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islam essay

Islam Essay: Writing Guide With Great Topics

There are numerous methods to write a great essay on Islam. The trouble is that many students do not practice these methods to the full extent. Perhaps there are issues of not having properly learned them or issues with starting on an assignment too late. We have put together this short writing guide to help students write a great Islam essay in a matter of days. We have also included several Islam research paper topics to help students find an area they would like to focus on.

How to Write a Great Islam Essay

Writing a good essay on Islam religion requires a lot of focus and dedication from students who want to achieve high scores. We know the process can be daunting and, in this introduction, we brought up how outside issues can put hurdles before students. Here are 8 simple steps to follow if you want to write an exceptional Islam paper in as little as one week:

  • Don’t Overwhelm Yourself: If you are going to write an essay on Islam religion, make sure you pick a subject you can handle. Some subjects are too broad that it would take you several weeks to complete, considering the number of resources you would have to search for to adequately address research questions. Be sure to narrow your choices to something you can complete given your deadline.
  • Start your research early. It is best to start planning your approach the day you learn about the assignment. You can start to jot down several questions related to a compare and contrast Christianity and Islam essay. You do not have to get all your research done in one day, but it’s a good idea to start early so that you can account for any delays or hurdles.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Topic. Conduct some background research online, and then go to the library to find content from credible sources. You can find a lot of good information for your Islam vs Christianity essay on the web. But your in-depth research should be done at the library where you have access to academic resources.
  • Establish a System. It can be hard to write a good assignment if you do not have a system for keeping your notes in order. Organize your notes and start drafting a few thesis statements. Your essay about Islam might cover a lot of sub-topics and your notes need to have some order to them if you want to present your argument logically. Use notecards or a notebook dedicated to just this assignment. And make sure all of your notes have a citation.
  • Create an outline and start freewriting your essay draft. Your Islam and Christianity essay will likely cover a number of sub-topics, so it is important that you create an outline to arrange how you plan to present your argument. Refer to your outline constantly so that you stay on the right track. Use it when writing the first draft, which you should aim to do as quickly as possible. Your first draft will have several errors, but you do not want to break your momentum by constantly fixing them. Just keep writing.
  • Put the assignment away for a few days. Then come back to your Islam research paper with a fresh perspective. You may find that you can rearrange your arguments and examples. It might help to create a new outline before making your revisions. An outline is an excellent tool that should be used in all academic writing. It takes just a few minutes to create and you can always find a template on the internet or in a writing guide.
  • Edit and proofread your material in two separate exercises. An essay on simplicity in the Islamic religion can cover several sub-topics. Even the best and most experienced writers make mistakes that need correcting. The process of editing is to actively look for ways your writing can be made stronger by replacing words or phrases or by removing them completely from your paper. After you make your edits, proofread your paper to check for mistakes to grammar, spelling or punctuation.
  • Get a Second Opinion. Find someone else to read your essay before handing it to your instructor. Christianity and Islam compare and contrast essay might represent a large portion of your overall class grade. You do not want to turn in a paper that does not meet your instructor’s expectations and standards. Have someone else read the work and ask them to give you his or her opinion. This ensures you submit an assignment that is worthy of a high grade.

Sample Essay On Islam

Islam is a monotheistic confidence based on faith in the one God (Allah). In such manner, it imparts a few convictions to Judaism and Christianity by following its history back to the patriarch Abraham, and at last to the principal prophet, Adam. Every one of the prophets lectured a similar all inclusive message of confidence in one God and benevolence to humankind. The toward the end in the arrangement of prophets, as per Muslims, was Muhammad. Muhammad was conceived in Mecca, Saudi Arabia around 570 CE. He kept on getting messages from God for an amazing duration and he started lecturing others what he had realized. His principle message is that there was no other God yet Allah and that individuals should lead their lives in a way that was satisfying to Allah.

Islam spread rapidly first all through Arabia and encompassing nations and after that all through the world. There are 1.2 billion Muslims on the planet with 7 million in the United States. The nations with the biggest Muslim populaces are Indonesia and India. There are two essential gatherings of Islam: the Sunnis (about 80% of the world’s Muslims) and the Shi’ites (about 20% of the world’s Muslims). In spite of the fact that they share a similar fundamental convictions, they differ on who was the legitimate pioneer of Islam after Muhammad’s passing.

Muslims trust that the last uncovered sacred text sent by God is the Qur’an or Koran. It is the discourse of God uncovered in the Arabic dialect to Muhammad amid his central goal of twenty-three years. The Qur’an was recorded by copyists and retained amid the lifetime of Muhammad. The Qur’an underscores moral, moral and profound qualities with the point of building up equity for everybody. Numerous Muslims endeavor to figure out how to peruse the Koran in its unique dialect, Arabic. It isn’t exceptional for Muslims to remember entire sections of it. They read some portion of it consistently. The Sunnah is a record of Muhammads words and deeds. The Sunnah is utilized to help decipher the Koran. There is additionally guidance in it on conviction, love and conduct.

Ben Bella was the first President of Algeria and is one of the earliest leader who worshiped Islam. Algeria had lost the majority of its high gifted work, processing plants had been closed down, leaving 70% of the staying Muslim populace jobless, and the Christian gathering, the OAS, had in vengeance activities pulverized numerous open structures. His governmental issues was one of communism and patriotism. He called for agrarian change and nationalized numerous organizations.

With his emphasis on worldwide impact, he demonstrated unfit to focus on anchoring the advancement in creating national state structures. These were laid to wind up so solid and persuasive that the military ended up stressed over losing its own impact over the Algerian culture. That was the principle explanation behind the overthrow in 1965.

10 Islam Essay Topics to Choose From

If you need some topics when writing your essay about Islam religion, you might want to consider some of the ones we have provided below. They cover a wide range of areas and can be modified to fit any type of assignment:

  1. Islam is a peaceful religion essay. Consider the most peaceful aspects of the religion and the influence they have had on the world.
  2. Islam and religious diversity essay. Religions diversity is of the hottest issues in today’s globalized world. Here you can discuss various topics related to Muslim religious minorities in different countries.
  3. Islam and terrorism essay. Why are people around the globe afraid of terrorism coming from the people who follow Islam, considering that extremists make up a small fraction?
  4. The Christianity Judaism Islam comparison essay. This is among the most discussed academic issues. Conducting a comparison study of the three can show similarities among the three largest religions in the world.
  5. Answer the question with supportive evidence: Why did Islam spread so quickly essay? What impact did it have on the countries where this religion had the greatest influence?
  6. Essay on simplicity in Islam. The religion teaches a life of simplicity. Is this one of the reasons why so many people convert to Islam?
  7. What are the five pillars of Islam essay? Define them and provide examples of how they are applied in today’s world?
  8. A compare and contrast Christianity and Islam essay. In this assignment, you may want to focus on one or two facets of each religion and then and point out their similarities and differences.
  9. A spread of Islam DBQ essay. This kind of writing requires students to form a thesis based on a set of selected documents. The documents can be both primary or secondary sources.
  10. Islam Reflection Paper. With this assignment, you could write about what this religion means to you at a personal level. Consider what you have learned and how feel about it.

These Islam essay topics can be used and shared for free. If you are looking for something more specific you can always contact our support team for a customized list. Remember, that when you choose a topic you should aim for something that challenges you but does not overwhelm you. Your goal should be to push the envelope in a sense, but not so far that you are not able to adequately make your argument.

Need more assistance with a research paper on Islam? Writers from Write My Essay Today can provide you with several academic resources to help you along the way. We can also put you in contact with a qualified writer or editor who specializes in this field specifically review, edit, or write an assignment for you. Just give us a call, email us, or send us a message via chat any time of the day and one of our customer support members will communicate with you immediately.

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