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essay verbs

Essay Verbs – Tips On Crafting A Great Paper

Now, a sentence cannot be complete or grammatically correct without a verb. What this means is that all of us have used verbs in one way or the other. In the most simple definition, a verb is an action or a doing word. Such words include eat, write, copy, yawn, run or sleep. All these show an activity done by a particular subject. In this post, we will be looking at some of the power verbs for essays. So keep your eyes peeled.

We explore another interesting aspect:

Subclasses of Essay Verbs

In this part, we endeavor to understand the five kinds of verbs.

In a broad sense, there are two groups of main verbs:

  • Action
  • No-action verbs

These are subdivided into four types of main verbs, namely:

  • Transitive verbs
  • Intransitive verbs

The two are action verbs.

  • The verb ‘to be’
  • Linking verbs

They are part of the no-action verbs. Lastly, we have one more category, which is not the main verb. It is the:

  • Auxiliary verb

All these five subclasses form part of the verbs to use in essays for top-grade results.

Let us now look at them in detail and see how we can make use of them in the writing of our research papers or essays.

  1. Transitive verbs
  2. They comprise of action verbs that one can directly attach a noun to them. In other words, they apply when someone does something to an object. Such a sentence should, therefore, have a purpose. Here is how you can use them in the:

    Thesis Statement

    Man cut down trees leading to desertification.

    In the example above, man is the noun, whereas the word ‘cut’ is the transitive verb. We will look at more examples of strong thesis verbs towards the end of this paper, so watch out!

  3. Intransitive Verbs
  4. If you are looking for strong verbs for essays, then this is another subclass to explore for more of such. Intransitive verbs are those that cannot attach directly to a noun. For one to use them in a sentence, they need to have a preposition. Wondering how you can make use of them in your essay? Check out this example of an intransitive verb in the body of a paper:

    If all students comply with the regulations, then there would be no need to have corporal punishment in schools.

    The intransitive verb used there is ‘with.’

  5. The Verb ‘To be’
  6. It doubles up as one of the strong verbs for writing with its diverse uses in an essay. There are several uses of this verb, including:

    • Serving as a Main Verb

    When used as a main verb, it typically brings together a grammatical subject with an adjective which is a predicate adjective.

    For instance, in your essay conclusion, you can use it in the following manner:

    In conclusion, corporal punishment is painful.

    It can also integrate a grammatical subject with another noun or a predicate noun. An example can be:

    The father is president.

    • Serving as an Auxiliary Verb

    In such a case, it forms the progressive tense. You can use it for such a sentence in your essay body: We are killing Mother Nature.

  7. Linking Verbs
  8. These good verbs to use in writing are part of the no-action verbs. They link a grammatical subject to an adjective.

    Such powerful verbs can appear in a sentence in the following manner:

    Carbon IV oxide smells terrible.

    They can also link the subject to a noun:

    Managers ought to be honest men.

    Lastly, they can link to a phrase:

    Global warming seems out of control.

  9. Auxiliary Verbs
  10. These action verbs for essays are not main verbs. They are helping verbs which cannot form sentences by themselves. They hook up with the main verb, which allows them to show different tenses or conditions.

    It is one of the good verbs to use in your essay body.

    For instance: By the time I checked in, everyone had already done so.

The list of strong verbs is long, and one cannot wholesomely deal within this short piece. However, for college students who still need writing help, then our professional writers are best. Give it a try today.

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