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music essay topics

272 Brilliant Music Essay Topics To Enjoy And Write About

Writing music essays is both a challenging and fascinating activity. That’s why it’s vital to have a different music essay topic in mind. Searching for essay topic suggestions online is an excellent place to start when writing fascinating essays about music. Try compiling a range of music-related essay themes and investigating how they connect to contemporary life.

You can learn a few tricks on choosing a topic and applying it to make a good essay by looking into a selection of essay topics in music. Checking out many themes will inspire you, and you can select a topic for your essay that interests you specifically.

Do you need help developing a music essay topic that interests your readers and lets you finish your course or schoolwork? Look nowhere else! You can discover more about the art form using this article’s exciting music essay themes. There is likely something here that interests you, whether that fascination is in the past or the future of music. Read on as we take you on this eye-opening journey.

What Is Music?

Before we dive into the concept of music essays, it’s vital to grasp what music is first. Some define music as art that mixes vocal and instrumental sounds, often both and uses harmony, shape, and feelings to convey ideas. Others refer to music as creating soothing sounds using different musical instruments. Now that you have some basic music knowledge, let’s discuss what a music essay entails.

What Is A Music Essay?

A music essay is a piece of writing you must submit for a class assignment. You would discuss your opinions on the subject and back them up with experiences from your own life. Your essay about music might focus on various musical genres, or you can develop a custom essay based on music topics for research.

How To Write a Music Essay

Here’s a short guide to get you started on a music essay!

  • Opening Paragraph: Your music essay’s introduction should begin with a quotation or citation to demonstrate to the reader that you are knowledgeable about the subject. The next step is to briefly restate your critical point and explain why it is essential to you or others. Lastly, in the concluding sentence of your introduction, pose a query or raise a concern that you will resolve in the essay’s body paragraphs.
  • Thesis Statement: Create an argumentative paragraph that supports your thesis statement with facts. The thesis statement is one of the most crucial components of any essay because it explains your viewpoint on the subject to the audience. It should convey your opinions and be connected directly to the topic.
  • The Body Paragraph: Write several body paragraphs, and in every one of them, support your statements about your thesis statement with pertinent data, anecdotes, or instances. You must put forward all your ideas and information in the body paragraphs of your music essay. Additionally, you must offer proof to back up your assertions and allegations. Then, create at least three body paragraphs containing your primary point.
  • Argumentative Paragraph: The data and figures in your persuasive paragraph should back up your thesis statement. Additionally, since quotes are regarded as encouraging and strong materials for any argumentative thesis, you must add pertinent quotations from well-known composers or musicians in your argumentative paragraph.
  • Concluding paragraph: The conclusion should include your thesis statement and a summary of your essay’s main points. It’s an excellent move to wrap up a persuasive essay with a rhetorical question that invites readers to consider what you’ve written.
  • Proofread: Many writers don’t edit their work since they are under time constraints while they write. This is particularly true when students must write essays about subjects they are not interested in or knowledgeable about.

Music History Essay Topics

  1. American jazz music’s beginnings and development
  2. The Beatles’ influence on 1960s popular music
  3. African rhythms’ impact on Latin American music
  4. The historical place of women in classical music
  5. The blues’ cultural importance in the United States
  6. The evolution of opera throughout the Baroque era in Italy
  7. The Renaissance’s impact on Western art and music
  8. The development of electronic music from the 20th century to the present day
  9. The importance of protest music in American politics and society
  10. The start of hip-hop music and its effect in the 1980s
  11. Reggae music’s cultural influence in Jamaica and elsewhere
  12. The historical use of music in religious ceremonies
  13. The rise and influence of country music in the country
  14. Music technology’s development from the phonograph to streaming
  15. The importance of traditional music to local cultures around the world
  16. The impact of musical theater on popular culture in America
  17. The impact of globalization on world music
  18. The evolution and impact of rock and roll music in the US
  19. European classical music’s development from the Middle Ages to the present
  20. The function of music in historically influencing and expressing political movements
  21. The history of blues music and African American heritage
  22. The world of instruments and its intersection with medieval music
  23. The history of Klezmer music
  24. The evolution of Balkan Gypsy performers from ancient times to the present
  25. Evolution of world music from 1900 to the 2000s

Argumentative Essay Topics About Music

  1. Should explicit music lyrics be banned or only available to some audiences?
  2. Is music instruction crucial for kids’ general growth?
  3. Does music therapy help with mental health issues?
  4. Do streaming technologies benefit or hurt the music business?
  5. Should performers utilize their platforms to speak out on social and political concerns?
  6. Is the music business underpaying and abusing artists?
  7. Does music support or undermine racial and gender equality?
  8. Should safety and environmental requirements be set for music festivals?
  9. Is the genuineness of music compromised by autotune technology?
  10. Should classical music be more approachable and open to audiences of all backgrounds?
  11. Is live music more significant and true to its origins than recorded music?
  12. Should music be a tool for promoting and preserving culture?
  13. Is musical innovation protected or constrained by copyright laws?
  14. Should music be seen as a form of artistic expression and free speech?
  15. Does music reflect social and cultural change or act as a force for it?
  16. Should innovation and originality be included in addition to technical ability when deciding the winners of music contests and awards?
  17. Is it morally required of musicians to use their platform to promote social and political change?
  18. Should parents be able to decide what music their kids listen to?
  19. Is music journalism still relevant now, or is it becoming less and less critical?
  20. Should government money be used to fund and develop regional music scenes?
  21. Should AI be accepted as a means of recording and producing music?
  22. Does music function as a tool of social change today?
  23. Should parents be responsible for their children’s musical education?
  24. Should music therapy be encouraged in hospitals and other facilities?
  25. Does the media today impact young people’s appreciation of music?
  26. What are the benefits and drawbacks of modern pop music?
  27. How does electronic technology impact the creation and performance of classical music?
  28. Does the music in video games impact young children’s development?
  29. Is music a means of self-expression for today’s youth and young adults?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Music

  1. Why learning to play an instrument should be mandatory for everyone
  2. Why there should be more music therapy options available in medical settings
  3. Why a thriving and linked community must include live music
  4. Why music education should be a mandatory topic in schools
  5. Why various demographics should have greater access to and inclusion of classical music
  6. Why it’s essential to encourage and support regional music scenes and artists
  7. Why ecological accountability and long-term viability should be given top priority at music events
  8. Why promoting understanding and bridging cultural gaps can be achieved through music instruction
  9. Why listening to music can help with stress relief and mental health promotion
  10. Why it is vital to defend the rights of self-employed musicians and artists
  11. Why pursuing a profession in music is meaningful and essential
  12. Why censoring music violates people’s right to free speech and expression
  13. Why it’s important to give preference to inclusion in music
  14. Why traditional musical traditions should be enhanced by music technology rather than replaced.
  15. Why it’s important to acknowledge and encourage the achievements made by women in music
  16. Why the battle against inequalities and unfairness can benefit significantly from using music.
  17. Why music education can enhance mental development and academic achievement
  18. Why it’s essential to promote and preserve vanishing musical traditions
  19. Why music is a universal language that cuts through linguistic and cultural divides
  20. Why it is crucial to emphasize funding while encouraging music programs for prisoners
  21. Plants that are exposed to classical music grow more quickly.
  22. Is classical music calming or intellectually stimulating?
  23. Is it reasonable for some nations to forbid artists from performing?
  24. Do kids study better when they have music playing?
  25. Is it possible to excel as an artist without having inherent talent?
  26. Should employers permit background music in the workplace?
  27. The performance prowess of Beyoncé is still unparalleled.
  28. Pop music’s influence on European trends and culture
  29. The music industry ought to have taken notice of Kurt Cobain’s passing.
  30. What are the benefits of music for society?
  31. The industry has to take Nintendocore more seriously because it is a real subgenre.
  32. Even if you don’t agree with a band, should you still listen to their music?
  33. The government ought to provide more assistance to musicians.
  34. People become impassioned and energized about their country when listening to patriotic music.
  35. A person’s mood might be made worse by depressing and melancholy music.
  36. Medical professionals and therapists must understand the value of music.

music essay topics

Topics For World Music Essays You’d Like to Write

  1. What effect has American music had on world music?
  2. How do music and culture blend?
  3. The mental effects of music
  4. Is music censorship necessary?
  5. Examine the role of women in the music business.
  6. What alterations has technology made to the music sector?
  7. What impact do musical instruments have?
  8. How has music influenced different eras?
  9. Does the music improve the atmosphere?
  10. How does music impact feelings?
  11. The cultural importance of traditional African music
  12. Indian classical music’s development and variety
  13. Modern Middle Eastern music combines Arabic and Western music.
  14. The function of music in Indigenous societies and cultures
  15. The ramifications of Brazilian samba music on culture and politics
  16. Chinese music’s impact on East Asian musical customs
  17. The Andean music of South America’s cultural importance
  18. Celtic music’s development and impact throughout Scotland and Ireland
  19. The part music plays in the griot customs of West Africa
  20. Spanish colonialism’s effects on Latin American music
  21. Japanese popular music’s mix of ancient and contemporary elements
  22. The meaning of Indonesian gamelan music in terms of culture and religion
  23. The development and impact of reggae music in Jamaica
  24. African American spiritual and religious traditions and the function of music
  25. Gypsy music is a synthesis of European and Romani musical traditions.
  26. The importance of Balkan music in terms of culture and history
  27. The function of music in Native American spirituality and wellness
  28. Cuban music has been influenced by both European and African musical cultures.
  29. Traditional Australian Aboriginal music’s cultural importance
  30. The development and impact of calypso music from the Caribbean
  31. What kinds of instruments are used in world music?
  32. Are there any drawbacks or advantages to the globalization of music?
  33. Do there exist any debates involving world music? If so, describe them and explain why they exist.
  34. What does “world music” mean? What does it stand for?
  35. Do you anticipate that the appeal of world music will increase over time, and if so, why?

Interesting Music Topics For Essays

  1. The world has music. Can you elaborate on this claim?
  2. When did music start to exist?
  3. How can the age of vintage musical instruments be determined?
  4. Who are the ten most well-known musicians?
  5. What are the main musical genres?
  6. What makes melody and harmony different from each other?
  7. What distinguishes a lead sheet from a piece of sheet music?
  8. What is the C major chord progression?
  9. Describe the meaning of a beautiful cadence.
  10. Describe the meaning of a plagal cadence.
  11. The function of music education in America
  12. How our taste in music was influenced by the tastes of our parents and grandparents
  13. The morals involved in making music records
  14. Music is being played during political campaigns.
  15. American songs of protest and the war
  16. The application of classical music to the instruction of autistic kids
  17. The most common fallacies regarding country music in the country
  18. What benefits can music-making have for one’s mental health?
  19. Can a person’s musical preferences reveal anything about their character?
  20. The application of neuroscience to the production of electronic music
  21. The impact of popular music on the warped body image model
  22. What impact has rap music had on contemporary social movements?
  23. How does music impact feelings?
  24. What part does music play in the rise of civilizations?
  25. The distinction between mainstream music and current culture
  26. What role does music play in nature?
  27. Do various musical genres affect flowers and plants differently?
  28. How can music communicate ideas without using words?
  29. When we listen to music that doesn’t suit our taste, do we instantly copy it?
  30. What are a talented musician’s essential qualities in music production?
  31. Should it be free to download music?
  32. The impact of music on human brain function
  33. The development of music in many nations
  34. What ties music to spirituality?
  35. Can music assist you with your college assignments?
  36. Gender equality and rap
  37. Is the ability to comprehend music necessary for success?
  38. Should a musician’s personal life influence how others view their music?
  39. Teenagers’ susceptibility to political messages in music varies.
  40. One’s mental and physical capacities are influenced by music.
  41. Are musically inclined kids smarter than other kids?
  42. Musical instruments are fundamentally necessary for all types of music.
  43. Is music a more well-liked art form than movies?
  44. Discuss whether rap music encourages a hedonistic and irresponsible lifestyle.
  45. Many musicians only achieved fame due to their connections.
  46. The best entertainment is at music festivals.
  47. Is it always true that music sounds better live than on record?
  48. Do you prefer classical music to contemporary genres?
  49. Is it fair that some religions consider music to be sinful?
  50. Is it true or incorrect that music typically defines a culture and its traditions?

Hip-Hop Music Essay Topics

  1. Rapping is not a required component of hip-hop music.
  2. What impact has hip-hop had on American youth in the 1990s?
  3. Hip-hop today compared to old-school rap
  4. The dancing and graffiti cultures
  5. Global dissemination of hip-hop music.
  6. Is hip-hop appropriate for younger kids?
  7. Success on the market vs. adhering to hip-hop culture
  8. The significance of clothing for hip-hop music
  9. Hip-hop music can help people who are insecure or have poor self-esteem.
  10. The various rapping techniques used by hip-hop musicians
  11. Describe the beginnings and development of hip-hop.
  12. Chinese hip-hop musicians
  13. Examine the societal and political roots of hip-hop music.
  14. Describe where hip-hop music came from and its influences.

Intriguing Music Essay Topics

  1. Since the 1970s, how has rock music evolved?
  2. Critique of the subculture of trap music.
  3. The Moog synthesizer’s history
  4. The Northern Irish protest music
  5. The legacy of Baroque musicians
  6. The heritage of Elvis Presley’s culture
  7. Why are Gibson guitars so well-liked among young people in America?
  8. The development of garage rock in the US
  9. The origins of grunge music with Nirvana and Sound Garden
  10. Rap music uses more foul language than rock music does.
  11. The loveliness of Antonio Vivaldi’s compositions
  12. John Lennon did everything from “Children of the Flowers” to outspoken political pronouncements.
  13. Dolphins’ capacity for musical perception
  14. The idiosyncrasies of cinematic soundscapes, according to Hans Zimmer
  15. Does listening to metal music encourage violence?
  16. Does AI eliminate the artistic element in electronic music?
  17. How does music help those with bipolar disorder and mood swings?
  18. Can sorrowful music aid in heartbreak recovery?
  19. The history of various musical instruments
  20. Is music censorship necessary?

Unique Music Essay Topics

  1. How is old-style Chinese music composed?
  2. Why gospel music?
  3. What impact does music have on teenagers?
  4. What effects might music have on heart rate?
  5. The examination of choral music’s past
  6. Music’s influence on medicine
  7. What place do the Beatles hold in UK culture?
  8. Music’s Impact on Epilepsy
  9. the brilliance of Mozart
  10. Country music and Christian music might be compared.
  11. Different kinds of children’s music
  12. Are musicians created or born?
  13. Making social change with music
  14. A worldwide language is music.
  15. How is the business of music?

Music Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Can those suffering from mental diseases benefit from music therapy?
  2. The music industry’s dubious treatment of women
  3. Which performer or group had an impact on your outlook on life?
  4. What difficulties do independent artists face?
  5. Is social media effective for promoting music?
  6. Is music effective at reducing stress?
  7. How does music bring people together?
  8. Examine the traits that talented artists shouldn’t possess.
  9. Who are the best performers in the R&B music genre?
  10. Is it possible to function without listening to music?
  11. Consider the influences of three popular rappers.
  12. How can one become well-known as a musician without wealth or connections?
  13. What challenges do band members face?
  14. Who had the greatest influence on the growth of independent music?
  15. Is pop music losing appeal? Why, if so?
  16. What were three things that influenced your choice of preferred genre?
  17. Who are the most well-known musicians in the country?
  18. Which record label currently has the most clout?
  19. Can Beyoncé’s songs be regarded as classics?
  20. Did Drake pioneer a brand-new genre of rap?
  21. Which boy bands suffered a scandal-related decline in popularity? How did it take place?
  22. Talk about Dire Straits’ contribution to musical history.
  23. Who are the most popular female singers right now?
  24. Why do some music genres have a bigger following than others?
  25. What factors determine success in the music industry?

Music Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Talk about the evolution and demise of hardcore punk.
  2. Describe the relationship between the various music genres.
  3. Compare music to other types of art.
  4. Describe the challenges Jay-Z faced during his musical career.
  5. Which type of headphones provides a superior audio experience—over-ear or on-ear?
  6. Describe the primary steps involved in making music.
  7. Describe how a musical instrument’s genesis affects its evolution.
  8. Examine the evolution of music in China and India.
  9. Why are high and low modern musical cultures different?
  10. Compare and contrast the differences between poetry and song lyrics.

Additional Essay Topics About Music

  1. What is stress reduction through the lens of heavy metal musical genres?
  2. Incorporating music education into primary school curricula
  3. Using the sounds of nature to treat mental health problems
  4. The accomplishments of John Lennon, from “Children of the Flowers” to loud political statements
  5. American protest songs, war songs, and the use of music for medical treatment
  6. The impact of music on the military
  7. The effect of popular music on the body image model’s distortion
  8. Protection of intellectual property and copyright issues
  9. Has the purpose of record labels changed?
  10. Have record labels lost their purpose?
  11. The history of several musical instruments
  12. The current music production industry’s key procedures
  13. Why should a musical artist hire a musician to write their music?

Need Help With Your Music Essay?

Music essays have a ton of benefits. Essays from music argumentative essay topics can expand your knowledge in various music genres and styles, while also helping you better your writing with research and other intricacies. This is why it’s essential to select music topics that appeal to you and have the potential to guarantee success.

The most incredible method to produce an excellent essay is to put in the necessary effort. You must thoroughly research the subject and use your enthusiasm for music to accomplish a task that will impress your professor. Suppose you are trying to decide what topic to write on. In that case, you can explore the essay topics we’ve suggested above. In other cases, music essay or art history essay writing help can come in to take a bulk of this work. Our team of reliable experts provide fast, cheap and high quality assignment writing services in practically all fields of study, and ultimately answer the question, “who will write my essay?”


What does a music essay look like?

Music is a broad subject. Anything from 1950s fashion patterns to the greatest vocalists of all time could be the subject of an article. Writing a precursor to a specific musical genre or band is also feasible. The paper should be coherent, logical, and well-organized in any situation.

What is the best way to write about music?

There are no particular talents needed to write about music. You can write about the music you enjoy if you need to learn more about music theory or how to play an instrument. Some subject suggestions include favorite musical groups, genres, musical preferences, or even controversial music topics.

How do you construct a music essay?

There are many ways to approach musical topics. Consider writing more precise and be more detailed if you’re a student pursuing a degree in this area. Write about your preferred musical genre or band if the sole purpose of your essay is to enlighten and amuse. Essay writers for hire can also help improve your assignment.

What are the best music topics for essays?

An explanatory essay will be an excellent option if you write one for university. No particular background in the music business is necessary. Consider using the headings “My definition of music,” “My favorite music genre,” or “How music can help you study.”

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