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Animal Rights Topics

140+ Outstanding Animal Rights Research Paper Topics

An animal rights research paper is commonly written to highlight how animals get exploited by humans and how their rights are violated. The paper aims to bring out the various forms of abuse animals may face in the name of medical experimentation, entertainment, sports, shows, tricks, and pranks.

When writing an essay on animal rights topics for research paper, there are certain things to remember to have an effective writeup at hand. Often when your professor assigns you an essay, it could be focused on animal welfare vs. animal rights topics or may even require you to discuss conflicting approaches to animal rights.

Whatever your topic, make sure that you start by creating an outline for your writeup. This will help you organize your thoughts. Always have an impressive introduction as an overview. In the body, you can discuss the various aspects of the topic you want to bring out and conclude with your opinion.

It is always best to search online for some good sample essays. This will give you great ideas and a suitable example to proceed with. Compiled here are some great topics that you can consider for writing an impressive essay on animal rights. Take a look –

Animal Rights Research Topics

Here are some common animal rights topics that never get obsolete and make great titles to create effective and well-scoring essays. You will easily find information on these topics.

  1. The right of animals to be treated with respect – relevance and importance
  2. What are persuasive animal rights
  3. Why should we keep animals safe – importance and relevance to the present-day world
  4. Discussing at length the adverse effects of animal abuse
  5. Animal abuse – forms and effects
  6. Organizations against animal testing – history and progress
  7. Saving animals from ending up in labs
  8. Animal cruelty and how we ignore it
  9. How important is it to treat animals humanely
  10. Animal protection laws – an in-depth analysis
  11. Stringent laws needed to prevent animal abandonment
  12. Factors affecting animal adoption from shelters
  13. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – an overview
  14. PETA – an overview across decades
  15. Human cruelty against animals – a violation of rights
  16. Types of human cruelty against animals
  17. The unknowing mistreatment rendered on animals
  18. Animal rights – a philosophical perspective
  19. Violence against animals – how can it be curtailed
  20. Better laws needed to prevent violence against animals
  21. Is animal life so cheap that it can be ended for research?
  22. Every baby animal needs their mommy just like humans – how do we justify
  23. Conservation reserves – is the environment suitable?
  24. Animal rights – what has changed in the US over the last three decades
  25. Animal rights – changes in the UK over the last two decades
  26. The moral philosophy behind human wrongs and animal rights
  27. Ecology, social justice, and animal rights – a relationship to understand
  28. Animal rights – a legal perspective
  29. The cruelty behind the sale of old animals for making leather
  30. Do animals really have any rights?
  31. Are wildlife reserves and national parks actually beneficial?
  32. What makes factory farm animal treatment inhumane?

Animal Rights Debate Topics

If you are looking for topics that offer ample scope for debate and make for the best argumentative essay topics about animal rights with a lot to write on, here are some good ones. Take a look:

  1. Farm animal housing – understanding animal rights and restrictions
  2. The egg industry – violations of animal rights and its effect
  3. Is it alright to use animals for research and experimentation
  4. Animal use for drug testing – The accurate picture
  5. Forbidding or reducing animal testing – which is the right approach
  6. Should imprisonment be applicable for perpetrators of animal abandonment?
  7. Analyzing the different perspectives in support of and against animal testing for drugs
  8. Is it the insufficiency of animal protection laws that is leading to an imbalance
  9. Animal abuse or animal welfare – what happens when animals are employed in shows and films.
  10. Why is there a need to protect animals from abuse?
  11. Laws related to animal abuse
  12. Should genetic engineering be banned on animals?
  13. Animal abandonment – is it justified?
  14. Purchasing meat – Does it support cruelty against animals?
  15. Use of traps for hunting animals – the immorality and cruelty of the act
  16. Is eating animals against their rights or just the norm of nature?
  17. Do we unknowingly mistreat animals and violate their rights?
  18. Pros and cons of using animals for entertainment
  19. Accepting cruelty happening in puppy mills and chicken farms
  20. The growing menace of elephant poaching and its aftermath
  21. Using animals for clothing and food – how justified is that
  22. Circus animals and their plight – can things change?
  23. Hunting for fun – is an open season a valid enough reason to take animal life?
  24. Defending violence against animals – how do we justify
  25. Poaching – what has changed in Africa over the decades
  26. Killing Turkey – Can we find another way to say ‘thanks.’
  27. Traditions Vs. Animal Abuse – A time to rethink and make amends
  28. Problems associated with stress responses in animal husbandry
  29. Eating animals for survival Vs. being a regular non-vegetarian
  30. Using cultured cells Vs. Animals in Labs
  31. Experimental testing on animals benefits animals and humans both
  32. Banning animal extinction caused by human action
  33. Euthanizing stray dogs – Humane or inhumane?
  34. Camel racing – entertaining or disturbing
  35. Is keeping fish in bowls without filters and oxygen ethical

Animal Rights Controversial Topics

These are topics that, when discussed, are sure to draw attention. You will find people to have strong opinions on them, and as a result, they become persuasive speech topics on animal rights. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Mistreatment of dogs for breeding and commercial sale
  2. Abuse of stray dogs and their relocation
  3. Animal abandonment – where does the law lack?
  4. Should FDA ban the use of animals for drug testing?
  5. Why is it unethical to conduct tests on animals
  6. Animal protection laws – are they sufficient?
  7. Are Hollywood and films world over propagating animal abuse
  8. How can we make animal abandonment detrimental?
  9. Are some dog breeds facing more abuse than others
  10. Bullfighting in Mexico – Its impact
  11. Dogfighting world over is a clear violation of animal rights
  12. Cockfights – a menace and its impact
  13. Genetic engineering on animals – the pitfalls
  14. Being violent against animals for fun sake – how is that justified.
  15. Is it alright to kill animals so that humans stand to benefit
  16. Separating dairy cows from their calves – Unethical and cruel
  17. Is legal hunting justified?
  18. Animal testing – breeding animals for experiments.
  19. Thanksgiving with Turkey – another case of animal abuse
  20. The other side of training dogs for shows
  21. Benefits of using animals for therapy – Are animal rights considered?
  22. Rescuing pets from abusive owners
  23. The killing of stray animals
  24. The economics of profit in animal health research
  25. How is animal testing justifiable in medicine but not in cosmetics?
  26. Chaining dogs outside the house – Is it ethical?
  27. How is euthanizing stray animals a humane solution
  28. Hunting for sport – inhumane and unethical
  29. Should animal races be allowed for entertainment?
  30. Need for better norms related to pet care and treatment
  31. Training penguins, seals, and dolphins at zoos must be banned.
  32. Poor factory farm conditions lead to avian flu and preventive killing of many birds.
  33. The breeding of foxes into companion animals – unethical
  34. How justified is capturing snakes for poison extraction
  35. Spraying and neutering of pets to keep population is checked as an acceptable solution

Hot Topics On Animal Rights

These are topics that will make grab attention and offer multiple perspectives to work with.

  1. Animal abuse based on fear of harm and misconception
  2. The need to reduce animal testing and experimentation
  3. Consider The Lobster’ – A review like none other
  4. Where do animal protection laws need amendment?
  5. Is research increasingly unethical against animals?
  6. What are the forms of animal abuse in everyday life
  7. The Whooping Cranes’ – How humans relate to animals
  8. Tiger poaching — the path to extinction of a species
  9. The growing need for strict legal action against animal abuse
  10. Animal abandonment – are our laws enough
  11. Eating animals – an act against animal rights
  12. Growing instances of sex with animals – an unfathomable abuse
  13. Do we need stricter laws against poaching?
  14. Can circus animals be rehabilitated?
  15. Keeping wild animals as pets – a form of animal abuse
  16. Illegal hunting – a massive problem for wildlife
  17. How we benefit from animal testing
  18. Animal husbandry and the humane treatment of animals
  19. Dolphin training in zoos – Is it ethical
  20. Creating zoos in big cities – is it not an animal rights violation

Interesting Animal Rights Research Paper Topics

Here are some topics you will enjoy working on, and they will help you create an equally exciting writeup for discussion or submission as essay.

  1. Alternative approaches to product testing to protect animals
  2. Abandoned animals and what they go through
  3. Are shelters doing enough for abandoned animals?
  4. How humans are mindlessly violent against animals
  5. Poaching – a significant threat to wildlife
  6. The illegal trade of Bengal Tiger skin and the ethics of animal rights violation
  7. How is killing for research justified as non-abusive against animals?
  8. Animal abuse – an ignored global issue with profound impact
  9. Animal Testing – A burning question the world needs to answer
  10. Horse and camel racing – is the sport justified?
  11. Educating pet owners on the extent of commitment should be mandatory before adoption/buying
  12. Is it morally alright to keep exotic pets?
  13. Should laws be made to ban animal fashion
  14. Is it ethical to use live bugs as broaches and jewels
  15. The morality behind animal sacrifices in religious ceremonies.

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