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Rogerian Essay topics

50 Blazing Rogerian Essay Topics To Ace Your Grades

There are many Rogerian essay topics available on the internet, but none is a match for our professionally hand-picked topic ideas. Read on.

What is a Rogerian Argument?

A Rogerian essay presents a contentious topic using an impartial language to establish common ground and arrive at an agreement. A student identifies a problem from diverse perspectives and comes up with a suitable solution.

With a Rogerian argument essay, one can be able to conciliate a tense and conflicting situation.

How to Write a Rogerian Argument: Structure

Now, such an essay is not only meant to convince but also drives to persuasion. Therefore, a Rogerian essay outline should accomplish both aspects in a fascinating and easy to follow manner.

Here is a glimpse of the Rogerian essay outline:

  • Introduction
  • Opposing position
  • The context for opposing position
  • Your position
  • The setting for your position
  • Benefits

An example of a Rogerian argument can be on the subject of feminism. Is it beneficial or stereotypical? From the numerous Rogerian argument essay examples available, you can be able to articulate its structure well.

Rogerian Argument Example

Rogerian Argument

Katherine Spriggs’ essay, “On Buying Local,” argues that people should be trying to buy local produce whenever possible because of the impact it has on the environment. She admits that it may not be possible to get certain items at certain times of the year. However she states, “We should give up a little bit of convenience in favor of buying local” (92).

Opponents to Spriggs’ argument state that if one wants quality produce, one should buy it where it grows best. Thus, peaches should be purchased from Georgia and potatoes from Idaho. They also state that farms are inefficient and cannot sustain the amount of mouths that there are to feed. The inconvenience alone may dissuade many from buying locally.

It is true that certain geographic locations produce better produce, and large farms produce more food. The cost of that food is too great to continue buying from big agricultural businesses because of the impact it has on the environment. Our food system, which includes farming equipment, fertilizer, seed, and the companies that create these farming utilities, is responsible for 1/3 of the greenhouse gases caused by humans (Gilbert). This has an incredible impact on our atmosphere, and many would not guess the source was large farming.

Not only do tractors use fuel, but food must be shipped. Fertilizer is created in factories, which use a large amount of fuel. Even the refrigeration of produce creates emissions. Big farming is depleting our ozone as fast as any other industry. Many are fighting for food policies in countries and global food policies that address the food system in its entirety rather than separating it by segmentations that don’t really exist. For example, fuel and food are separate, but in farming they are co-conspirators against the environment.

The solution to the carbon footprint created by large agriculture is simple. Buy local produce. Spriggs states, “Buying local is an easy step everyone can take toward greener living” (99). Meals can be built around local produce instead of planning a meal and then heading to the grocery store to pick up exotic or non-local foods. If one really wants to lessen their carbon footprint, they can walk to the store. However, increased walking is a different topic with the same benefit of greener living.

The real impact of buying local is that it isn’t shipped in gas-guzzling trucks, nor does it have to be refrigerated for extended periods of time while being shipped. Farm to table is a quick process that enables the local resident to get oftentimes organic but definitely non-genetically-modified food. Organic food lessens the demand for harsh fertilizers, as natural fertilizer can be obtained.

Sure, some food grows better in unique regions and cannot be purchased locally. However, that food is not necessary to get a meal on the table. In fact, Spriggs does not want us to completely give up flavors from around the world. She simply wants us to rely less on them. Buying mostly local or local when available is a huge step in the right direction toward lessening the impact of farming on the environment.

Large farms do produce more food than small farms, but sustainable living is catching, and small farms can provide most if not all of the produce needed for a community if it is adopted across the nation.

The initiative to buy local has a starting point, but it needs enhancement and support from community members. Large agriculture is not going away any time soon, but every effort should be made to reduce its destruction of the Earth by buying local produce and reducing some of the massive greenhouse emissions created currently by large farming.

Note: This paper is written as a Rogerian Argument. It first introduces the problem, mentions opposing views, presents my side (and Spriggs’ side), brings the two sides together, and finally evens the perspective and concludes.

Rogerian Argument Outline

Rogerian Argumentative Essay Outline

I. Introduction and thesis

Vicious breed dogs are automatically given a bad reputation because of the history of the breed, in spite of how a particular dog of a vicious breed actually behaves. Pitbull dogs are among the most negatively-regarded and misunderstood dogs in all the canine species. Although it is true that pitbulls are easily raised to be aggressive when that is the goal, it is also true that most pitbull owners succeed in raising their pit babies as friendly, loving household pets.

II. Background Info

Pitbulls are automatically assumed to be aggressive.

a. First example

  • The Vicious Breed law.
  • According to the ASPCA, “Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain dog breeds in an effort to decrease dog attacks on humans and other animals. However, the problem of dangerous dogs will not be remedied by the “quick fix” of breed-specific laws—or, as they should truly be called, breed-discriminatory laws” (Breed Specific Legislation).

b. Second etc.

III. Show Understanding of Opposition

a. Fairly present and show value of first reason of other side

-Counterargument: Pits are naturally aggressive

  • Nearly ¾ of 2017 dog bite fatalities were caused by pitbulls (Dog Bites 2017).
  • Pit bulls, descendants of the bulldogs used in the nineteenth century for bull baiting and dogfighting, have been bred for “gameness,” and thus a lowered inhibition to aggression. Most dogs fight as a last resort, when staring and growling fail. A pit bull is willing to fight with little or no provocation. Pit bulls seem to have a high tolerance for pain, making it possible for them to fight to the point of exhaustion” (Gladwell 2006).
  • The strongest connection of all, though, is between the trait of dog viciousness and certain kinds of dog owners. In about a quarter of fatal dog – bite cases, the dog owners were previously involved in illegal fighting” (Gladwell 2006).

IV. Assert your Position

– In the proper environment with the proper training, pitbulls can be raised to behave lovingly and respectfully.

a. First reason

  • Depends on the owner.

b. Second reason

(**might have multiple paragraphs for multiple sides)

  • Depends on environment / training
  • American Temperament Test Society has found that American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers (two breeds which are frequently cited in breed specific legislation) have better temperaments than many other common breeds like Chihuahuas, Border Collies, Pugs, even Pomeranians and Toy poodles (“ATTS Breed Statistics | American Temperament Test Society, Inc.,” n.D.)”.

V. Demonstrate Common Ground

– Pitbulls can be well-mannered, loving pets. If raised without proper training or in a stressful or violent environment, they indeed can turn out to be aggressive. However, with education, dedication and lots of love, any pitbull can make an amazing companion.

a. Show concessions in some (not all) situations based on context

  • Testimonials from pitbull service dog owners.
  • Pitbulls who help the disabled
  • Pitbulls who protect children
  • Today, you can’t get on Facebook without finding Thera-Pits. But in 2002 when I first started using pitbulls as therapy dogs, very few people were using them in mental health therapy due to their “bad rap.” They were viewed as “the other” and I felt they were the perfect metaphor for my clients who are also often viewed as the “other” by society” (Stubbydog).

b. Show higher interest, goal, or benefit achieved**

(** This also might be in the conclusion.)

– “….the report says, “Controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately dangerous. The pit-bull type is particularly ambiguous as a ‘breed,’ encompassing a range of pedigree breeds [and] informal types…. Accordingly, targeting this breed or any another as a basis for dog-bite prevention is unfounded” (Should Pit Bulls Be Illegal).

VI. Conclusion

a. Summary

b. Implications

  • This research can be used by people who want to make their pitbull friend into a service dog or an emotional support animal. This information could also be used and shared by pitbull resue networks as well as animal shelters. The research could even be used to draft new legislation which only restricts pets based on behavior, and not genetics alone.

Let’s now journey through the top 50 Rogerian argument essay topics:

High Technology Topics for Rogerian Essay

  1. Should minors be on Social media?
  2. Is it ethical to carry out artificial insemination on humans?
  3. The cyber-security laws: Are they helping or not
  4. Do CCTV cameras invade people’s privacy?
  5. What is the right age to own a smartphone? Should it be lowered or raised?
  6. Is the 5G network an environmental hazard or not?
  7. Do radiations from smartphones cause cancer?
  8. Should the government monitor people’s online presence?
  9. Is it right to practice hacking?
  10. Are we safe online?

Good Rogerian Argument Topics on Health

  1. Are face masks efficient in preventing COVID-19?
  2. Should people buy over the counter drugs?
  3. Is it right for male doctors to attend to female patients?
  4. Does obesity kill?
  5. Should doctors approve abortions?
  6. Is influenza a mild symptom of coronavirus?
  7. Is home-based care the best option for asymptomatic patients?
  8. Are all sanitizers a weapon against viruses?
  9. Does Vitamin D reduce the risk of contracting cancer?
  10. Is using a microwave a health hazard?

The Best Rogerian Topics on Students

  1. Should students have mobile phones in school?
  2. Should students wear school uniforms?
  3. Is it possible to curb cheating among students?
  4. Are boarding schools the best option for students?
  5. Is bullying among students a parent or teacher problem?
  6. Are homework and assignments too much for students?
  7. Is it okay for students to be in relationships?
  8. Is it reasonable to have the same sex or co-ed schools?
  9. Are college students too hard to manage?
  10. Are college admission requirements too much for students?

Rogerian Argument Topics on the Environment

  1. Is it right to hunt wild animals?
  2. Is man to blame for the depletion of the ozone layer?
  3. Is nuclear energy safe for the environment?
  4. Are landfills the best option for trash?
  5. Are pesticides good for the soil and its productivity?
  6. Should the government impose a ban on all plastic bag industries?
  7. Should people mine along river banks?
  8. Should there be stringent laws to prevent poaching?
  9. Is recycling the best way to go?
  10. Should the government close down saw millers to reduce deforestation?

Good Rogerian Essay Topics on Relationships

  1. Is it okay to divorce?
  2. Can long-distance relationships work?
  3. Should we encourage teenage marriages?
  4. Our step parents the best?
  5. Is it right to treat poets as family members?
  6. Is adoption effective?
  7. Does age matter in relationships?
  8. Should people date?
  9. Has social media united or divided the family?
  10. Are romantic movies the cause of many breakups?

Pro-Tip on a Rogerian Essay Writing

To have a top-tier and convincing Rogerian essay, ensure that you settle on a topic of interest both to you and your readers. With this, you won’t get bored while researching and writing your essay.

A great and appealing Rogerian paper starts with the topic. That is why the expert essay topics above guarantee you an A+ in your next assignment.

Eliminate your fears instantly with our top-class and affordable writing help. You can also get a free Rogerian essay sample to get you inspired.

What are you waiting for now?

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