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IB Extended Essay Topics

100 Latest IB Extended Essay Topics For Tip-Top Grades

Your choice of extended essay topics has never been this more accessible with our orderly list of professionally selected items. So, scroll down to see more.

What is an Extended Essay?

It is a mini-thesis written under the supervision of an IB advisor, and it counts toward the IB Diploma of a learner.

Such an essay requires that you articulate an original and appealing research question, which is the topic. It proceeds with thorough and independent research, which forms the basis of the essay.

The paper is long with up to 4000 words. However, not all assignments of such kind will require you to write all the 40000 words.

How to Write an IB Extended Essay

The following is the outline:

  • Title page
  • Contents page
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • References and bibliography

There are six approved IB extended essay subjects, namely:

  • Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature
  • Group 2: Language Acquisition
  • Group 3: Individuals and Societies
  • Group 4: Sciences
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: The Arts

So, let’s delve into the IB extended essay topics and see how you can also create yours for that urgent assignment.

Interesting History Extended Essay Topics

  1. The fall out of the Soviet Union
  2. Why was their bias during the Salem witch trials
  3. The importance of the Treaty of Versailles
  4. How the Cuban missile crisis-affected people and population
  5. Why did Stalin and Hitler sign a pact and what was its implication
  6. The role of the Pearl Harbor checkpoint during the 2nd World War
  7. Why did opium emerge as a rural culture
  8. The effect of political allusions in Shakespeare’s drama
  9. Why were Hiroshima and Nagasaki the only target for the atomic bombings in Japan
  10. The conquest of Britain by the mighty Roman Empire
  11. Why did the Western countries dominate in modern history?
  12. How did Abraham Lincoln pass the 13th amendment?
  13. Why did Nazi Germany and USSR in 1939 continuously invade Poland?
  14. The rise of the Chinese communist party-state
  15. What led to the Holocaust by the Germans?

English Extended Essay Topics

  1. The primary sources of new words in modern English?
  2. What is the impact of the styles in English on its speakers?
  3. Where did English borrow words?
  4. How does Victorian poetry use symbolism?
  5. How has learning literature in English impacted students?
  6. Examination of Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle
  7. How various plays in English have helped stop gender-based violence
  8. The importance of sarcasm in William Shakespeares’s plays
  9. Why Romeo and Juliet have persisted up to the 21st century
  10. How English as a language has been a unifying factor
  11. Compare and Contrast Jane Austen’s Books
  12. How racism comes out in Joseph Conrad’s portray, “Racism in the Heart of Darkness?”
  13. The characterization of Harry Potter
  14. What are the similarities and differences between Stephen King and Charles Dickens?
  15. The portrayal of ethnicity and sexuality in various works of art

Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. How photosynthesis takes place in the absence of light
  2. The effect of changing the habitat of plants
  3. Similarities and differences between mammals and birds
  4. How does pollination occur in remote areas?
  5. Why do plants act as herbal medicine?
  6. Distinguish between symbiotic and mutual relationships?
  7. Why are whales classified as mammals?
  8. The process of reproduction in amphibians
  9. Biological mechanisms for the excretion
  10. Why infectious viruses persist for a long time
  11. The effect of drugs on the human brain
  12. Is it possible to manufacture flowers
  13. The impact of climate change on plants reproduction patterns
  14. How living organisms in yogurt reduce the concentration
  15. The working mechanism of growth hormones

Chemistry Extended Essay topics

  1. Role of catalyst in enzymatic reactions
  2. Why different countries have a separate iron intake
  3. Factors that affect the value of iodine in cooking oils
  4. Why time and temperate are essential for acids
  5. How to reduce the levels of caffeine in tea and coffee
  6. Why milk sours faster with increased temperature
  7. The use of the weak Van Der Waals forces
  8. The differences between different polymers
  9. How practical is the test for nitrogen in the air?
  10. Do we have clean air?

Physics Extended Essay Topics

  1. Physical mechanisms that affect the earth’s magnetic field
  2. The role of Cosmic microwave in supporting the Big Bang theory
  3. Does the Redshifted light from galaxies practically prove an expanding universe?
  4. The laws of propagation and their impact on the earth
  5. How do magnetism and magnetic force work?
  6. The bombardment of particles in the atmosphere
  7. How does light travel to and fro?
  8. How to develop the physical thought
  9. Factors affecting the refractive index of water
  10. Impact of the wheel diameter on muddy roads

Psychology Extended Essay Topics

  1. What is the cause of breakups?
  2. Why does adrenaline play a key role in human functioning?
  3. How egocentric parents influence their children
  4. The purpose of television in creating laziness and crime
  5. Causes of early school dropouts among teenage ladies
  6. Several suicide behaviors and their development over time
  7. Why do most people prefer fast food?
  8. How to treat phobias step by step
  9. Differences between different methods of learning and their effectiveness
  10. How to control dreams – nightmares, night walkings, etc.

Math Extended Essay Topics

  1. Which methods do statistics follow
  2. Determining the symmetries of plane tessellations
  3. How to calculate general relativity and cosmology
  4. Fractions used by Egyptians and their significance for arithmetic
  5. The theory of partitions and its importance in mathematics
  6. How to use the spirograph together with curves
  7. Ways of calculating volumes
  8. How to use voting polynomials to determine fairness

Economics Extended Essay Examples

  1. Striking a balance between supply and demand
  2. Impact of COVID-19 on economies
  3. The role of economic stimulus packages in boosting the economy
  4. Least affected sectors of the economy during the coronavirus
  5. How medical suppliers are reaping big from the pandemic
  6. Why developed countries invest in third world countries
  7. The economic impact of technology on labor

World Religion Studies IB Extended Essay Examples

  1. The figure of Jesus in Islam and Christianity
  2. The existence of heaven and hell
  3. What is the nature of man
  4. How religion responds to science
  5. Who created the universe?
  6. Missionary activity in the Middle East
  7. Differences in days of worship
  8. Is atheism a religion?
  9. The growth of polytheism
  10. Should people offer sacrifices?

There you have all the top-notch extended essay ideas for your homework or class assignment. If you need writing help on any of the topics, feel free to contact our pool of guru writers at once. We are always happy to help.

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