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problem solution essay topics

Top 200 Problem Solution Essay Topics for 2023

Essay writing is a tricky business. Students need to conduct ample research, organize material, write a draft, revise a draft, and then proofread and edit before putting together an assignment that is worthy of a good grade. Before this, students need to consider a good assignment topic.

Choosing Problem Solution Essay Topics

A problem-solution essay is a type of assignment that asks students to present a problem to a situation and then to present different solutions to that problem Students must also evaluate the effectiveness of the solution chosen as the best option.

Writing this kind of essay, you need to pick a strong a relevant topic. Moreover, it should be clear and concise. Experts from our college essay editing service have collected 200 problem solution essay topics for your consideration.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Elementary

Elementary students can start learning some early writing skills with these types of assignments. This list of easy problem solution essay topics is great for students at this level because the ideas deal with situations that they are familiar with but are not too challenging.

  1. Best ways to keep students from ditching class.
  2. A solution to keep students motivated in class.
  3. Methods for making sure homework assignments are completed.
  4. Best ways to improve test scores.
  5. The best method for preparing to take a test.
  6. How to make sure students eat healthily.
  7. Best way to keep students out of trouble.
  8. Methods for keeping a community clean.
  9. Best way to prevent smoking in young people.
  10. How to get more students to be physically active.
  11. The best way to keep violence in your community low.
  12. How to get more people involved in community events.
  13. The best way to plan a birthday party.
  14. How to make your elementary school more beautiful.
  15. How to reduce crime in your neighborhood.
  16. The best way to give back to the community.
  17. The best way to manage the stray animal population.
  18. How to get homework done fast.
  19. The fastest way to write an essay.
  20. A solution to public transportation.

Problem and solution essays topics do not have to deal with difficult situations. There are everyday problems that can interest even the youngest of students. And these problems are a great place to get them started.

Problem Solution Topics for Middle School

The following collection of problem solution essay topics for middle school are designed for middle school students that are further developing their writing skills through different types of assignments across a broader range of subjects.

  1. How to get students involved in campus cleanup.
  2. How to keep animals from becoming extinct.
  3. Method to reduce our carbon footprint.
  4. How to get students involved politically.
  5. How to increase social awareness.
  6. Method for teaching diversity.
  7. How to reduce air pollution.
  8. Best methods on going green.
  9. How to incorporate a recycling program.
  10. The best way to keep pets safe.
  11. Method for instituting healthy eating programs.
  12. How to get parents involved with a child’s education.
  13. Best way to use technology in the classroom.
  14. How to end online bullying.
  15. How to deal with aggressive people on campus.
  16. The best way to incorporate diversity in school.
  17. How to keep students interested in a class.
  18. Best way to get students to read more.
  19. How to quit smoking.
  20. How to prevent teenage drinking.

These problem solution paper topics dealing with history, current events, environmental issues, and more. Students can apply them to fit specific subjects as they hone their abilities to think critically and construct logical arguments in their essay writing.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for College

This set of problem solution topics for college-level courses cover a wide variety of areas suitable to diverse interests. At this level, students should always conduct ample research to ensure they have accurate information from reliable sources.

  1. The best way to support the homeless.
  2. The best method for funding public events.
  3. How to spread vaccines more efficiently.
  4. How to educate the public about health.
  5. The best way to stop teenage pregnancy.
  6. How to manage your money in your twenties.
  7. How parents can prevent childhood obesity.
  8. How to improve infrastructure.
  9. The best way to prevent deaths due to DUIs.
  10. How to find affordable housing.
  11. How to save for retirement.
  12. How to avoid amassing credit card debt.
  13. The best way to save money in your thirties.
  14. How to find the best internships.
  15. How to manage multiple academic responsibilities.
  16. How to stay mentally healthy during finals.
  17. The best way to protect natural habits.
  18. How to protect endangered species.
  19. How to prevent further global climate change.
  20. How to reverse the effects of climate change.

By the time students reach college they should have no trouble researching and writing great assignments. As such, these topics should be more challenging because they encourage students to find enough information to back up their claims.

Great Problem Solution Speech Topics

Some problem solution projects need to be done before a classroom or audience. These are problem solution speech topics that will make this kind of project easier to accomplish. Your primary concern should be to pick something interesting. Here is a list of ideas.

  1. How to incorporate healthy eating habits.
  2. The best way to prevent animal abuse.
  3. How to clean the oceans from harmful plastics.
  4. The best way to protect migratory birds from tall structures.
  5. The most effective way to cope with depression.
  6. How to fund programs for special needs children.
  7. How mental health affect eating disorders.
  8. The best way to treat mental health issues.
  9. The best way to understand mental health.
  10. How to get children to be more active.
  11. The best way to get teens to stop playing video games.
  12. How to get more girls to join STEM.
  13. The best way to solve the vaccination problem.
  14. The best approach toward fighting Covid-19.
  15. The most effective way to accept a religion.
  16. The best way to learn about other cultures.
  17. The best approach to learning about the world.
  18. How to study abroad on a budget.
  19. The fastest way to learn a new language.
  20. How to fix the poverty problem.

You should approach these ideas the same way you would a problem solution essay topics list. Search for something that genuinely interests you and challenges you but does not overwhelm you. Consider these criteria and you will be on your way towards developing a great presentation.

Problem Solution Speech Topics College Students

Great problem cause solution speech topics should reflect things that are important to you. The topics you consider need to cover areas you want to learn more about. Your speech will shine when present on an issue that means something to you and reflects your values. Here are some ideas to think about:

  1. The best approach towards teaching tolerance.
  2. The best way to get people off technology.
  3. How to end bigotry in our society.
  4. The best method for dealing with addictions.
  5. How to end child abuse in the home.
  6. How to avoid texting from ruining friendships.
  7. How to move away from stereotypes.
  8. How to show someone you are interested in.
  9. The most effective way to end a bad relationship.
  10. How to accept the LGBTQ community.
  11. The best way to deal with manipulative people.
  12. The most effective way to fight obesity.
  13. How to make long-distance relationships work.
  14. How to make an unpopular sport successful.
  15. How social media bullying can be stopped.
  16. How to address teenage depression.
  17. How to improve your grades in one semester.
  18. The best way to make online learning work.
  19. How to effectively navigate education during the pandemic.
  20. The best way to increase attendance at sporting events.

The above problem solution essay topics for college students cover a wide range of areas, so you are sure to find something you can consider for a speech for any type of public appearance.

Local Problem Solution Essay Topics

Writing about local issues is an extremely popular thing to do for this kind of assignment. These problem and solution essay topics should give you a few ideas to examine and present your solutions for. Many things are going on in your community and these are just a few to think about.

  1. How to make a local sports team successful.
  2. How to generate money for high school sports.
  3. The best way to get the city council to address potholes.
  4. How to get more people to participate in local politics.
  5. How to prevent corruption in local government.
  6. The best way to support local businesses.
  7. The most effective way to lose weight fast.
  8. How to lose 10 pounds in 1 month.
  9. How to start a recreational league in your city.
  10. The best way to improve the traffic in your community.
  11. How to reduce crime in your neighborhood.
  12. The best way to eliminate racism in your town.
  13. How to end homelessness in your community.
  14. The best way to prevent people from dropping out of school.
  15. The best way to lower divorce rates.
  16. The best way to care for children with special needs.
  17. How to make your community more aware of local events.
  18. The best way to ensure kids are safe in schools.
  19. How to prevent drunk driving in your community.
  20. How to prevent domestic violence in your city.

Be sure to conduct adequate research on each of these topics for problem solution essays. Just because you might already be familiar with some of the discussions surrounding these ideas, you should check local resources such as newspaper articles and public briefings to ensure you have all the important facts.

Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for a Short Project

If you do not have much time to write for a project, you should consider one of the following topics for problem solution essay you need to complete in a matter of days. These are ideal for a one- or two-page paper and can be completed by searching the web for facts and data taken from reliable sources.

  1. How to keep young adults safe from overtraining.
  2. How to balance physical activities with education.
  3. The best way for parents to improve their kids’ nutrition.
  4. The best way for young parents to start a healthy family.
  5. The most effective way of dealing with illegal immigration.
  6. How to provide universal healthcare in the U.S.
  7. How to prevent young adults from accessing porn.
  8. The best way to promote alternative modes of transportation.
  9. How to make your city safe for cyclists.
  10. How to improve the city park system.
  11. How to control the way media portrays celebrities.
  12. The best way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  13. The best way to combat domestic terrorism.
  14. How social media can prevent domestic terrorism.
  15. How to prevent identity theft on the web.
  16. The best way to prevent the use of steroids in sports.
  17. The most effective way of preventing sexual harassment.
  18. How to compensate student-athletes.
  19. The best way to make colleges more affordable.
  20. The best skills to learn to earn a well-paying job.

You can finish any one of the above topics in few days, but if you need further assistance you should consider getting professional help from a writing agency. Just make sure you find one that specializes in the area you choose to write about to ensure you earn the highest grade possible.

Problem-Solution Essay Topics for a Long Project

As students develop their critical thinking and writing capabilities, they may want to challenge themselves with longer projects that push the envelope in new areas. These essay topics problem solution ideas are great for someone wanting to work on a longer project.

  1. How to avoid procrastination.
  2. The best way to avoid failing a class.
  3. How to reduce government corruption.
  4. How to improve the country’s economy.
  5. The best way to ensure fair elections.
  6. The most effective way to learn online.
  7. The best way to fight cybercrime.
  8. How to fix your car on a budget.
  9. How to earn money during the pandemic.
  10. How to stay healthy when gyms are closed.
  11. How to home-school children effectively.
  12. The best way to end childhood obesity.
  13. How to end global poverty.
  14. How to overturn the effects of global warming.
  15. The way to pay for expensive medicines.
  16. Solution for paying for quality healthcare.
  17. Method for getting around in a large city.
  18. Solution for affording rent during the pandemic.
  19. How to earn extra income to pay bills.
  20. The best way to get a promotion at work.

These topics challenge students to conduct more in-depth research. You must establish a firm solution to the problem and utilize plenty of information to support your claims.

Environmental Problem Solution Essay Topics

Environmental problem cause solution topics are also popular because there are so many problems and proposed solutions on several issues. Any student wanting to get into this field will be interested in presenting his or her ideas to solve one of the many problems in the environment.

  1. How public enterprises can save the environment.
  2. The ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint.
  3. Methods for creating more animal sanctuaries.
  4. How to stop offshore oil drilling.
  5. How to prevent oil spill disasters.
  6. The best way to protect coral reefs.
  7. How to make drinking water clean again.
  8. How to impose policy change to save the environment.
  9. How the U.S. can prevent pollution in developing countries.
  10. How China can reduce air pollution.
  11. How to reduce environmental destruction in large cities.
  12. The best way to protect the earth’s rain forests.
  13. How states can decrease their carbon footprint.
  14. How natural farming can help reduce air pollution.
  15. The best way to use natural climates to fight pollution.
  16. The best method for making people environmentally aware.
  17. How penalizing oil fracking can be economically viable.
  18. How implementing Green Policies can save the economy.
  19. Investing in solar panels can boost local economies.
  20. How wind technology can improve the air we breathe.

If you decided to write about the environment, you need to be prepared to conduct a lot of research. There are hundreds of journals that publish new information throughout the year. So, you want to be certain you are referencing the latest data and facts.

Problem/Solution Essay Topics for Grad Students

Unlike the problem solution topics for college students, these ideas are designed with graduate students in mind and are slightly more difficult. These still can be used for short writing projects, but it is more likely students can use these for long projects of 15 or more pages.

  1. How stricter penalties for offenders will reduce sexual abuse.
  2. The way self-defense in school can reduce violence on campus.
  3. The way to fix the flooding problem is to build better dams.
  4. Forcing anti-vaccinators to get their children vaccinated will reduce the spread of diseases.
  5. How stress reduction methods can reduce high blood pressure in adults.
  6. How addictions can be minimized with greater penalties for drug dealers.
  7. How regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart-related illnesses.
  8. How planting more trees can reduce flooding of rivers.
  9. How banning guns will reduce the number of school shootings.
  10. How exercise routines can fix the obesity problem.
  11. The method for curbing emissions is to limit destructive human activities.
  12. How teaching women self-defense will lower domestic violence.
  13. How educating young people can minimize the risk of diabetes.
  14. How having a healthy diet can reduce the formation of gastric ulcers.
  15. How vaccinating children can minimize the risk of tuberculosis.
  16. How ample hydration can lead to healthy weight loss.
  17. How imposing penalties for illegal lumbering can help reduce flooding.
  18. How spending more time with the family improves child development.
  19. How stricter penalties for pollution will reverse global warming.
  20. How health knowledge can minimize the risk of diseases.

All the problem solution writing topics listed above should be considered carefully and modified to fit specific needs. Since they can be used for longer projects, students will likely be using these for a mid-term or final writing project, so the topics must align perfectly with the assignment’s requirements.

There are a lot of problem-solution essay topics to choose from in this list. But we know that you may need something to fit a specific assignment. Our academic writing experts are available 24/7 to provide you with customized problem and solution topics to meet your needs. If you need assistance, contact us by chat, email, or phone. We will put you in contact with an expert in this or any field.

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