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Health Essay Topics

170 Health Essay Topics To Ace Your Grades

To write an impeccable essay, you need to get as much knowledge as possible on the chosen topic. Some students fall into the temptation of wanting to write about everything at once. This is largely caused by lots of information available online. Be professional in your essay, choose a topic, research on it, and write on it.

No matter how much a particular topic looks or feels custom made, never make the mistake of plagiarizing it, plagiarism can cost you all that you spent time laboring for. This is why we encourage research. With good research skills, you’d be able to write persuasive health essay topics without passing off someone else’s brainchild as yours. We’d explore different health essay topics in the course of this article.

Mental Health Essay Topics

Mental health is a very broad area in health essays. This is because it affects every one of us. Adults, children, even toddlers. A good number of people tend to overlook certain mental health issues simply because they do not have any knowledge about them. There are lots of interesting mental health argumentative essay topics for you to explore should you decide to focus your health essay topics on mental health. Below is a list of some interesting mental health essay topics.

  1. How to live with ADHD

  2. Effects of divorce on the mental health of children.

  3. Self-harming as a coping mechanism for depressed people

  4. Why eating disorders thrive mostly among the female folk

  5. The role of obesity in self-esteem

  6. How much social media is detrimental to your health?

  7. How to curate the best social media diet for yourself.

  8. Why children from abusive families might raise abusive children

  9. How stress and anxiety affect your productivity in the workplace

  10. Can therapists help depressed people?

  11. What country in the world has the most people with mental health issues?

  12. Why are mental illnesses prevalent among homeless people?

  13. Most effective ways to deal with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD)

  14. Why do lots of creatives have to deal with mental health problems?

  15. Does creativity trigger depression?

  16. How to deal with depressed teenagers.

  17. Body shaming and poor self-esteem.

  18. How alcohol addiction affects your mental health.

  19. What are the best ways to identify the things that trigger your mental health issues?

  20. More people should be educated about mental health

  21. Does loneliness contribute to senile dementia in old people?

  22. How break-ups affect your mental health

  23. Is it possible to heal completely from a failed relationship?

  24. Seasonal depression; What does it mean? How can one fight it?

  25. Which gender suffers from mental illness the most?

  26. Soldiers have little or no conscience.

  27. How domestic violence ruins the mental health of children.

  28. Why do most artists get depressed?

  29. How the government can work towards better mental health for citizens

  30. What triggers self-destruction?

  31. What does it take to become a mental health nurse?

  32. How to properly diagnose mental health disorders.

  33. The effects of trauma on mental health.

  34. How mental health affects a country’s economy.

  35. Why substance abuse is detrimental to mental health.

  36. How exercise helps improve mental health.

  37. How poor access to quality mental health care leads to the death of individuals.

  38. Can diet affect mental health?

  39. How socialization helps curb depression.

  40. How personality type affects mental health.

  41. Depression and types.

  42. How self-hate affects mental health.

  43. Does a poor parent-child relationship affect a child’s mental health?

  44. Children whose parents express affection greatly tend to have faceless mental health problems.

  45. Single parenting and how it affects the child.

  46. How a sedentary lifestyle affects mental health.

  47. Why do assertive people have better control over their mental health?

  48. How introversion affects mental health.

  49. How to care for aged people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Psychology Essay Topics

Health psychology focuses on people’s ideologies and behaviors towards health. People grow up with different ideologies towards health, and this plays a great role in how they respond to health care. It is not uncommon to find people who love to smoke although it is harmful to the liver. You’d also find people who detest smoking. Below are some topics on health psychology.

  1. What’s the role of culture and traditions in Female Genital Mutilation in Africa?

  2. How patients deal with chronic illnesses.

  3. Do cancer support groups help patients?

  4. How to care for children who are picky eaters.

  5. Why autistic children need a lot of attention.

  6. People’s attitude towards junk food and how it affects their lifestyle.

  7. Pain management for people with chronic diseases.

  8. Why parents should talk about safe sex more than abstinence.

  9. Legalizing abortion in all countries would make people better parents.

  10. How family members care for loved ones with mental illnesses.

  11. How terminal illnesses trigger suicide.

  12. How sleeping pattern affects lifestyle and productivity.

  13. Literacy and response to genotype testing.

  14. How genotype testing reduces the occurrence of sickle cell disease.

  15. How religion affects health choices.

  16. Why do young people frown against rehabilitation?

  17. Children whose parents abuse drugs tend to abuse drugs as adults too.

  18. What’s the curse of the upsurge in self-medication?

  19. Why self-medication is prevalent among a lot of teens.

  20. Why do teens heed advice from their peers more than advice from their parents?

  21. People’s behavior towards children born with disabilities.

  22. Why do women in rural areas frown against cesarean sessions?

  23. How a sedentary lifestyle influences body weight.

  24. Illiteracy and how it affects childhood immunizations.

  25. Why do older people tend to prefer herbal medicine?

  26. Poor attitude towards the use of contraceptives and how it increases the spread of STDs.

  27. How abstinence reduces the risk of contracting STDs.

  28. How to eliminate the rape culture.

  29. Why do victims of sexual abuse find it difficult to speak up?

  30. Society and victim-blaming.

  31. How to deal with the death of a loved one.

  32. People’s attitude towards skincare.

  33. Why women are more interested in quality skincare than men.

  34. The most effective recovery methods for people who used to abuse drugs.

  35. Why the cost of therapy should be made cheaper.

  36. How cultures successfully stifle personal choices and preferences.

  37. Why do people stop believing in love after failed relationships?

  38. The right way to build an effective exercise routine.

  39. Behavior towards junk food and the role it plays in obesity.

  40. Emotional eating.

  41. Why most teen girls are likely to suffer from eating disorders.

Health and Fitness Topics Essay

Some people have a very narrow view of health and wellness. They limit it to just regular workouts and food. But it is way deeper than that. Below is a list of health essay topics on health and fitness.

  1. The role of sports on child development.

  2. Slimming teas are not a good way to lose body fat.

  3. What’s the best diet for athletes?

  4. Why athletes are discouraged from feeding on high card diets.

  5. The role of exercise in disease control.

  6. How to curate an effective workout plan.

  7. Walks and how they help you keep fit.

  8. Exercise helps to prevent muscle fatigue.

  9. How exercise helps you recover quickly from illnesses.

  10. How your diet influences your mood.

  11. Why physical and health education should be made compulsory in high school.

  12. Yoga and how it helps you stay fit.

  13. Why do you need to sweat to burn out unwanted body fat?

  14. Does meditation help people stay fit?

  15. Why vegan diets may not be very healthy.

  16. Good food isn’t all there is to keep fit.

  17. The best ways to cut down on calorie consumption.

  18. The negative effects of technology on health.

  19. How health watches help in building good exercise routines.

  20. What are the healthiest body types?

  21. Can one be healthy and fat?

  22. How to know if you are overweight or underweight.

  23. Starving is not a good way to lose weight.

  24. Old people need to exercise regularly too.

  25. You must not be overweight to exercise regularly.

  26. The best exercises for diabetic people.

  27. Can exercise and junk foods go hand in hand?

  28. The difference between mineral water and normal water.

  29. How exercise helps fight diabetes.

  30. How exercise helps reduce anxiety.

  31. Exercise can help fight depression.

  32. The role of exercise in self-confidence.

  33. What are the best exercises for bodybuilders?

  34. What are the best exercises for women?

  35. How to develop healthy eating habits.

  36. The role of nutrition in body fitness.

  37. Are cardio exercises good for women?

  38. The best exercises for children.

  39. Exercising regularly would delay your aging process.

  40. Protein diets are necessary for bodybuilding.

Public Health Essay Topics

Public health is the branch of health that is concerned with the improvement and protection of people’s health as well as that of the general community. Public health is one branch of health care essay topic that students love to write about because of how easy it appears to be. A little mistake in an article relating to public health could ruin your grades. That is why you must be meticulous while writing it. Below are some health topics in public health.

  1. How the internet can be of immense help to health care professionals.

  2. How anxiety and depression affect your skin and beauty.

  3. How to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in the world.

  4. What is smokeless tobacco and why is it very popular among young people in these times.

  5. How your immune system can help you fight the COVID.

  6. Why is there an increase in the mortality of pregnant women?

  7. Poor behavior towards mental health and how it increases the contraction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

  8. Why do a lot of people consider homosexuality abnormal?

  9. What is the best approach to poliomyelitis eradication in the world?

  10. Why is there a sudden upsurge in teenage pregnancy?

  11. Is the world ready to face another case of bioterrorism?

  12. What is the secret to building an indefatigable immune system?

  13. How misinformation attacks health.

  14. How to stay healthy in polluted environments.

  15. Why safe sex should be encouraged more than abstinence.

Health Essay Topics For High School Students

When choosing your topics, make sure to choose health related essay topics that you have enough knowledge of. We emphasize enough knowledge because writing essays on topics that are foreign to you is a good recipe for very bad grades. Below is a list of simple and comprehensive health essay topics for high school students.

  1. How to deal with Anorexia Nervosa.

  2. Health complications that could arise from bulimia.

  3. How to deal with school stress.

  4. What is the best thing to do when you are bullied by your peers?

  5. How to stand up to bullies.

  6. What are the symptoms of depression in teens?

  7. What is the best way to handle a disagreement with your partner?

  8. Do bad grades mean you are unintelligent?

Health and Medicine Essay Topics

Some students fail at writing persuasive health and medicine essay topics simply because they do not understand what they entail. A persuasive essay topics related to health and medicine is quite different from the usual health essay you know. This is because you have to write as a health and medicine professional. Here are some topics to choose from.

  1. E-health technology: everything you need to know about it from pros to cons.

  2. Use and application of deep and machine learning to the health and medical care system.

  3. Discuss how the US medical care system cannot survive racism and other social issues.

  4. Assess telemedicine and other technological innovations as the future of the US Medical care system.

  5. Why alternative medicine might need to be embraced in future medical care systems.

  6. Impacts of the gig economy and the shortage of medical staff as a challenge confronting the healthcare workforce.

  7. Should coronavirus vaccination be made compulsory, permissible, optional, or voluntary?

  8. The surge of a pandemic on insurance and the improvement of adult care and support.

Health and Wellness Essay Topics

Deciding on the perfect health and wellness essay topics to write as a high school student comes with a lot of stress sometimes. This is because choosing the most suitable topics from the array of available topics is no walk in the park. Also, it is one thing to choose a topic, and it is another thing to write it well. If you wish to choose, you may choose from the following health and wellness topics.

  1. General wellness as a decider of future generational living.

  2. Impacts of smoking and binge drinking on lifestyle choices of students.

  3. Factors responsible for an increase in meditation and mindfulness in the 21st century.

  4. Effect of nutrition on sexual health and mental wellbeing.

  5. Nutritional diet and the consequences of sleeping disorders and patterns.

  6. Benefits of physical exercise on stress and resilience among the elderly.

  7. Impacts of alcohol on eating disorders, body negativity, and personal hygiene.

  8. How to live better and sustainably in a pandemic world.

  9. The future of health and wellness through human sustainability.

  10. Health and wellbeing conservatism and attendant effects on Millenials.

Persuasive Essay Health Topics

You have to appeal to the reasoning of your professor with your health argumentative essay topics. You may need to learn some skills of persuasive writing so you can write your essay well and get the grades that you want. Below are some persuasive health essay topics.

  1. A cesarean session is the safest delivery method.

  2. Obesity is caused majorly by bad eating habits.

  3. How healthy self-esteem helps you deal with depression.

  4. Why is there a sporadic increase in teenage suicide?

  5. The leading causes of infant mortality.

  6. The relationship between alopecia and aging.

  7. Loneliness is a great cause of depression and death in old people.

  8. How to take care of the hyperactive child.

  9. Poor people tend to suffer more depression.

  10. Vegan diets may not be as nutritious as they are portrayed.

  11. Reading plays a crucial role in the building of an individual’s intellect.

  12. Why do women have more bouts of depression during menopause?

  13. Surrogacy is a better option than In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

  14. What are the most important aspects of child development?

  15. What is the secret to character building in teenagers?

  16. Sibling rivalry.

  17. Parental crisis affects the child more than it affects the parents.

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