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Descriptive Essay Topics

Writing Descriptive Essay Topics: Pick The Best One Here!

Having a clear essay idea is one thing and writing it, another. Unlike other forms of writing, descriptive essays do not restrict the student to one particular type of expression. One is as free as a bachelor to express himself in the manner he deems best.

The descriptive essay prompts do not require much of a book worming on the given topics. You can even wake up in the middle of the night and go-ahead to write one of the most prestigious and envied descriptive essay ever!

Descriptive Speech Topics: Basic Considerations

Good descriptive essay topics do not, however, fall from the moon. You have to engage your mind to come up with a subject you can describe precisely in a fun and engaging manner.

As in all essays, the body will form the junk of your content. It either makes or breaks your essay; the latter is never the wish of any being. The descriptive paragraph topics should be written in a manner to bring out the real nature of what you are describing.

Ensure that you have the following in your essay body paragraphs:

  • A topic sentence.
  • An explanation of it.
  • The evidence.

Below are some of the most interesting descriptive writing topics that you can write on. Depending on how you feel, you can tailor them meticulously to fit your assignment.

Descriptive Speech Topics: Hobbies

Here, you will find examples of topics on some of the things you enjoy doing during leisure time. I will give a list of items for a descriptive essay under each hobby.

Let’s dive in then.


  1. My favorite swimming style
  2. My first swimming experience
  3. The best time to swim
  4. My preferred swimming costumes
  5. My longest dive
  6. My best snacks during swimming
  7. The swimming pool I love most


  1. My best TV show
  2. My favorite news anchor
  3. The cartoon show I love most
  4. The most extended series I have ever watched
  5. The scariest horror movie
  6. My first time to watch zombies
  7. The best cinema I have ever visited


  1. My first time in an airplane
  2. The best place I have ever visited
  3. The most extended trip ever!
  4. My dream car.
  5. The most elegant cruise ship in the world
  6. The cheapest means of transport
  7. Top of the line vacation towns

Descriptive Speech Topics: People

The descriptive essay topics for college students contained in this section deal with people; their character, size, personality, etc.

  1. Why I love my mom
  2. The person I admire
  3. What I love about my best friend
  4. The character I dislike in people
  5. My favorite president
  6. The teacher that made me love mathematics
  7. The writer that inspires me the most
  8. My love for country people
  9. Meet the world’s best goalscorer
  10. My cunning brother
  11. Meet the girl of my dreams
  12. Here is the man who stole my heart
  13. Meet the tallest man in the world
  14. I have the cutest sister
  15. What turns me off in people
  16. How I long to see my family

Descriptive Speech Topics: Experiences

We’ve all had past experiences that have remained glued in our minds like a baby to his mother. Some of the vivid essay ideas for this niche include:

  1. The best valentine’s day
  2. My inaugural speech in college
  3. When I became a Christian
  4. My first visit to a mosque
  5. My unprecedented visit to the coast
  6. The day I published my first book
  7. The most unforgettable birthday party
  8. Where I almost drowned
  9. How I acquired my first laptop
  10. My first time on Facebook
  11. The day I visited the moon
  12. How I grew up as an orphan
  13. The first time I got a medal
  14. My grandmother’s favorite words of counsel
  15. How I applied to be a nurse

Descriptive Speech Topics: How to do it

Many processes require a step-by-step procedure on how to carry them out. Therefore, here is a list of ideas that you can borrow from:

  1. How to prepare an egg
  2. Cleaning a car
  3. Writing a shopping list
  4. Changing a car tire
  5. Purification of dirty water
  6. How to create a YouTube channel
  7. Preparing cake in an oven
  8. Breaking up with your girlfriend
  9. How to quit alcohol

Descriptive Essay Topics: History

How can we end this without looking at where we came from (roots)? The topics for a descriptive essay on this niche are also quite a lot.

  1. The day of independence
  2. The history of the cradle of humanity
  3. How America rose to be the superpower
  4. The tragedy of The Titanic ship
  5. Origin of herbs
  6. Invention of machines
  7. The first world war
  8. The rise of democracy
  9. Who pioneered agriculture?
  10. The great Agrarian Revolution.

And there you have it! Seventy of the best topics you can choose from to kick start your descriptive essay writing today.

Topic Selection May Be Hard… Get Some Help!

The topics selected should be of relevance to the reader, too – adding value to their lives. Else, you would be the only reader of your self-centered descriptive article.

Get a custom made essay and writing help today from our top-notch writers with years of experience in the industry.

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