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259 Business Essay Topics

259 Business Essay Topics: Ideas To Impress Your Teacher

Business is a broad topic that will include starting a business, managing the business, employing capable hands, managing debt, and more. Conducting extensive research on different business writing topics might be what you need to succeed as an entrepreneur or employee.

There are many reasons why people look for business essay topics. It might be for general research or to fulfill their obligations as a student.

Despite the vastness of business, getting a topic that suits you might be challenging. There are many branches of business to look at, you could be looking for argumentative business essay topics, international business topics, business persuasive essay topics, business management essay topics, business ethics essay topics, or business law topics amongst others.

This article will expose you to good business essay topics covering the above business aspects that you to pick from.

How To Write A Good Business Essay

Writing a business essay is not very different from writing a regular essay. One thing to note is, thorough research is necessary. The objective is to learn about your topic to educate your reader.

A lot of students are not sure of where to begin when writing a business essay. Usually, good writing on international business essay topics will require a lot of research, to get accurate data to include in your essay.

This section will make it easier to write an interesting and in-depth essay, by outlining steps you should follow.

  • Starting the Essay: Choosing a Topic
    This is one of the most important parts of writing your essay. Your topic determines the direction your essay will gravitate to. It decides if your essay is going to be fun or controversial, that is why you should not rush into picking your essay topic.Picking the right topic will help determine the length of your essay. When the topic is too broad, you may find yourself stuck neck-deep in the information that may be too much to compress into a simple essay. When the topic is too narrow, the reverse is the case, as you might not find enough useful information to put together a comprehensive paper.

    Here are some steps you can follow when picking a research topic:

    • Choose a topic you understand and have an opinion about: It will be no use to start writing an essay when you have no knowledge or opinion on the topic.
    • Be specific: There is no need for your topic to be long and confusing. Let it pinpoint what you are aiming at talking about.
    • Opt for a single topic rather than combining two: You do not want to have a topic so broad that there is too much information to combine into one essay.
    • Decide what kind of essay you are going to write: Are you considering writing an argumentative, descriptive, or explanatory essay? Your answer will make it easier for you to pick the right essay topic.

    After picking your topic, it is time to begin writing a clear and concise essay that will impress your professor. However, if you don’t feel like writing and doing research, you can purchase papers from expert helpers.

  • Research
    There are no shortcuts to getting adequate information to write a proper business essay. Whatever information you are giving out has to be accurate, and the one way to get it is by conducting your research, and Gathering relevant sources where you can get accurate information to put together the best quality essay.When you are doing your research, the best way to keep track of relevant information is by taking a lot of notes and penning down names of authors, dates, and quotes you would like to refer to later.
  • Planning and Outlining
    To produce an essay that will be respected, a lot of thought has to go into the structure in which the information is being conveyed.

    When you create an outline, there is a direction by which your essay is supposed to go. Instead of just writing at the moment, you follow a laid-out outline that can help you focus on the main ideas to be worked on.

    Create your outline before you begin writing. Remember that your outline might not be final, it is supposed to give you a sense of direction when you write. It can easily be changed at any point necessary when writing your essay.

  • Writing a Draft
    Now it is time to do some actual writing. No need to try to make your first draft perfect, feel free to write your thoughts as they come.You do not need to start with the introduction, followed by the body of the text, and the conclusion.

    Write freely, this is the first draft. You still get the chance to work on it when you are done. Just ensure that whatever you write relates to your topic and will fit into your outline.

  • Redrafting and Revising
    At this point, the goal is to re-evaluate what you have written in your first draft. Work through it, and eliminate parts that do not seem relevant to your argument.

    Evaluating your work will help you find points that may have been missed when you were writing your first draft. Here, you make changes to your work and ensure that it aligns with the goal of the topic.

    You are not working on getting the grammar right, but ensuring that all the points are relevant.

    After redrafting and revising, you should arrange your text to follow the given outline. By now your essay is almost done.

  • Editing and Proofreading
    When you get to this point, remember that editing and proofreading do not mean the same thing. When you edit, you are mainly working on clarity and structure, while proofreading ensures that all typos and spelling errors are eliminated. The two processes should not be done simultaneously. You have to finish the editing process before you start proofreading.Take time when you are editing because it is easy to overlook some mistakes when you are creating a draft. It is advisable that when you proofread, read the text from the bottom to the top. This makes it easier to eliminate the chances of common errors.

Writing an essay can be tasking and time-consuming, so it is better to start writing early, to complete the above steps without having to rush through the process.

Business Administration Essay Topics

Business Administration is a very important part of running a business. Some topics that focus on business administration include:

  1. Understanding consumer behavior.
  2. Different customers to expect in every kind of business.
  3. Creating the perfect team: Qualities to look for when hiring.
  4. Pros and cons of outsourcing your workforce.
  5. How consumer behavior has changed in the last five years.
  6. How important is customer service for business?
  7. Creating a healthy company culture.
  8. The role of company culture in the success of a business.
  9. The art of negotiation.
  10. Should a business owner be a good negotiator?
  11. Negotiation vs Diplomacy.
  12. What is effective advertising?
  13. What medium of advertising is best?
  14. How have international trade trends changed over the past 5 years?
  15. Geo-arbitrage and how it affects business.
  16. Importance of marketing for businesses.
  17. What are the chances of business growth without effective marketing?
  18. Can a business solely exist on social media?
  19. How important is branding for your business?
  20. Different ways to increase brand awareness.
  21. Creating a healthy work environment for your employees.
  22. How the work environment affects productivity.
  23. Mistakes to avoid during recruitment.
  24. Matching demand and production.
  25. What to do when demand is not matching your production.
  26. Principles of maximizing profit.
  27. Accounting and taxes.
  28. When to lease and when to buy property.
  29. Is it the best time to start an agricultural business in the United States?
  30. Why expansion should always be the goal.
  31. Is real estate still profitable?
  32. How to invest wisely?
  33. Study of trade embargo and sanctions.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Business

All businesses will go through problems sometimes, here are some topics that explore problems businesses face and how to solve them.

  1. Challenges faced by startups in Africa.
  2. How to start a new business in America
  3. Why every country needs startups.
  4. How do startups affect the economy?
  5. How to build the perfect management team.
  6. How to solve staffing issues.
  7. How important is it to calculate your risk before starting a business?
  8. Weighing your options: when should you decide to invest?
  9. How to manage a family-owned company.
  10. Pros and cons of running a family-owned business.
  11. Breaking into a monopolized market.
  12. What is a market monopoly?
  13.  A study of copyright laws in different countries.
  14. How to avoid a copyright infringement suit as a new industry.
  15. Advertising online and offline
  16. How to use advertising tools to your advantage.
  17. When is the right time to hire a PR company?
  18. The import and export business.
  19. What are the barriers to trading in the international market?
  20. How has the tourism business fared in light of the Covid19 pandemic?
  21. What are the limitations of ethnicity and race in business?
  22. Why do countries need foreign investments?
  23. Is it the best time to delve into the energy market?
  24. Wildlife protection and how it affects business models.
  25. International restrictions and trade sanctions. How does it affect business models?
  26. Minimum wage laws in different countries, and how it affects the poverty rate.
  27. Inflation and its effects on small businesses.
  28. How does trade impact the economic growth of a country?
  29. How to motivate your employees for better performance.
  30. Should gender come into play when picking leaders?
  31. Managing a business: should the business owner also be the manager?
  32. How to manage conflict between employees.
  33. The role of Networking in growing a business.
  34. What causes low employee retention.
  35. Do wages and salary affect employee retention?
  36. Strategic ways to build a team.
  37. The difference between managing a startup and a multinational business.
  38. Challenges of running a family-owned business.

Essay Topics for Business Studies

If you would like to learn more about businesses, and how they work, feel free to explore some of the topics below.

  1. Can everyone be a business owner?
  2. How has technology changed business operations?
  3. Online business: what is it and what does it entail?
  4. Franchising: Is it a smart business solution?
  5. The role of advertising in guaranteeing a successful business.
  6. Business models, their similarities, and differences.
  7. What countries are the most profitable to invest in, and why?
  8. How has social media changed business?
  9. Online vs offline businesses.
  10. How to write a proper business plan.
  11. Generating a business idea and all it entails.
  12. How to build a new business from scratch.
  13. Business laws in different countries.
  14. Most favorable countries to build a business.
  15. Is war profitable?
  16. Leadership and structure of a business.
  17. Adapting to business in a digital area.
  18. How to take your business online.
  19. Social media advertising. How effective is it?
  20. Management practices to adopt in your company.
  21. What factors can guarantee the success of a startup?
  22. Different leadership styles: Their pros and cons.
  23. Technology and how it has changed management.
  24. Working remotely vs working onsite.
  25. Women in top management positions.
  26. Management practices all companies should adopt.
  27. Entrepreneurship and all it entails.
  28. Can everybody be an entrepreneur?
  29. Managing innovation as an entrepreneur.
  30. When is the best time to follow trends as an entrepreneur?
  31. Management practices that should be adopted.
  32. The importance of project management for business.
  33. Gender differences and how it affects buyer behavior.
  34. The relationship between impulse buying and marketing.
  35. Social media influencer marketing explained.
  36. What is telemarketing?
  37. Customer retention strategies.
  38. How effective are customer loyalty rewards?
  39. Studying the Amazon business model.
  40. Why do companies fail on the international market?
  41. How to get your small company recognized on the international market.
  42. Do cultural differences affect business? If yes, how?
  43. What are business languages?
  44. How does war affect businesses?
  45. Case Study of select successful international brands.
  46. Common mistakes to avoid as a startup.
  47. How important is social responsibility in business?
  48. Ethical codes adopted by successful companies.
  49. How to deal with sexual harassment in your organization.
  50. A history of business ethics.
  51. What are non-disclosure agreements and when are they necessary?
  52. Designing your office space for high productivity.
  53. When to bring artificial intelligence into business.
  54. Mergers and acquisition, what is the better option?
  55. How to engage customers via social media campaigns.

Good Business Essay Topics

At some point in your studies, you may be required to create an essay on business. Some good business essay topics to write on are highlighted below.

  1. Study of business trends in the past five years.
  2. How ethical is outsourcing?
  3. Strategic measures to survive the International market.
  4. How to transform your local business into an internationally recognized business.
  5. Effective branding strategies to gain more traction.
  6. The impact of stakeholders on a business.
  7. How entrepreneurship can help tackle unemployment.
  8. Protecting your small businesses from economic problems.
  9. Thinking and planning strategically as a business owner.
  10. How to successfully make a sales pitch.
  11. The importance of leadership development to businesses.
  12. Importance of learning privacy laws.
  13. Internal business communication and how it affects the external image of a business.
  14. Analyzing the impact of computer-based interaction.
  15. Exploring different channels for communication in business.
  16. The impact of bad leadership skills on an organization.
  17. Investment strategies as a developing business.
  18. How online marketing can help small businesses.
  19. How advertising affects consumer behavior.
  20. The difference between direct marketing and creative marketing.
  21. Employee turnover and how it affects organizational profit.
  22. How does globalization impact small-scale industries?
  23. The growth of the e-commerce industry in the last five years
  24. How important is marketing to startups?
  25. Why getting a loan is advisable.

Business Communication Essay Topics

It is said that communication is the bedrock of a successful business. Here are some essay topics highlighting the importance of communication in a business.

  1. Communication and how it influences decision-making in companies.
  2. How communication can help with customer retention.
  3. Communication and marketing, do go hand in hand?
  4. Curtailing harmful employee behaviors in the workplace.
  5. How do penalties help keep staff in line, do they encourage productivity?
  6. How are business laws different in select countries?
  7. What laws are guiding e-commerce?
  8. Turning your brand into a religion.
  9. How effective is word-of-mouth advertising for business?
  10. Using Facebook for business.
  11. Internal promotion and external recruiting: Pros and cons.
  12. The law surrounding medical marijuana businesses in the USA.
  13. The difference between government businesses and private businesses.
  14. The rise of teenagers in businesses.
  15. How is business done in third-world countries?
  16. Knowing your target audience and how to attract them.
  17. What are the most popular services in the market?
  18. Is charity a good advertisement strategy for businesses?
  19. What is the psychology behind people buying habits?
  20. Should advertising be done in schools?
  21. Are online businesses overtaking physical businesses?
  22. How effective is brainstorming in creating new business ideas?
  23. What are the advantages of hiring young?
  24. What factors should you consider when choosing a target market?
  25. How copycat products affect businesses.
  26. Types of mergers, and why businesses opt for it.
  27. How to learn about your customers: Discover what they like or dislike and improve on it.
  28. What is subliminal advertising, and how does it work?
  29. What are underwriting services, and who provides them?
  30. How you can encourage work-life balance in your employees.
  31. Can big and small businesses create enough jobs to curb unemployment?
  32. Avoiding cultural and religious conflicts in the workplace.
  33. What is the Internet of things and how does it affect business?
  34. How to use corporate social responsibility to create brand equity.
  35. Social media as the image builder for your brand.
  36. What do buyers look for when shopping online?
  37. How important are reviews for your business?
  38. How brands market their product for different social classes.
  39. How does culture affect marketing? Do marketing campaigns differ according to location?
  40. Do loyalty cards boost sales?
  41. Event sponsorship: Is this a good marketing model?
  42. What is the role of artificial intelligence in marketing?
  43. How to manage debt as a business owner
  44. A systems approach to controlling costs in project management.
  45. How to enhance employee performance through training
  46. Does appraisal increase productivity?
  47. The impact of stress on employee performance.
  48. How important is employee loyalty for business?

Business Debate Essay Topics

Debating and essays writing go hand in hand. The following topics can present a good debate in business.

  1. When do you need copyright protection?
  2. Copyright protection. What is it, and who needs it?
  3. Protecting your trade secrets.
  4. Importance of insurance for businesses.
  5. Different types of insurance and learning that suit your business model.
  6. Entrepreneurship vs. nine to five.
  7. Importance of social intelligence to businesses.
  8. How to achieve your business goals.
  9. Every business needs long-term and short-term goals.
  10. Qualities of an entrepreneur.
  11. Importance of having a good business plan.
  12. Who is a business mentor and why do you need one?
  13. How you can take full advantage of social media for business.
  14. Experience vs qualifications: which is more important.
  15. How important is a gut instinct when it comes to hiring?
  16. Are corporate jobs the new form of slavery?
  17. Will your MBA make you a good manager?
  18. Understanding the relationship between business and politics.
  19. The cashless economy: Pros and cons.
  20. Cryptocurrency: how reliable is it?
  21. Are women better business managers than men?
  22. Does management affect the performance of the business?
  23. How can human resource management help promote industrial harmony?
  24. The challenges faced by small and medium scale businesses.
  25. Budget analysis and controls on the organization’s operations.
  26. How technology has changed marketing strategies.
  27. Sustainable development and its impact on businesses.
  28. Employee expectations and company’s profit: How to keep the balance.
  29. Understanding digital marketing strategies for small businesses.
  30. Taxation and profit.
  31. Gender discrimination and employee performance.
  32. Profit-seeking and how it affects product quality.
  33. Workplace diversity and its relation to productivity.
  34. How to deal with the crisis as a small business.
  35. What are the products to invest in as a small business?
  36. How your business plan can determine your business success.
  37. Different financial models for small businesses.
  38. Expanding to new countries: Benefits and challenges.
  39. When is the best time to take your business digital?

Management Essay Topics

The management of the company determines its success or lack of it. Some topics addressing management issues include:

  1. Understanding IPOs.
  2. What to do if you have been scammed.
  3. Structure you can adopt when taking your business international.
  4. Risks of employing new team members.
  5. What are compensation packages, and how does it increase productivity?
  6. The rise of remote interviews: Does it match the quality of on-site interviews?
  7. What is business research?
  8. Unions and how they affect business.
  9. Does dress code affect employee productivity?
  10. How to efficiently advertise your product.
  11. Online payment and security. How it affects business profits.
  12. Managing employee grievances.
  13. What do you do when your employees join rival companies?
  14. How do self-educated entrepreneurs survive in business?
  15. Cross analysis of the failures of the global market.
  16. Mutual funds: Who should invest in it?
  17. How to plan and think strategically.
  18. Do stakeholders influence business success?
  19. Consequences of being burnt out.
  20. A comparative analysis of female managers and male managers.
  21. What is lean philosophy, and how does it affect business?

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