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artificial intelligence topics

145 Innovative Artificial Intelligence Topics: Original Ideas List

If you have an assignment on artificial intelligence (AI), the first step is selecting the right topic. However, developing the right AI essay topics technology and writing the paper is never easy. AI is a complex subject, and despite the emerging resources online, most students get stuck because picking the right information is a big hurdle. So, is there a way to get the best topic for your essay?

To help you out, we have developed a comprehensive list of the best artificial intelligence topics for top grades. The post also explains what artificial intelligence (AI) is and further highlights the main steps you should follow to prepare an A-rated paper. Check out the topics in artificial intelligence (AI), pick the preferred option, and write an outstanding essay.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines and technology through programming that makes them think like humans and imitate their actions. Often, what people refer to as AI is only one part, such as machine learning. In addition, AI requires the use of specialized software and hardware to write and train machine learning algorithms. Although no single programming language is considered synonymous with AI, the most popular are R, Java, and Python.

AI works by taking big data (training data), analyzing it for trends and correlations, and applying noted patterns to make predictions. Recently, applications using AI have increased, ranging from chatbots in online communication to industrial production. Medicine, military, and computer technology, among other industries, are also applying AI in one way or another.

How To Write A Good Essay On Artificial Intelligence

Before picking argumentative, controversial or advanced AI topics, it is prudent to start by understanding how to prepare the essay. Here are the seven main steps and writing tips that you need to create a top-notch essay on AI:

  • Select the preferred topic of your essay: Only go for the artificial intelligence (AI) topic that is interesting and that has ample materials for writing about.
  • Read the instructions from your class teacher or lecturer carefully: Then, research your topic comprehensively and prepares the key points for discussion.
  • Define the main argument that you will put through the essay: This might be an excellent moment to frame your thesis statement. Note that you might want to alter it along the way for better flow and strength.
  • Expand on your main points: Make sure that every point is supported by evidence, reasoning, and scholarship. Where quotes and other pieces of information are borrowed from books or other resources, make sure to reference them correctly.
  • Write the draft of your paper coherently: Starting with the introduction, and body and completing with the conclusion. Here is a detailed outline of the essay:
  1. Title of the essay
  2. Introduction: Start with a hook statement to capture the attention of the reader and make him/her want to continue exploring more. Then, capture the background of the topic and close the introduction with a thesis statement. To make it easier to prepare a great thesis statement, you might consider writing it as the last item.
  3. Body: Break down the essay into several paragraphs. Make sure that every point takes its own paragraph. Ensure that each paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Then, use the subsequent sentences in the paragraph to support the topic sentence. Also, ensure the points flow well from the start to the end.
  4. Conclusion: Conclude the paper by restating the thesis statement and then summarizing the main points.
  • Edit and proofread the paper: This is very important in ensuring that your paper does not have grammar errors. You might want to ask a friend to help with proofreading to identify errors that might have skipped your eye.
  • Prepare the references of all the resources you used at the end of the paper: Make sure to follow the formatting guide, such as APA or Harvard, depending on the recommendation of your lecturer.

The Best Artificial Intelligence Topics For Research

Check out the following 145 top-rated artificial intelligence topics for essays and pick the one you find most interesting. You can use the topics as they are or tweak them to reflect your preference.

  1. How has deep learning (DL) changed the application of AI in research?
  2. AI application: How has it changed global interactions?
  3. AI application: How has it changed how we interact with computers?
  4. Limitations of AI in medicine.
  5. Using AI to forecast financial trends on the stock market.
  6. Use of AI in robotics engineering.
  7. Does AI help investors in making decisions on the stock markets?
  8. Live streaming devices online: Are the recommendations made accurately?
  9. The changing trends in AI: Will computer technology be able to catch up?
  10. Parallel processing systems: What roles do they play?
  11. Supercomputers: Why are they so expensive?
  12. Compare and contrast, cloud computing and parallel processing.
  13. Creation of media advertisement: What is the impact of artificial intelligence (AI)?
  14. AI in strategic leadership and management.

Artificial Intelligence Topics For Presentation

Some students enjoy presenting to win debates or show their knowledge. Here are some topics in artificial Intelligence for those who are in debate clubs:

  1. AI and Big Data.
  2. AI through human inquiry.
  3. Emerging risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI).
  4. The impact of AI on facilities’ environment.
  5. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI).
  6. The use of AI in enterprise processes.
  7. What role does AI play in the IT industry?
  8. The application of AI in blockchain technology.
  9. What are the main applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial accounting?
  10. How is AI related to self-machine learning?
  11. How artificial intelligence offers a competitive advantage to the US Army.
  12. Differentiate an audio file from a music genre.
  13. Using AI to identify human emotions through images.
  14. How AI helps to filter content and identify spam.

Argument Debate Topics In AI

It’s not unusual for AI to raise controversial issues. Here are some examples. These are topics that can be debated in class, or used as starting points for a conversation among industry leaders:

  1. How AI can be used in treating diabetes.
  2. AI and its disadvantages to modern society.
  3. Is the application of AI in real-time games a good idea?
  4. The rapidly growing technology will one day make AI a reality.
  5. AI should be banned because a conscious mind will never be created using software ware.
  6. AI has helped to grow the retail industry.
  7. Can AI replace computational economists?
  8. When will AI overtake human rights?
  9. Can artificial intelligence be harmful?
  10. All teachers in colleges should be replaced by AI.
  11. Why do we require artificial intelligence?
  12. Artificial intelligence should not be regulated to allow faster growth.

Simple Essay Topics On Artificial Intelligence

There are sample ways to look at the subject of AI in today’s world. Here are some good essay topics for AI:

  1. The application of vision systems in artificial intelligence (AI).
  2. What are the major challenges facing artificial intelligence (AI) today?
  3. A closer look at the future of AI.
  4. Discuss the eligibility issues in artificial intelligence (AI) systems
  5. How do you plan an AI project?
  6. What is the relationship between machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)?
  7. The emerging application of reinforcement learning (RL).
  8. The emerging opportunities of recommender systems.
  9. How does deep-learning-enabled medical computer vision work?
  10. Image reconstruction with the occluded scene.
  11. Stockpile prediction.
  12. Impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on new job descriptions in the IT sector.
  13. AI helps to improve companies’ reputations.
  14. Should we ban the use of AI in law?
  15. Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?
  16. Personal prediction system with AI CV analysis.

Interesting Topics In AI

There are many interesting approaches to AI in today’s society. Here are some interesting research topics about AI to answer questions:

  1. How does AI view the world?
  2. Discuss the main limitations of AI technology applications in the education sector.
  3. The application of AI in electoral processes.
  4. Using AI to recognize online spam.
  5. Explain five unique ways that a company in the finance industry can apply AI.
  6. Machine learning applications in industrial automation.
  7. Determining water quality using AI.
  8. A review of three major principles used in AI risk management.
  9. Use of AI in agriculture.
  10. Using AI to predict the future of nursing.
  11. Comparing the past and emerging uses of artificial intelligence.
  12. How does AI affect the hospitality industry?
  13. Pros and cons of AI use in business management.
  14. 3D bioprinting artificial intelligence.
  15. An emerging application of AI in modern warfare.

Research Topics In Artificial Intelligence

These topics are good for sharing a general view of AI with friends and/or as a starting point for your next essay:

  1. Exploring the impacts of AI use: Prediction versus judgement.
  2. How to maintain project networks in automated AI planning.
  3. What impacts has AI had on society: A case study of New York.
  4. What role will machine learning and AI play in Human Affairs in the next five decades?
  5. Use of AI and machine learning on market design.
  6. What is the relationship between modern programming languages and AI inventions?
  7. AI is expected to drive social media monitoring: Discuss.
  8. Could there be a metaverse without AI?
  9. Artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence.
  10. Comparing the ability of a human’s mind to learn and machine learning.
  11. Java: A manifestation of symbolic artificial intelligence (AI).
  12. What are the main steps of creating a chatbot?

Computer Science AI Topics

Every computer science student must have AI topics for research papers and presentations. No matter what it may be, these are some ideas that might help:

  1. The dynamics of complex systems.
  2. Intelligent foraging in AI applications.
  3. Natural language processing.
  4. Broad-scale machine learning.
  5. The evolutionary computer system.
  6. Recent deep learning algorithm and its applications.
  7. What is large-scale machine learning?
  8. What is reinforcement learning?
  9. What are the three most important types of artificial intelligence?
  10. Machine learning programs in 2023.
  11. What is social intelligence?
  12. Fraud detection through artificial intelligence (AI).
  13. Discuss Monte Carlo techniques in AI.

Controversial Topics In AI

Artificial intelligence will be a part of many industries and sectors worldwide. Artificial intelligence is the technology of today and tomorrow. Here are some AI topics for you to consider, but if this seems too complicated for you, even with the suggested topics, you can always use a custom college essay.

  1. Artificial intelligence was created to push people outside the job market.
  2. What is the best way to distribute wealth generated by machine learning and AI?
  3. Is it possible to keep AI safe from competitors?
  4. Tricks that are used to protect people from unintended consequences of AI.
  5. Use of AI in high school education.
  6. Common AI experiments that failed.
  7. Evaluate probabilistic programming in AI applications.
  8. Discuss four AI technologies that changed the world.
  9. Use of AI and machine learning to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. The application of Big Data’s social media marketing.
  11. Tesla is a robot car on the road.
  12. AI bots are going to take over the world.
  13. Brain duplicate methods of AI.
  14. People copy the actions of the AI.
  15. The limitations of AI technology in industrial systems.
  16. Use of AI in robotics in surgery theatres.
  17. Artificial intelligence and video games.

Trending AI Topics For Essay

A sub-section of AI research could allow you to become a trending topic expert. These include:

  1. Can AI help people in their daily lives?
  2. How AI can incorporate true reinforcement learning.
  3. The history of AI.
  4. What is democratized artificial intelligence?
  5. A closer look at algorithmic game theory and its relation to AI.
  6. Using AI to mimic human tasks.
  7. AI application: Can it determine what is right or wrong?
  8. Educating a robot in the walking process on Mars.
  9. Using AI to search for pandemic vaccines.
  10. Using AI applications to identify habitable planets.
  11. Using AI for rescue operations in remote areas.
  12. AI applications: Reviewing the growing issues of discrimination.
  13. What is the place of human judgement in modern AI applications?
  14. Artificial intelligence is used and has applications in space stations.
  15. Voice-based virtual assistant For MAC.

AI Ethics Topics For You

AI is always a topic of contention, especially regarding the moral and ethical aspects. Here are some topics to consider in ethical discussions about artificial intelligence:

  1. Is it possible to stay ahead of an intelligent system?
  2. Should bots be granted rights?
  3. How do machines use AI to impact human behavior?
  4. Getting 100% safety against virtual attacks
  5. Is it possible to eliminate AI bias?
  6. Use of AI to identify and eliminate high-value targets.
  7. What is the importance of human judgement in the AI industry?
  8. Discuss emerging ethical issues regarding AI and machine learning.
  9. What are the main industries benefiting from the use of AI today?
  10. Ethics of AI application in farming.
  11. Ethical and legal issues of artificial intelligence (AI).
  12. What are the main ethical priorities for AI and neurotechnologies?
  13. Misuse of AI: What are the consequences?
  14. Human rights violation using automated weapon systems.
  15. The qualification problem in AI.
  16. AI and the future of human rights
  17. AI as a function in modern medicine.

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