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black lives matter essay

Writing A Black Lives Matter Essay Worth of ‘A’ Grade

The gruesome murder of George Floyd, a black man, led to massive protests across the US against the police. These demos were championing for the end to racial discrimination castigated against the blacks by the law. Therefore, writing black lives matter college essay is inevitable.

Our post explores the various aspects of this subject, which are common, and gives you expert writing tips. It’s high time your grades shot up to where they are supposed to be.

Black Lives Matter Movement Essay Ideas

Every movement champions for a specific course of action in society. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, in this case, advocates for equality of the blacks together with the whites. When you are writing an essay on this, these prompts may come in handy for you:

  • Who is the founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement?
  • Where do they get their funding?
  • What are the core guiding principles of this movement?
  • How does this movement make their demands known?
  • How long has it been in operation?
  • Is it recognized under the law as a legal movement?

These and many more should help you debunk this type of essay.

We move on to the next.

Black Lives Matter Stanford Essay Prompts

Stanford black lives matter essay seeks to fight for blacks’ rights at Stanford University and its environs. Follow my bait as I lead you to the real deal below:

  • Show how the university is advocating for equality in access to education
  • Are the marginalized voices loud enough at Stanford?
  • Why did Ziad Ahmed write ‘Black Lives Matter’ 100 times on application to Stanford?
  • Which race forms the majority of Stanford’s population, and why?

Getting answers to these questions is an ice breaker to your Black Lives Matter essay.

Why Do Black Lives Matter Essay Ideas

Clearly show the essence of black lives in society and why their protection is essential. Then why do black lives matter essay should bring about a unifying aspect in both races. Use these ideas:

  • They have a right to property and employment like anyone else
  • We all have the same red blood under our skin
  • The police should treat all equally without undermining the blacks

With the rising number of racial discriminations, there are many black lives matter essay examples on the internet. However, remember that this is an essay and not a reckless demonstration on the streets. Be sure to avoid using emotions and other subjective languages when writing your paper.

Why Do All Lives Matter?

The Black Lives Matter slogan has come under the sharp criticism of many. They claim that the blacks are selfishly taking a higher ground than other races. It is not the case. In your essay, show that all lives matter. Exalting one group over another only stirs up the conflict.

For instance, Cole Sprouse, a Riverdale actor, joined the Black Lives Matter protests and even got arrested. It shows you the solidarity that this movement seeks to achieve, not division. Thus, let your essay unite rather than divide.

Black Lives Matter Essay Sample for College Students

The recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor have stirred up the Black Lives Matter campaigns in the US and across. Many of these deaths are from police brutality on these individuals. However, where is the root cause of this menace that is threatening many lives and property?

One of these is stereotyping. Here, all the blacks being members of one group have the same characteristics. These have their basis on misconceptions or false generalizations. For instance, because one black robbed robbing, all blacks are stereotyped as robbers.

Another cause is prejudice and overt bias – negative feelings or hostility from the other race. There are many examples of unequal treatment due to this cause, such as denied job vacancies, apartments, or promotions. The bottom of all this is the overt bias against them on racial grounds.

Racial profiling also contributes to the discrimination of black lives. What they do here is to single out the blacks for different treatment or greater scrutiny. It is done based on security or public protection. Sometimes, law enforcement agencies may act out of deviations from standard practices or in an unprofessional manner. Such acts have left many black people shot dead.

Subversive discrimination is slowly taking away black lives. There are several instances of unfair treatment where others are treated well in a comparable situation. An example can be an employer who refuses to train or mentor an employee based on his/her race. Others are closely monitored, overworked, or blamed for every mishap at work.

Black lives are on the line from all these discussions – without employment, basic needs, and protection. It is, therefore, necessary to have an equal view of both races to foster peaceful harmony. The Black Lives Matter campaigns are, for this reason, to bring an end to these injustices on the black lives.

Black Lives Matter – Learn To Write About It

The sensitivity of this topic not only requires objectivity but also wisdom in how you present your points. The thumb rule remains; do not charge one group against the other. Bring out the injustices against them without pointing the finger at the other race.

If you feel this is a complicated task for you, our professional writers will help you sail through. Send us your order and enjoy it as we do the work for you!

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