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Informative Essay Topics

70 Hot Informative Essay Topics (Top Grades Guaranteed!)

Students are often expected to write information essays which are also an expository paper. The difference between an expository essay and information essay is the role of the paper. The former expounds on a topic while the latter describes what the paper does. Informative essay topics must make room for the provision of authoritative sources with up to date information for the reader.

The goal of a good informative essay is the presence of depth and breadth in the topic. Also, the chosen topic has to be interested in the topic. It would not make any sense to write an essay on skateboarding which interests you but not the audience. The audience’s engagement is required for this type of essay.

This writing prompts below highlight how the topics can be used:

  1. The author’s personal experience can be compiled into an essay. Examples of such include the favorite hobby, favorite subject, sports, food, and more.
  2. An incident that shows that an individual has a bad or good memory, or about favorite TV shows, or religious beliefs
  3. Medical topics can also be enhanced with essays like cancer treatment, discoveries, new inventions in the field of medicine, and more.
  4. For people who want to write great essays on successful informative paper topics, they can opt to write on famous historic events, development of computers and mobile phones, and essays on favorite speeches.
  5. Academic essay topics like rising college and school fees, increase in the student debt interest rates.
  6. Funny articles on different funny topics that can interest the readers. Such topics may be funny stories about family, TV shows, interesting jokes, or even movies.
  7. Informative political topics like women in politics, and the fate of politics today.
  8. About genetics in agriculture, evolution, and genetically modified organisms.
  9. Essays on complex and common mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia, phobias, and school dropouts, and the likes.
  10. Historical topics like the history of the first world war.

Best Informative Essay Topics To Try

Below is a list of sample topics to consider:

  1. How to make a plant grow faster
  2. How to face the fear of flying
  3. Ways to stop bad habits from taking control
  4. How to tackle sleep paralysis
  5. Simple steps to lose fat
  6. How to build muscle
  7. How to plan a party
  8. Steps to stop an obvious obsession with food
  9. Tricks to improve grades in school
  10. Tips to start your career

The Topic For Informative Essay

  1. Top methods for saving cash
  2. How to start a debate argument
  3. How to get a driver’s license
  4. Ways to quit drinking
  5. Steps to move properties to a new home
  6. How to get the best deal on your home insurance
  7. How to redecorate your home
  8. How to buy a used car
  9. How to pay for college
  10. How to land a new job

Informative Essay Topics For Middle School

  1. The aftermath of the first world war
  2. The revolving door of lawbreaking
  3. Cybercrime and its problems in the world
  4. How illegal immigration is impacting the U.S.
  5. The border wall by president Trump
  6. Childhood precursors for different mental health issues
  7. Causes of homelessness in U.S. states
  8. The changing trend of legislation against abortion
  9. Overcoming pressure in school
  10. The changing educational system

Good Informative Essay Topics

  1. The growing poverty rate in the developed countries
  2. Events that caused the second world war
  3. How Europe is handling extremism
  4. Is it time for the NHS to privatize healthcare?
  5. Alcoholism and steps the government can take
  6. The increasing suicide rates among young people
  7. Video games and violent tendencies
  8. How to ensure that superbugs do not mutate
  9. Causes of violence among adolescents and its prevention
  10. The evolution of veganism
  11. Why we should worry about global warming
  12. What is cybercrime
  13. Effects of acid rain
  14. Importance of reducing carbon footprints
  15. Presidents who have made serious changes
  16. How the parliament works
  17. Socialism and its advantages
  18. How to keep your dream job
  19. How online universities work
  20. The effects of animal testing bans
  21. How many planets are in existence?
  22. What role does the house of lords play
  23. What are the white-collar crimes?
  24. What is a solar eclipse?
  25. The consequences of restriction on freedom of speech
  26. How many legislations are passed in the U.S
  27. How recycling can save the planet
  28. Education in top-ranked universities and their benefits
  29. How the United Kingdom appeased Hitler
  30. How society can handle child abuse

Informational Writing Topics

  1. The effect of obesity on human life expectancy
  2. Discussing the Iraq war
  3. Results of global warming
  4. The effects of civil war on the rest of the world
  5. How electricity works and its history
  6. What is pointillism and how it impacts others all over the world
  7. How bullying damages the self-esteem of high school students in the USA
  8. Discussing the debate on gun control in the united states of America
  9. The poorest regions in the United States of America
  10. How important are college degrees all over the world?

Having Troubles With Informative Essay? Get Some Help!

Writing an informative essay is easier with the right topic. The topic should be chosen with the audience in mind. It would be futile to choose a topic that your audience cannot relate to. It requires carrying the audience along. Also, be sure to brainstorm after picking a couple of potential topics. This process is essential because it determines if you will get enough research to work with. You also need a topic that you can relate to. If you still have issues with writing your essay, you can always get writing help from professionals. These experts can help you find a suitable topic.

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