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Argumentative Essay Topics

332 Out-of-The-World Argumentative Essay Topics 2023

What is an argumentative essay? Whenever you hear of an argumentative essay, one word is paramount, an argument. This paper takes a stance on an issue of contention. As a writer, you will have to persuade your readers to understand and support a point of view concerning a particular topic by stating your reasoning and providing evidence to back it up.

How To Write Award-Winning Argumentative Papers

Many college and university students perceive such papers as those meant to cause students to argue with the examiner. However, this is not the case. High-quality argumentative papers should:

  • Not have ambiguous topics for argumentative essay
  • Introduce a problem by stating why you should address it
  • Give a summary of the opposing points
  • Present your points
  • Show why the readers should adopt your points

You will need more than just an opinion to present a strong case. Such papers call for evidence and solid reasoning on the part of the reader. Good argumentative essay topics crown a top-notch argumentative paper.

Learn how to write quality argumentative essay ideas with our free writing prompts.

Top Argumentative Essay Topics For College

  1. Reasons why parents should not accompany their children to school
  2. Why every school should have a mixture of people from different races
  3. Which is the best way to prevent yourself from coronavirus? A mask or washing hands?
  4. Should the government offer free scholarships for college and university education?
  5. Did the 2020 U.S. elections depict it as the Mother of Democracy?
  6. Why it is not true to say that the media is independent of any external influence
  7. Reasons why students engage in exam cheating over and over again
  8. Why students should not carry packed breakfast or lunch to school
  9. How to minimize obesity among the urban population
  10. Why was the US-Mexican wall so crucial to Donald Trump’s legacy?
  11. Reasons why most college students opt for part-time jobs while in school
  12. Why the much-felt effects of coronavirus were in European countries over African countries
  13. What is the necessity of advancing your bachelor’ Degree after college?
  14. Who is responsible for the rot in society among teenagers?
  15. Why it is still possible to save the ozone layer from completely depleting
  16. Reasons why professional writers are the best option for college students
  17. Can a man survive on the moon for more than one month?
  18. Why most victims of obesity are the working class among the U.S. population
  19. Reasons why most college students prefer to study in the U.S. over other countries
  20. What is the logic behind girls performing better than boys in sciences?
  21. Should young people join the military immediately after college?
  22. Why hackers have found an easy way of getting to peoples’ details through social media
  23. Why parents should monitor every move of their children on the internet
  24. Should parents have a say in who their children marry or get married to?
  25. The role of robots in today’s society: Are they phasing out human power?
  26. Why international students perform better than the natives in the U.S. educational system
  27. Why it is advisable to study at least two or more secondary languages
  28. Are T.V. and radio adverts performing their promotional role effectively?
  29. Do grading and end-of-year exams have an impact on the students’ performance?
  30. Is online learning producing the same learning outcomes as face-to-face learning?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why should everyone have the right to vote?
  2. Is Wi-Fi a necessity for high school and a college students?
  3. Why should we bother taking a shower every day?
  4. How often should parents check up on their students’ academic progress?
  5. Why should teenagers and adolescents be allowed to participate in the voting process?
  6. Who is responsible for the continued global warming effects in the world?
  7. Are wild animals encroaching into a human settlement or vice versa
  8. Why should libraries have access to the internet and online journals?
  9. Which is the best security measure to ensure that your details are safe?
  10. Why students should not have fancy hairstyles in school
  11. Reasons why the behavior of children is associated with their mothers
  12. Why politicians fail to achieve their manifesto made during their campaign rallies
  13. Why we should replace hard copy books with online electronic books in universities
  14. Reasons why it is also necessary for ladies to propose to men
  15. Why dealing with an addictive behavior requires a third party
  16. Are counseling services helping when it comes to preventing suicidal thoughts?
  17. Who should carry the burden for the homeless children in the streets?
  18. Reasons why most regimes do not initiate more development projects in states that did not vote for them
  19. Discuss whether Facebook has lost its edge or not
  20. Should people use avatars online instead of their authentic images?

Educational Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

  1. Why cheap services and products always end in expensive purchases
  2. At what age should parents give phones to their children?
  3. Are cellphones the best educational tools for middle school?
  4. Why are computer games causing more harm than good in society?
  5. Are companies allowed to collect personal information about you?
  6. Do digital photos keep a permanent memory of events?
  7. Are the internet and technology serving their purposes well?
  8. Why ladies love photographs more than men
  9. Are Instagram and Snapchat used more by ladies than men?
  10. Are our afternoon classes effective in delivering the learning outcomes?
  11. How effective is the use of teaching aids in delivering a message?
  12. How often should one update his/her bank details?
  13. Which is the best and safest way of withdrawing money? An ATM or a bank?
  14. How can you deal with peer pressure best?
  15. Are online reviews trustworthy?
  16. Is it possible to curtail cheating among middle school students?
  17. Why is it recommended to have a back for your important files?
  18. Why governments are to blame for the economic recessions
  19. How long should you be on your phone in a day?
  20. How many text messages are too many for a teen?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do robots perform tasks better than human labor?
  2. Is abortion a matter of life and death between the mother and unborn child?
  3. Are death sentences helping to reduce criminal behavior?
  4. How much time should one spend on social media?
  5. Are GMOs saving or killing lives?
  6. Is grading the best method of testing a student’s performance?
  7. Should students also rate their teachers at the end of the semester?
  8. Should students engage in part-time jobs after school?
  9. How much money should students have for their upkeep?
  10. Should schools start offering cash bonuses as awards to performing students?
  11. Should students with talents still attend school?
  12. How effective is electronic record keeping?
  13. Is the 5G technology a remedy or disaster to the world?
  14. Should students who have been expelled continue with their learning?
  15. Does the gym help in body-building?
  16. Why should borders be closed with high-end walls?
  17. Are illegal immigrants contributing to the growth of the economy?
  18. Are LGBTQ activist groups serving the community rightly?
  19. Is arts education necessary for university students?
  20. How long should term dates be?

Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why a more extended school calendar is a better idea
  2. Should schools adopt corporal punishment in case of student unrest?
  3. Are teachers to blame for the bullying cases in schools?
  4. Is it appropriate to track your partner using tracking devices?
  5. Which is best – group work or individual assignments?
  6. What are the safest means of dealing with wrong behavior in schools?
  7. How to best address the problem of homosexuality in the society
  8. Why should all students be taught math?
  9. What is the appropriate time for students to start attending kindergarten?
  10. What are the best criteria for awarding college and university scholarships?
  11. Is affirmative action the best way to go?
  12. Do you support parent-teacher conferences?
  13. Why grouping students by abilities may not work for all schools
  14. Should college students have proms?
  15. Why should all athletes receive salaries?
  16. Why football is a popular sport as compared to the others
  17. What is the best way to rank colleges and universities
  18. Should doctors receive more wages than engineers?
  19. Does the name of a person determine his/her behavior?
  20. Should colleges support needy but bright students to achieve their goals?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

  1. Is coronavirus a deadly pandemic than the Ebola virus?
  2. Should every case of mental disorder be taken to a cognitive school?
  3. How often should one replace his/her mask?
  4. What are the chances of contracting COVID-19 when you wash your hands?
  5. Should parents with HIV/AIDS nurse their babies?
  6. Why do most people opt for healthcare services abroad?
  7. Is corruption the cause for the collapse of healthcare systems?
  8. Should the government tax medical products?
  9. How many times should one replace his/her toothbrush?
  10. At what stage should one consult a physician in case of a health complication?
  11. What is the medical argument behind circumcision?
  12. Is it ethical to conduct female circumcision?
  13. How often should one go for a medical check-up?
  14. Do doctors have the right to end life for patients with terminal diseases?
  15. Is it possible to reduce the cost of healthcare?
  16. Are doctors receiving enough compensation for their work?
  17. Which is the best Universal Healthcare Program for developing countries?
  18. Are insurance companies serving their purpose effectively?
  19. Is cosmetic surgery ethical?
  20. Should insurances cover alternate medicines?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why do rich people mostly watch news programs?
  2. Are ladies taking over men’s wardrobes?
  3. Why should partners who are in courtship spy on one another?
  4. Why hugging dolls is a sign of loneliness.
  5. Should men own dolls and teddy bears?
  6. Why is Santa Claus not a lady?
  7. Is chewing gum everyday a show of impatience?
  8. Why you should annoy your partner once in a while
  9. Why it is advisable to sleep with your belly up
  10. Who should take the other out on a date? The gent or lady?
  11. Do ladies love bulldogs because they are bullies?
  12. Is feminism a show-off on the part of the ladies?
  13. How to best treat your annoying little sister
  14. Are most campus relationships milking students their cash?
  15. Is there love between campus couples or mere obsessions?
  16. Does the size of the body determine whether a person eats much or not?
  17. Do celebrities engage in adverse publicity to create a name for themselves?
  18. Is the Bermuda triangle a mere imagination of sailors in the Atlantic?
  19. Does Santa Claus exist?
  20. Why red is not an appropriate theme color for Christmas

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why sports are essential for the health of any individual
  2. How to become a seasoned coach of a local football club?
  3. Why video gamers are not true athletes
  4. Can sports help children keep out of trouble?
  5. Should football matches be between male teams and female teams?
  6. Our cheerleaders also athletes?
  7. Which is the most exciting sport of the two – baseball or hockey?
  8. Is hockey a sport for the boring older men and women
  9. How often should one watch football matches?
  10. Does the World Cup attract as many people as it used to draw in the past?
  11. Is gambling an advisable sport for youths?
  12. Why student-athletes should get money for their services
  13. Should sports branding endorse alcoholic and tobacco ads?
  14. Are cartoons and animations part of the sporting industry?
  15. Why is volleyball perceived as a female sport?
  16. Why online gaming and casinos are draining people of their money
  17. How technology has improved the gaming industry
  18. Do paparazzi violate the rights of sportsmen and women?
  19. Should sports personalities feature in business adverts?
  20. Is it necessary for students to participate in athletics while in college?

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why the arrival of the Native Americans is key for the history of U.S
  2. What is the impact of the numerous indigenous cultures in the 1500s
  3. Is Christopher Columbus the Father of America?
  4. Why the armed conflict in Massachusetts in 1775 was necessary
  5. Was General George Washington the mind behind America winning the Revolutionary War?
  6. What were the limitations of The Articles of Confederation?
  7. How the Bill of Rights added in 1791 guaranteed inalienable rights
  8. The effectiveness of Washington as the first president and Alexander Hamilton as his chief adviser
  9. Was the notion of manifest destiny right for the United States?
  10. Was the Westward expansion necessary for the United States?
  11. Should the seven Southern slave states have rebelled?
  12. The role of the defeat of the Confederates in 1865
  13. Why the government extended the legal and voting rights to freed slaves.
  14. Was it necessary to disenfranchise state constitutions?
  15. Effects of the United States becoming the world’s leading industrial power at the turn of the 20th century
  16. Why the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as rival superpowers
  17. The impact of propaganda campaigns and localized wars against communist expansion in the history of America
  18. Was it possible to stop the September 11 attacks in 2001 from occurring?
  19. The impact of the Great Recession in the United States
  20. Why Jim Crow laws aimed to maintain white supremacy

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Does music help to relieve stress and agitation?
  2. What is the psychology behind eating popcorns when watching a movie?
  3. Do mental games such as Sudoku help improve cognitive skills?
  4. The role of teachers in developing social and cognitive skills of students
  5. Is the media the leading cause of the irrational behavior of adolescents?
  6. Do you agree that slow music reduces the heartbeat?
  7. What makes comedy attract more people than motivational speeches?
  8. Do you agree that family relationships contribute to self-esteem?
  9. Discuss how different poetic messages affect the psychology of the audience
  10. Is it possible to develop strategic thinking in games?
  11. Why death causes a somber and low mood among the bereaved
  12. Do you believe that stress can cause memory loss?
  13. How does emotional maturity relate to age?
  14. Why do children love toys and cartoons?
  15. How lousy company leads to the development of negative character traits
  16. What is the impact of losing a best friend?
  17. What is the surest way of teaching teenagers to regulate their emotions?
  18. Are dreams indicators of what is about to happen?
  19. Do you agree that nightmares are a result of bad experiences?
  20. What is your take on the relationship between psychology, dreams, and souls?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Why cats are the most preferred pets at home
  2. Are animal protection units playing their roles effectively?
  3. Is it ethical to conduct cloning in animals?
  4. Do you agree that bullfighting is against animal rights?
  5. Is it ethical to euthanize stray animals?
  6. Why farmers should have licenses to keep animals.
  7. Is the adoption of animals ethical?
  8. Why veterinary clinics are few despite a large number of animals
  9. Is keeping animals for entertainment and commercial purposes ethical?
  10. Who is responsible for a large number of stray animals on the streets
  11. Is the killing of wild animals that encroach on farms justified?
  12. Is society doing enough to protect the endangered animal species?
  13. The ethical considerations behind cross-breeding in animals
  14. Is using animal products for making ornaments justified?
  15. What is the maximum number of animals that one should keep on a farm?
  16. Is it possible to eliminate animal abuse in society?
  17. Does the productivity of an animal depend on maintenance practices?
  18. Why festivities are the worst times for animals
  19. Why kids should be taught how to care for animals
  20. Should animal conservation be part of the school curriculum?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do you agree that technology is changing the lives of people?
  2. Is technology a threat to the survival of humanity?
  3. Does technology make people smarter or dumber?
  4. Justify the fact that technology is affecting human practices
  5. Why depending on technology is costing a man
  6. The ethical implications of using technology
  7. Does using technology to solve a problem create another?
  8. Should countries adopt legal control over technological developments?
  9. Why cloning is unethical
  10. Do you agree that states should invest in aerospace studies?
  11. Does artificial intelligence harm or benefit people?
  12. Are the ethical effects of genetic engineering more than the benefits?
  13. Should technology takeover every sphere of human life?
  14. Does technology make learning more fun?
  15. Do you agree that technology is causing a crisis in the higher education sector?
  16. Are coding languages becoming more challenging to understand?
  17. Can schools curb cyberbullying in their online learning programs?
  18. Should typing be an introductory course for middle-class students?
  19. Can schools use video games for learning purposes?
  20. Which is best – traditional or online education?

Good Research Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are cognitive computers the future of the world?
  2. Will it be a good idea if computers displace doctors?
  3. Is it recommended to experiment with cloning for medical purposes?
  4. What are the limits to medical tests on animals and humans?
  5. Should schools allocate more funding to practical research projects?
  6. Has social media impoverished people’s lives?
  7. The impact of technology on interpersonal communication
  8. Why children and adolescents should not be on social media
  9. What is the right age to own a computer?
  10. Should offenders of hate speech on the internet receive hefty court fines?
  11. Are ‘free speech rules’ making the internet a dangerous place to be?
  12. What is the safest way of preventing people from using their cell phones while driving?
  13. Why reading on a computer is more harmful than a physical book
  14. Will the internet become obsolete in the future?
  15. The impact of typing software on a person’s language and grammar
  16. Why online writing services are making more students lazy
  17. Should parents set limits for their children’s playtime?
  18. Do cell phones contribute to brain cancer?
  19. Is listening to audiobooks better than reading?
  20. Why frequent texting is contributing to close ties among teenagers

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

  1. Is poverty the leading cause of illegal immigration?
  2. Why immigration is the leading cause of joblessness among most Americans
  3. Should the United States create more stringent immigration policies?
  4. What is the state of immigration rates before and after the civil war?
  5. Why was Donald Trump against immigrants from Mexico
  6. The relationship between illegal immigration and drug trafficking
  7. Are all immigrants bad people?
  8. What is the positive contribution of immigrants to an economy?
  9. Consequences of illegal immigrations to families
  10. The impact of immigration on populations of countries
  11. Is the response of the Americans to immigrants justifiable?
  12. Issues of stratification associated with illegal immigration
  13. How immigration has changed since the 9/11
  14. How can immigration problems best be addressed?
  15. Are immigration legislations in the U.S. more punitive?
  16. Do you agree with how citizens treat immigrants?
  17. Impact of Vietnam war on immigration
  18. How volcanos and tsunamis have contributed to immigrations
  19. Does illegal immigration hurt the economy of a country?
  20. Discuss the approach of different U.S. presidents to immigration

Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What is the best way of isolating patients with COVID-19?
  2. Why travel sanctions are necessary for curbing corruption
  3. Why religion is contributing to peace and stability in countries
  4. Teachers should be the highest-paid employees.
  5. Doctors should not work for long hours.
  6. Pilots should only fly two flights a week.
  7. Why punitive policies encourage more crime
  8. Why we are likely to have a third wave of coronavirus
  9. Why mass media is not the most reliable source of information
  10. Why we should revise immigration laws
  11. Maturity does not come with age.
  12. Obama was the best president of the U.S.
  13. Deportation causes diplomatic ruffles.
  14. Multiculturalism leads to assimilation.
  15. Gender affects academic performance.
  16. Slavery leads to poverty.
  17. Border rules are irrelevant.
  18. The death of immigrants is unacceptable.
  19. Refugees are suffering
  20. Programming is not for the faint-hearted.

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Cancer and lifestyles
  2. GMOs and rising heart diseases
  3. Sickle cell anemia and genetics
  4. Caring for HIV/AIDS patients
  5. Stigmatization and COVID-19
  6. Dealing with resurgent diseases
  7. Expensive medical care
  8. Criticisms of the Obama Care program
  9. Impact of DNA duplication
  10. Recovering from brain surgery
  11. Handling zoonotic diseases
  12. Technology and healthcare
  13. Hygiene and communicable diseases
  14. Online writing and obesity
  15. Malnutrition and productivity
  16. Malaria and climatic conditions
  17. Dealing with infectious diseases
  18. Role of quarantines
  19. Effective masks to wear
  20. Frequency of hand washing
  21. Impact of aerosol sprays
  22. Handling internal bleeding

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