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argumentative essay outline

Argumentative Essay Outline: Writing Tips For Students

One of the things most high school and college students hate to do is essay writing, which is as a result of the complex and technical issues associated with writing a highly effective essay. The worst of it all is when you have to write an argumentative essay. Writing an argumentative essay needs a lot of critical thinking and analysis. To come up with a convincing argumentative essay, you will need an effective and persuasive argumentative essay outline. Having looked at the challenges associated with it, we are going to give you the best techniques on how to write an argumentative essay.

Contained in this article are the winnings tips that will help you towards writing a highly effective and excellent argumentative essay outline. We’ve considered and put together all the information and resources that you will need in writing a highly effective argumentative essay.

What Is an Effective Argumentative Essay Outline?

As a student, an argumentative essay is one of the various academic essays you will encounter at one point or the other. It has to do with using arguments to prove a point, support a point, or move against a position. It is confrontational and persuasive, and for you to have a convincing essay, you must be able to reason quickly and critically. Not just that, argumentative essay is a war, and in fighting wars, you must have a plan and a technique that you must adopt to win the war. For a student to do well with an argumentative essay topic, such students must have a guideline that will help the person. Therefore, an argumentative essay outline has to do with the instructions and techniques which you must follow while writing this kind of essay.

In having an effective argumentative essay outline, you must consider the stages, which include the main idea, the body, and the conclusion. Any useful argumentative essay outline worksheet is dependent on the given topic. The topic itself must be valid and compelling; hence, you must have a good and constructive topic to write on. During the writing process, you should take much care and consideration in preparing an argumentative essay format.

Get A Good Example of Argumentative Essay

One of the ways of writing an excellent argumentative essay is by laying your hands on an already written one, digesting the writeup, taking note of the writing styles employed, the tone of the writer, and the step by step process in its usage. Therefore, the first thing you will have to do is to find a good argumentative essay outline example that you understand very well, read it, and assimilate the guidelines used. You will need it while writing your own.

Choose the Argumentative Essay Topics After Understanding Them

Like I mentioned earlier, the topic which you are writing on is critical in making your essay convincing and compelling. A less controversial topic will not generate much interest from the readers unless twisted controversially. Listed below are some examples of argumentative essay topics.

  • The Ballon d’Or award is superior to the FIFA awards.
  • The sale of alcohol should be banned.
  • Legalizing prostitution will stop child and sex trafficking.
  • Children should be allowed to choose their careers on their own.
  • Using animals for scientific research is cruel.
  • Prohibiting oil exploration and drilling will help in the war against environmental pollution.
  • The only way to get rid of corruption in Africa is to recolonize it.
  • The government should be held responsible for environmental pollution.
  • Smoking in public places should be banned.
  • Gun control can never solve the crime problems of any community.
  • Religion is the biggest problem on earth.

Funny topics can also be used in argumentative essay writing.

Step by Step Process of Writing an Argumentative Essay

The following steps are vital in having a strong argumentative essay outline. They are the four sections of the essay structure, and they include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Develop and Work on your Arguments
  3. Counter and Deconstructively Criticise your Opponent’s Arguments
  4. Conclusion

Step 1: The Introduction

In the introduction, state the problem or topic of discussion in a way that every reader will be able to understand what the whole essay is all about. If you fail to state the topic in a very clear and concise manner, every other point you are going to make will make no sense because the readers will not understand the contents of your writeup. For the introduction, you must mention every background information, history, data, or statistics. If there are quotes associated with the topic, you should do well to mention them too. You will also make use of the techniques called the “hook.” It draws your readers’ attention, whets their appetites, and makes them want to hear what you have to say. Mention why you are writing on the topic, the importance of the issue to you, and who this topic concerns and reasons for that. They are what form your thesis upon which you build and make your points.

Step 2: Develop and Work on your Arguments

In this step, you will have to throw the punches. In doing this, you make use of claims and evidence to back up your points. A claim is the focus of an argumentative essay. It is the claims that you make that will give credence to your arguments. Therefore, you must structure your claims around the thesis which you have developed in the introduction

Another part of this outline is evidence. If you make a claim, you must be able to back it up with evidence. The evidence helps in validating your claims before the readers. For you to have valid evidence, you must do loads of research on the topic concerned, and from the study, you will have enough evidence to support your claims and to debunk the claims of your opponent as well.

Step 3: Counter and Deconstructively Criticise Your Opponent’s Arguments

Under this outline, you state your opponent’s claims, and with the knowledge that you got from your researches, you refute every one of those claims. After stating some viewpoints of your opponents, you make counter-arguments against them. It further weakens the points of your opponents and shows that you understand what the topic of argument is all about.

Step 4: Conclusion

The conclusion is where you bury your opponent. Under this conclusion, you must reiterate the importance of your claims and viewpoints, and what will happen if neglected.

You can see that writing an argumentative essay will be easy and fast if you have a workable outline. Follow the guidelines and steps listed in this article when you are writing the next argumentative essay, and you will be happy that you did. Also, we recommend you to try professional college writing help.

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