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Environment Essay Topics

95 Killer Environment Essay Topics – Choose Your Favorite!

Environment essays are common in all levels of your academic studies. Whenever your instructor assigns you such a paper, he/she expects you to come up with an original topic for the environmental essay.

With emerging developments worldwide, it is possible to develop top-notch ideas for essays on the environment. But where can you derive such topics? Look no further! Here is a list of sources for issues dealing with environmental problems:

  • Latest news developments on the environment
  • Environmental journals and articles
  • Documentaries
  • Visiting the Amazon forest can be a great idea too

The secret is to make sure that your environmental science essay appeals to the reader’s eye from the very go. If the topic is not attractive, then nobody would bother reading a sentence further. A top-rated topic on the environment should:

  • Offer a solution to environmental problems
  • Highlight possible measures of ecological conservation
  • Show the benefit of the environment to man and vice versa
  • Provide new insights on emerging environmental issues

There are a plethora of environmental issues to write about either for your essay or research paper. Below is a list of quality ecology essay topics for college students:

Human Impact on the Environment Essay Topics

  1. How overpopulation is becoming a global pandemic on the environment
  2. Ways in which pollution by trash is affecting nature
  3. The release of Carbon (IV) Oxide into the atmosphere by man
  4. Are Genetically Modified Organisms a threat to the environment?
  5. Water pollution by humans next to rivers, seas, and oceans
  6. How overfishing is impacting aquatic life
  7. Effects of deforestation by the man when clearing land for settlement
  8. Why burning coal by humans is causing excessive acid rain
  9. Chemicals emitted by man which deplete the ozone layer
  10. Agricultural activities that are a ticking time bomb on the environment

Nature and Environment Essay Topics

  1. The psychology of nature and the environment
  2. How is nature connectedness and happiness related?
  3. Why urbanization is a potential risk to the environment
  4. Assess the impacts of daily activities on the environment
  5. How are mental health and the natural environment related?
  6. Do people value street trees as nature beautifiers?
  7. Is it time to do something about how people see the environment?
  8. The moral concern behind environmental conservation
  9. How do natural and human made environments differ?
  10. Should we advocate for more human made environments?

Environment Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should the government promote the recycling of all products?
  2. Is pollution the only imminent threat to the environment?
  3. Can we introduce environment conservation as a core course?
  4. Should any person found littering face the law?
  5. Can we achieve a green environment devoid of any pollutants?
  6. Do people who smoke outdoors have an impact on the environment?
  7. Can large cities get rid of air pollution from motor vehicles?
  8. Is global warming real or a mere theory by scientists?
  9. Are we likely to have any forest cover left by 2040?
  10. Is nuclear power safe for the environment?

Good Environment Argument Essay Topics on Conservation

  1. Why should everybody help to protect the environment?
  2. Should schools introduce cycling as a means of transport to school?
  3. Why you should turn off your computer when you are not using it
  4. Should people buy bottled water? Why?
  5. How can renewable sources of energy help save the environment?
  6. Should the government impose restrictions on deep-sea fishing?
  7. Are technological advances such as 5G harmful to the environment?
  8. Do you think it is necessary to have environmental awareness forums?
  9. Do people celebrate the ‘World Environment Day’ as they ought to?
  10. Should the government provide recycling facilities to homesteads?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Environment For High School Students

  1. Discuss alternative forms of energy that people can use
  2. Who are the most critical frontiers in environmental conservation?
  3. Why are most people ignorant of protecting the environment?
  4. Ways in which animals damage the environment
  5. Do people observe ecological guidelines?
  6. Why should each home have a tree?
  7. How do factories and industries waste energy?
  8. Are legislative measures against environmental pollution sufficient?
  9. How to make high school students conserve their environment.
  10. Should we encourage a paperless society?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Environment

  1. Industries should stop emitting waste into rivers.
  2. Is the mass media doing enough to help in environmental awareness?
  3. Environment pollution offenders must face a jail term.
  4. How the coronavirus has helped recover the environment.
  5. Ways in which wild animals affect the environment.
  6. Why should the government pronounce itself on people who infringe on forest land?
  7. Is it too late to save our planet?
  8. Can people live without electricity for a day?
  9. Should we have ‘environmental police officers?’
  10. Who is responsible for cleaning public parks?

Technology Saving Environment Essay Topics

  1. How smart home technology is a game-changer
  2. Are electric vehicles the way to go?
  3. How effective is the ‘Direct Air Capture’ (DAC) environmental technology?
  4. Technological methods of monitoring greenhouse gases
  5. Using an infrared sensor to monitor methane gas
  6. The role of the UAV drone attached to a gas sensor in measuring harmful gases
  7. How paperless technologies are saving the world
  8. The part of technology in developing environment conservation techniques
  9. Technology and environmental conservation
  10. Is technology more damaging to the environment?

Cause and Effect Topics on the Environment

  1. Causes and effects of poor sanitation and waste management
  2. Why is the garbage problem worse than we thought?
  3. Effects of chemical pollutants in rivers
  4. Is blast fishing saving or killing aquatic life?
  5. What causes glacier melting in the Polar Regions?
  6. Effects of harmful gases to the human respiratory system
  7. Human causes of climate change
  8. Long term effects of pollution on the ozone layer
  9. Causes of hurricanes and tsunamis
  10. The impact of severe ozone layer depletion

Religion and the Environment Essay Topics

  1. How the Buddhist notion of Karma alone helps in environmental conservation and responsibility
  2. Bible verses that touch on protecting the environment
  3. The influence of Confucianism on ecological conservation
  4. Why is there a close relationship between religion and the environment?
  5. Islam teaching on the role of people towards the environment
  6. The theology of creation according to Judaism
  7. Hinduism’s support of renewable fuels
  8. Ways in which to adapt religious teachings to environmental conservation
  9. The sacredness of nature according to religion
  10. The spectrum belief of caring for creation

Environmental Science Essay Topics

  1. Discuss how the endemic and endangered animal species of the world survive
  2. Nuclear hazards: effects and ways of controlling them effectively
  3. Is it possible to achieve food security in the world?
  4. Identify and describe the various sources of energy that remain untapped
  5. What are the causes of the decline in food resources?

Environment essay topics are all around us. From home to the school, all the way to the church! All you have to do is spot them and craft authentic and appealing topics for your environmental essays.

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