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exemplification essay topics

134 Fantastic Exemplification Essay Topics: Helpful List

You may be wondering “what is an exemplification essay?” The word exemplification seems complex, but it is not too complex. It is a type of argumentative essay.

In this, you are supposed to provide relevant examples to persuade the readers. It is derived from logical arguments that contain many advantages and make us give judgments easily. Furthermore, you can use viable life experiences and provide specific examples to prove a point.

In exemplification writing, you need to show definitive reasons that will be essential to convince readers about the specific topic.

Best Exemplification Essay Guide

Writing an exemplification essay is not that complex. You can follow this outline to know how best to go about it:

  • Research: Before choosing a specific topic, you need to check your interests and find a relevant topic that stands out from all the others. It should be an easy topic that you can easily get answers to or have experience with. Remember to find all the relevant sources that you will need before you commit to it.
  • Create A Mind Map Of Different Topic Ideas: To do this, you will need to browse the internet for a website that contains exemplification essay topics. Remember that the essay topic should relate to the specific field of study. Also, look into the Google Scholarly articles and see what suits you best. You can even check the documentaries, films, and other books. Try not to write about something you are not interested in.
  • Proper Writing Of The Work: Make sure you phrase the title well and stick to the specific subject. The internal building of the composition needs to be consistent. The text yes can have a different structure but you should try to provide unique points.
  • Give Relevant Examples And Arguments: To prosper you will need to give logical arguments and examples of the topic. You can use films, pieces of literature, scientific facts, or media messages to prove your point. You should base depending on knowledge, life experience, or reading experience.
  • Proofread: Once you are done with the writing, proofread to check whether you have written the right things as they should be. Try your best to check well to ensure that when you submit, you get top grades from the professor. That’s is the best way on how to write an exemplification essay.

Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best example essay topics? Well, you can use any of these topics. To succeed in exemplification essay topics, you will need to have an interest in it.

  1. Animals understand human speech. Is that a myth or the truth?
  2. The amount of happiness in the world.
  3. Evaluate the predator plants in the world.
  4. The composition of seashells
  5. The importance of fountains in the environment.
  6. Do you think tigers are the biggest big cats in the world?
  7. The importance of air in the environment.
  8. The best way to maintain nature.
  9. The cleanliness of white snow.
  10. The most vital things to know about spiders.
  11. The various algorithms in a man’s life.
  12. The importance of a cold shower.
  13. Evaluate how dolphins are a mystery of nature.

Informative Topics For Exemplification Essays

These are some of the best topics for an exemplification essay. Writing should be fun and if you want your essay to be engaging you will need to do proper research.

  1. The first invention of the first camera.
  2. Evaluate how everyone becomes brighter from a smile.
  3. What the handwriting says about a person.
  4. Discuss internet security.
  5. The evolution of writing pens
  6. Did the use of postcards become outdated?
  7. How does sound look like? Can it be seen by the human eye?
  8. The resources needed to grow a flower.
  9. The best strategies to take to make a cat and a dog friends.
  10. Is it essential to have a commercial break in your day-to-day life?
  11. The major difference between the clouds in the city and country.
  12. The positive effect aquarium fish have on humans.
  13. Evaluate the role of mould. Is it good or bad?

Good Exemplification Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best exemplification essay ideas? These are some of the best, you will be able to do research fast and provide reliable work.

  1. Is condensed milk beneficial or harmful?
  2. The best way to make friends.
  3. How are dogs people’s helpers?
  4. Are zodiac constellations a myth or reality?
  5. Do you agree or disagree that fireworks are a holiday decoration?
  6. How is protecting nature the duty of everyone?
  7. Books are a major source of knowledge.
  8. Everyone should protect nature.
  9. What do the last autumn flowers resemble?
  10. The importance of high self-esteem to a person.
  11. The importance of saving nature to mankind.
  12. The major conflict-related issues.
  13. Do you think that all books have their destiny?

Fun Topics For An Example Essay

These exemplification topics are diverse, easy, credible, and straightforward. At times you can get stranded but with the right books, scholarly articles, films, and documentaries all will be well.

  1. Is cleanliness a health pledge or a controversial matter?
  2. Rate the moral values in terms of hierarchy.
  3. How do people influence each other?
  4. The leading factors to making a professional choice.
  5. Can you term self-education as hard work?
  6. Is happiness equal for everyone?
  7. Is there a specific formula for happiness?
  8. The ethics and etiquette rules in life.
  9. The real meaning of life.
  10. How does man create his face in the presence of others?
  11. The importance of civic education to everyone.
  12. Evaluate modern fashion in the world.
  13. The craziest profession in the world.

Exemplification Essay Topics For College Students

These exemplification paragraph topics can help you to succeed in your academics while in college. You can use these topics whether you are in school, high school, college, or university.

  1. How to find a way to the human heart.
  2. Evaluate language as a memory of the past and a path to the future.
  3. The foundation of tolerance in the world.
  4. The relation between ecology and human survival.
  5. Is it possible to live without friends?
  6. Explain how it’s easier to build air castles than to live there.
  7. The importance of appearance and inner beauty.
  8. Do you think it is vital to think of the past for the sake of the future?
  9. Is it true to say that any problem is an opportunity to become better?
  10. Is it right to do nothing, to prevent being mistaken?
  11. The major factors that should prevail in individual education.
  12. Evaluate man as a spiritual and material culture.
  13. Why does it always seem easier to apologize to someone who knows his faults?
  14. Does election forecasting influence how people vote?

Exemplification Essay Topics List

In the case that you have too much on your plate, you can always seek essay writing help. These are some of the example essay topic ideas that writers use. You will get professional work as requested.

  1. The role of the religious organization on humankind’s downfall.
  2. Evaluate how self-esteem can affect someone’s wellbeing?
  3. The best way to succeed in your career?
  4. The best way to improve the working environment.
  5. The right food context for kids.
  6. The importance of e-voting.
  7. How socialism works in this decade
  8. The benefits of eating fast food.
  9. The relation between culture and technology.
  10. Mathematics is an important subject in college.
  11. The different types of learning systems at school.
  12. How cell phones ruin social life.
  13. The major aging factors in individuals.
  14. Do civilized societies result from higher education?

Light-Hearted Exemplification Essay Topics

These easy exemplification essay topics are unique, elaborative, and straightforward. If you want to get top grades from your professor you must put your best foot forward.

  1. The procedure taken when doing forensic tests.
  2. The best way to perform an autopsy.
  3. When in a business, how should you relate with customers?
  4. The best modes of communication.
  5. Why should you value your money and time?
  6. The best way to use self-defense.
  7. The importance of spiritual nourishment to children.
  8. Do you think co-education makes students learn more easily?
  9. Teachers’ role in reducing bullying in schools.
  10. How students can learn better using music?
  11. Is it right for students to rate/grade their teachers?
  12. How does bullying affect children?
  13. The importance of doing sporting activities.

Exemplification Essay Topics For English Students

As a student, you need to find the best topics for your essay, research paper, research project, or proposal. Here are some of the best topics that you can settle for.

  1. Do you think technology has an impact on how students read?
  2. The importance of English literature on our studies.
  3. The modern way of studying online.
  4. The impact of homeschooling on how students read?
  5. The different types of literature.
  6. Make a comparison between modern and past literature.
  7. How the 18thcentury literature portrays people.
  8. How feminism influences writing.
  9. The various musical instruments.
  10. How does a writer’s culture affect their thoughts?
  11. The impact of a historical context in any creative writing?
  12. Can script writing be considered literature?
  13. The impact of literature on global conflicts.
  14. How popular culture influences literature.
  15. How should biographies be written?
  16. The role of politics on novel reception.

Exemplification Essay Gun Control Topics

Gun control is a complex topic that needs to be discussed upon. The right laws and policies should be put in place to prevent injuries from gun use.

  1. The long war over gun control globally.
  2. How gun control laws help in curbing crime.
  3. The best way to improve the safety of society.
  4. Evaluate how gun control is not the problem, but people.
  5. How gun control can help reduce mass shootings.
  6. Do the gun laws reduce societal laws?
  7. How strict should the gun control laws be?
  8. The relation between the civil liberties and gun control debate.
  9. Evaluate the state of violence with gun control and without it.
  10. The relation of mental health and gun control.
  11. The best way to prevent school shootings.
  12. The importance of gun control globally.
  13. The advantages and disadvantages of gun control.
  14. How is gun control a controversial issue in society?

Exemplification Essay Topics Video Games

Video games are really interesting. However, you need to be cautious of the video game playing limit. Here are some of the best video game essay topics.

  1. The role of video games in enhancing teens’ critical thinking.
  2. The effects violent video games have on children.
  3. The negative impact of video games on children.
  4. The frightening nature of video games.
  5. The future of video games in the next decades.
  6. The role of parents in regulating teens access to violent video games
  7. Can playing violent video games hurt emotions?
  8. The major analysis of different types of video games.
  9. The major myths and misconceptions related to video games
  10. The relation between youth violence and violent video games.
  11. How does video game playing help in improving learning?

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