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Creative Essay Writing: Tips, Format, And Top 10 Topics

Creative essays are open-minded writing prompts that you will face at some point in college. Notably, it is one of the academic writings that students find very difficult as it requires a lot of skills and diligence. This brings us to the main question: “how do you write a creative essay?”

This post is a comprehensive guide designed to help you understand how to write a creative essay and win top marks. It outlines proven tips, format, and hot creative essay ideas that you can use.

What is a Creative Essay?

A creative essay can be categorized as a type of narrative writing because it allows students to express themselves freely. This means that you have the chance to go past the set guidelines. In other words, you are required to create a story. And not simply any story, but an interesting one that has a convincing path.

The good thing about creative writing essays is that there are no restrictions. So, get out and be creative! But some professors might opt to help you narrow down by asking you to focus your topic on specific areas. But even in such a scenario, you will still need to get own path.

Top 10 Creative Writing Topics

Before setting off to writing your essay, the first step is selecting the creative essay topic of choice. The goal is ensuring to pick a topic that you are interested in to avoid getting bored midway. To get you started, here are some 10 creative topics to write about. You can use them as they are or tweak to match your preference.

  1. Explain a situation in your life when things got out of control and flipped off
  2. Can you create a story in a person’s life when his ideas helped change the society
  3. Suggest a scenario in the future where technology controls everything.
  4. Can you showcase something that you cannot live without
  5. Give your views about a topic that greatly hurts you
  6. If you become invisible for one day, what would you do?
  7. Imagine waking up in another person’s body: What would you do?
  8. You have been chosen to go and start life on Mars: What would you pack?
  9. A creative essay narrating your happiest moments.
  10. If you had the ability to select a superpower, what would it be?

This list can continue forever. Your tutor will always require you to link the essay to the subject that you are studying at the moment. Therefore, it pays to read other creative essay examples to understand how to craft a winning paper and use the best format.

How to Write a Creative Essay: What to Do Before Starting

Writing a winning creative paper is all about good planning. Indeed, the process commences way before you open a blank page of your tablet to write the essay. Let your imagination roam. But even with this freedom, you need to adhere to some guidelines. Here are crucial things to consider before starting.

  • Be confident about the topic of choice. Although creative papers come with a lot of freedom, they can be confusing. Take some moment to think through the topic of choice to ensure it is the right one. Do you like it? Does it have ample supportive materials?
  • Take a moment to focus on the targeted audience. The goal is to understand the audience so that you can pick the right language. This way, the audience will not get bored.
  • Create a good outline for the essay. When you have a clear plan, it becomes easy to organize your thoughts. Also, it becomes easy to create a perfectly flowing essay that readers will enjoy from the start to end.

How to Write a Creative Essay: The Essay Structure

A simple 3-paragraph essay structure comprises three core parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. Introduction (Set Up)

    In this part, you introduce the key players as well as the events that usher the main scenario in the essay. When you select creative ways to start an essay, it becomes easy to grab the attention of the reader and make him/her want to read more. Consider using hook statements such as quotes or mind-blowing statistics to grab the reader’s attention.

  2. Body (Confrontation)

    The introduction briefly highlights what you will discuss in the essay. When you get to the body, go into details of the problem or event of focus. If you have a couple of points, make sure each of them takes its own paragraph. Note that the body should not be used to provide the answer to the essay question.

  3. Conclusion (Resolution)

    The last part of your essay is the resolution. This is the climax of the essay where you answer the core questions: what, who, where, how, or when. Note that even if you write a good essay but have a poor conclusion, there is a risk of getting poor marks. Therefore, please give it a lot of focus to make the essay feel complete and interesting.

Pro Tips for Writing a Creative Paper

  • Make sure to hone your skills well by reading a top creativity essay example.
  • Do not wait until when it is too late to get started. The best idea is starting the assignment as immediately as possible.
  • Start by writing a draft before working on the final copy. This gives you the opportunity to improve the paper before submitting it for marking.
  • Proofread your paper carefully to correct unclear sentences, remove clichés, and strike the right flow of ideas from the start to end.

With the above guide, a creative essay should now be smooth. Be creative and organize your points using the structure we have provided in this guide. But if you still find it difficult, do not hesitate to seek essay writing help. The assistance is provided by experts who understand what is creativity essay and are willing to craft the best paper.

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