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holocaust essay topics

150+ Important Holocaust Essay Topics To Write About

Holocaust was a terrible process throughout Europe between the years 1933 and 1945. During the Second World War, almost six million Jews were murdered in the state-sponsored persecution by the Nazis. This Genocide is known as the Holocaust.

The word means burnt offering, or it is also used to describe massive killing, which was synonymous with the murder of the Jews during the Second World War. Holocaust studies is a research field that encompasses the study and research of the Holocaust. The Holocaust research investigates the different aspects of its demography, methodology, sociology, and psychology.

Furthermore, suppose you wish to study holocaust studies. In that case, you will also learn about Nazi Germany, Jewish history, World War II, Christian-Jewish relation history, ethics, social responsibility, Holocaust theology, and Genocide. As a part of the study, you will explore the trauma, experiences, and testimonies of Holocaust survivors. The genocide study will also include human rights, Jewish life, and everything about Jewish life in the post-Holocaust world. Holocaust research or genocide studies are essential for anyone who wants to work as a historian in the future.

Tips On Writing A Good Essay

Holocaust was a significant event that occurred in history that affected many people. For this and other reasons, Holocaust studies have been popular among people who have a keen interest in history. Your professors will expect you to develop an exciting and original holocaust research paper. It would be best to start with an excellent introduction to excite the reader to know more topics.

Next, you should do extensive research about the facts and figures related to your topic. Holocaust is one of the topics that has been covered in depth by many historians, so it’s crucial to look into the background and details related to your topic. Formulate a thesis statement that is the highlight of your research. Start the main body of your research paper by showcasing the findings from your research. Lastly, write a striking conclusion that reminds the reader of your stand. In the section below, we have collected some essential tips that will allow you to create an exciting and in-depth research paper for your studies:

  • Do Your Research: There is large volume of information on this era; you need to be patient and determined enough to go through as much information you can get and sift out the most relevant information. You need to try out your luck; you never know you might get your hands on some unique information that is not readily available.
  • Visit the Historic Sites: If you reside in Europe or it’s possible for you, you should consider physically visiting the historical sites. This will allow you to collect first-hand evidence of the historical artifacts present there. Also, this will enrich your experience and nurture your thoughts for your research paper. If a physical tour is not possible, then a virtual tour is also an option that can be considered.
  • Join Related Groups: Many associations and groups are working worldwide to ensure the immortality of the event. Join such groups to connect with information that will significantly benefit your research paper. The groups can also be fruitful in offering answers related to the research that you conducted about Holocaust.
  • Go Online: The Internet has tonnes and tonnes of information on this era. You can browse portals, websites, and forums to get the most relevant information for the best academic work. You can also register yourself on some online libraries dedicated exclusively to this event.
  • Visit Libraries: Libraries are always a good option to gather information. Check out departmental libraries, public libraries, or any other you can find to try your luck with some exclusive details on the era of the Holocaust.

List Of Holocaust Topics

Choosing an appropriate, professional and interesting topic is not easy, especially when you are under so much pressure related to your thesis. To make things easier, we have collected 168 creative Holocaust essay thesis ideas that you can work on.

Holocaust Questions For Essays

  1. Why should the Holocaust be taught?
  2. Can one person be held responsible for the terrible era of the Holocaust?
  3. Holocaust, a consequence of war or a planned action?
  4. How important is it to talk about the Holocaust in History classes?
  5. Did humanity learn from its past? Describe your point of view regarding the Holocaust
  6. Should the international community intervene if something similar to the Genocide happens today?
  7. Can something similar to the Genocide happen in Modern Germany? Explain your view
  8. Why should the American Indian Holocaust be remembered?
  9. Are stereotypes dangerous? Explain with relation to the Holocaust

Holocaust Topics For Essays

  1. The Holocaust theme and its responsibility
  2. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  3. Antisemitism, liberal democracy, and the Holocaust
  4. ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel, a book on the Holocaust experience
  5. Holocaust history: Destruction of the Jewish community
  6. Jewish extermination in the Holocaust
  7. Holocaust was a planned and systematic destruction of a racial, political and cultural group
  8. Building Germany, the Holocaust memorial; Peter Eisenman.
  9. How was the Holocaust conducted?
  10. The Holocaust: Analyzing Life in the Warsaw, Kovnu and Lodz Ghettos
  11. The role of Reinhard Heydrich in the Holocaust
  12. Relationship of Cold War and the Holocaust
  13. The Holocaust representation in Virginia Holocaust Museum
  14. In depth timeline of Holocaust history

Holocaust Essay Prompts

  1. Methods for killing used in the Nazi camps
  2. Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
  3. The Holocaust-era and how it developed
  4. Repercussions of Holocaust on survivors
  5. Nazi’s racial imperialism and the Holocaust
  6. Anti-Jewish Nazi policies and actions during the Holocaust
  7. The Holocaust Effects as described in the books “Tzili” and “Wartime Lies.”
  8. Holocaust as presented in the book “Survival in Auschwitz” by Primo Levi
  9. A deeper look into the Holocaust Memorial Museum
  10. Stuttgart declaration of guilt and the Holocaust
  11. The public memory created for the Holocaust
  12. Take a deeper look into Holocaust poetry
  13. Origins of the Virginia Holocaust Museum
  14. Motives of people who deny Holocaust
  15. Holocaust in France/Italy/Poland/Denmark/Hungary
  16. Analyzing the main stages of the Holocaust in Poland
  17. The twin experiments during the Holocaust
  18. A psychological analysis: Bystanders and upstanders during the Holocaust
  19. The forms of the Jewish resistance in the Holocaust

Holocaust Essay Questions

  1. How were the prisoners in concentration camps deprived of human dignity by Nazis during the Genocide?
  2. How did the Nazi propaganda force people to forget Germans about fundamental moral principles during the Holocaust?
  3. Why did Nazis persecute homosexuals during the Holocaust?
  4. What laws were adopted targeting Germans in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust?
  5. Why were only 12 Nazi criminals were sentenced to death in the Nuremberg trials?
  6. Was Heinrich Himmler responsible for the Holocaust?
  7. Why is it necessary for the modern youth to visit Holocaust memorials?
  8. What was the role of the Holocaust in the creation of Israel?

Holocaust Paper Topics

  1. The mass killing of six million Jews
  2. Jehovah survivors after the Holocaust
  3. The development of science and the Holocaust in Nazi Germany
  4. How different historians have projected Holocaust over the years
  5. Imprisonment and Post-Holocaust literary works
  6. Holocaust as depicted in “Maus” Novel by Art Spiegelman
  7. Historical analysis of the Holocaust
  8. Henry Orenstein: Entrepreneur and a Holocaust survivor
  9. Holocaust and Vatican: Did Pope help Jews
  10. The story of the hero Irena Sandler and how she saved 25000 children from mass killing
  11. Horrors of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp during the Holocaust
  12. Political correctness, censorship, and the Holocaust
  13. The Experiences of the Jewish families during the Holocaust
  14. From Discrimination to Concentration Camps; the reality of the Holocaust
  15. Holocaust denial: Is it ethical?

Research Topics on the Holocaust

  1. Comparing the Jewish refugees during the Genocide and the Syrian refugees now
  2. Psychological pain for the victims of the Holocaust
  3. History of World War II
  4. Lesson learned from the Holocaust: Harnessing tolerance
  5. The reaction of Americans to the Jewish Holocaust
  6. The story of Aribert Heim, also known as Dr.Derath
  7. The reaction of the Christian community and Catholic authorities to the Holocaust
  8. The role of Pope Pius XII during the Holocaust
  9. Holocaust gender determined experiences
  10. The background of Hitler’s personality

Essays on the Holocaust

  1. Did antisemitism provide the grounds for the Holocaust?
  2. Human nature and the Holocaust
  3. Depiction of Holocaust through film
  4. The impact of the Holocaust on its survivors
  5. The political issue behind the Holocaust
  6. Is “Schlinder’s list” an accurate representation of the Holocaust?
  7. The Pianist; A movie about Holocaust
  8. Do the Holocaust movies trivialize the tragedy?
  9. How can we honor and remember the victims of the Holocaust through literature?
  10. Examine the history of Anne Frank
  11. What was the role of pest control firms during the Holocaust?

Holocaust Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. “Holocaust occurred due to Hitler’s idea about race.” To what extent is this statement true.
  2. Has the Holocaust affected the creation of Israel in any way?
  3. How did the Holocaust shape Modern Civilization?
  4. Is Darfur the root cause of the Holocaust?
  5. Horrific childhood of Anne Frank
  6. Isolationism and Antisemitism: A Holocaust journey
  7. Number of people affected by the Holocaust
  8. How did the Nazis persecute and stigmatize Jews?
  9. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935: What were they and their goal.
  10. Discussing the state of the Jews who stayed in Germany during the Holocaust
  11. What caused Jews to move from their homes to ghettoes

Persuasive Essay Topics About the Holocaust

  1. Were all the Nazi soldiers in favor of the Holocaust
  2. The Holocaust in two parts, beginning and how it ended
  3. Nationalism in the 20th century
  4. How did the Holocaust end? What were the consequences of the tragedy?
  5. Hitler and his relation with the Holocaust
  6. The different internment camps for Jews
  7. Families have torn apart during the Holocaust; how did the families stay united during the horrible period?
  8. Critical analysis of the November 1938 “Night of broken glass.”
  9. Why were the disabled and mentally ill Germans gassed to death?

Holocaust Reflection Essay Topics

  1. How has the Genocide influenced the perception of the Jews around the world?
  2. Has there been an increase in atheism due to the Holocaust after World War?
  3. Holocaust: One of the most terrible events witnessed by Humans.
  4. Concentration camps in modern Europe
  5. What measures people might have taken to stop the Genocide
  6. Holocaust movie “March to Freedom” by Edith Singer
  7. How did Eva survive the Holocaust?
  8. Leon’s Holocaust: Examine letters
  9. Challenges faced by the Ghettoes
  10. The role of mobile killing units during the Holocaust
  11. The experiments on Jewish prisoners by Josef Mengele

Holocaust Research Questions

  1. Why should the Holocaust be remembered?
  2. Why did Hitler commit suicide?
  3. Was Hitler solely responsible for the Genocide?
  4. Was the Holocaust only targeted at Jewish people or other minorities as well?
  5. What action was responsible for the mass killing in Germany in the 1940s?
  6. How did the Holocaust affect the German and Jewish generations after World War?
  7. Creation of the European Union an impact of the Holocaust?
  8. How is the Holocaust portrayed in the “Diary of Anne Frank”?
  9. How do the survivors deal with their psychological problems today?
  10. Why was Hitler so popular?
  11. What is Genocide? Look intro the history and its effects.
  12. Was Euthanasia a leading cause for the Holocaust, and why did Hitler continue it secretly?

Essay Topics Related to Holocaust

  1. Holocaust; causes and consequences
  2. Holocaust: Original plan of Nazi’s
  3. Jewish resistance in the Holocaust
  4. Was Jewish discrimination a significant cause of the Holocaust?
  5. The effect of the Holocaust on children
  6. A critical analysis of why 27000 people were held in a “protective study.”
  7. Holocaust and the evolution
  8. Propaganda of the Nazi regime
  9. Holocaust survivor: Susan Cernyak-Spatz
  10. The role played by the Nazi rallies and their symbolic acts
  11. Eight stages of the Genocide
  12. The Vel D’Hiv incident
  13. Why did a large number of Jews leave Germany?

The Holocaust Essay Topics

  1. The impact of the Holocaust on the Modern Jewish community in the long run
  2. Did the German Jews foresee the Holocaust through any signs?
  3. Denial and distortion of the Holocaust
  4. Reasons for the rejection of the Holocaust
  5. Definition of Holocaust: Mass scale destruction or slaughter
  6. A case study on the racial discrimination and spatial policies by Hitler
  7. The disregard of the U.S government of the Holocaust
  8. The theories that originated from the horrifying era
  9. Horrible examples of the Genocide
  10. Hitler Vs. PolPot
  11. Importance of Anne Frank Diary
  12. Anti-Semitic feelings led to an increase in racial character
  13. Holocaust and the ethnic cleansing in Germany
  14. A case study on the death march

Holocaust Writing Prompts

  1. Defining “Anti-Semitism.” Analyzing the origins and reasons of this ideology
  2. Medical experiments during the Holocaust
  3. The loss of innocent blood in the book “Dry tears” by Nechama Tec and “Night” by Elie Wiesel
  4. How was the Holocaust stopped?
  5. My reflection on the Holocaust
  6. Horrors of the Holocaust
  7. Hitler’s final solution: Did he almost succeed?
  8. Holocaust: A terrible mistake
  9. Holocaust as depicted in the Hollywood movies
  10. The film “Boy in the striped pajamas.”
  11. Forms of hostility faced by the Jews before the Holocaust
  12. The effect of the Enlightenment age of 17th and 18th century

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