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persuasive essay topics

100 Best Persuasive Essay Topics For Students

Argumentative or persuasive writing is among the most common forms of scholarly work one can find in academia. It’s easy to attempt and argument or persuasion on a given topic. It’s basically something most people do on a daily basis. The trouble is coming up with good debate topics. We’ve compiled a list of excellent essay prompts given to us by students and teachers and have modified them from difficult to easy persuasive speech topics for your convenience:

The Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Has cheating on standardized tests and exams increased or decreased in the past decade?
  2. Should schools be allowed to conduct random drug tests on their students?
  3. Should high school teachers dedicate more time preparing students for standardized tests?
  4. Do you think colleges take standardized test scores (SAT and ACT) too seriously?
  5. Does smoking help the way students perform on standardized tests and in-class quizzes?
  6. Should people who hunt game for fun have to be subjected to using lesser technology?
  7. Do you believe that military personnel should have to take sensitivity training before war?
  8. Should all presidential candidates be mandated to serve in the military before taking office?
  9. Do you think that students should be required to watch satirical cartoons in their education?
  10. Should high school students be required to attend arts and crafts classes for graduation?
  11. Should college students be required to evaluate their professors at the end of the semester?
  12. Do PHDs in school sports ruin the way student athletes train and compete fairly?
  13. Should college administrators value standardized tests scores less than they currently do?
  14. Is the United States’ system for higher education too complex to be effective today?
  15. What is the biggest health problem that American’s face today and how does one solve it?
  16. Should people that are obese have to pay higher prices to attend public performances?
  17. Do you think that creative arts such as music and painting should be considered therapy?
  18. Should people in prison be allowed to participate in federal or state elections by voting?
  19. Why should people remove capital punishment from the current legal system?
  20. Should people who commit violent crimes against animals be subjected to stiffer penalties?
  21. Do you believe professors are too strict when it comes to grading written work?
  22. Should public colleges offer free education courses to all state current residents?
  23. Is graffiti an art form that should be protected by cultural museums throughout the world?
  24. Should students be required to take music and learn how to play an instrument before college?
  25. Is it a form of censorship to remove foul language from classical works of literature in any level?
  26. Do you believe that schools should invest in e-readers and e-books for educational purposes?
  27. Should video games be incorporated into classroom training for specialized disciplines?
  28. Was Brexit an intelligent move by the British government as a way of boosting economy?
  29. Do you think that school bullying should warrant expulsion from the school or is this too much?
  30. Would it benefit people who have been convicted of drugs to enter rehab instead of jail?

Next, we have a section dedicated specifically to persuasive speech ideas for the occasions when you need to take an argumentative approach and apply it to a live presentation. These are all good speech topics that will make the task easier and can be just as effective as standard persuasive writing prompts just like the ones above.

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

  1. Do you think standardized test scores are a true measure of a student’s knowledge?
  2. Should high school students be required to take physical education classes all four years?
  3. Should public schools offer healthier meal options to students who are considered overweight?
  4. Do you believe that internet should be free to people who qualify as lower-income?
  5. Should private schools be banned from benefiting off of state tax breaks to fund programs?
  6. Should students over the age of sixteen be allowed to quit school to serve in the military?
  7. Do you think that students’ grades would improve if they were forced to wear uniforms?
  8. Do you believe that the government should start taxing properties owned by religious groups?
  9. Should public schools in the U.S. provide condoms to students at the tax payer’s expense?
  10. Do you think we should invest more resources into stem cell research to fight against cancer?

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Should companies be banned from using animals to test their cosmetic and beauty products?
  2. Do you believe that sex education in the United States is an adequate topic in high school?
  3. How have Black Friday sales by internet companies damaged brick and mortar store sales?
  4. Should the states and federal governments increase the minimum wage to boost economies?
  5. Do you believe that people over the age of 65 should have to retake driver’s license tests?
  6. Should entertainment locations move away from giving family discounts to invite single people?
  7. Should musicians who cancel live performances be penalized beyond giving full ticket refunds?
  8. Do you think that public schools should require students to pledge allegiance to the flag?
  9. Is it right for doctors to share their patients’ private information if they believe they are at risk?
  10. Do you think it is right for the super-rich to be allowed to purchase exotic animals to keep?

Persuasive Speech Topics for Graduate Students

  1. Do you think that companies that illegally cut down forest face a lifetime ban from the industry?
  2. Should countries where guerilla military groups thrive get more help from foreign allies?
  3. Do schools have to implement more safety training for students in case of natural disasters?
  4. What is the most beautifully scenic country in the entire world and give reasons why?
  5. How effective are gun laws in preventing mass shootings in public high schools?
  6. Should companies start paying interns in addition to providing on the job experiences?
  7. Do you think that restaurant service workers should receive work incentives beyond tips?
  8. Do you think schools should begin to incorporate e-sports into their curricula?
  9. Should priests and other top ranking religious posts be allowed to get married?
  10. Is it okay for religious organizations to prevent women from holding high offices?

Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Do you believe the G7 countries should be more active taking preventive measures against war?
  2. Should the government incorporate more opportunities for people with disabilities?
  3. Do you believe that violence on television encourages young people to commit more crimes?
  4. Should Facebook incorporate more filters to prevent people from cyber-bullying and stalking?
  5. Do you think that pornography in all forms should be accessible to people over the age of 15?
  6. Do you think it’s better to adopt pets from a shelter than it is to purchase one from a breeder?
  7. Should pet shops be required to only purchase animals from certified and reputable breeders?
  8. Is it better to buy foreign or domestic products of the same quality and price?
  9. Should states permanently ban the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle?
  10. Do you believe that people should be required to earn a degree before starting a business?

Good Persuasive Speech Topics on Current Affairs

  1. Should governments invest more money on improving high-speed public transportation?
  2. Do you think that voting should be compulsory as a form to create better understanding?
  3. Do you believe that people should be required to learn how to drive manual before automatic?
  4. What would happen if the legal driving age in the United States was lowered to 14 or 15?
  5. Should local governments offer incentives to people so that they recycle more of their trash?
  6. What would happen if students were allowed to impeach their school administrative officers?
  7. Should campus security be increased in all public schools, including armed security at entrances?
  8. Should the government take a more active role in prevent monopolies from growing more?
  9. Is home schooling a better option for young people in light of all of the violence in schools?
  10. Why are colleges and universities so inept at selecting students that don’t cheat on tests?

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Does the government have the constitutional and moral right to choose what it censors?
  2. Who do you think was the best U.S. President of the 20th century and give reasons why?
  3. Is it okay to go into business with family members and / or friends?
  4. Do you believe that people with money have an easier time to make even more money?
  5. Is it okay to give children allowances even when they have not earned the incentive?
  6. Should students that are involved in admissions scandals face a penalty?
  7. Do you think it’s better for a person to try and fail than to succeed early on in life?
  8. What is the most important aspect of a high school education and why is it so?
  9. Do you think that classes of the STEM program do not prepare students for real life?
  10. Should we require teachers to continuously take and pass tests each year?

Humorous or Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why is the content we see and hear in infomercials more accurate than the national news?
  2. Do you think that satirical cartoons like the Simpsons and South Park are accurate in politics?
  3. Should all U.S. Presidents be required to compete in athletics before running for presidency?
  4. Should children have the right to choose or change their middle name if they don’t like it?
  5. Do you believe that students purposefully get into detention to avoid dealing with society?
  6. Should colleges allow students to attend class inebriated so that they can feel more confident?
  7. Do you think it is appropriate for people to dress themselves before attending a job interview?
  8. Why are big box stores like Walmart a perfect study for what society is like in the United States?
  9. Should students be allowed to “ground” their parents for not being cool enough for society?
  10. Why do you think that the legal age for smoking should be reduced to 12 instead of 18?

When you are looking for college essay topics, academic paper topics, and easy persuasive speech topics for any level and discipline, contact our customer support specialists and we’ll assign professional essay writer to work with you to develop a fresh list today. If you need more information on how to write a persuasive essay or need a persuasive essay outline template you can find free resources on our site or work one-on-one with one of our expert writers or editors.

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