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world hunger essay

Great World Hunger Essay Writing Ideas for Students

This top-notch post covers all you need to know about a world hunger essay; structure, top tips, and professional topics. Get ready to learn!

Hunger Essay: Definition

Has it ever struck your mind what it is like to go a day, week, or month without food? Unfortunately, that is the sad reality amongst several people across the world.

Therefore, an essay on world hunger addresses the exhausted condition caused by want of food. It delves into the causes, effects, and mitigation measures, among many others.

Such a task may not be easy for a student considering the devastating effects of world hunger. If not all, all of us have come across images of children or adults deeply ravaged by famine.

World Hunger Essay Sample

There are two major factors contributing into development of world hunger, which should by no means be neglected. These factors are rural poverty and areas of conflict. Certainly, human kind have been attempting to undertake measures to put an end to the world hunger and to reduce poverty, as well as once and for all resolve armed conflicts. However, this initiative has not been very successful so far. And each time there have been numerous underlying factors, which determined the failure. Rural poverty can be reduced, but it is hard to arrange the circumstances, at which this problem would be entirely resolved. The point is that poverty oftentimes is rooted in lack of knowledge of rural population regarding the ways in which they can invest their effort and available resources into their own well-being. Thus, it is reasonable to seek a resolution to this problem through educating rural population. This measure is, however, insufficient since education is only effective when there is proper motivation to deepen one’s knowledge, which is oftentimes not the case. In many instances the situation is even more complicated due to massive substance abuse, due to inherited factors and a lot of other reasons, which cannot be addressed collectively. Education with provided reasonable level of motivation can certainly take care of a significant part of the problem; meanwhile the problem cannot be fully resolved. Once it is not resolved, there will remain enough space for “initiating” new members of the “poverty club”. Thus, there will always be new blood in this stream.

Similarly, it is idealistic to expect full resolution of the armed conflicts problem. There have always been and will always remain people, whose financial and political interests lie within the field of armed conflict. The reasons behind it are numerous: weapon trade, imperialistic ambitions, areas of influence and control over them and so on. Thus, the problem of armed conflicts will always remain, unlike something unpredictable happens and resolves it once and for all, and thus it will remain to be a contributing factor into world hunger.

This explains, among other things, why there still exist pockets of hunger even in industrialized countries, not even mentioning developing nations and third world countries. There are areas, where the set of factors, which underlie hunger are much more influential, compared to the measures taken in order to resolve the issue… For instance, a number of additional factors may easily bring a family to face the problem of hunger. People, who live in areas with high unemployment rate, are at higher risk of experiencing hunger (Borger et al, 2004). Even a birth of another child can bring a family below the poverty level (Ratcliffe, 2011), and, as a result, cause it to experience hunger.

Environmental factors are also among the causes of hunger. The quality of water all over the world is reducing; the access of people to high quality soils also drops. For a person it is becoming more and more complicated to survive depending solely on subsistence farming is nearly impossible, less and less can be found in the woods, the number of which is decreased due to the activity of humans. As the outcome, more and more people find themselves below poverty level, while the fruitful soils are becoming subject to armed conflicts.

Thus, even though world community has set an ambitious goal of putting end to poverty and hunger by 2030 and it is certainly a good goal to work towards, however it is important to remain realistic and realize that however beautiful, this goal is unachievable. We only may thrive to reduce poverty and hunger, but it is important to realize, that they will always co-exist with human kind, and thus we need to keep working hard in order to further reduce them.

Quick Tips for Essays About Hunger

  1. Convey a positive message for the society
  2. State opinions supported with facts and evidence
  3. Furnish the reader with accurate information
  4. Seclude any socio-economic controversy from your essay
  5. Your paper should not disturb a victim psychologically

Journey with me as we explore a list of topics or writing prompts for essays on hunger:

Ending World Hunger Essay Prompts

  1. Increasing agricultural production in the affected countries
  2. Developing plans and skills for improving crop and livestock production.
  3. Having just and inclusive policies that allow for equitable food distribution
  4. Empowering women to earn income and feed their families.
  5. Promoting the planting of drought-resistant crops
  6. Using technology to stamp up food production
  7. Teaching shared responsibility for health and nutrition
  8. Learning to manage natural resources and preparing for disasters
  9. Meeting the immediate needs through cash, in-kind food, etc.
  10. Enabling farmers’ access to credit, support, and skills necessary for improved harvest.

World Hunger Problems and Solutions Essay Ideas

  1. Over-population: Encouraging couples to have manageable families
  2. Poor political decisions: Compelling political workings towards the hunger problem
  3. Reduced usage of land: Teaching farmers on effective land use
  4. Climate change: Environmental conservation techniques
  5. Rural-urban migration: Educating the masses on the role of the workforce in the farms
  6. Wars and instability: Promoting peace-keeping missions to these places
  7. Lack of entrepreneurship: Encouraging banks to give loans to farmers
  8. Crop pests and diseases: Using technology and better farming methods
  9. Food insecurity: Enacting food stability policies
  10. The coronavirus lockdown: Allowing the agricultural sector to operate normally

World Hunger Persuasive Speech Ideas

  1. Why is human and economic waste horrifying
  2. Should governments be accountable for general world hunger?
  3. Should the FAO step up its game?
  4. Should the government recognize farmers as essential workers?
  5. What environmental problem is the most drastic to agriculture?
  6. Should the authorities legalize smuggled foodstuffs?
  7. Why we should not waste food
  8. What makes the US stand out in agricultural production?
  9. Should Africa blame itself for the food shortages?
  10. Is it justified to donate food with brandings?

Causes of Poverty in America

  1. Corruption among leaders
  2. High unemployment rates in the country
  3. Underutilization of the available resources
  4. Automation of industries leaving many jobless
  5. Lack of control in local food
  6. Pandemics such as the coronavirus
  7. Historical causes such as slavery
  8. Income inequality
  9. Racial discrimination
  10. Physical or mental disabilities

College Speech About Hunger

  1. How cultural practices contribute to hunger
  2. The role of the international community
  3. Causes of malnutrition
  4. Rural development
  5. The relationship between desire and productivity

A-Grade Ideas for a Research Paper on Poverty

  1. Low agricultural productivity
  2. Child growth retardation
  3. Social instability and hunger
  4. Is food aid the solution?
  5. Increased health among labor workers

World Hunger Essay Outline

  1. A bright and engaging introduction
  2. Having 3-5 body paragraphs with supporting details
  3. A short and summative concluding paragraph
  4. Items should relate to the central theme

Essays About World Hunger: Bonus Writing Prompts

  1. Safety of GM food
  2. Unknown effects of pesticides on human health
  3. Rich countries and developing countries

You can see that writing an essay about world hunger is no brain surgery. However, the process requires time and concentration.

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