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should marijuanas be legalized essay

Should Marijuanas Be Legalized | Essay Tips

Are you looking for the best way to write a should marijuanas be legalized essay? In most cases, you will want to write an argumentative essay about this topic. In other words, you will need to come up with very strong arguments, statistics and accurate information to support your claim – whatever it may be. Writing an essay on legalization of weed is not as easy as you think. It may sound like a fun thing to do, but you must keep in mind that you are still writing an academic paper.

Your marijuana legalization essay must be written perfectly. Everything should be cited correctly and referenced using the proper academic format guidelines. But most of all, you should make sure that the information you use is accurate and comes from trustworthy sources. Let’s face it; this is an interesting topic and a dangerous one as well.

Need to Write a Why Marijuanas Should Be Legal Argumentative Essay?

Need a good guide to help you write a medical marijuana essay? Or perhaps you want some tips and advice on how to write a why marijuana should be legalized essay. No matter why you need our advice, it’s important for you to understand that the paper should be worthy of a top grade. If you want to write an argumentative essay on marijuana, here are some things that will help you get started right away:

  • Dedicate some time to research. Make sure you pick the right topic for your should marijuanas be legalized essay.
  • Make sure the topic you choose can be researched relatively quickly online or offline. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of time writing the paper.
  • Does the topic offend some in your audience? If it might, you should seriously reconsider choosing that specific topic. Perhaps you can find something a bit more interesting that doesn’t offend anyone.
  • Find a proper sample, if you want to write the best why marijuanas should be legal argumentative essay. You could ask our experienced writers for some examples, if you can’t find an excellent one online.

Should Marijuanas Be Legalized Essay Sample

Thirty- or even twenty-years ago few could have imagined that the United States would have come so far in the movement toward legalizing marijuana. Many states have legalized the drug for medicinal purposes and a couple have even legalized it for recreational purposes (Vitiello, 2009). However, there are serious problems created by the fact that the Federal government still considers marijuana use and possession a crime. Perhaps the most serious of these problems is the fact that dispensaries are not allowed to make use of banks and must, therefore, keep large amounts of cash on hand. This paper will consider one argument in favor of widespread legalization and one argument against it. It will be contended that the argument in favor is more powerful.

While it is not the argument most often provided by supporters of marijuana legalization, one reason in favor of it is that our prisons are filled with people who have committed non-violent crimes involving marijuana—even people who were not involved in the distribution or sale of the drug. They are locked-up merely because of their personal use of the substance. This point must be made in conjunction with a point that is often discussed—the fact that the effects of the drug are relatively benign. There are two legal substances—alcohol and tobacco—that cause vastly more harm to society than does marijuana. Indeed, marijuana arguably makes people less likely to commit crimes than they would otherwise be.

An argument against legalization is that marijuana is a “gateway” drug; that people who use it will be more likely to use harder drugs such as cocaine afterward. There does not seem to be any evidence to support this (Hall and Lynskey, 2005). Alcohol is surely the ultimate gateway drug, as is evidenced by the fact that recovering drug addicts are typically not able to drink alcohol. My personal opinion is that cigarettes should be outlawed, and marijuana legalized.

While there are arguments on both sides of the issue the side that favors legalization of marijuana seems to make the best case for its thesis.

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing an Essay on Marijuana

The first thing that you need to understand is that a legalizing weed essay is difficult to write. It’s not that its structure is any different from any other argumentative or persuasive essay. It’s the fact that the topic is a hot potato. As you surely know, there is a very heated debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Your professor, your classmates and everyone in your audience holds a different opinion on this matter. You need to tread carefully; otherwise your legalizing marijuana essay can be viewed as biased or, even worse, inaccurate.

To ease your situation a bit, you can choose to write a benefits of medical marijuanas essay instead of a “we must legalize marijuana” paper. In fact, because we love helping students as much as possible, let’s show you some interesting topics that you can use for your next essay.

Some Interesting Marijuana Essay Titles (Topics)

For your next marijuana essay, you should consider a topic that would pique the interest of your professor. The topic should be interesting and not offend anyone – if at all possible. Here are some marijuana essay titles that are a lot safer than the legalize marijuana essay:

  • The negative effects or marijuana (writing a negative effects of marijuanas essay will certainly not cause you any problems)
  • The medical uses of marijuana
  • The history of decriminalization of marijuana
  • The effect of legalizing marijuana on the economy
  • Why is marijuana legal in just some states?

Or you could write a pros and cons of legalizing weed essay in which you present both sides of the argument. Yes, you will have to take a position, but you won’t sound biased because you will be presenting both the pros and the cons. It’s up to your audience which position they adopt.

7 Quick Steps to Write an Essay on Legalization of Weed

We know; you want to know how to write a medical marijuana argument essay in 2-3 hours. The good news is that writing an excellent essay on marijuana is not difficult, if you manage to remain objective and use information only from authoritative sources. While you won’t probably be able to write a paper in less than 2 hours, you will save a lot of time and effort simply by following these simple steps:

  1. Think long and hard about the topic before you start your essay on legalizing marijuana. Use Google, watch the news, ask your friends. You need a great idea that nobody in your class has thought of.
  2. Come up with the thesis statement, once you find the perfect topic (or you ask our experts for some topic ideas). It’s basically what you aim to prove with your essay. It’s what the essay is all about. Make it punchy!
  3. Now, it’s time to write the introduction for your medicinal marijuana essay. Start with the thesis statement and then provide some background information about the subject. End the paragraph with a sentence that transitions to the first body paragraph.
  4. Write three body paragraphs. Each body paragraph in your should marijuana be legalized essay should discuss just one main idea. In most cases, you want this main idea to be clearly stated towards the beginning of the paragraph.
  5. Wrap everything up with a nice conclusion. Just summarize everything, remind your audience about your thesis statement and show your readers how the information you have provided and the data you have uncovered indubitably prove that your thesis is correct. A call to action may be included at the end of the conclusion.
  6. Edit your work and remember to proofread everything at least twice. You want your paper to be perfect. Why lose some points over a couple of typos or punctuation errors?
  7. Read your essay out loud. Let your parents read it. Give it to a friend. Accept the constructive feedback and make the necessary changes. You’ll probably find some more issues you couldn’t have noticed on your own.

Tips for Your Next Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

First, remember that your marijuana essay introduction is very important – and so is the thesis statement. Even if you need to spend 2 hours just on this, it’s worth it. Second, when writing a why marijuanas should be legal essay, you must cite only trustworthy sources. Don’t give your readers any reason to doubt your statements. And third, even if you are writing a “legalize weed essay,” don’t refer to marijuana as weed. It is not the right term to use in such an essay.

But perhaps the best and most useful tip we can give you is to get help from a professional if you feel like you can’t do a great job on your legalization of marijuana essay. One of our seasoned essay writers for hire can help you with some topic ideas, with an outline, with some materials and advice, or with writing, editing and proofreading your paper. We want you to get that A+!

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