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immigration essay

Comprehensive Guide on How to Write an Immigration Essay

Several reasons have facilitated the ever-increasing immigration of people. Population pressure and scarcity of resources have are the major contributing factors. Immigration has become a subject of contention and hardly will it miss in the news.

Scholars have, therefore, integrated this theme of immigration into their research. Schools for both lower grade and college students have also embraced this niche. Were it not so; we wouldn’t have been discussing it here.

Immigration Essay – Handling It The Easy Way

Now, how do you approach an essay on immigration? I know that’s what you’ve been longing to hear. We about to get there in a few; just hold on that breath for a second.

Proper planning is essential for an immigration essay paper, just like the other types of essays. You have to ensure that all the data and facts relevant to the article are at hand. They should be cited well and arranged in an organized manner.

For instance, take a look at this immigration essay sample:

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Immigration and the Economy

Immigration has become one of the hot button debates in the world of politics and just overall. In Europe, many people have grown disenchanted with the amount of immigrants being granted asylum in their country, partially because their wages haven’t grown. I’m here to tell you that there are both good and bad things that come with immigration when looking at the issue through an economic scope. First, let’s start by talking about the good things that immigration brings to the table.

What matters most isn’t the amount of immigrants a country allows in but the type of immigrants. If an immigrant who is young, highly educated, and just beginning his career migrates the a place like the U.S., he or she will provide more benefit to the economy through taxes and contributions. Young immigrants typically provide us with a strong working class that provides fiscal growth. The OECD did studies in France and Scandinavian countries that showed that immigrants raised the GDP by about 1.0% when they were employed to the same degree as citizens. So, when immigrants come into a country ready to work and highly skilled, that is a positive contribution into society because they pay taxes and give in kind contributions to social programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Additionally, immigrants in the technology field are extremely important to the global economy and they provide a huge portion of the tax revenue the government takes in. Additionally, it’s been proven that the children of immigrants tend to be extremely productive and beneficial to the fiscal economy and the economic growth of the nation. And with an aging Baby Boomer population, it will most likely be a huge asset to us if we take in more immigrants who are from a low risk, high reward population.

Of course, there is a bad result of illegal immigration, as the more undocumented immigrants that enter the country, the more the demand for goods and labor increases. In other words, the equilibrium is shifted to the right as more immigrants come into the country. Decades of studies have shown that when immigration increases from lower skilled immigrants, lower skilled native workers are hurt. However, the downward pressure of wages is attributed to much to undocumented citizens. The main reason why there has been a downward pressure on wages in the working class is due to technological advancement and globalization. There are parts of the country that have been negatively affected by immigration, and I think this is now pretty obvious with the results of the last Presidential election.

Still, immigration is a valuable asset to our country and we should be trying to incentivize high skilled immigration while reforming the lower skilled immigration system to protect the workers in the Rust Belt and all throughout the country. And just to finish up, the increase in immigrants can cause the increase in long run aggregate supply, which can put a downward pressure on wages. The economy isn’t as simply as this and there are much more complex issues that are going on right now such as the Baby Boomers, globalization, and technology. Automation is probably the biggest reason why most workers will lost their jobs or experienced decreased wages, and blaming immigrants for this is mostly wrong. Therefore, we need to do a better job of helping our workers in order for them to transition to new jobs. If we leave them behind, we will only have one portion of the country that is extremely angry at the system.

Immigration Essay Research Topics

The beauty with this kind of essay is that you have a comprehensive menu to choose from. It depends on the assignment given.

Some of these categories may include:

  • History of immigration
  • Merits and demerits of the process
  • Effect of immigration on the society
  • Legal implications
  • How it affects the economy of a country
  • Impact of migration on jobs
  • Relationship between immigration and crime
  • Countermeasures against immigration
  • How immigration is impacting educational institutions
  • Racial implications of immigration

The list is endless. Provided you have proper background research on any of these topics, writing will be as fun as a duck swimming in a pond.

The Structure of an Immigration Essay Paper

For the reader to navigate through your paper efficiently, you have to follow a given structure. An essay on immigration outline has to be planned and structured. Do you have a problem with doing this?

We’ve got you covered.

Below is a detailed discussion on the various elements to be included in such an argumentative essay:

1. Introduction

The introduction acts as a landing page for your article. If the runway is rough and full of potholes, then the eyes of the reader will be directed to another landing page.

Make sure that you catch the reader’s attention in the introduction to get them hooked to the rest of the essay. You can use statistics or historical information to usher in your article by providing a substantive background.

The thesis statement should come in at this point. It gives what the essay is going to expound on in the body.

2. Body

Ever thought of being a doctor? Well, let me make you one today. We want to do a very fast cross-examination of our bodies. Between the head, torso, arms, and legs, which one forms the majority of the body? It’s the torso.

With the body of an essay about immigrants, the writer has a lot to do. You need to define some terms, provide pieces of evidence, and describe the explanations offered.

Ensure that you outline the major concerns and stress out on the points that add weight to your argument.

3. Conclusion

Conclude your essay by summarizing the positions described in the body and emphasizing the information. It would help if you offered solutions in this part to the problems arising from immigration-related to the body.

Free Tips for Writing an Immigration Essay

These are some free tips on how you can write an appealing immigration essay which can create an impression on the audience:

  1. Select a precise research topic
  2. Have a thesis outline
  3. Settle one area to discuss from the topic chosen
  4. Brainstorm on the research topic
  5. Have facts and supporting evidence
  6. Proofread your essay at the end

Some Remarks On Immigration Essay Writing

And that’s it! I hope the information served you best and will act as a springboard towards writing your next excellent immigration opinion essay.

Give it a try right now and see how great your essay writing skills have improved through this article. All the best!

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