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Illustration Essay Topics

Top 50 Creative Illustration Essay Topics For You

An illustrative essay is an informative writing style, whose purpose is to express the existence of an object or its occurrence using a specific method. It is a paper that encourages students to employ new ideas when it comes to the evidence and to give the third eye to the research process. Topics for an illustration essay need to be chosen with sensitivity, and that is why you are reading this.

Before we embark on our elaborate illustration essay topics list, let us first explore some useful tips, shall we?


How do You Choose an Illustration Essay Topic?

For you to have a finger-licking meal, a secret recipe with top ingredients has to be strictly followed. Fortunately, you will have the first-hand experience at our topnotch step by step guide to writing good illustration essay topics. Let’s get right into it:

  • Put down a list of events that interest you.
  • Settle on one that you are comfortable handling
  • Conduct your research to ascertain any plagiarism
  • Put it down on paper (in this case – type it)

An interesting illustration essay topic should be:

  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Conforming
  • One that has available information

“What are good illustration essay topics?” you may ask. They are those drawn from your interests. It should be one that excites you immediately; you put your pen to work.

50 Best Illustration Essay Topic Examples To Consider

Examples of illustration essay topics are as numerous as the sand of the sea on the internet. However, only the unique and creative ones can be able to attract and hook readers to your essay. Here are examples of such essay topic ideas:

College Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Illustrate the college admission process
  2. Why is college education relevant to the life of any individual?
  3. Explain the duties of instructors and tutors in a college setting
  4. Illustrate the best ways of achieving good grades in college
  5. Why should students wear uniforms in college?
  6. Are all the college minors and majors essential to the market place?
  7. Explain how to come up with a productive study timetable in college
  8. Illustrate the academic, research, and family life of college tutors and instructors
  9. Describe the importance of statues and memorial stones in a college environment
  10. How do you get along with a classmate in your first year?

Food and Nutrition Topics

  1. Explain the process of preparing mashed potatoes
  2. Illustrate the growth and development process of a plant
  3. Describe why protein-giving foods are best for patients
  4. Illustrate the process of setting up a table for five guests
  5. Explain the preservation process of groceries
  6. Are all foods essential for the growth of a baby, discuss
  7. Describe the process of manufacturing canned food
  8. Explain why fats and oils are responsible for obesity
  9. Explain what it takes for one to become a chef
  10. Illustrate how babies digest milk

Sports Illustration Topics

  1. Describe how a football match is structured
  2. Explain why the best athletes in the world come from highland regions
  3. Illustrate how one can play golf
  4. Describe how football competitions arrive at best players
  5. Why do most golf courses have a water body, either large or small?
  6. How is hockey different from other sports?
  7. Describe why sports are essential for college students
  8. Explain why most football teams and clubs have higher ratings
  9. Describe how stadiums woe people
  10. Illustrate how to swim

Careers and Institutions Topics

  1. Describe the work of a lighting director
  2. Why do lawyers wear gowns in a courtroom?
  3. Describe the administrative structure of your school
  4. Explain why news anchors and presenters apply make-up
  5. Describe what happens behind the scenes of a movie production
  6. Illustrate the structure of Non-Governmental Organizations
  7. Explain how to write a curriculum vitae
  8. Describe the typical day for a pilot
  9. Describe the role of a director
  10. Vividly describe the construction process.

Technology Illustration Essay Topics

  1. Describe how to create a website
  2. Explain the impact of social media
  3. Why is Facebook popular?
  4. Explain why WhatsApp is gaining popularity
  5. Describe how a trending topic arises on twitter
  6. Explain how to hack a website
  7. Describe how to create a live stream
  8. Illustrate the Facebook lite interface
  9. Why is bookmarking important?
  10. Describe how to gain more twitter followers

These are but an inspiration for illustration example essay topics. You can use this and more cases to get acquainted with this rare art of creating attractive illustration essay topics.

What are you waiting for now? Give it a try today!

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