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proposal essay topics

300+ Proposal Essay Topics To Make Your Study Easier

A proposal essay is primarily focused on finding solutions to a specific problem. It is one of the most common types of argumentative essays that must be very persuasive in its content. Needless to say, the first step to writing a good assignment is to find proposal essay topics that interest you and also provide you with enough content to base your arguments on.

To simplify your search and to help you find inspiration, here are over 300 topics that are relevant, interesting and perfectly suitable for writing a proposal essay that will keep your readers engaged from the beginning to the end.

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

Here are some examples of proposal essay topics that allow you to find enough data and statistics to support your argument and write an intriguing paper.

  1. The small changes people can make in their lives to battle the issue of global warming.

  2. How can water resources be managed better during summers?

  3. Do pet owners contribute to pollution? What are the most eco-friendly alternatives they can choose from?

  4. The most efficient sources of energy that people should use.

  5. How can coal resources be used wisely? Provide a detailed action plan.

  6. Ideas for better management of food resources to battle food waste excess and famine simultaneously

  7. How can the Australian woods be preserved from forest fires

  8. What are the benefits of energy conservation

  9. Top preventive measures to avoid land degradation

  10. Is it feasible to implement renewable energy in developing countries?

  11. Are floating cleaning devices the most effective solution for pollution in oceans?

  12. What are the means of measuring air pollution in interior and remote areas?

  13. Can biodiversity issues be managed through forest conservation?

  14. The best ways to stop desertification

  15. How can the environmental damage caused by dams be reduced?

  16. Should students be educated about being environmentally friendly in order to prevent impending ecological catastrophes?

  17. How can we effectively prevent deforestation?

  18. What are some unexplored sources of energy and how can they help us?

  19. The best substitutes for plastic

  20. Are government bans on plastic bags effective measures to discourage people from using them?

  21. Why should countries promote the use of bicycles more often? How can they ensure that people follow it?

  22. Exporting to developing countries or recycling: What is the effective solution to e-waste management?

  23. How can electricity generated from wind combat global warming

  24. Should evaporative coolers be used as alternatives to air conditioners? And, why?

  25. How is zero-waste living beneficial? What solutions can communities implement?

  26. How can the erosion of trust in business be eliminated for good?

  27. Is it beneficial to keep private emails available at the workplace?

  28. Can overtime payments prevent qualified teachers from resigning?

  29. The best ways to teach financial education. Should it come from parents to children?

  30. What are some options to reduce the rate of unemployment in the world?

  31. If a producer or service provider is lying, what are the measures a consumer should take?

  32. How can misunderstanding of customer rights be prevented?

  33. The best measures companies can take to keep employees motivated.

  34. Will advanced training help better than firing an employee for low performance?

  35. Does volunteer work in college boost a graduate’s CV?

  36. What policy adjustments should companies make to attract more talented students?

  37. What is the real meaning of corporate responsibility? How can it be improved?

  38. Can youth unemployment be resolved through paid internships?

  39. Should students have better access to opening new businesses?

  40. What are some innovative ways of creating more jobs through social media?

  41. Can mergers become more effective with transformation of corporate culture?

  42. Is outsourcing the best solution for improved business activities?

  43. How can training programs improve the assimilation of newer employees?

  44. Does feedback on performance help retain valuable employees?

  45. The best e-commerce strategies to attract new customers.

  46. How can small businesses survive national riots?

  47. Should educational shows be given more airtime on TV?

  48. How can the effectiveness of foreign language courses be improved?

  49. Should foreign languages be implemented in the school curriculum?

  50. How can teachers prevent bullying in schools?

Proposal Argument Essay Topics

Making a good argument is integral to a proposal essay. Here are some examples of topics that let you make a strong case for the solutions that you are providing through them.

  1. In Vitro fertilization has several challenges including birth defects in children. Should parents just choose to adopt?

  2. Is therapeutic cloning an ethical option to treat incurable diseases?

  3. Should antidepressants be limited or banned?

  4. Do antidepressants lead to suicidal thoughts?

  5. Should people with some personalities be barred from raising or having children?

  6. Is the American healthcare collapsing or stable?

  7. People travelling to other countries for medical treatment. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

  8. Should insurance policies cover alternative medicine?

  9. Should schools adopt digital learning aids?

  10. Is giving children independence beneficial?

  11. Should students in elementary school be allowed to bring mobile phones to class?

  12. Is parental involvement in children’s education a good thing or a bad thing?

  13. Is it a good idea to blend children with learning disabilities with traditional classrooms?

  14. Do children need aesthetic education for development?

  15. Does moving schools too often affect children?

  16. Will it help to criminalize bullying?

  17. Are sports necessary to build discipline in children?

  18. Are sports commentators sometimes biased towards certain teams? How can the bias be reduced?

  19. Does sports bring people together or tear them apart?

  20. During the world cup, Qatar banned the consumption of alcohol. Was this a good move?

  21. Is it a good idea for professional players to retire while they are still in the middle of playoffs during a season?

  22. Are sportspersons overly superstitious?

  23. Is it a good idea to allow football teams to change their names over a certain period of time?

  24. Does sports technology actually improve the performance output of professional athletes?

  25. Does it help to have statistical arguments in sports?

  26. Is technology contributing to a globalized economy?

  27. Is it a good idea to encourage digital learning in third world countries?

  28. Should you share any genetic information about your child online if digital education is implemented?

  29. Is it ethical to control the brain using technology?

  30. Do the modern technological changes in libraries help students with research?

  31. Has technology improved or diminished the quality of life?

  32. Do you think educators are relying too much on technology in some parts of the world?

  33. Is the high rate of technological advancement harming our society?

  34. Do you think that society today abuses the use of credit cards?

  35. Do the high standards projected on social media contribute to the culture of debt?

  36. Being on social media: Is it good or bad for you?

  37. Has the moral fiber of the world been affected by globalization?

  38. Have some great technological advancements lost their purpose along the way?

  39. Is it challenging to live in a multicultural family?

  40. Does a status symbol really matter in society? If not, what is it that truly matters?

  41. Are there fixed traits of a good standing family in society?

  42. Are morals subjective? How can one align them with the demands of society?

  43. How can we accept the diversity of culture in our society?

  44. Should the hazards of nuclear waste disposal prevent us from investing in it? What is the solution?

  45. What changes can be made in our community to prevent melting around glaciers?

  46. How can we take adequate atmospheric controls to reduce harsh changes in the climate?

  47. Is it possible for non-smokers to be completely cut off from second hand smoking?

  48. Is it practical to ban plastic completely?

  49. Is it ethical to put a dog who bites to sleep? Or should rehabilitation become the recommended solution?

  50. Is it possible to reduce global warming given how reliant we are on fuel, chemicals and other causal factors?

Good Proposal Essay Topics for Research

This proposal essay topics list is ideal for you for detailed research papers as they have ample content available for you to include in your paper.

  1. Should there be fixed regulations for animal rights?

  2. Should the use of animals in the entertainment industry be banned?

  3. Should dogs be trained to work as service animals?

  4. Recently, an all targeted research on chimpanzees was put to an end? What are the alternatives to such research?

  5. What are the alternatives to animal testing in the production of cosmetics?

  6. What are your thoughts on neo colonialism?

  7. Your proposal to manage the damages of misinterpretation

  8. Should you treat prostitutes as offenders or victims?

  9. Is there a relationship between trademarks and domain names?

  10. What changes should be implemented in this tech-advanced age in lease agreements?

  11. What are the legal issues related to abortion?

  12. Should fathers have any rights in issuing an abortion?

  13. Is abortion a moral choice?

  14. How can clinical negligence be redressed?

  15. Propose necessary changes in government policies to embrace the technological changes better.

  16. Evading taxes in business: How can this be avoided?

  17. What are the legal options for businesses to reduce the taxes they pay?

  18. Propose the best technological strategies to run a successful business

  19. Are business plans really important

  20. Important changes that need to be made in business plans in the modern world.

  21. Should bankruptcy be an option? What are the alternatives?

  22. The best options for companies to adopt sustainable practices and still save money?

  23. How can child labor be stopped in countries like china?

  24. The importance of businesses donating to charity besides tax deductions.

  25. Is homosexuality the result of a particular gene or are there other factors that cause it?

  26. Proposal to eliminate the impending issues of ‘designer babies’

  27. How can body shaming be stopped?

  28. How can mental health awareness be improved?

  29. Do governments have the right to implement policies on the number of children a couple can have? What are the alternatives for population control?

  30. What are the best ways of disciplining children?

  31. Does ‘Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child’ hold good even today? What are the alternatives?

  32. What are the solutions to overpopulation?

  33. How can the world avoid dictators like Hitler?

  34. Is marriage before sex acceptable?

  35. How can we take bigger steps towards social equality?

  36. What are the best options to deal with unequal payscale for men and women?

  37. How can we improve inclusivity in the workplace?

  38. Write a proposal on Neo-colonialism

  39. How can parents help children cope after divorce?

  40. Is mental health education in schools necessary?

  41. How can we make the workplace more comfortable for new-moms?

  42. Is it necessary to include a separate washroom for the third gender?

  43. How to eliminate gender stereotypes?

  44. Should all parents take parenting classes in the initial days of having a child?

  45. Propose the best ways for parents to improve communication with children

  46. How can teenage pregnancy be avoided?

  47. Should sex education become mandatory in school? Propose the best ways to teach youth about safe sexual practices.

  48. What are some effective ways of suicide prevention?

  49. How can the use of drugs in the community be reduced?

  50. Does making drugs illegal resolve the issue? What are the alternatives?

Problem Solution Proposal Essay Topics

In this list of problem solution proposal essay topics, you can find pressing issues that need to be fixed. These topics are easy to understand and relevant, giving you the opportunity to write powerful essays.

  1. Proposal to make health education mandatory in schools

  2. How to make students spend more time on their physical activity at school?

  3. Proposal to make subjects that children do not like more interesting?

  4. Should classes be separated according to gender?

  5. The best psychological tricks teachers can use to motivate students

  6. How to guard students against procrastination?

  7. The best ways to address taboo topics with children

  8. How to limit the use of smartphones in schools?

  9. Practical learning methods for children to grasp concepts better

  10. The best exercises to improve reading comprehension in children

  11. The best ways to boost self esteem in teachers and students

  12. How can parents effectively contribute to their children’s schoolwork?

  13. How can standardized tests be adapted to suit the needs of children with learning disabilities?

  14. Class activities to boost resilience in children

  15. How to improve life skills education in school?

  16. The best means of providing social support to teachers who work with children in rural areas?

  17. Cleaning marathons are effective in engaging citizens and keeping neighbourhoods clean.

  18. Providing safe driving educational material to prevent road accidents

  19. Ways to improve social responsibility in students

  20. Resolving sexism at schools

  21. How can one contribute to social causes without spending money

  22. Managing activities of subcultures while promoting them more.

  23. Installing boxes for book exchange as a means of improving reading among people

  24. Can banning social media reduce suicide rates?

  25. The need for support groups for teens to prevent mental health issues

  26. Opening safe channels of communication for students to talk about issues with peers at school

  27. Helping teens find the right idols to encourage positive changes in their lifestyle

  28. How not to let advertisements dictate your buying choices

  29. The various options to support families with single-parents in times of need

  30. Does changing social connections reduce body shaming?

  31. How to avoid social media from controlling ones life

  32. How to prevent information overload from different media platforms

  33. Practical ways to reduce the increasing rates of cybercrime

  34. Preserving national identity amidst globalization

  35. The need to implement stricter regulations on legalized substances

  36. Can educational films increase awareness on the hazards of watching television excessively?

  37. Stricter hate crime laws as a means to reduce violence against minority groups

  38. Cyber bullying alerts as an effective measure against online harassment.

  39. The best alternatives to free beer parties to avoid dangers of drinking in college

  40. How to keep up with the increasing speed of technological advancement?

  41. Can technology detox days prevent apathy and depression

  42. Using child control applications to ensure safety of children on the internet

  43. The financial advantages of choosing wireless technology

  44. How to resolve online identity stealing issues?

  45. How to protect consumer data online?

  46. The best ways to fight cyberbullying in school

  47. The use of virtual reality to help children with learning disabilities

  48. How to ensure that modern technology does not kill imagination?

  49. Will limiting the age of technology users help in healthy child development?

  50. Censorship as a way of retaining moral values in the society

Easy Proposal Essay Topics

These simple, yet effective proposal essay topics will help you pull your grades up quickly.

  1. How women like Jeanne d’Arc influenced the development of the society

  2. The development of society in the Paleolithic Age

  3. Significant events in history that shaped the modern society

  4. The possible outcomes if the opposing side had won WWII

  5. A detailed evaluation of the current issues within the Catholic Church

  6. Factual analysis of the Bible with a comparison of historical facts and the description of events in the religious text

  7. Religious education and how it shapes the worldview of children

  8. How religion affects political decisions

  9. The best solutions to overcome discrimination based on religion

  10. The highlights of the harmful effects of religion in the ethical debate

  11. Varying views on the importance of religion

  12. Pro-choice versus pro-choice debate.

  13. Should the government be allowed to dictate the lifestyle of its citizens?

  14. The role of the state government in the economy

  15. How the state government can help improve social equity

  16. Should the government have any control on the internet

  17. Should the government be allowed to control the forms of news media?

  18. Some problems in the society that were the result of government intervention

  19. The role of politicians in providing support to underrepresented communities

  20. How to make political campaigning more effective

  21. The best and the worst management of the Covid-19 pandemic by governments of different countries

  22. How can the government help small and medium businesses recover post-covid?

  23. Financial aid by the government during the pandemic. Was it a necessity?

  24. Continuation of housing and commercial rents during the pandemic and the effects on the economy

  25. Global boycott of China during the pandemic. Was it necessary?

  26. How healthcare workers can be supported better through the pandemic

  27. The best ways to utilize government funds to manage the healthcare crisis during Covid-19

  28. The role of media during the pandemic: Generating information or creating panic?

  29. How to avoid mismanagement of resources to ensure better healthcare?

  30. Best ways to help low income groups get better healthcare during the pandemic

  31. How to put an end to media trials

  32. Best ways to may communication more effective through multiple channels today

  33. How to reduce the breakdown in communication between children and parents in the modern world?

  34. Better techniques of testing children in schools.

  35. Should traditional exams in schools be replaced with alternatives?

  36. How to encourage healthy competition in schools?

  37. Having no winners in sports at the school level. Is this helpful or harmful?

  38. Practical learning is vital in the modern world. Why?

  39. The best teaching practices used in modern times.

  40. How to use social media as an effective way to raise awareness on important issues?

  41. Social media is more harmful than useful. Explain.

  42. Awareness about mental health leads to panic and wrong diagnosis. Present a proposal to prevent this.

  43. Does the media affect the electoral decisions made by citizens?

  44. How to put an end to nepotism in various industries?

  45. Creating equal opportunities for people irrespective of gender, race and sexual orientation

  46. Effective ways to prevent prejudice against the LGBTQ community

  47. How can police violence be managed effectively?

  48. Rehabilitating prisoners. The best practices used in the world.

  49. How to reduce prison return rates?

  50. Poor prison conditions increase crime rates. Present arguments for or against and provide the best alternatives to effectively use prisons for rehabilitation.

Trending Topics for Proposal Essay

The most interesting proposal essay topics are those that are based on current events. Most readers have some information about these topics, making it easier to follow the arguments that you have presented.

  1. Banning TV as a solution to prevent inappropriate behaviour patterns in children.

  2. Using technology to improve inheritance disease testing

  3. Research as a means of finding ethical solutions to mechanical reproduction

  4. Using technology to prevent raging environmental issues

  5. Recommendations on how mental health can be preserved using modern technology

  6. Replacing humans with machines for various tasks: Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

  7. How can GMO be used to reduce hunger issues in the world?

  8. The younger generation is less interactive because of smartphones: Do you agree or disagree?

  9. Solutions to reduce the disparity between poor and rich as a result of technology

  10. How has modern business changed with the advent of technology?

  11. Overcoming common issues faced by parents when restricting internet access for children

  12. Should citizens who were previously uninsured get income-related payment?

  13. The best training methods to improve doctor-patient relationships

  14. Sharing findings before the competitive stage can help pharmaceutical companies reduce R&D costs and improve outcome of research

  15. Best ways to encourage men to take up nursing practice

  16. How can training help interdisciplinary teams develop integrity?

  17. How to overcome prison violence?

  18. Best ways to reduce overcrowding in prisons

  19. How to reduce issues in courtrooms like mishandling evidence, false confessions and witness framing

  20. Wrongful deaths and mistreatment in senior citizen centres. Who should be held accountable?

  21. The most influential motifs and symbols used in The Great Gatsby

  22. Effective use of satirical dialogue in Oscar Wilde’s Being Earnest

  23. The rise of Shakespeare’s ‘To be, or not to be’ into one of the most famous rhetorical questions even today

  24. Contemporary writers who influenced the history of literature

  25. How to encourage children to read classic literature?

  26. Using art as an effective teaching method in schools

  27. Should innocence be maintained until charged as guilty in allegations related to sexual assault?

  28. Police funding is the best way to improve neighbourhood safety

  29. The most important classifications of civil litigation cases

  30. Best practices to manage sexual harassment lawsuits

  31. How to reduce the negative effect of police violence on the reputation of agencies of law enforcement?

  32. When is cultural awareness relevant and when is it not?

  33. Easy ways to stop the debate on racial profiling

  34. How to reduce cultural stereotyping

  35. Reverse racism and racism in college campuses and the overcoming challenges in the light of the current cultural developments.

  36. How extreme patriotism affects the reputation of any country?

  37. The best questions to ask foreigners before cultural stereotyping

  38. How to improve cultural awareness?

  39. The need for cultural awareness in the light of globalization

  40. How to simplify the process of cultural accommodation when you are in a foreign land?

  41. Best practices to manage debates on racial profiling with social justice warriors

  42. Does the world need social justice warriors?

  43. The best ways to use media as a tool to end racial profiling and cultural stereotying

  44. Things to include and avoid when writing a book summary

  45. Structuring a research proposal for maximum effect

  46. A detailed guide to writing great discursive papers

  47. Recommendations to become a citation styling expert

  48. Differentiating between specialized and non-specialized text in technical writing

  49. How to come up with attention-grabbing titles for research papers?

  50. The best methods to develop drafts for future research papers

Best Proposal Essay Topics For College Students

Choose from one of the following topics for proposal essay when you are on a tight deadline and cannot spend too much time on finding the correct topic:

  1. How the advertising industry harms the development of children

  2. The role of social media in child development

  3. Video games, virtual communities and their effect on gen next.

  4. Video games cause violent behaviour. True or False?

  5. The best training courses to help developmentally disabled individuals enter the workforce.

  6. Can personal development sessions help make the workplace more inclusive?

  7. How to reduce racial stereotyping at the workplace?

  8. How management can encourage ethical behaviour at the workplace

  9. Genetic heritage determines the personality of individuals. To what degree is this statement true?

  10. The best ways to alter flaws in personalities

  11. Listening to podcasts helps you become more productive. Do you agree?

  12. Discuss the latest theories on anxiety disorder

  13. Should individuals with mental health issues like anxiety and depression be given an opportunity for employment?

  14. How to develop a sense of self worth in the modern world

  15. Does social media impact the sense of self worth in individuals? How to overcome it?

  16. Best ways to cope with peer pressure

  17. Effective ways to help bullies alter their behaviour

  18. How to help soldiers manage post traumatic stress disorder?

  19. Should the government provide funds and grants to up-coming artists and musicians?

  20. How does art benefit societies?

  21. The role of art appreciation in shaping an individual

  22. Contemporary musicians who have had a big impact on the society

  23. Cultural trends shape music or is it the other way around?

  24. Does modern rap music have a negative impact on the behaviour of youngsters?

  25. Discuss the differences between rap music in the 70s and modern rap music. What is your preference and why?

  26. Is there a correlation between transfer of knowledge between cultures and global wealth?

  27. Does globalization affect individuals?

  28. Explore the relationship between democratization and globalization based on examples of developing economies.

  29. Discuss the scarcity of economic resources with reference to poverty

  30. How can the government intervene to reduce income gaps?

  31. Better ways to distribute wealth in the society?

  32. The imposition of unnecessary regulations to improve revenue and their negative effects.

  33. How can the government support entrepreneurship?

  34. Online education is the future. Present ways to make it more effective.

  35. Should there be any limit on property ownership?

  36. Has the 2008 economic crisis truly ended?

  37. The impact of the 2008 economic crisis on the modern world

  38. The economic implications of the pandemic.

  39. Disadvantages of a monopoly market

  40. Does consumer behaviour change according to pricing or quality of products?

  41. How can competitors maintain healthy growth within a given industry?

  42. Should there be a standardization of pricing for goods and commodities to encourage healthy competition?

  43. Can increasing minimum wages reduce unemployment?

  44. Employees do not benefit from strikes. Present your arguments

  45. The positive and negative impact of e-commerce.

  46. How to make online businesses more sustainable and lucrative?

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