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breaking social norms essay

Top Ideas for a Great Breaking Social Norms Essay

If you are in a sociology class, the chances are that you will, at some point, be required to write a breaking the social norms essay. The essay requires students to identify a social norm of interest, break it, and report on the reactions they got. But according to most students, this is one of the toughest tasks in their college life. However, we are here to help. In this post, we have highlighted the top ten ideas for your essay on breaking social norms.

Special Ideas for a Great Breaking Social Norms 3 Page Essay

To make the process of writing your essay easy and fast, here are some great suggestions for you. You may consider them as they are or change slightly to suit personal preference.

  1. Breaking social norms essay about giving money away.

  2. Breaking social norms of dress code essay.

  3. Experiment on the reactions about breaking a social norm.

  4. Breaking the norm of eye contact.

  5. Breaking the social norm about college life.

  6. Breaking the social norms: Exploring sobriety.

  7. A reflective essay: The role of norms in our behavior.

  8. Breaking the social norms about family.

  9. Breaking social company norms.

  10. Breaking social norms: Understanding the different characteristics of racism.

Pro Tips for Writing the Best Breaking Social Norms Experiment Essay

To write a good breaking social norms essay, here are some useful tips to guide you.

  • Make sure to carefully follow your professor’s instructions, especially on formatting the paper.

  • Do not wait until the last moment to start the essay because you might be late and fail to follow all the instructions.

  • Read another top breaking social norms essay to understand how experts do it.

  • Make sure to proofread the essay well before submitting to your lecturer.

Breaking Social Norms Sample Essay

Now that you have the best ideas about breaking social norms essay, we will now demonstrate how to go about writing it with a sample.

“Breaking Social Norms: Personal Space

In the American society, the notion of personal space is greatly valued and protected as a human right. Therefore, the physical closeness allowed between people is based on the nature of relationships. In public places, such as parks and restaurants, people are in most instances, comfortable with each other and agree with each other to come closer. But those sitting together are likely to be close friends, family members or members of a club. As a result of this norm in the US, it is not common to see people sitting with strangers without finding the individual being irregular. But this was always interesting for me when I was growing up. So, I decided to run an experiment on the importance of personal space when in public places. As part of my experiment, I broke this norm and made the observations.

To get the results for analysis, I experimented three times. In the university, I focused on the cafeteria where students eat regularly. In the cafeteria, the social norm is like a hotel where people sit with others that they know. Indeed, most students would open up their personal space to others because they know about them. Bu sitting with three groups of people who were strangers, I broke the norm. Two people I sat with were selected for the experiment while one was completely accidental.

In the first case, the person I sat with was a female student who was sitting alone. Then, I dropped a tray on the side of the table, and she looked shocked. She was surprised that she was indeed sited next to a stranger. From my judgment, she appeared shocked about the action. When I asked her, “how was your day?” she was reluctant to answer, but she replied “it was fine,” looked away, and continued listening to music on her earphones … “

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