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technology essay topics

70 Technology Essay Topics – Best Ideas To Succeed!

With the ever dynamic digital world, finding a relevant technology topic for your paper can be tiresome. Just the other day, 5G was launched and with it came different technological advancements. Thus, you have to be on the lookout to remain buoyant in such a paper.

Nevertheless, our professional tech writers are always updated. That is why we have compiled a list of 70 top-rated technology paper topics for college and university students. The trick is simple, find a topic, assess its suitability with your assignment, and start your paper!

Shall we begin then?

Fresh Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How WhatsApp has transformed the telecommunications industry
  2. The role of social media in shaping morals and principles among teens
  3. Important security features to consider before installing an application
  4. How phone texting helps keep family and friends together
  5. The impact of video calls on a communication

Security Argumentative Essay Topics About Technology

  1. How safe is chatting with someone you have never met on Facebook?
  2. Ways in which hackers get access to personal data on your phone
  3. Latest security features that protect your PC against being monitored
  4. Why you should not connect to public WIFI with your personal computer
  5. Protecting yourself from cyberbullying and cyber crimes

Amazing Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Should tech companies offer more than two years’ warranty for software?
  2. Are internet users enjoy free apps and games at the expense of the developers?
  3. Is it possible to achieve a paperless society with current technological trends?
  4. Can software engineering be the solution to the prevailing coronavirus?
  5. The effectiveness of using robots in military training

Technology Persuasive Essay Topics on Health

  1. Why cloning as technological advancement is doing more harm than good
  2. Using genetic engineering to treat diseases that have no cure
  3. The effectiveness of simulations in training nurses and doctors
  4. Why technology has made surgery safe and effective
  5. Artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking possibilities in health

Information and Communication Technology Essay Topics

  1. Why women are less likely to be on social media than men
  2. How access and digital literacy are a barrier to the use of ICT in developing countries
  3. Improving bandwidth to enhance internet connectivity in remote areas
  4. The role of ICT in coming up with smart cities
  5. Why the state should invest in ICT-related projects

Digital Technology Essay Topics

  1. Challenges that come with subscription TV Programmes
  2. The relationship between digital technology and creativity
  3. A case study of the benefits of digital technology to preschool students
  4. Using digital technology on persons with physical impairments
  5. Digital technology as a driving force of change within society

Motivating Technology Argument Essay Topics

  1. How companies are relying on technology for profit maximization
  2. The role of new technologies in bringing about development projects
  3. Managing data security and privacy in emerging smart cities
  4. Regulations and legislations that govern technological innovations
  5. Evaluate how the computer functions in the same way as the human brain

Hot Persuasive Essay Topics About Technology

  1. How to ethically use technology as a means of eradicating diseases
  2. Discuss the technological advancements from the Agrarian revolution to the industrial revolution
  3. Why it is important to sensitize people on the emerging technologies
  4. How technology has made the transport sector safe and easy to use
  5. The effect of technology on the environment and natural resources

Technology in Education Essay Topics

  1. Are online sources effective for citing references in an academic paper?
  2. How to make higher education better using technology
  3. Why students should have basic computer skills before joining high school
  4. Should students in preschool learn about coding?
  5. How to effectively use video games as a learning tool for preschool and middle school

Essay Topics on Computer Technology

  1. How are people being transformed with the current technological advancements?
  2. Is the world turning away from becoming a global village to a wild desert through technology?
  3. Using computer technology for the benefit of weak students in a class
  4. How computer technology is making people lazy than apt
  5. Effects of using computer shortcut keys on normal day activities

Controversial Technology Essays Topics

  1. Is mobile phone technology the cause of rising cancer cases?
  2. A discussion of the employment opportunities in tech companies
  3. Why modern technology is making life hard and expensive
  4. The role of technology in enhancing peace
  5. Electric cars are going to solve the problem of environmental pollution

Topics About Technology For Writing

  1. Convergence as a result of technology
  2. Impact of technology on interactions
  3. Human-computer interface
  4. Technological breakthroughs in communication
  5. Over-reliance of man on technology

Topic About Technology For Research Paper

  1. Modernized transport systems
  2. The growth of technologically advanced societies
  3. Space exploration and technology
  4. Self-driven cars: Are they effective?
  5. Government intervention in technology

Expert Topics For Essays on Information Technology

  1. Long-term effects of technology over-dependence
  2. The role of social media in crowdsourcing
  3. Does human interaction vary with machine interactions?
  4. Using technology as a transformative tool for the world
  5. Is it safe to have microchips implanted in one’s body?

Did you find a suitable topic for technology for your essay? If not, why don’t you try out our cheap and quality assignment help from our writing experts today?

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