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Romeo and Juliet Essay Prompts

80 Compelling Romeo and Juliet Essay Prompts

Who else gets all het up at the mention of these two love birds, Romeo and Juliet? Well, I do, and I know that you do too, that’s why you are here. A Romeo and Juliet essay is one of the most examined papers, especially in high school and college.

In this post, we will explore the crème de la crème Romeo and Juliet’s essay prompts on various aspects. Are you excited to find the best topics for your assignment today? Let’s jump right in then.

Romeo And Juliet Essay Sample

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay


The possible causes of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are many. At the same time, it is helpful to look at the underlying factors of the story as it develops. When this is done, it becomes clears that the Montague and Capulet families are mainly responsible for the boy and girl dying. The reality of the families as defining the society, the war between them as destructive, and the other characters motivated to take sides all combine to reveal the Montagues and Capulets as the reasons for the deaths.


To understand the impacts of the families on what happens to Romeo and Juliet, it is important to realize how they are the foundation of Verona. The Capulets and Montagues are each wealthy and powerful. In fact, the Prologue literally sets the stage for the play in the first line: “Two households, both alike in dignity” (Shakespeare). It is clear that this is an era in which the nobility has great power over the entire society. For example, when the Prince is angered by the fights between Sampson, Gregory, Abraham, and Balthazar, he warns the Lord Capulet and Montague, but he also treats them with respect: You Capulet; shall go along with me:/ And, Montague, come you this afternoon” (I, i). The power held by these families is great, so everything in the play exists on this foundation.

That the families are always in conflict is also made clear early on and promotes the violence in Romeo and the desperation in Juliet leading her to take the potion. All in the society know how bitter the feud is, as it influences them completely. It is a reality of life in Verona, and this is reinforced in the balcony scene. Already in love, Juliet clearly understands the risks: “’Tis but thy name that is my enemy” (II, ii). Both she and Romeo are torn because they realize that their situation is impossible, and because of the ancient and ongoing war between the families.

The power and impacts of the families then generates the hatred in which everyone takes sides, and this eventually leads to how Romeo and Juliet die. From the opening clash between the servants to Tybalt’s rage at Romeo’s interest in Juliet, and even to the Friar’s compassion, all characters function as influenced by the Montague/Capulet conflict. Personal loyalties help to shape the events killing the Romeo and Juliet, as when Mercutio urges Tybalt on: “Couple it with something; make it a word and a blow” (III, i). The story’s actions and development are based on these interactions, and ultimately lead to the deaths.

Counter-Argument and Rebuttal

Romeo and Juliet die only because of extreme misunderstandings, and because they do not plan well. The families are powerful, but they do not actually kill the couple. They are, in fact, in great pain from the deaths. This argument does not work, however, because it ignores how the story is always moving forward based on the foundation of the families. Both good and destructive actions all generate from how the characters react to the situation in place, and the overpowering reality of what is in the interests of each family. Ironically, in fact, Romeo and Juliet die because they try to live apart from that reality.


Shakespeare’s plays are always complex, and it is never easy to define causes and effects in any. Then, there is usually the power of destiny present in some way. This is true of Romeo and Juliet. However, in the final analysis, the Montague and Capulet families are the ultimate reasons for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, and because these two families define the society, they are always engaged in extreme conflict, and all other characters take sides leading to the final acts of violence.

Fantastic Romeo and Juliet Essay Prompt for 9th Grade

  1. Romeo and Juliet had a sweet, tragic love, explain.
  2. How brevity empowered with love played out between the two
  3. Describe the significance of duality in the play
  4. How loyalty played out between Romeo and Juliet
  5. The danger of culture when it comes to love
  6. How love and identity are intertwined

Great Romeo and Juliet Themes for an Essay

  1. The dichotomy of love and hate
  2. The theme of greed
  3. Insanity in tragedies
  4. Love versus social constraints
  5. Hatred and desperation
  6. The power of patriarchy

Hot Prompts for a Romeo and Juliet Fate Essay

  1. No one can escape the fate
  2. The effect of luck in the lives of Romeo and Juliet
  3. How the outcome affected the lives of Romeo and Juliet
  4. A fate analysis essay on Romeo and Juliet
  5. How fate fooled Romeo and Juliet
  6. How Shakespeare depicts the omnipresence of fate

Ideas for a Romeo and Juliet Love Essay

  1. Romeo and Juliet’s courtly love
  2. How dutiful love is evident in this play
  3. The impact of parental love on Romeo and Juliet
  4. How love blinded the two lovebirds
  5. The forceful effect of love
  6. Love can spark violence

Prompts on a Romeo and Juliet Free Will Essay

  1. The death of Romeo and Juliet
  2. Romeo and Juliet getting married regardless of the underlying feuds
  3. Friar Laurence freely agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet
  4. Romeo and Juliet construct decisions together out of the free will
  5. Juliet, out of free will forgave Romeo
  6. Juliet purposed to end her life is her love was gone

Romeo and Juliet Essay: Who is to Blame?

  1. The deep romance between the two led to the tragedy and despair
  2. The eternal dispute between the Montagues and Capulets is to blame
  3. By allowing the forbidden marriage, Friar Lawrence is to blame
  4. The firm and ruthless control of Lord Capulet
  5. Lady Capulet’s inconsiderate attitude towards Juliet is the cause
  6. The nurse played a role in their death

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay Prompts

  1. Does death as a threat prevent acts of violence?
  2. Which character is the most memorable in the play?
  3. Which gender gives the story a more dramatic look?
  4. Who is the best role model in the story, and why?
  5. Was Romeo’s love for Juliet authentic? Explain.
  6. Is the story a romance or tragedy? Persuade your audience.

Top Romeo and Juliet Argumentative Essay Writing Prompts

  1. Argue whether or not Romeo and Juliet needed to marry
  2. Was it right for the Prince to punish Romeo?
  3. Were the lives of Romeo and Juliet marked by fate or free will
  4. Did Romeo and Juliet ignore the warning signs?
  5. How did age influence the end of the two?
  6. Is sacrifice necessary in love?

Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast Essay Prompts

  1. How does Romeo and Juliet’s love story compare to that of today?
  2. Give a comparison between the individual and the family
  3. Compare and contrast the characters of Romeo and Juliet
  4. Compare and contrast the role of fate and free will in the Titanic and this play
  5. Comparison between love and obsession
  6. Compare and contrast the families of Romeo and Juliet

Are Romeo and Juliet Really in Love Essay Prompts

  1. The impact of Rosaline in Romeo’s love for Juliet
  2. Is Juliet obsessed with freedom from her parents rather than love for Romeo?
  3. The part of the sexual element in their love
  4. The role of convenience and lust
  5. How does the final scene show that love triumphed?
  6. How the feud between the two families intensified the love

Romeo and Juliet Essay Introduction Prompts

  1. The play is a tragic love story between two young people.
  2. A constant theme of obsession is evident in the play
  3. In the story, there are pointers to many people responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet

Tip-Top Romeo and Juliet Essay Hook

  1. What is the symbolism of Romeo and Juliet’s suicide?
  2. How do the personality traits of Romeo and Juliet compare?
  3. Describe the concept of fate in the play
  4. Explain how Juliet matured throughout the play

Fresh Romeo and Juliet Essay Conclusion Prompts

  1. In closing, love conquers all odds to emerge triumphantly
  2. It is evident that fate was the driving force behind all these events
  3. Indeed, the parents were responsible for the death of their children
  4. Shakespeare’s technique of accelerating time is disorienting rather than effective

Romeo and Juliet Essay Titles

  1. The relationship of Romeo with his friends
  2. The parent-child relationship between Juliet and her parents
  3. The character analysis of Friar Laurence
  4. The place of loyalty in relationships
  5. How rebellion leads to a disastrous end
  6. The influence of literary devices on the play

Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions

  1. What is the moral lesson of the play?
  2. Should marriage proceed in the face of opposition from parents?
  3. Why is love sweet yet so painful in the end?

Arising from the expert Romeo and Juliet essay topics above, you can now craft one of your own with ease.

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