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Top 100 Feminist Research Topics

Feminist research topics revolve around people that uphold the notion that women deserve to enjoy similar rights and opportunities with men. Since the 19th century, feminists have always tried to ensure that women participate in public matters. And since this time, many feminist movements have emerged. That’s why topics about feminism are so popular.

Today, most people find papers and essays on feminist argument topics quite thrilling. That’s because this movement has support from millions of individuals across the world. However, many people criticize this movement. And each side of the argument always expresses concerns about the scopes of this movement.

Choose Our Feminist Research Topics

Whether you want to write a paper, an essay, or looking for feminist speech topics, you can explore different aspects of this movement.

The most important thing is to pick an idea you can comfortably work with.

That way, you will discuss the issue properly and exhaustively while following the instructions provided by your educator. But you should learn about this movement before writing your paper or essay.

Although students can learn about feminism in different ways, research and writing provide the best way to do that. Unfortunately, many learners struggle to find interesting topics in feminism. Luckily, this list comprises ideas that you can explore when asked to write a paper or an essay on this subject.

Great Feminist Research Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for the best feminist topics for essays or papers. In that case, consider these brilliant feminism topics for your research.

  1. Notable female figures that have affected the world positively
  2. How to advocate for women’s rights
  3. Does feminism cover rebellions?
  4. The influence of women on culture
  5. What is the true definition of feminism?
  6. Differentiate sexual roles and gender
  7. Compare and contrast the feminist agenda and black women’s agenda
  8. The rights and privileges of women in underdeveloped countries
  9. The pros and cons of feminism
  10. Motivating factors for feminists
  11. How feminists help society reduce rape cases
  12. Do feminist movements deserve the government’s support?
  13. Why the pay equity idea deserves everyone’s support
  14. Ways to eradicate gender-based inequality in modern society
  15. The life of a typical feminist
  16. Feminism can be hoodlums’ disguise- Explain
  17. The moral life and feminism
  18. Explain the hidden aspects of the feminists’ lives
  19. Feminism and single mothers
  20. How feminism and lesbianism relate
  21. Feminism and my future plan essay

This category has great feminist topics for research papers and essays. However, these should be ideas to help you come up with fantastic research paper topics on feminism that suit your project.

Popular Feminism Paper Topics

Maybe you want to write a paper or an essay on a popular idea. That means you need something most people are talking about. In that case, here are popular feminist topics to write about.

  1. Feminism and domestic violence
  2. Is feminism a need or a historical relic?
  3. Discuss feminism activation in the XXI century
  4. Explain a woman’s role in the modern business world
  5. Explain the main feminism contributions to modern lifestyle
  6. Discuss the internet role in feminism publicity
  7. How to differentiate gender and sex
  8. The impact and role of the #MeToo movement
  9. Parenting and gender issues concerning feminism
  10. Is men’s hatred a real threat to feminism or a myth?
  11. The basic feminism concepts
  12. Modern feminism- An explanation of the main ideas
  13. Widespread feminists and feminism myths
  14. Methods that feminists use to fight for their ideas
  15. Human rights and feminism- How do they relate?
  16. Gender roles construction and deconstruction
  17. Who perpetuates domestic violence and what are the best ways to deal with it?
  18. Feminist critics’ position- How right are they?
  19. How can feminists help society cope with the domestic violence problem?
  20. Men judge women by their cuisine- discuss
  21. What are the pros and cons of feminism?
  22. Women’s rights violation in the modern world
  23. Modern feminism’s main offshoots
  24. The obstacles that feminism faces in the modern world
  25. Criminality and feminism- What’s the connection?
  26. Feminism’s main currents- radical, black, and eco
  27. Can feminist stents be divided into incorrect and correct?
  28. What’s the feminist image- an ugly female with a huge hatred for men and unshaved legs
  29. Beauty standards and mass media- negative and positive effects on the lives of women
  30. Is modern feminism the cause of men’s discrimination?

This category also has amazing feminist debate topics. That’s because most people will be interested in a debate about any of these ideas. Nevertheless, take your time to explore any of these feminism research topics to come up with a valid and convincing argument.

Controversial feminist Topics

If you like reading and writing about controversial aspects of human life, you will find feminist controversial topics interesting to research and write about. Here are some of the best ideas for feminist paper topics that revolve around controversy.

  1. Feminism role in decreasing harassment
  2. Do males earn less than males in modern society?
  3. What is black feminism and is it important?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of children’s sexual education
  5. The feminism history from 1837 to today
  6. How feminism encourages women and men to fulfill non-traditional duties at work, in their families, and in society
  7. Why should everybody be a feminist?
  8. Why there is no gender balance in Asian countries
  9. Chauvinistic displays of modern feminism
  10. How radical feminism risks splitting society
  11. The anti-feminism position
  12. Why men are the leaders in business and politics
  13. What is male feminism?
  14. How can society achieve complete gender equality
  15. Who needs feminism the most?
  16. Different feminism ideologies and movements
  17. Describe different feminism waves – activity, outflows, and outcomes of the movement
  18. Societal effect of feminism- what to expect in the next ten years
  19. How feminism affects politics
  20. The feminist movement’s standpoint
  21. Was women’s suffrage the cause of feminism?
  22. Describe differences in the fourth and third waves in feminism
  23. Is feminism important in Islamic nations?
  24. How the feminist movement can enhance women’s superiority
  25. Distribution of sex education and toys- Should society raise girls and boys differently?
  26. Explain the misogyny causes and how to overcome it
  27. Cognitive otherness among genders
  28. Modern men should fight for their rights like women
  29. Global legislation against gender-based inequality
  30. What is sexism and gender discrimination- how to cope with this issue

These are great feminist discussion topics. However, each of these feminist research paper topics requires an extensive investigation of topical issues. Therefore, take your time to research any of these ideas before you decide on the feminist topics for research paper to work with from this category.

Interesting Feminist Essay Topics

Your educator may have asked you to write a feminist essay. That means you need good feminist persuasive topics to inspire you. Here is a list of interesting feminist topics for discussion to consider for your essays.

  1. What is eco-feminism?
  2. Influence of feminism on your life
  3. The feminist movement in the country
  4. How feminism affects modern education
  5. Feminism and fashion- how do they relate?
  6. Anti-feminism and pro-feminism movements
  7. The presentation of feminism in literature
  8. How feminism can influence a brand’s income negatively
  9. The pros and cons of radical feminism
  10. How feminism affects modern men

Select any of these ideas and then develop them after extensive research. That way, you will come up with an essay that will impress your educator to award you the top grade.

Feminism Theory Essay Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a paper about the theory behind feminism. Maybe you’re looking for the feminism philosophy paper topics. In that case, consider this list of feminist thesis topics.

  1. A description of the main features of femininity and masculinity- How biased is each of them?
  2. Discuss the main feminist theories
  3. Spiritual feminism- The description of the main concepts and their origins
  4. What are the differences and similarities between European and African feminists?
  5. An explanation of the main feminist parties’ policies
  6. What is the feminism theory?
  7. A description of the gender’s nature
  8. Analysis of all gender inequality aspects
  9. What would a women-dominated society be like?
  10. Explain the main indicators of inequality in a society

This category has some of the best feminist dissertation topics. That’s because most of these ideas are easy to expand and work with. Nevertheless, you have to research extensively to come up with a quality paper. Also, you can ask our experts “help me with my essay” and get professional assistance.

Students have many feminist topics for debate or research to consider. But whether you opt to write about feminist argumentative essay topics or feminist topics in mythology, take your time to research before writing. Identify different information sources and then explore them to come up with a sound paper or essay using relevant data from authentic and reliable sources. That way, you will impress the educator to award you the top grade in your class.

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