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GED Essay Topics

List of 60 Researchable GED Essay Topics For You! 

It’s possible to get confused while trying to choose the best GED essay topics for your assignment. But before you get there, let us begin with the first things first.

What Is A GED Essay?

It is also referred to as ‘Extended Response’ question. The General Educational Development (GED) test is an argumentative essay that requires you to compose a short essay on a pre-selected topic.

A GED essay can either be a narrative, descriptive, or persuasive essay. When writing a GED paper, remember that a thesis statement is the anchor of your writing. The form takes 45 minutes, and thus you have to be an apt student to get this right.

It mostly takes the 5-paragraph approach. The paper analyzes the author’s two positions and explains which argument is stronger.

How To Write a GED Essay

In GED essay questions, you will be provided with two pieces of information:

  1. The stimulus material: It is a text providing two opposing sides on a given subject
  2. A prompt: Acts as the manual guide on what you are to do

For your GED essay to surpass the rankings of the great papers, three important sections should never miss, namely:

  • The Introduction

It brings your topic into perspective while stating the thesis statement, which is your stand on the subject.

  • The Body

Presents supporting evidence that is well reasoned out. Here, you will show you took that particular stance over the other. It should consist of at least two paragraphs.

  • The Conclusion

You will make a summary of your main points while restating your thesis statement.

Use the topics below to sharpen your skills on how to write an essay for GED.

What Essay Topics Are on the GED?

  1. How can a student achieve top grades in college?
  2. What is one thing you regret doing?
  3. Why is the medical profession one of the most demanding?
  4. Discuss the essence of having a neighbor
  5. Choose a particular lecturer and explain why you value him/her
  6. Do you think education is the key life?

Sample Topics For GED Essay

  1. An analysis of global warming – who do you think is to blame?
  2. Should college students drive themselves to campus?
  3. Why do you think golf attracts a majority of the elderly population?
  4. Are the trousers for men only?
  5. What is the meaning of a true friend?
  6. What event in life humbled you the most?

Hot Essay Topics For GED

  1. Are young people today losing value cultural customs and traditions?
  2. Is the 5G technology the game changer?
  3. Is the current education curriculum sufficient to meet the industry needs?
  4. What is the essence of having hobbies in a curriculum vitae?
  5. Is it possible to prevent drivers from texting while driving?
  6. Are lottery games legitimate ways of earning money?

Interesting GED Essay Topics 2023

  1. Should one have a college degree to be employed in a giant organization?
  2. How has the internet disrupted normal life?
  3. Is the coronavirus as deadly as it is on the news headlines?
  4. Why countries should not let in visitors without affirming their COVID-19 status
  5. How often should parents make a follow-up of their children’s performance?
  6. Are people going to continue wearing masks long after COVID-19?

GED Social Study Essay Topics

  1. Should all persons born in a country acquire citizenship of that country?
  2. Is diplomatic immunity essential for all citizens?
  3. Is it right to pass the same-sex marriage act?
  4. Ways of achieving equal protection of the laws.
  5. Can citizens play a role in choosing how they wish to be governed?
  6. Have countries achieved the Equal Employment Opportunities Act?

GED Language Arts Essay Topics

  1. Is the end of semester exam the best way to assess a student’s performance?
  2. Do you think people should pay for any content downloaded online?
  3. Describe one of the most important people in your life
  4. Characteristics of a true friend
  5. Is teamwork making people lazy?
  6. Should college students hold part-time jobs?

Essay Topics On Nursing For GED Test

  1. Should male nurses attend to female patients?
  2. Has the coronavirus exposed weaknesses in the nursing sector?
  3. Are nurses fully catered for when it comes to workplace hazards?
  4. Effect of long working hours on nurses
  5. Social determinants of health
  6. How nurses respond to ethical issues at the workplace

Emerging GED Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Do genetics and heredity play a role in a child’s behaviour?
  2. Efficient ways of energy conservation
  3. The relationship between the earth’s system and living things
  4. How the body reacts to weather
  5. Interpreting science experiments effectively
  6. How to better format numbers and graphs in science experiments

GED Essay Prompts

  1. Is living in a town better than living in a rural area?
  2. What does it mean to be successful?
  3. Discuss what your biggest goal in life is
  4. How fast-food restaurants contribute to obesity
  5. Should students be admitted to military schools?
  6. Should the government censor media houses?

Typical GED Essay Topics

  1. What is the true definition of honesty?
  2. Describe a typical man you would marry
  3. How to manage social media accounts effectively
  4. The importance of a morning jog
  5. Why women mature faster than men
  6. Are our summer holidays necessary?

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