7. Overcoming fears is just as important as breathing

  8. The worst fight of my life

  9. The best day of my life

  10. Best birthday ever

Narrative essay topics that teach a lesson about family:

  1. How my parents helped me overcome depression

  2. My journey from being a drug addict to a gold medallist

  3. My sister helped me change my life

  4. My dad sold his favourite car for my education

  5. 10 things I’m grateful for

  6. What builds a happy family

  7. 11 reasons why you should never lie to your parents

  8. Why siblings are the biggest blessing of life

  9. What makes family so precious?

  10. A family is not only your blood relations!

Narrative essay topics for college students:

  1. The biggest accomplishment

  2. The day my life turned upside down

  3. Devices that play a huge role in my life

  4. My role models and inspirations

  5. My dream career and hoe I plan to achieve it

  6. A superpower that I want to have

  7. An imaginary friend

  8. Life in the parallel universe

  9. Why my journal is my best friend

  10. The one person who inspired me to become a better human being

  11. My favourite book and how it gave me perspective

  12. The role of mobile phones in life

  13. The role of television in life and how it influences teenagers

  14. How to lead a happy and successful life

  15. Why is it important to always put yourself first

  16. The time a stranger helped me

  17. An online friend who helped me in my darkest days

  18. Internet gave me my best friend

  19. Are studies really important or just overhyped?

  20. How to maintain a mentally as well as physically healthy life

  21. Are conventional books better than e-books?

  22. 100 reasons why a book lover hates novel-based movies

  23. Is mental health just as important as physical?

  24. How to overcome loneliness?

  25. A career in sports is a paradise for an athlete

In this article, we have compiled some of the best narrative essay topics to help you figure out what you need to pen down. However, if you are a college or high school student wondering about what are good topics for a narrative essay, our writers are ready to serve your needs, providing the best essay writing help.
Now that you have got a bunch of topics for a narrative essay, you must have chosen one or found a similar topic to write on. Hopefully, they helped!

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