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journalism topics

166 Unique Journalism Topics To Make Your Essay The Best

Teachers and professors ask students to write about journalism topics when pursuing media and communication studies. But a unique subject in this study field is challenging to find because it requires innovation. That’s because journalism is a broad industry with an endless list of ideas to explore. This article lists some of the most interesting topic ideas to consider when pursuing journalism studies. It’s useful because it inspires learners to develop unique titles for their academic papers.

What is Journalism?

Before we jump into the list of journalism essay topics, it’s vital to understand what journalism is. Briefly, journalism collects, verifies, and reports newsworthy information or events. It can be in print, digital, or broadcast form. The aim is to inform and educate the public about what’s happening in society.

A journalist may work for a news organization or be freelance. In most cases, they must adhere to strict deadlines and choose stories that resonate with the audience. Good journalism also entails being objective and impartial while reporting the facts. That’s why it’s essential to consider all sides of a story before writing about it.

Journalism covers many topics, so students find it overwhelming to choose titles for their essays or research papers. This article presents titles that will help jumpstart your writing if you’re one of them.

Elements of a Good Essay

Your educator will award you a good grade if you submit a good essay. Here are the elements that make a paper brilliant.

  • Introduction: The intro must be interesting, engaging, and relevant to the topic.
  • Thesis statement: It should state the main idea or argument of the essay.
  • Body paragraphs: The paragraphs in the body should support the thesis statement with evidence and examples.
  • Conclusion: The last section should summarize the main points and reaffirms the thesis statement.
  • Works cited/References: This is a list of sources you used to gather the information in the essay.

Ensure that your essay has these elements so that the educator will have no option but to award you an excellent grade.

Journalism Research Topics

Are you looking for research topics for your upcoming research project? If so, here are topics to consider for your paper.

  1. The changing face of journalism
  2. The impact of social media on journalism
  3. The role of journalists in society
  4. The future of journalism
  5. Censorship and freedom of the press
  6. Journalism ethics
  7. Fake news and its impact on society
  8. Investigative journalism
  9. Reporting in war zones
  10. The business side of journalism
  11. Challenges facing female journalists
  12. Propaganda models- How journalists use propaganda in their practice
  13. Journalism and privacy- How do they relate?
  14. How journalism contributes to political turmoil in developing countries
  15. Do media houses compromise integrity trying to attract or maintain investors?

These topics are worth exploring in research papers. Nevertheless, they require time and effort to investigate to write informative papers.

International Journalism Essay Topics

Are you interested in international journalism? If so, this list comprises exciting topics to explore in your essays.

  1. The role of international journalists in society
  2. The impact of social media on global journalism
  3. Censorship and freedom of the press in different countries
  4. How international journalists report on war zones
  5. The changing face of international journalism
  6. The future of global journalism
  7. Investigative journalism in various countries
  8. The business side of international journalism
  9. Journalism ethics in multiple cultures
  10. The differences between reporting for local and international audiences
  11. How technology shapes international journalism
  12. How people in different places understand media content
  13. How groups, individuals, and countries engage with varying forms of communication and media
  14. How communication and media work as a vital economic sector
  15. How experience and past knowledge inform the current culture and media
  16. How politics in different countries affect the media and help change society
  17. Can ethics shape media practices in a country- provide examples
  18. How governments in various countries affect media practices- Give examples
  19. Can the media help with climate change- Demonstrate with case studies
  20. Media role in empowering women in different countries

When writing about topics in international journalism, ensure that your work is original and informative. That way, you’ll not only score high grades but also help readers understand the industry better globally.

Investigative Journalism Topics

Investigative journalism involves looking into and reporting on stories that are of public interest. If this type of journalism interests you, here are some topics to consider.

  1. The role of investigative journalists in society
  2. The impact of social media on investigative journalism
  3. How investigative journalists find stories
  4. The difference between investigative and traditional journalism
  5. Censorship and freedom of the press for investigative journalists
  6. The future of investigative journalism
  7. Reporting in war zones- Why it matters for investigative journalists
  8. Investigative journalism ethics- Why they are important
  9. The business side of investigative journalism
  10. The most famous investigative journalists and their stories
  11. Is transculturation important in media translation?
  12. Women’s objectivation and its psychological impacts
  13. Do politicians rely on media to maintain power?
  14. Why mass media is a government’s propaganda tool
  15. Why journalists should avoid graphic images of war brutality and violence in their stories
  16. Media’s cultural impact and historical development’s role in the US
  17. Techniques that governments use to silence investigative journalism
  18. Investigative journalism- Exploring the moral lines that inform investigative journalists
  19. How can investigative journalists maintain quality reporting without spending more money?
  20. Investigating the critical stakeholders in modern media houses

These are some investigative topics you can write about in your essay. When choosing a topic, make sure to select one that interests you. This way, it’ll be easier for you to write your paper.

Journalism Topics for High School Students

Teachers sometimes ask high school students to write papers and essays on topics in this study field. Consider one of these ideas if you’re a high school learner and the educator wants you to write about journalism.

  1. The role of journalists in society
  2. The impact of social media on journalism
  3. Fake news and its impact on society
  4. Censorship and freedom of the press
  5. The changing face of journalism
  6. The future of journalism
  7. Why accuracy is vital in journalism
  8. How to spot fake news stories
  9. The different types of journalistic writing
  10. The importance of ethics in Journalism
  11. Can the media support education?
  12. How the press passes hidden messages
  13. Why is the radio popular in the digital era?
  14. Is the Disney phenomenon media or new mythology?
  15. Styles and types of media
  16. Media and politics- Are they intertwined?
  17. Is virtual reality the modern media’s future?
  18. Do journalists react to or create events?
  19. Media policies and regulations in different countries
  20. Investigating the origin of journalism
  21. The hype phenomenon- How the media uses it
  22. The media and its primary aspects
  23. Impacts of speech freedom on the media
  24. Do the media promote or censor controversial topics?
  25. Does the press prevent or enhance panic during a disaster?
  26. Media and its role during wartime
  27. Examining the critical aspects of a media campaign

This list also features high school investigative journalism topics. However, your teacher wants you to prove your knowledge of your chosen title. Therefore, pick a title you’re comfortable with and research it extensively before writing.

Journalism Topics to Write about in College

Perhaps, you’re pursuing journalism studies in college, and the educator wants you to write an essay. In that case, consider any of these titles for your paper.

  1. How does the media portray women in the current century
  2. The changing face of investigative journalism
  3. Why accuracy is essential in journalism
  4. Differences between local and international reporting styles
  5. The future of sports journalism
  6. Is war zone reporting necessary
  7. Is the media significant in the fight against crimes?
  8. How can adolescents and kids use the press?
  9. Exploring media freedom, human rights, and democracy
  10. Modern media versus technology
  11. Investigating media influence on political patterns
  12. Media use and subsequent effects
  13. How modern media portrays identity and popular culture
  14. Mainstream media use in strategic communication
  15. Media psychology- Investigating its application in communication
  16. How the free media benefits society
  17. Immorality- Does the media influence it?
  18. The implications of mass media to a society’s ethical well-being

College and university students can explore these topics in their research papers and essays. Nevertheless, each title requires time to research and develop an informative piece.

Mass Media Essay Topics

Mass media is a significant force in modern life. Sociologists and psychologists have researched the impact of mass media on society for many years. If you’re interested in writing about mass media, here are some topics to consider.

  1. The history of mass media
  2. The impact of mass media on society
  3. The different types of mass media
  4. Censorship and freedom of the press
  5. The changing face of mass media
  6. The future of mass media
  7. How the internet has changed mass media
  8. Mass media and politics
  9. Mass media and consumerism
  10. The business side of mass media
  11. Investigating stereotypes and mass media
  12. Mass media and scare tactics
  13. Mass media trustworthiness- Ways to gauge it
  14. Are newspapers relevant in the digital age?
  15. News websites versus newspapers
  16. TV ads and print ads
  17. Various media forms and bias
  18. Compare and contrast multiple media outlets
  19. Social media versus traditional mass media
  20. How the mass media affects social norms

These are brilliant titles to consider for academic papers or essays. Nevertheless, ensure you’re comfortable writing about the title you pick for your project.

Literary Journalism Essay Topics

Literary journalism is a type of writing that combines elements of fiction and journalism. If you’re interested in this type of writing, here are some topics to consider. If not only literary journalism but also language is important to you, then English essay help will get you a high grade.

  1. The history of literary journalism
  2. The impact of literary journalism on society
  3. How literary journalists find stories
  4. The difference between literary journalism and traditional journalism
  5. Censorship and freedom of the press for literary journalists
  6. The future of literary journalism
  7. Literary journalism ethics
  8. The business side of literary journalism
  9. The most famous literary journalists and their stories
  10. Why media agencies should avoid metaphors in news headlines
  11. Why banning fake news from the social media website is important
  12. Do media outlets spread unverified reports?
  13. Is the media in the US treating enemies fairly?
  14. The drawbacks that journalists face today
  15. Ethical challenges facing journalists in media companies

This category can have controversial yet good topics. Some are even fun to investigate and write about at some educational levels. Nevertheless, they require time to research and analyze information.

Journalism Related Essay Topics

Students can write about many topics relating to journalism. Here are some ideas to consider.

  1. The history of newspapers
  2. The impact of the internet on journalism
  3. The different types of journalistic writing
  4. Does the media use music as a propaganda tool for politicians?
  5. Can dominant groups rig school elections
  6. How vital is keeping students informed about government policies?
  7. Why should journalists protect their information sources?
  8. How do journalists treat celebrities when reporting?
  9. How does the media influence what people think about low and high culture?
  10. Is TV advertising favoring large corporations?
  11. Does the medium present modern society accurately?
  12. What are the anticipated changes in journalism?
  13. Are current war journalists in any danger?
  14. Why should journalists have a firsthand account of stories?
  15. Should journalists make suppositions, or is it unethical?

These topics relate to journalism, and even students not pursuing media studies can explore them. Nevertheless, learners should investigate their titles extensively to write winning papers.

Good Journalism Topics

Maybe you need a good topic for your paper to score a high grade in your class. In that case, consider these ideas.

  1. How has the role of journalists changed over time?
  2. How has technology impacted journalism?
  3. What are the ethical considerations for journalists?
  4. How can the media affect the education sector?
  5. Understanding investigative journalism and its importance
  6. How do journalistic standards vary around the world?
  7. What challenges do journalists face in today’s climate?
  8. What are the future trends in journalism?
  9. How can humans use journalism as a tool for social change?
  10. What are the different approaches to journalism?
  11. How to use the media to mobilize community support
  12. Media role in the economic growth of a country
  13. Discuss how the media influence violence
  14. Investigating the media industry- How does it embrace technological advancements
  15. Media role in reducing crime
  16. Analyze the link between media and crime

These are some of the best titles any student can research and write about, regardless of their academic level. However, writing an excellent paper requires knowledge of what it comprises.

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