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respect essay

How To Write A Great Respect Essay – Simple Steps 

Essays about respect are more practical because they apply to everyone. Therefore, it would be close to impossible to miss such an assignment in high school or college. But what’s the catch? Read on to find fast and easy to follow steps from our writing experts.

Definition Essay on Respect

For us to begin on the right foot, we have to understand the meaning of respect. It refers to feeling a sense of deep admiration for something or someone due to their qualities, abilities, or achievements.

Therefore, an essay on respect is an academic paper designed to bring out the high regard one has for society.

What is the Aim of Papers on Respect?

A paper on respect is important for the following reasons:

  1. To gauge the student’s understanding of the term ‘respect.’
  2. To help the learner point out areas in life where respect is paramount.
  3. To make the student identify some of the shortcomings of respect.

We cannot exhaust the importance of respect essay in three points alone. There are many other reasons for the necessity of such an assignment, including testing the student’s writing skills. Thus, it is not a simple paper where students can throw points here and there to earn grades.

On the contrary, a 500-word essay on respect can seem like a dissertation paper in terms of research and writing structure.

What is Respect Essay? Structure and Outline

From the meaning of respect essay discussed above, you will note that it is a paper with set guidelines on structuring and formatting it. The following is a sneak preview of what we mean:

  • Introduction: Like any other essay, begin with a clear intro with a definition of terms (if any), background of your topic, and a thesis statement. Always strive to start with an interesting statement on the respect that will hook your reader to your essay.
  • Body: Since this is a topic applicable in society, you should have practical examples from the community to support your claims. Arrange your body paragraphs, beginning with the most important points to the least.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your paper and provide a takeaway if possible. The conclusion should be as short as possible and to the point.

Now that you have your essay structure in place, here are some expert writing ideas for various respect essay topics and a sample essay on respect.

Sample Respect Essay To Copy

Respectful Workplace

The governments of various countries are after ensuring the workplace of employees is safe, supportive, and healthy. This is possible through ensuring that diversity is valued, and each and every person in different organisations is given the deserved dignity and respect. The workplace environment should be nurturing and healthy. Mutual respect and cooperation should also be prevailed since this is necessary for contributing to a positive outcome, especially when it comes to benefit and growth of all employees (Lee & Lovell, 2014).

The Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia is after ensuring safety and health is promoted in the workplace. This body is after ensuring that the workers of British Columbians are free from health, injury, death, and disease at the workplace. It is a requirement according to this act that all employers must take the initiative of preventing where possible and minimising harassment and bullying in the workplace. Bullying and harassment are likely to stress the employees, and this will contribute to a negative impact on their mental health. If the employer notices of circumstances related to harassment and bullying in the workplace, then corrective and preventive procedures should be put in place in the workplace (Almost et al, 2015). This should include providing supervision and direction to the workers who are affected. The employees may also be given training so as to manage the difficult situation or imposition of arrangements related to the workplace in order to minimise risks of harassment and bullying.

British Colombian’s Human Right Code is concerned with the human rights in British Colombia. The code protects individuals from being treated poorly and differently because of their gender. It states that the rights of each and every person should be respected. The B.C. is a crucial law that aims at protecting individuals from discrimination and harassment. The law gives the individuals in various organisations the right to go and file a complaint or complaints if they think they have been discriminated in any way or harassed. The complaints are to be filled with the BC Human Right Tribunal, and the Tribunal can protect anyone who has filed a complaint with any form of retaliation. According to B.C., it is illegal to harass or discriminate a person against their colour, race ancestry, religion, place of origin, marital status, family status, mental or physical disability, lawful sources of income (this applies to tenancy), political belief (in the workplace), criminal conviction (in the workplace), age, sexual orientation, and sex (this includes sexual harassment, breastfeeding, and pregnancy) (Almost et al, 2015). The harassment, in this case, refers to behaviour that is insulting, offensive, or demeaning, and unwelcome comments.

Canada is a territory where the workplace environment of the employees governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Recently, three policies were added to the OHS policies related to bullying and harassment. The employer, supervisor, and the workers should ensure the workplace is safe. The employer has the role of making sure that the health and safety of the workers are taken care of. The employer should do away with any element and minimise harassment and bullying in the workplace. Bullying and harassment in the workplace are likely to affect the employees in the following ways; illness, injury, or death. The workers of the organisation should take reasonable care for protecting their safety and health and that of other workers (WorkSafeBC, 2015). Reasonable steps must be made by the workers to do away or minimise the elements of harassment and bullying. The OHS policies also apply to the supervisors. Due to their supervision, the supervisors should make sure the safety and health of the workers who are under them are catered for. This is possible through eliminating all elements or minimising issues to do with bullying and harassment. This is because bullying and harassment may cause injury, illness, or death to the workers. The WorkSafeBC officers will be going round organisations making sure that the policies are implemented and are carefully followed to ensure safety and health of employees.

Self-Respect Essay Writing Prompts

Cover the following aspects for such a paper:

  • Why is it important to stand up for yourself?
  • What is your worth in society?
  • How self-respect helps one overcome self-esteem issues

Write it from a personal point of view, including personal experiences, to drive the point home.

Ideas For An Essay on Respect For Teachers

It falls under the ‘respect for others category.’ Write on points such as:

  • Why should students hold their teachers in high esteem?
  • Are there consequences for disrespecting teachers?
  • How does respect for teachers relate to student performance?

Let it be from a student-teacher perspective.

Prompts For Respect Definition Essay

Such a paper deals with stating the meaning of terminologies related to respect. You can write on:

  • Definitions of respect from different authors
  • Do these definitions bring out the true meaning of the term respect?
  • What are the pitfalls of some definitions?

Resist the temptation of forgetting to cite the authors.

Suggestions For ‘What Respect Means To Me Essay’

Include points such as:

  • What you can draw from existing definitions of ‘respect.’
  • A definition of ‘respect’ out of a personal experience

You can paraphrase the existing meanings of ‘respect’ from different authors.

Why Should We Respect Our Elders Essay Prompts

Write on:

  • The essence of elders in society
  • Impact of generational gaps on respect for elders
  • Ways of respecting elders

Respect Essay For Students – Writing Ideas

Talk about:

  • How to cultivate respect among students
  • Why teenagers are fond of disrespect
  • Role of teachers in ensuring respect among students

Essay On Respect in the Military

Center your points on the following:

  • Why respect is a core tenet of any military training
  • How soldiers show respect for their superiors
  • What happens when a soldier fails to show respect?

Whether it’s a 1000 word essay on respect or respect for elders’ essay, you can use our professional ideas to get started.

We also offer quality and cheap essay writing help online for students.


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