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121 Synthesis Essay Topics

121 Synthesis Essay Topics To Get You Started

Writing about synthesis essay topics requires skills and experience. But choosing the right topic for this essay is equally important. Therefore, students should explore several ideas and select trendy titles when teachers and professors don’t limit their choices. This article defines a synthesis essay while explaining its writing process. It also lists interesting topics to consider for synthesis essays.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a write-up that uses several information sources to form an objective and complete picture of a particular issue. Writing a synthesis essay is a typical assignment in college or university. Educators ask students to write synthesis essays to help them research various topics and apply different data sources at once. Also, writing synthesis essays teaches the learners to differentiate rationality and bias.

Such skills are vital in the academic world and public life. Therefore, it’s understandable why educators want learners to write these essays and acquire these skills. The challenge is that students must choose their topics wisely to score top marks in this assignment. Also, they must know how to write a winning essay after identifying and investigating different information sources.

How to Write a Good Synthesis Essay

Writing a sound synthesis requires research, curiosity, and originality to explore a specific idea or argue a particular point. Here’s how you can write a winning synthesis essay.

  • Choose an exciting topic: Take your time brainstorming for essay topic ideas. Prioritize the issues you’re passionate about and what you think the audience will want to read.
  • Research your topic: After selecting a topic, use the library, internet, and other information sources to conduct in-depth research. You can use primary sources to get quotes from experts and scholars. Also, look up scientific studies and statistics relevant to your research. That way, you can develop a viewpoint with concrete supporting information.
  • Outline your essay: Your essay format should help you explain a specific perspective or make an argument. Therefore, structure your essay to enable you to present the main points and their supporting ideas.
  • Write the introduction: Start your synthesis essay by presenting its general premises and background information. Also, use the introduction to capture your readers’ attention. This section should also have a thesis statement telling the audience about the viewpoint you want to explore or the argument you want to make.
  • Write the body: Write the body with several paragraphs. Each body paragraph should comprise a topic sentence, a supporting sentence, and a closing or transition sentence. Ensure that every section focuses on the main idea while providing concise information.
  • Write the conclusion: Wrap up your paper with an effective conclusion. The concluding paragraph should restate the thesis while summarizing the supporting ideas of your main argument.
  • Proofread: Take your time to proofread the essay before presenting or submitting it. Ensure that your paper has clear and accurate syntax, grammar, and flow.

Writing the best synthesis essay in your class requires time and effort. If you don’t have neither of them, just buy custom essay from our expert team. It will help you get through with this assignment with the best result. However, writing this essay can be fun if you choose a trendy and exciting topic. Here’s a list of topic ideas to consider for your paper.

Trendy Topics for Synthesis Essay

Maybe you want to write about something everybody will find interesting to read. In that case, consider any of these ideas for your paper.

  1. How the social media has changed the journalistic profession
  2. Should parents allow children to direct their education?
  3. Does global warming threaten the monarch butterflies’ population?
  4. Impact of class size on academic performance
  5. Can violent video games cause real-life violence?
  6. Can the US lead in addressing the global warming issue?
  7. Effect of racial prejudices on college admissions
  8. Can online communities transform the sense of belonging?
  9. Impact of the time young people spend online on their satisfaction
  10. How social media promotes stereotyping
  11. Changes in adults’ dating habits due to social media
  12. Impact of YouTube on young people’s shopping habits
  13. How Facebook threatens the users’ privacy
  14. Impact of social media on children’s academic performance
  15. Impact of Instagram on beauty standards
  16. Has social media made people less social?
  17. How technology promotes the entertainment culture
  18. Should countries make voting mandatory for all adults?
  19. How poverty affects children’s health
  20. The role of art in daily life

Any of these ideas is a good title for an excellent synthesis essay. Nevertheless, identify various information sources to research and write an informative essay.

Informative Synthesis Topics

Informative synthesis papers combine different sources to explain a particular idea. When writing about these ideas, a student should state their research purposes concisely and clearly.

  1. How effective is plea bargaining in the justice system?
  2. What were the impacts of World War II
  3. Can mobile phones help with crime reduction?
  4. The athletics influence on the strength training concept
  5. Do top-ranked universities offer better education?
  6. Are colleges charging too high tuition fees?
  7. Fashion trends evolution over the last decades
  8. How governments can help the poor
  9. How apps help modern businesses
  10. Can saving money make you rich?
  11. How beauty standards have evolved throughout centuries
  12. How are robots out of control?
  13. Does poverty contribute to crime?
  14. How video games threaten society
  15. What does artificial intelligence promise the world?
  16. Is space war becoming a real-world threat?
  17. Is developing helpful or a waste of time?
  18. How gender identity affects a person’s social status
  19. Is consuming organic foods dangerous?
  20. Can society end the body-shaming culture?
  21. How to prevent global warming
  22. How nutrition or health education affects children
  23. The formation and spreading of computer malware and viruses
  24. Impact of depression on young children’s development
  25. How fast food advertising affects children
  26. Why no institution should ignore depression
  27. Parents and teachers should limit internet access for children
  28. How to fight the obesity epidemic
  29. Why sporting events should not broadcast tobacco and alcohol ads
  30. Social media is the biggest platform for degrading and growing

Any of these topics can be the basis of an informative synthesis essay. But like those discussed above, these titles require extensive research to write a good paper.

Interesting Synthesis Essay Prompt Ideas

Choosing an interesting topic will make writing this paper a fun experience. Here is a list of the exciting synthesis essay prompts to consider.

  1. Is reading celebrity memoirs worth your time?
  2. Can the world achieve zero corruption tolerance?
  3. Can the world defeat poverty?
  4. Is the media covering global warming adequately?
  5. Can humans socialize via social media only?
  6. Should men and women live together before formalizing their marriage?
  7. Is Facebook losing its flavor?
  8. Is there life after death?
  9. Is meat consumption ethical?
  10. Does every leader have a moral compulsion to society?
  11. Should governments make higher education more affordable?
  12. How technology threatens traditional classrooms
  13. How social media has transformed how people date
  14. How Twitter affects children’s academics
  15. Is the love concept possible to experience in the world?
  16. Is racial profiling a reality?
  17. Is sex education achieving its objective?
  18. Have smartphones worsened or made life bearable?
  19. How the Second World War affected Germany
  20. The effectiveness of the current education system
  21. Death penalty- Is it cruel or necessary?
  22. How human activities have contributed to global warming
  23. How practical is homeschooling?
  24. Can humans avoid genocide?
  25. What makes marriages collapse?
  26. How important is poetry in modern societies
  27. What are the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies?
  28. Are drones posing any privacy risk?
  29. The evolution of technology due to artificial intelligence
  30. Have modern technologies widened the gap between the poor and the rich?

Pick any of these prompts and then develop them into an interesting paper. Your teacher or professor will award you a good grade if you research several sources and present information properly.

Good Synthesis Essay Topics

Maybe you need a good topic for your synthesis paper. This section has topic ideas you can comfortably research and write about to impress the educator.

  1. How does technology facilitate cheating in the classroom?
  2. What makes video games a popular form of entertainment?
  3. The evolution of coronavirus since its emergence
  4. The correlation between poor health and poverty
  5. How humans started using animals for drug tests and how it works
  6. Investigating the pre-school concept
  7. Is finding a decent job easier when a person has a master’s degree?
  8. The essence of sports in the education system
  9. Is free education suitable for the modern world?
  10. Workplace abuse- How it starts and ways to stop it
  11. Why the death penalty has always been a controversial issue
  12. Does the government support all citizens equally?
  13. Is it racism, or do black people commit more crimes?
  14. Should governments legalize prostitution?
  15. What causes global warming, and how can humans prevent it?
  16. Fiction distraction- Is it good or bad?
  17. Are books valuable in modern society?
  18. How to determine the effectiveness of artwork
  19. Is writing books important in today’s world?
  20. How to ensure that guns don’t get into campuses
  21. How often should laws change to keep pace with the times?

These synthesis paper topics can be the basis of a winning essay. Nevertheless, students that choose these ideas should take the time to research, analyze information, and write their papers.

Inspiring Synthesis Essay Ideas

Maybe you want to write a synthesis essay about an inspiring topic. If so, consider any of these topic ideas.

  1. Why you should keep pets
  2. How governments can eliminate traffic jams
  3. Changing the fast life pace in the cities
  4. Can you give up your smartphone?
  5. How to spend half an hour on social networks every day
  6. Are there flaws in society?
  7. Can female voices be as vital as males’?
  8. How to eradicate nuclear weapons in the world
  9. Is removing marks from the education system necessary?
  10. Is gossiping valuable?
  11. How complaining makes a person happier
  12. Is animal protection everybody’s moral obligation?
  13. Working hard versus talent- What makes a person more successful?
  14. Is loving the criminals morally acceptable?
  15. The correlation between happiness and money
  16. Should society accept cloning?
  17. The impact of chemical spills on oceans
  18. How using fossil fuels causes global warming
  19. Reading a paper book versus listing to audiobooks
  20. Should insurance cover alternative medications?

These are exciting topic ideas to consider for a synthesis essay. However, learners should spend sufficient time researching and analyzing information from different sources to write quality papers.

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