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nature vs nurture essay

Your Guide To Writing Nature vs. Nurture Essay in 2023

We all have our reservations on writing essays, but most of us will be quiet when it comes to the nature vs. nurture argument essay. In this post, we have outlined the ultimate pieces of advice to help you ace your essay on nature vs. nurture and cross that finish line.

Enjoy the rest of your reading.

What is a Nature vs. Nurture Essay?

It can be summarized as a contest between human psychology and biology. A more elaborate definition would put it as the debate of the extent to which the environment and heredity influence behavior and development.

Having a nature vs. nurture debate essay would mean that you are armed with arguments for and against either side. Therefore, that would mean that we delve deep into the individual terms to understand their meaning:

  • Nature: Refers to the characteristics that constitute an entity or an individual
  • Nurture: Refers to the behavioral aspects acquired throughout a person’s life.

With this knowledge at hand, we can proceed swiftly to our post’s other aspects of the nature vs. nurture essay.

How To Write a Nature vs. Nurture Argument Essay

The writing process emanates from the nature vs. nurture essay ideas collected during your research. Now that this topic is a debate, it can take both the form of an argumentative or a persuasive essay.

Nature vs. nurture essay presents a great opportunity for you to showcase your analytical skills. You will do this by way of bringing out your point of view on a particular topic.

Like any other essay, this one also has the introduction, body, and conclusion. Below is a breakdown of what constitutes each of these sections:

  • Introduction: Briefly explain to your reader what the nature vs. nurture debate is and how you will tackle it. At the end of the introduction, have a mind-intriguing thesis statement.
  • Body: In this section, you aim to excavate to the core of the quarry. Support your stance with reliable examples and pieces of evidence. There is no room for rumor-mongering here; only state the facts.
  • Conclusion: The nature vs. nurture essay conclusion gives a summary of the arguments presented in the body. If possible, suggest some outcomes from the results or findings.

Nature vs Nurture Sample Essay

The debate about nature vs. nurture has surrounded discussions about the nature of human personality dates back to the early philosophers and their attempts to describe the reasons that human beings behave the way they do. Early theorists such as Darwin proposed a biological explanation for the presence of certain human traits and characteristics. John Locke, on the other hand, John Locke coined the term “tabula rasa” or blank slate to describe his observations that personality develops through the influences of others and the effects of the environment. Another facet of the issue involves whether human personality is “determined” by a set of influences that cannot be changed or if the choices and experiences one engages in can supercede what may be genetically present.

Modern researchers have observed that there is a relationship between level of cognitive ability and personality. That is, the way in which the brain functions influences the way in which the individual sees the world. For example, individuals who are equipped to reason well verbally have access to a set of information that can accessed through formal and informal learning experiences. Individuals who learn differently may have access to less or different types of information. Therefore, their understanding of the way in which the world works is likely to differ as well. In this case, it is clear that there is a biological component to the way in which an individual sees the world.

Conversely, individuals with lower cognitive abilities are also not likely to be exposed to certain experiences that other the same age might have had. The lack of experience will affect the way in which the individual is able to function over the course of his life. Individuals who receive support and training and are also strongly motivated are more likely to perform better than expected in some areas of their lives.

Modern personality theorists would contend that the true nature of personality is an interaction of biology and environment. Modern genetics have uncovered genes that carry traits like happiness, antisocial thinking, and certain other traits that are linked to personality dysfunction as well as traits of physical makeup that have been recognized as heritable. Yet, there is a body of psychological and sociological research that points to the effects of culture and social learning on human behavior as well.

A 1995 report by the American Psychological Association indicates that family environment can effect childhood IQ. In fact, environmental factors were found to account for up to 25% of the differences in subjects. The environmental factors explored included level of responsible care but also more severe factors such as deprivation, neglect, or abuse. Other studies have failed to support the same findings with less severe negative influences. Nonetheless, other studies have found that children growing up in the same environment do not necessarily react the same way.

Improvements in technology have made it possible to better understand the nature of personality, heritability, learning, and the many ways in which the brain influences aspects of human behavior. Recent studies using brain imaging have showed that situational factors can produce changes in the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Traumatic events can also produce changes in the structure of the brain itself. Some changes can be remedied over time if the source of trauma is eliminated and the individual received appropriate treatment. The debate is far from over but the question may have changed to which factor has the greatest impact.

What is in a Nature vs. Nurture Thesis Statement?

The side you pick to support throughout the essay is mentioned in the thesis statement. It will comprise an opinion that you intend to marshal logical arguments in favor of your essay. Looking at many essay examples, you can note that this part forms your introduction’s last bit.

Now that this is a debate, there is a special way to start such a statement. For instance, you can start it with the word ‘although.’

Find a list of guru nature vs. nurture essay topics that you can use for your debate:

Top Nature vs. Nurture Child Development Essay Topics

  1. A summary and analysis of nature and nurture on child development
  2. The impact of nature on child development and personality traits
  3. Does nature or nurture impact the development of diverse behaviors among children?
  4. Why do nature and nurture seem to override hereditary parent characteristics to children?
  5. How nature and nurture contribute to the physical, mental well-being of the child

Nature vs. Nurture Essay Psychology Topics For College Students

  1. Are our attitudes and mood the result of genetics or how a person grows?
  2. Can erratic behavior result apart from specific environmental interactions?
  3. What are the motivations behind thoughts and feelings?
  4. Dealing with trauma – nature vs. nurture
  5. Does the environment help one overcome depression, stress, and anxiety?
  6. Are correctional facilities important? A question of nature vs. nurture
  7. Who is to blame for bullying behavior
  8. Is psychology responsible for improved performance?

Nature vs. Nurture Homosexuality Essay Prompts

  1. Nature is the main factor behind human sexuality.
  2. Impact of upbringing on a child’s sexuality
  3. What is the possibility of being born with a ‘gay gene?’
  4. Is homosexuality started or generally caused?
  5. Do genes nurture homosexuality?
  6. Relationship between homosexuality and psychological developments
  7. Is sexuality based on environmental factors?

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