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religion essay topics

233 Unique Religion Essay Topics For Every Student

Do you want an entire list of 233 religion essay topics for free? You have arrived at the right place. In this blog post, you will find literally hundreds of ideas for your next essay or research paper. We will list topics related to Christianity, as well as other world religions such as Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Yes, we really do have topics about almost any religion you can think of, including ancient religions.

These are definitely the topics high school, college and university students have been looking for. Before we get to the list of topics, it’s important to show you why you should not only use our ideas for your next papers, but also get some help from our experienced academic writers (all of them have DBS diplomas). Let’s get started!

Looking for Free Religious Research Topics?

We know, you want the best and most interesting religious research topics. You want topics related to theology that will work great in 2023. Well, the good news is that we have topics about global and local religions, as well as a long list of thought-provoking topics. But why would you choose our topics? Here are some of the reasons:

  • These ideas are not overly complex, so it should be fairly easy to write a paper on most of these topics.
  • All our topics are original, so you can get some bonus points for being creative.
  • We do our best to add new topics as frequently as we can, so you can always come back later for more ideas.
  • All our topics are provided for free. You are not required to give us credit if you use our ideas.
  • You can request a list of unique topics to be created just for you.

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to get to business. Check out our list of 233 original religion essay topics:

Interesting Religious Topics

If you are looking for the most interesting religious topics, we have them right here. Pick any one of these ideas and start writing your paper today:

  1. Talk about the use of violence in the name of God
  2. How was Christmas celebrated 500 years ago?
  3. Compare Christianity with Judaism
  4. Is Jesus a historical personality?
  5. Ancient Egyptian religion
  6. Discuss polygamous marriages in South Africa
  7. The ways through which new religions attract followers
  8. Compare Christianity with Taoism
  9. The role of religion in our culture
  10. Discuss cloning from the perspective of religion
  11. Ancient gods of the Roman Empire
  12. Wars fought in the name of religion
  13. The role of the Catholic Church in modern society

Religion Research Paper Topics

Did your professor ask you to write a research paper? No problem, we have more than enough religion research paper topics in our list:

  1. An in-depth analysis of the Old Testament
  2. The influences of Greek religion on Europe
  3. How does the church view homosexuality?
  4. Differences between Islam and Christianity
  5. An in-depth look at the New Testament
  6. Discuss the concept of “trickster gods”
  7. What are black churches?
  8. Similarities between Hinduism and Christianity
  9. Lesser known facts about the Orthodox Church
  10. Research the apparition of Christianity in the Roman Empire
  11. An in-depth look at Evil in world religions
  12. Talk about Christianity in Medieval Europe
  13. Similarities between Buddhism and Islam

Research Questions About Religion

The best way to come up with an original topic is to try to answer some of the most pressing research questions about religion:

  1. When was the Old Testament written?
  2. When did Confucianism first appear?
  3. What role did religion play in the Crusades?
  4. What does the Catholic Church do about the Covid-19 pandemic?
  5. Is religion still relevant today?
  6. Can you find gender discrimination in the Orthodox Church?
  7. What is freedom of worship?
  8. How did Islam establish itself as a religion?
  9. Should the government support all religions?
  10. Why does the church criticize the LGBTQ community?
  11. Can we have a single religion in the world?
  12. How does the church view the death penalty?
  13. What is the role of the soul in your religion?
  14. How is a new religion created?
  15. What is a polytheistic religion?
  16. What role do men play in Buddhism?
  17. How many religions are in the United States today?
  18. What are the effects of religion on our morality?

World Religions Essay Topics

Are you looking for some interesting ideas related to world religions? Your professor will surely appreciate these world religions essay topics:

  1. Talk about the Islam religion
  2. Discuss the Buddhist way of life
  3. Compare and contrast monotheistic religions
  4. A closer look at totemism in ancient times
  5. What is Confucianism? (define and describe it)
  6. Interesting things about Hinduism
  7. Talk about the concept of “soul” in 3 religions today
  8. When did Judaism first appear as a religion?
  9. Myths in ancient Greek religions
  10. Ancient Roman gods and their powers
  11. Compare and contrast polytheistic religions
  12. Talk about seeker churches (define and describe)
  13. Discuss the purpose of the Christian Church
  14. An in-depth analysis of animalist religions
  15. Compare God to 3 ancient deities

Christian Essays Topics

Talking about Christianity is an excellent idea if you want to get some bonus points on your essay. Check out these wonderful Christian essays topics:

  1. Talk about the inception of Christianity
  2. Talk about the role of Evil in Christianity
  3. Death in the Christian religion
  4. The importance of the Old Testament
  5. Wars and their effects on Christianity
  6. Religions and their different views on sexuality
  7. Talk about Atheism in Christian countries
  8. Discuss the Great Flood myth in Christianity
  9. Discuss a passage of the Bible
  10. Why is Baptism so important for the Christian community?
  11. The role of children in Christianity
  12. Talk about divorce in Christianity
  13. The importance of the New Testament

Topics About Confucianism

Yes, we really do have a list of topics about Confucianism. Why don’t you pick one of our ideas and start working on your essay right now:

  1. What are the religious dimensions of Confucianism?
  2. Reciprocity as a personal quality in Confucianism
  3. Talk about the 3 major ideas of Confucianism
  4. Effects of Confucianism on the Han Rule
  5. Virtue in Confucianism
  6. An in-depth look at The Analects by Yao
  7. Talk about benevolence as a personal quality
  8. Define the term “filial piety”
  9. Compare Confucianism with Christianity
  10. Compare and contrast Daoism and Confucianism
  11. The golden rule of Confucius
  12. The role of Zhu Xi in Confucianism
  13. Talk about Confucianism in the Qing Empire
  14. Compare Taoism with Confucianism
  15. Funeral sites in Korea: evidence of Confucianism

Best Topics for High School

If you are looking for some topics suited for high school, we’ve got your back. Our writers compiled a list of the best topics for high school right here:

  1. Discuss a passage from the Old Testament
  2. Why can’t Jewish people eat animals that don’t have split hooves?
  3. An in-depth analysis of the major themes of the New Testament
  4. Analyze 3 major Roman gods
  5. The history of Buddhism
  6. Talk about obedience and disobedience in Christianity
  7. The 7 major religions of the world
  8. The covenant as a main belief in Judaism
  9. How can you improve your Bible study today?
  10. Talk about the cognitive science of religion
  11. The history of Taoism
  12. Ancient Greek gods
  13. Talk about the role of prophets in Christianity
  14. The 5 main beliefs of Judaism

Easy Religious Topics to Write About

Do you have other, more important papers to focus on? Don’t spend too much time on your religion essay. Choose one of these easy religious topics to write about:

  1. Interesting facts about Maoism
  2. The process of becoming a priest
  3. The role of the Pope in the Catholic Church
  4. Do people need God in their life?
  5. Compare and contrast faith and spirituality
  6. What it means to be a Muslim in the United States

Topics Related to Ancient Religions

Are you interested in learning more about religions that disappeared long before our time? Pick one of these awesome topics related to ancient religions:

  1. Talk about ancient Greek gods
  2. Discuss major gods in ancient Rome
  3. An in-depth look at Zoroastrianism
  4. What is Jainism?
  5. How old is the Hindu religion?
  6. An in-depth discussion about totemism

Complex Religious Research Paper Topics

In case you want to give a more difficult topic a try, we have some pretty complex religious research paper topics below:

  1. Compare 3 different theocratic states
  2. The causes of the faith crisis
  3. The concept of forced religion
  4. Worst theological errors ever
  5. Science and religion today
  6. The effects of Islam on international terrorism

Religious Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay about religion is not difficult, especially if you have the right idea. Here are the best possible religious argumentative essay topics:

  1. Is Yoga a religious practice?
  2. The freedom to choose your religion in the UK
  3. Polygamous marriages in Islamic countries
  4. The effects of Atheism on our society
  5. The Church should be separate from the state
  6. Cloning from a Christian’s point of view

Religious Topics to Discuss in a PowerPoint Presentation

Some topics are excellent for an interesting PowerPoint presentation. Check out our list of religious topics to discuss in a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Friendship and love in Christianity
  2. The role of the priest in the modern world
  3. Discuss the major themes in Confucianism
  4. What does Christmas mean to you?
  5. Modern Indian life through the eyes of a Christian
  6. Discuss the beneficial effects of religion on our society

Islam Religion Topics

There is nothing wrong about talking about the Islam religion. In fact, your teacher will be thrilled to read your paper if you pick any of our creative topics:

  1. Talk about the Salat practice
  2. Why is the Makkah so important?
  3. The concept of the Alms in Islam
  4. 10 interesting facts about Islam
  5. The belief in angels in Islam
  6. The Day of Judgement theme in Islam
  7. Talk about the role of Jihad in the Islamic belief system
  8. The role of Muhammad in Islam

Judaism Essay Ideas

Interested in writing about Judaism but can’t find a decent topic? Don’t worry about it, we have some original Judaism essay ideas for your below:

  1. How do Judaists view God?
  2. Similarities between Christianity and Judaism
  3. The differences between Judaism and Buddhism
  4. 5 important facts about Judaism
  5. What is the Yom Kippur?
  6. Forbidden foods in Judaist countries
  7. Can Jews consume alcohol?
  8. Major festivals in Jewish countries

Great Topics for College Students

We’ve decided to make an entire sub list dedicated to college students who need more engaging topics. Here are some truly great topics for college students:

  1. The role of the Bible in Christianity
  2. The effect of the Catholic Church on poverty
  3. Negative effects of religion
  4. Differences between the 3 major religions of the world
  5. Why does God allow us to suffer?
  6. Ancient myths related to God
  7. The scientific revolution and the church
  8. Discuss Christianity in North Korea

Buddhism Religion Ideas

Buddhism is a very interesting religion and there is much to talk about, so why not pick one of these captivating Buddhism religion ideas:

  1. Discuss the existence in suffering concept
  2. Who do Buddhists worship?
  3. An in-depth analysis of the basic doctrines of Buddhism
  4. Intoxication in Buddhism
  5. The analogies between Jesus and Buddhism
  6. Can Buddhist people eat eggs?
  7. Is Buddha a god?
  8. Fundamental themes of the Buddhist philosophy

Secular Religion Topics

A communal belief system that rejects the metaphysical aspects of the supernatural, secular religion is a very interesting subject to research. Here are our greatest secular religion topics:

  1. What is a secular religion? (with examples)
  2. Why is capitalism a secular religion?
  3. Analyze the Cult of the Supreme Being
  4. Discuss Maoism as a secular religion
  5. What is Transhumanism (define and describe)
  6. An in-depth look at the Cult of Reason
  7. Are Nazism and Fascism secular religions?
  8. The right to freedom of expression and secular religions

Topics Related to the Old Testament

Christian students will be more than happy to write about the Old Testament, especially since there is lot of information out there. Here are some nice topics related to the Old Testament:

  1. The obedience and disobedience themes
  2. The Genesis stories and their importance
  3. An in-depth look at the First Book of Samuel
  4. 3 major themes in the Old Testament
  5. What led to the Exodus?
  6. The book of Joshua and its importance
  7. The importance of the Old Testament for the Jewish people
  8. Discuss the concept of retributive justice

Hinduism Essay Ideas

Interested in writing an essay of research paper on Hinduism? Of course we have some exciting Hinduism essay ideas for you:

  1. The history if Hinduism in India
  2. The status of the woman in Hindu countries
  3. The 5 Hindu beliefs explained
  4. Talk about the doctrines of Samsara
  5. What is karma and how is it relevant to Hindus?
  6. Talk about the 7 main concepts of Hinduism
  7. The caste system problem in Hinduism

Topics Related to Taoism

Writing about Taoism is not something your professor expects from you, so you can get some bonus points instantly. Check out our awesome topics related to Taoism:

  1. Talk about the concept of immortality in Taoism
  2. The peculiarities of the Taoist religion
  3. Talk about the “live with compassion” theme
  4. Discuss the main ideas of Taoism
  5. Rejecting intolerance in Taoist religions
  6. The concept of “balance in one’s life”
  7. An in-depth look at the Wu Wei theme

Controversial Religion Research Topics

Yes, religion has its controversies. Some may argue that there are quite a lot of them actually. In any case, we have some very interesting and controversial religion research topics right here:

  1. The use of violence in the name of God
  2. Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church
  3. The promotion of slavery in the New Testament
  4. Gender equality problems in the Catholic Church
  5. The death and afterlife debate
  6. Satanism as a religion
  7. Do animals have souls too?

Culture and Religion Topics

If you want to research how religion has shaped our culture, you should definitely give our culture and religion topics a try:

  1. How is culture related to religion?
  2. The effects of Christianity on European culture
  3. The role of Greek gods in their culture
  4. How important is religion to a country’s culture?
  5. The practice of medicine from a religious standpoint
  6. Spirituality in modern culture
  7. The role of religion in the modern society

Topics Related to the New Testament

There are many things to research when it comes to the New Testament. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 100% original topics related to the New Testament below:

  1. Discuss The Book of Acts
  2. The birth and early years of Jesus in the New Testament
  3. Compare the New and the Old Testament
  4. The death of Jesus in the New Testament
  5. Who wrote the New Testament?
  6. An in-depth analysis of the letters in the New Testament
  7. Discuss the division in the New Testament
  8. What is the Book of Revelation in the New Testament?
  9. The War in Heaven theme of the Book of Revelation

Fascinating Religious Topics to Discuss

Some topics will simply leave your professor no choice but to give you a top grade. Here are some fascinating religious topics to discuss:

  1. Discuss the role of female clergy in Christianity
  2. The role of Hinduism in India
  3. Can we consider Atheism a religion?
  4. An in-depth look at a major polytheistic religion
  5. The effects of religion on the economy
  6. The primal religions of the world
  7. Talk about the Protestant Reformation
  8. Discuss the main purpose of the Orthodox Church

Religious Speech Topics

Do you need to write a speech about religion? Don’t worry, we have some very intriguing religious speech topics right here:

  1. A short history of the Bible
  2. Lesser known stories in the bible
  3. The ideas behind the story of Noah’s Ark
  4. The concept of life after death in Christianity
  5. Religious diversity in the 21st century
  6. The role of Evil in world religions
  7. Angels and devils in Christianity
  8. Religious revolution in the Catholic Church
  9. The preaching of Jesus Christ

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