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How to Write an Identity Essay And Get An A+

Many students don’t know where to start when asked to write an identity essay. Just like a personal essay, this assignment is very common in universities and colleges. Most learning institutions ask learners to write a cultural identity essay when making their application statements. That’s because the admission board wants to know who the applicant is. As such, this assignment is very popular in the academic world.

What’s more, college students majoring in sociology, psychology, and other social sciences may be asked to write an essay about self-identity. Typically, educators ask them to write essays about identity or cultural identity topics. In this case, a learner may be asked to explain how their identity relates to perceptions, experiences, and developmental states. When writing such an essay, a learner should use statistical data, personal experience, and real-life examples or illustrations to back their essay.

What is an Identity Essay?

An essay about identity is an academic write-up that explains who you are. It tells the readers how your community and peers view you. When writing this essay, a student discovers, explores, and shares their identity perceptions.

Students write identity essays to tell the audience who they are, how they perceive themselves, and how others view them. To be effective, these essays should cover various facets of the learners’ identity. For instance, this essay should explain the origin of a learner’s name, character, values, and principles. It should also cover facets like family, friends, culture, and community.

An educator can even ask a learner to write what shapes your identity essay. In that case, the student should talk about things that mold their identity, including their community. Ideally, the educator wants the learners to explore personal life to understand how experiences and other people have helped form their identity. If you’re not sure you can handle it, google “write essay for me.”

When written properly, a personal identity essay tells the audience how a learner views themselves and how their identity relates to the experiences and people they have had in life.

How to Write a Cultural Identity Essay

Before you write a cultural identity essay, it’s important to understand the subject. Cultural identity can refer to a group that a student identifies with based on crucial factors like generation, religion, and race. However, cultural identity is not just about belonging, it’s a collection of factors that a person and members of their group share. These can include traditions, similar beliefs, and habits. So, when asked to write an essay on identity, a learner can explore some of these aspects.

Goals of an Identity Essay

This academic write-up can be described as a personal essay. It explains your personality and what makes you exclusively unique. But, you tell the audience how culture has influenced your personality. So, before you start writing ask yourself, how do I write a cultural identity essay about myself? That way, you can focus on telling the audience how culture has influenced you when forming your ideas, philosophies, and beliefs.

The goal of this essay is to prove to your audience that you are unique while describing a specific cultural focus. For instance, if you’re an African-American, you can tell the audience how the traditions followed by your community have influenced or helped in shaping your identity or personality. Also, tell your readers more about being part of the American conservatives and what it entails. You can also discuss the beliefs and principles that you share.

Structure of a Culture and Identity Essay

In most cases, a self-identity essay comes has a similar structure. It only varies in size. For instance, your college educator may ask you to write a 5-paragraph essay. At the university, you may be asked to write a 10-paragraph essay on the same subject. However, the elements of this essay are the same. Here are the main parts of this essay.

  • Introduction: The identity essay introduction is an important part of the entire write-up because that’s where you tell the readers who you’re and what has molded your personality. Thus, this is the part where you share your background. The length of the introduction will depend on the overall essay size. However, your introduction should not exceed 10% of the entire essay. Also, avoid disclosing everything about your identity in this section. The introduction should hint, interest, and tease your readers without revealing everything at once.
  • Thesis: The thesis is technically the last sentence in the introduction. Ideally, this is a powerful, argumentative claim that you will be proving in the essay. To come up with a thesis, ask yourself, what is the purpose of my cultural identity essay? Do you want to focus on being an African-American? If so, explain how this has affected your personality. You can also read other essays on similar topics to learn how to write a thesis for this essay.
  • Body: This is the section that determines the length of the essay. For instance, your body section will have more paragraphs when writing a long essay on identity theft. A 1500 words essay will have more paragraphs than a shorter one with 500 words. In the body, your goal is to prove your thesis. Therefore, present your analysis in this section. Use different ideas to build logical connections and their effects on your personality. Don’t state examples of cultural events that shaped your personality. Instead, explain how they helped shape your identity. Also, make sure that every paragraph in your essay has an appropriate opening and closing sentence.
  • Conclusion: In this section, you restate the main points that you mention in the body of your essay. Ask yourself, has my identity essay achieved the goal I had when starting? Also, emphasize your thesis in the conclusion. Repeat your cultural identity and tell the audience its effects on you.

Interesting Identity Essay Topics

A major challenge that many students face when asked to write this essay is selecting their topics. Your essay can be the easiest or the most challenging depending on your chosen topic.

Here are some of the best essay topics on identity to consider:

  1. What is cultural identity and how is it formed?
  2. How a cultural agency can negotiate diasporic black identity
  3. How culture influences identity
  4. Reinforcing cultural identity
  5. How cultural identity influences workplace identity
  6. Cultural identity crisis among the immigrants
  7. Hindrances of cultural identity among the American citizens
  8. How cultural differences affect a person’s identity
  9. How childhood cultural events influence personality
  10. Influence of cultural identity on daily life
  11. Cultural identity is the lens via which people observe other subjects in society
  12. Cultural identity as a factor in commercials
  13. How your identity influences your life
  14. Why you should consider cultural identity when creating commercials
  15. Cultural identity as a theme in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  16. Identity in To Kill A Mockingbird

Ideally, students have many topics to consider when writing this essay. But whether you opt to write an identity theft essay or a racial identity essay, take your time to research your topic. That’s because your educator wants to be convinced that you know what you’re writing about. What’s more, your essay should tell the audience something new.

Helpful Tips to Guide You

You want to write an essay that will earn you the top grade. Follow these tips to come up with an essay that will impress the educator and compel them to award you the best grade.

  • Focus: Decide what your essay will focus on before you start writing. For instance, decide whether to write a language and identity essay or a dissociative identity disorder essay. Think about your focus and topic carefully. Also, consider the direction your essay will take to meet the specified word count. Also, select a topic you’re passionate about. That way, you will have an easy time writing the essay.
  • Brainstorm: Determining what molded your identity is not easy. Therefore, don’t skip the brainstorming part. Instead, think about all aspects that relate to your identity. Select the most influential aspects of your identity and write about them.
  • Outline your essay: Outlining your essay is important, especially when it’s long. That way, you avoid leaving out crucial points in your essay. What’s more, an outline will enable you to stick to your topic and direction of your essay. Thus, you avoid losing track when you create an outline for your essay.
  • Include examples: To help the audience understand what shapes your identity, include examples and illustrations in your essay. For instance, when writing an essay on gender identity, tell the audience how being a male or female shapes your personality. What are some of the things you can’t do just because you’re a male or female?
  • Include linking words: Include linking words in your opening and closing sentences. These may include “thus”, “additionally”, “therefore”, and “furthermore”. Using such words in your essay will help in bridging your ideas. Ideally, don’t jump from one fact to another. Instead, present facts and ideas sequentially.
  • Stay personal: If the educator didn’t ask you to describe a general identity concept, focus on yourself. That means using your personality or identity to pass the message. Ideally, tell your readers about your life experiences. For instance, when writing an ethnic identity essay, tell the audience how ethnicity has molded your identity.
  • Proofread your essay: Once you’re done writing the essay, go through it carefully removing typo, grammatical, and spelling errors. Check everything to ensure that your essay doesn’t have awkward phrases, inconsistencies, or typo errors.

Culture and identity have many aspects that a student can cover when completing this assignment. Whether the educator has asked you to write a gender identity essay or an American identity essay, take your time to research and brainstorm before you start writing. Once you start writing, follow the guidelines and tips highlighted here to come up with a brilliant essay.

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