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brave new world essay

Brave New World Essay: Writing Guide For Students

Do you have to write a Brave New World essay? Don’t fret! There are many essay topics for Brave New World. To write a comprehensive essay on Brave New World, you need to read the book in-depth. However, not everyone is into reading literary texts. That’s why we have written this Brave New World analysis essay.

In your Brave New World literary analysis essay, you’ll have to cover the characters in Brave New World, some Brave New World quotes, and many more. We advise you to read more about critical essay writing to boost your writing skills. Ready to go through the tips we have prepared for you? Let’s roll!

Brave New World Essay Introduction

To compose a strong essay introduction you need to know some basic facts about the author and his work. The Brave New World is a novel published in 1932. The author, Aldous Huxley, goes 500 years into the future of London in a world called the World State. In this world, humans are bioengineered and trained on how they behave. This world depicts a perfectly stabilized society.

Contemporary society and the World State depict two different worlds with very different ideas. There are, however, some similarities. There is an intertwining between the ideas of love, sex, and individualism.

Brave New World Essay Topics

Here are some Brave New World topics to help you write different types of essays. These include Brave New World technology essay, 1984 and Brave New World comparison essay, and lots more. It also includes some Brave New World essay questions which serve as Brave New World essay prompts. Let’s explore ten Brave New World essay topics below!

  1. Relate these two dystopian novels: “1984” and Brave New World.
  2. Relate the values of the Indians and Londoners in Brave New World.
  3. Is the Brave New World Novel relevant today? Why do you think so?
  4. Are Truth and Happiness compatible?
  5. What is to be suffered for technological progress according to the Brave New World?
  6. How is technology used in Brave New World?
  7. Was it a great idea to reduce the concept of family in a Brave New World?
  8. What was the importance of John’s death in Brave New World? Would there be a completely different narrative if he was alive?
  9. What methods were used by the World State to achieve total control and stability? Were they successful, in your opinion?
  10. According to the Brave New World, what is the importance of diversity and individuality?

Brave New World Soma Essay

In the Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, people derived happiness from consuming good produced en-masse, promiscuous sex, “the feelies,” and the famous Soma drug. This pleasure drug is supposedly perfect and “takes away problems.” In reality, the drug prevents people in the Brave New World from facing negative emotions.

This escape from reality shows very low emotional intelligence, a stumbling block to success. Real success is earned by those who have high emotional intelligence. And without it, people can never indeed be happy or prosperous. Soma here is, in many ways, akin to antidepressants.

Though one could take antidepressants for medical purposes, there is a story twist when one becomes addicted to them. People use antidepressants to escape from reality, making them lose touch with the perception of emotion. Eventually, these addictions lead to the death of addicts as they often overdose and die.

Symbols in Brave New World

  1. The Letter “T”

    This sign shows devotion

  2. Henry Ford

    The founders of the World State base their civilization and calendar on Henry Ford.

  3. Decanters

    These are vessels that are large enough for eggs to develop into infancy.

  4. Soma

    This drug is a hallucinogenic narcotic substance and is the World State’s most effective form of control. Available in pills, pacifiers, and vapor.

Brave New World Themes

There are many related themes in the Brave New World and 1984 essay. They were the first two modern dystopian novels. A Brave New World theme essay will be given in this section. The Brave New World themes can be aptly summed up as:

  • Commodification: Spells how people have no reason to do innovative thinking. It is, however, essential to achieve and maintain a controlled environment with structure.
  • Dystopia: Centers on how the government has complete dictatorship over people. It leads to the destruction of freedom and creativity in a society.
  • Freedom: Here, freedom is being an individual different from the rest of society. However, it is not freedom when people defy societal structures.
  • Human Impulse: Impulsive acts can stabilize or destabilize a society. This could harm self-control and thinking capacity.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge gives people control over the world. However, certain levels of knowledge can lead to the early demise of an individual.
  • Limits of Science: Too much scientific progress often leads to less happiness. Therefore, progress does not always symbolize more happiness.
  • Human Relationships: Strong bonds and emotions, such as love, no longer exist.
  • Utilitarian Happiness: Creating a state of constant happiness makes happiness lose its value. To appreciate health, we must know the pains of sickness.

Brave New World Caste System

  1. Alpha

    They wear grey color and are at the top of the system. They have intellectual superiority to others and are destined to become deep thinkers and leaders.

  2. Beta

    They wear mulberry color. They satisfy their desires and work in places where high technical skill is required.

  3. Gamma

    They wear green and are stupid but very polite and kind. They are made to work service roles.

  4. Delta

    They wear khaki and are docile. They are programmed to dislike flowers and books but are skillful in making things.

  5. Epsilon

    They wear black and are the lowest in the caste. They can’t read or write and are very obedient. They are most suited for menial jobs.

Brave New World Characters

Here are the characters in Brave New World.

  • John

    John is the son of Linda and the Director. He grew up outside the World State and finds it difficult to fit.

  • Bernard Marx

    He’s an alpha male, and he fails to fit into the World State because of his physical stature. He is cruel when threatened.

  • Helmholtz Watson

    He’s an alpha lecturer but feels that his work is empty. He’s Bernard’s friend because they share discontent with the World State.

  • Lenina Crowne

    She’s a vaccination worker, and her unorthodox behavior makes her an object of desire. She has a violent passion for John.

  • Mustapha Mond

    He’s one out of the 10 World Controllers. He gave up science to become a world controller. He’s the New World’s most powerful character.

  • Fanny Crowne

    Lenina Crowne’s friend. She proclaims the caste and society’s expected value—she advises Lenina to have more men in her life.

  • Henry Foster

    Henry is an Alpha male and one of Lenina’s many lovers. He’s causal about his success with Lenina and often discusses her body with his co-workers.

  • Linda

    Linda is a Beta and John’s mother. She got lost during a storm while pregnant with the Director’s son. She wants to return to life in the World State and Soma.

  • The Director

    He’s a threatening figure and has the power to send Bernard on exile to Iceland. He, however, has a dark secret, which is a scandalous act in the World State– he fathered a child (John).

  • The Arch-Community-Songster

    A shallow and secular equivalent of an archbishop.

  • Popé

    Linda’s lover on the Reservation.

  • The Warden

    A talkative chief administrator for the Reservation. He is an Alpha.

Brave New World Ending

At the end of Brave New World, John whips himself in a ritual, and people gather to watch him. Lenina arrives, and John whips her too. The people watching begin an orgy and John takes part. The next day John kills himself overcome with shame and guilt.

Now you can write a brilliant Brave New World Essay! Hire our essay writers to bring that A+ home!

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