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160 Mental Health Essay Topics

160 Mental Health Essay Topics: Motivational Ideas List

Mental health essay topics are as important as mental health itself. Mental health studies is a field that encompasses a range of mental illnesses to examine how it affects people, the causes, and what can be done by scientists.

Different things affect human mood, thought processes, and behaviors. And while there are different types of mental illness, the common ones are:

  • Clinical depression is the consistent and perpetual depression in a person which is exhibited by disinterest in daily activities.
  • Anxiety disorder is the intense emotions and expression of fear and anxiety to do things— this lately affect interest in doing anything.
  • Bipolar disorder is characterized by mood swings that could drive to manic heights after any trigger.

In this article, you’ll gain access to comprehensive mental health topics for essays. These are custom topics that will help students write university or college essays on mental health with ease.

Before you dive right into accessing the topics, you should know a mental health essay outline.

Sample Mental Health Essay Outline

After doing your research or brainstorming on a topic of your choice, you must note down what you’d like to discuss in your essay or thesis. Don’t forget to consult many sources during the process of research. After you do all these, stick to this outline:

  1. Introduction
    Your introduction could start with proverbs, statistics, anecdotes, or anything you consider relevant to your essay. The point is that: your essay must have a hook that pulls a reader into the story. You must then establish a thesis statement to show that you have the right knowledge to embark on the project. You may also choose to tell a story or share an experience for your introduction. Before you conclude your introduction, give background information on your essay to acquaint the average reader with what it is about.
  2. Body
    The body is in paragraphs, and these are ideas that reinforce your thesis statements backed by arguments and facts. Depending on the kind of essay you are writing, your body should be about five paragraphs. However, what must be included in every sentence is a topic sentence that is linked by independent ideas on the mental health topic. In other words, write each sentence with a focus, persuasive arguments, and details or examples to back up your arguments.
  3. Conclusion
    This is the last part of your essay, which sums up the thoughts that ran through your essay. Your conclusion is a paraphrase of your thesis statement, and you can include a call to action at the end. You may even choose to ask a rhetorical question about the future of mental health. However, you don’t introduce new arguments in conclusion.

Not everyone enjoys facing the long writing process alone, so if you are one of those students, remember there are people who will be happy to write an essay for money. Now that you have access to the samples, these are interesting mental illness thesis ideas.

Mental Health Topics To Write About

Mental health cuts across everyone. How then do you express what many people on the planet feel even if you don’t feel them? You can commence research to be knowledgeable on any of these mental health topics for essays:

  1. The connection of obesity to mental health
  2. The rationale between teenager and self-harm
  3. Mental health and how it relates to returning soldiers
  4. Posttraumatic stress syndrome in soldiers and how it can be treated
  5. What does anorexia mean?
  6. Identify and discuss the signs of mental health strain in a loved one
  7. What do you think about people with “dark” thoughts
  8. What does ADHD mean, and what can contribute to it
  9. An overview of the gender with the worst mental health issues
  10. OCD and how it can be treated
  11. Do video games affect mental health?
  12. How does music affect mental health
  13. How graphic pictures affect mental health
  14. The role of obsessive-compulsive disorder in human activities
  15. How to know about mental illness
  16. What triggers anxiety?
  17. How stress can lead to depression
  18. What are fears, and why are people afraid of common things?
  19. Examine mental health issues amongst Holocaust survivors
  20. Postpartum depression is real: discuss
  21. Consequences of postpartum depression
  22. Does infertility trigger depression in men?
  23. Does childlessness trigger depression in women?
  24. Why are some parents abusive?
  25. Is there a genetic basis for mental health?
  26. Why has mental health been a popular issue
  27. The role parents play in the mental illness of their children
  28. The role of antidepressants in mental health
  29. What do you think about those with suicide attempts
  30. Can mental illness be permanently cured?

Mental Health Topics For Essays

You may also choose to write serious essay topics about mental health. Writing may be difficult until you connect with people’s experiences and start creating arguments to back up your points. You can start your university or college essay with any of these:

  1. The role of divorce in children mental health
  2. Why dropping out of college may affect student mental health
  3. The connection between physical violence and mental health
  4. Mental illness in adoptees
  5. Mental illness in homeless people
  6. How to know if people have poor impulse control
  7. What are the mental health facilities in America?
  8. What are the institutions and policies that provide solutions to mental health?
  9. Why are there many mentally ill artists?
  10. Do you think the spotlight triggers mental illness?
  11. COVID-19 and mental health: discuss
  12. How to know if someone suffers from anxiety
  13. The side effect of online learning
  14. The consequence of toxicity on social media
  15. How the Metaverse rape story contribute to depression
  16. The contribution of genes to mental health
  17. An overview of the drugs for mental health and their consequences
  18. What does Sensory Deficit Disorder mean, and what can you do about it?
  19. Can depression be reduced?
  20. Identify and discuss the contribution of physical therapy to maintaining mental health?
  21. The contributions of Sigmund Freud to mental health
  22. How educational stress contribute to depression
  23. How nightmares can spike depression
  24. The role of insomnia to depression
  25. Can the brain be kept healthy to protect the health?
  26. How can hurtful memories be forgotten?
  27. What educational certificates does an individual needs to practice psychiatry?
  28. How horror movies contribute to anxiety
  29. Why do people see horror movies
  30. The connection between mental health and therapy: discus

Mental Illness Essay Topics

Writing about mental illness requires that you are knowledgeable in the field. However, you may impress your professor with your research skills and writing abilities if you attempt any of these comprehensive mental health topics:

  1. How human psychology contributes to mental health
  2. Mental illness in modern society
  3. Common types of depression
  4. What affects brain screenings?
  5. Common mental illness diagnosis in the elderly
  6. How mental health can be worsened due to poverty
  7. Recent discoveries in clinical depression
  8. How sexual assault on the Metaverse can spike anxiety
  9. How anxiety affects the ability to do things
  10. Is women’s mental health status important to the nation?
  11. Common mental illnesses in children
  12. Common mental illnesses in special children
  13. The relationship between cognitive wellbeing and mental illness
  14. The main factors against happiness
  15. Symptoms of eating disorders
  16. How eating disorders contribute to insomnia
  17. How depression contributes to paranoia
  18. How to assist a loved one with eating disorders
  19. The best music to help with insomnia
  20. Music therapy
  21. Television shows that could help with mental illness
  22. Mental illnesses in the LGBTQ community
  23. Mental illnesses in the black people community
  24. How child abuse can cause mental illnesses
  25. How substance abuse as a consequence of mental health
  26. What are the common coping mechanisms for mental illness?
  27. How does trauma affect mental peace?
  28. Ideas on school programs to help students with mental health issues
  29. Public ethics in relation to people living with mental illness
  30. Most common mental illnesses amongst rape victims.

Mental Illness Thesis Ideas

If you’d like to write a university thesis, these are comprehensive mental health topics to write about. You can even limit some of what you write to your school’s students. Consider these:

  1. Mental health issues in (name of your school)
  2. How to address mental health in colleges and universities
  3. How was music discovered to help with mental health?
  4. Peer group and mental health
  5. How pictures of a homeless person may affect someone mentally
  6. How to offer mental health care to low-income earners
  7. Forgiveness and importance in mental health
  8. An overview of the wild demography in mental health issues in today’s world
  9. Identify and give reasons why one of the world’s countries has the most mental health issues?
  10. Depression and the roles of memorials as a source of deep depression
  11. Animals and mental health
  12. Why do people connect with animals deeply?
  13. What does neurofeedback therapy mean?
  14. Describe the role of animals in therapy
  15. Describe how meditation can help with therapy
  16. Mental health and the #MeToo movement
  17. Difference between mental health with a need for psychiatrists and those without a need for it
  18. The contribution of poverty to mental health issues
  19. Can a change of environment improve mental wellbeing?
  20. How love can or cannot help mental health victims

Argumentative Essay Topics About Mental Health

To create excelling argumentative topics, you must develop yourself on matters relating to mental health. In other words, you can only create an interesting and exceptional argument if you have read extensively on mental health. You can consider these mental health essay topics:

  1. Health programs in developing countries are not effective
  2. Cognitive illness is not a social challenge
  3. The LGBTQ community normalize mental health disorder
  4. Mentally ill people are not religious
  5. Religion plays a role in mental health complications
  6. Discrimination affects anxiety
  7. The consciousness of the self can also cause depression
  8. Stigmatization affect rape victims more than the rape itself
  9. Because teenagers are affected by the internet, there should be a ban or censor on phone use
  10. Five reasons why mental health is prevalent
  11. Teen depression is a common and should not be a serious issue amongst teenagers
  12. Poverty can worsen mental health
  13. Physical exercise may help mental anxiety
  14. Insomnia is just fear for sleep, nothing else
  15. Adults can be depressed; kids should not
  16. Anxiety disorders do not affect the quality of life
  17. Entertainers sell mental health issues just for money
  18. Artists tend to be more mentally ill than other people
  19. Depression cannot be inherited from an ancestor
  20. Digital communication is a strong force for anxiety.

Cause And Effect Essay Topics Mental Health

These topics examine both the cause and the consequences of mental health issues in society. To express yourself on these essay topics about mental health, you need to have read different literature on mental health. You can impress your teachers by writing on any of the following:

  1. Cause and effect of stress on physical health
  2. How physical health affects mental health
  3. Post-traumatic stress disorder has serious consequences: explain
  4. Is the immune system affected by emotional issues?
  5. How can breakups lead to mental health or worsen it?
  6. How does early retirement affect the mental health or worsen it?
  7. How can a child be affected by schizophrenia, and what can be done?
  8. How can unemployment cause or worsen mental health, and what can be done?
  9. Describe the forms of influences and its consequences on contemporary youth mental health state
  10. What are the toxic activities that could worsen mental illnesses?

Good Mental Health Essay Topics

To impress your college teacher and colleagues, you can likewise write about society, the issues often ignored, and their consequences. You can even write about how parents and religions sometimes ignore mental health crises. Consider these topics:

  1. The role the church play in ignoring mental health
  2. The role of extremists in worsening mental health care in their holy places
  3. How parents ignore children and how it affects mental health
  4. The difference between a religious persons’ counseling session and an expert’s counseling session
  5. What does it mean to be antisocial, and what can be done to change or help the person?
  6. Identify and discuss the contribution of chronic stress and anxiety disorders to long-term loneliness
  7. The consequences of remote work on mental health and how to cope with it
  8. Discuss how to control sad feelings to prevent slipping into chronic mental health issues
  9. How to know the mental health welling of s particular people
  10. Does income tally with the extent of mental health breakdown anyone has?
  11. Mental health challenges on people of all ages
  12. An overview of mental health challenges in professors
  13. Do criminal lawyers also battle mental health issues because of the cases they take?
  14. Cops and mental health issues: should they be taken off the streets?
  15. What are your opinions on the stance that criminals should be tested for mental illnesses and the result should be considered while writing or deciding their jail sentences?
  16. The story of someone who has managed mental health issues for years
  17. How to motivate a disabled person to go after dreams and not be depressed by physical disabilities
  18. How can the public properly respond to someone with mental health challenges
  19. Common mistakes people make about mentally unhealthy people
  20. Do mentally sick people need care or sympathy?

Professional Essay Help

Now, you can write on these mental health essay topics to impress your professors and teachers. While some students say, “do my essay for me,” you may want to attempt it with the custom topics above.

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