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166 TOEFL Essays Topics To Succeed On A Test

TOEFL is a standardized test that is used to gauge how good an applicant is with the English Language. It is an important test especially for international students whose English is a second language. The score one gets in a TOEFL test can determine how the college application will be perceived.

Moreover, the TOEFL IBT tests help to evaluate how international students can use English in an academic environment. Moreover, the test helps you to stand out confidently in English making Universities sure that you can succeed.

You need to be familiar with certain realities when choosing a certain TOEFL essay topic. Some TOEFL topics are easy while some are hard. The basic thing is that when choosing a TOEFL topic is that you need to do proper research and write in proper grammar to increase your chances of succeeding.

We will share with you some TOEFL essay topics that you can start with. Are you in need of some writing assistance in doing the tests? Our expert writers are well-equipped to ensure you pass the exams and proceed on. No matter the kind of TOEFL topic you choose, we are ready to help.

TOEFL Essays Topics – Agree or Disagree

Are you looking for an easy and interesting topic to write on? Here are some essay topics that you can try. They aren’t controversial and you will get answers in research books.

  1. The use of the internet has a major impact on economic growth. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  2. It is better to read research books rather than use online research material. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific examples and reasons.

  3. Good grades motivate students to work harder. Do you agree or disagree and why?

  4. Many people are addicted to using their smartphones. Do you disagree or agree with this statement?

  5. Videos, Movies, Television, YouTube, and other media sites influence people’s behaviors. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

  6. Today’s generation has a better life than the previous generations. Do you agree or disagree? Provide relevant examples and reasons.

  7. People communicate less nowadays than they did before. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  8. Hard work is what leads to people succeeding. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  9. Children brought up in the countryside are better behaved than the ones in the city. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  10. Communication has greatly been disrupted because of social media. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  11. Luck plays a big role in the success of people. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  12. Human activities play a big role in contributing to global warming. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

  13. People use their time to enjoy themselves rather than fulfill duties and responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

  14. The lifestyle of today is more comfortable than in the earlier years. Do you agree or disagree?

  15. Sometimes it’s best, to be honest, and sometimes dishonest. Do you agree with this statement?

  16. Personal experience knowledge is better than the ones gotten from books. Do you agree or disagree?

  17. Children are less respectful to their teachers than how they were in the past. Do you agree or disagree?

TOEFL Writing Topics – Elaborate And Provide Multiple Answers

These are some of the best topics for discussion that you can ever come across. If you approach us, we can provide a sample that you can use in your writing task. When you have an example, it becomes easier to do the work.

  1. People should try to reach their goals even if they seem impossible.

  2. What type of neighbors is the best to have in your residence?

  3. What is the best way to solve problems in life?

  4. Attending University and College plays a big factor in ensuring you succeed in life. Provide in-depth justification for the topic.

  5. Is it true that people are living longer now and why?

  6. Does getting advanced education to equate to whether students will not be successful in life.

  7. Imagine improving your current town by changing a couple of things. What would they be?

  8. The best way to learn about a new place you are visiting.

  9. People in society work for various reasons. What do you think are the main reasons why people work?

  10. Being healthy is essential. What can people in modern society do to improve their health?

  11. The influence of people with different characteristics at the workplace.

  12. The important qualities needed by the employer, boss, or supervisor.

  13. Experience, attitude, and honesty play a big role in the success of an administration. Do you agree or disagree?

  14. The development of technology, eating habits, and working conditions influence how much longer people live.

  15. What is the best way for co-workers to relate in the workplace?

  16. It is essential to teach children good values and ethics when young.

  17. How should employees react when the company is doing something wrong? Which is the best response?

TOEFL Writing Prompts

Do you know how to write TOEFL writing prompts? Our specialists can help make essay writing easy for you. They will provide the best essay writing help that you can imagine. In these topics, you just need to read through the various topics and know which one suits you best.

(Do you agree with any of these statements? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. Television advertisements should be age conscious.

  2. People solve problems better while in a group rather than individuals.

  3. Children should be required to take a foreign language from pre-school up to University.

  4. Technology has made it easier for people to connect on a deeper level.

  5. Children should have a choice of what they drink in the cafeteria.

  6. Some students delay joining college for a year to take a gap year. This gap year is meant to explore other opportunities. What are the pros and cons of taking gap years?

  7. The advantages and disadvantages of living in the city and the countryside.

  8. The pros and cons of studying on your own and as a group. Which one is more productive and why?

  9. Pursuing education should be optional. Children should be given a chance to focus on their talents.

  10. The best way to utilize idle land in your city. Will you build a hospital, school, mall, and playground? Give reasons for any of your choice.

  11. What is the best use of vacant land in your town? Should it be sold or left for the public?

  12. The most dangerous problem in the world today? What can be done to make sure it doesn’t come back?

  13. If you could learn one relevant skill? What would it be? Support your answer with relevant reasons.

  14. It is more relevant for students to study art and literature rather than science and Maths.

  15. What advice can you give to your friend who wants to change careers?

  16. Describe an annual celebration that everyone enjoys in your neighborhood.

  17. Video games offer benefits to children. Provide relevant reasons to support the statement.

TOEFL Essay Prompts

These topics are some of the best and can help you write a professional paper. However, you need to ensure you meet the requirements so that you can proceed on.

(Do you agree with any of these statements? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. Parents should plan their children’s leisure time.

  2. People need to be realistic to live a good life.

  3. People should never be satisfied with what they have, but instead, work hard to get more.

  4. The family is the most important influence on children and young adults. Others think friends are the major influence. What is your take?

  5. Travelling is better than reading books when it comes to understanding people.

  6. Some people prefer different friends while others prefer similar friends. What’s your take?

  7. After students complete their University and College studies, they prefer living in hometowns, while others prefer towns or cities. What do the majority of people prefer?

  8. A newspaper is the best means for getting information rather than television and social media sites.

  9. Some students prefer presentations made in an entertaining way rather than a serious way.

  10. Some people believe that the best preparation for life is to be cooperative, while others think it is the opposite. What is your take?

  11. Competition at school and workplaces helps make people work harder.

  12. Some people pay money for things they want while others trade products or goods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

  13. Does having siblings help in the proper growth of individuals. What’s your take?

  14. Most students believe that going to a University is worthwhile because you get a degree.

  15. Eyeglasses and sewing machines inventions have an important influence on our lives.

  16. Playing games is fun when you win.

  17. Between am agricultural research and business research center, which is better?

TOEFL Independent Writing Topics

You can use these writing titles to formulate a great essay for your TOEFL test. As long as you have good ideas it becomes easier to do a test.

(Do you agree with any of these statements? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. Fiction such as short stories and novels can teach us more about life than textbooks.

  2. Living in a big city is more advantageous than living in the countryside.

  3. Some students prefer living in a room alone while others prefer as roommates.

  4. Some people love to travel alone while others prefer as a group.

  5. Elaborate on a fear that you have and how you overcome it.

  6. Video games are more beneficial than destructive to children.

  7. The best characteristics that a coach should have.

  8. It is better to read books on an electronic device rather than a traditional book

  9. Some people feel that high schools students benefit from playing sports, while others think it is a waste of time.

  10. The best mode of preparing a final project; a presentation, poster, or essay?

  11. It is better to be a follower rather than a leader?

  12. Each person needs to spend a year of their life in a foreign country.

  13. When starting a business what should you consider most; capital, friends, or products?

  14. Is a large university in the city better than a small university in the countryside?

  15. Which is the best way to spend money given as a gift? Save, shopping or jewelry?

  16. Professional athletes are made and not born with talent.

TOEFL IBT Writing Topics

You may be wondering “what are TOEFL IBT writing topics?” Well, they are the tests you need to do if you are not a native English speaker to gauge whether you can fit in a foreign university.

(Do you agree with any of these statements? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. The newspaper features a lot of sections, which one is most read by people; sports, current events, business, and entertainment?

  2. People should always show their emotions when they feel something different.

  3. Dissatisfaction often leads to progress.

  4. A student’s main purpose in getting an education is to earn a lot of money.

  5. Students prefer adding a large university that has many students while others prefer the ones with fewer students.

  6. Some students like outdoor activities while others prefer indoor activities.

  7. How do movies or TV influence people’s behaviors or any other kind of entertainment?

  8. Some people prefer to borrow books while others prefer to borrow books from libraries or other people.

  9. Some universities arrange a long period of vacation for students in the school while others prefer short vacations.

  10. Which is the best way to communicate through; a letter or telephone?

  11. Which genre of music do people prefer listening to; classic or popular music?

  12. Games have a great way of teaching people about life.

  13. Many important natural resources in the world are getting depleted due to human activities.

  14. Sometimes it seems epic to live in another time or place. What time would you want to think of?

  15. What are the qualities of a good neighbor?

  16. Some people prefer eating at home while some in restaurants.

  17. Some say that the world would be a better place if automobiles hadn’t been invented.

  18. The best way of raising children is to encourage them to be independent thinkers. Can this determine whether they will succeed in life?

TOEFL Writing Questions

Do you know the best custom essay that you can get? Here are some writing questions that you can start with.

(Do you agree with any of these questions? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. Do you think students are more interested in politics than they were in the past?

  2. Which is the best way to get to know a city with limited time? Touring historic sites, markets, or shops?

  3. To understand and solve the present problems, it is necessary to understand the past.

  4. Do you think it is better to use your knowledge and experience to solve problems rather than seek other people’s advice?

  5. If you decide to donate money to an NGO, will you prefer to say how the money should be used or leave the NGO to independently make a decision?

  6. Improving learning institutions is an important factor in the successful development of a country.

  7. When students join University, they must choose a major. However, in some cases you find the parents tell their children to choose majors that interest them most, while others tell them to choose a major that will lead to a job with a high salary.

  8. It is better to travel abroad to visit countries when young than when older.

  9. Scientists need to be responsible for the negative effects of major discoveries.

  10. Is getting advice from older friends better than friends who are age mates?

  11. Your roommate wants to reduce the living expenses in your room. What would you suggest to make your stay better?

  12. Do you think that movies are only worth watching when they teach people about real life?

  13. Which age group requires more government support between the older and younger people?

  14. Do you agree or disagree that nowadays it’s easier to maintain good health than in the past?

  15. To succeed at work it is better to adapt to the changing conditions rather than have excellent knowledge on the job?

  16. Which is the best way for employers to know the situation and qualifications of a job applicant?

  17. Do you think it is important for others to know your strengths and achievements to be successful in life?

  18. Why do you think people are obsessed with buying or acquiring material things? Is it because people get judged by what they possess?

TOEFL Essay Questions

These essay questions can make you think overboard and see why some things make sense and some don’t. You also need to critically think.

(Do you agree with any of these questions? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. Is it better to study with a teacher or alone?

  2. Do children nowadays have too much freedom?

  3. Which are the best qualities your roommate should have?

  4. If you were working on a project at school, would you prefer working alone or with classmates?

  5. Which is more appropriate, to use computers to type letters than using a pen?

  6. Is it better to make a wrong decision than not to decide at all?

  7. Should money required to be invested in a university be used to improve the library or physical training facilities?

  8. Should the money be donated to a school be used to buy more books or buy computers?

  9. Do you think that Earth is being damaged by human activities?

  10. Is it better to live in one place all your life or to live in a couple of places?

  11. Is it better to use all your money as you earn it or save some money for the future?

  12. Do you think that businesses should hire employees for their entire lives?

  13. Is it better to attend a live performance or watch the same event on television?

  14. Which form of transportation has changed people’s lives completely; automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles or airplanes, or trains?

  15. Technology has improved how fast students can gain knowledge.

  16. Which is the most important skill that a person should learn to be successful in the world today?

  17. Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous activities or sports?

Writing Topics for TOEFL

These are some of the best writing topics for TOEFL. They are all relevant to modern society and previous generations. Hence try to discuss in the best way possible.

(Do you agree with any of these statements? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. Some people prefer to travel with companions rather than alone.

  2. Some people prefer waking early to start a day’s work, while some prefer waking early and doing work till late.

  3. People prefer working in large companies rather than small companies.

  4. People work because they need money to live solely.

  5. Face-to-face communication is better than other forms of communication.

  6. Some people believe that success comes from taking risks or chances while others are from careful planning.

  7. Some changes in your hometown would make it more appealing.

  8. The most important aspect of a job is the money earned.

  9. One should never judge a person based on physical appearance.

  10. Businesses should do anything to make a profit.

  11. Games are important for both children and adults.

  12. Some experiences in our lives that were difficult, become valuable lessons in the future.

  13. Some people prefer to work for themselves rather than be employed.

  14. A city should preserve the old buildings as pre-historic buildings.

  15. Employers prefer hiring inexperienced workers at a lower salary than experienced workers at a higher salary.

  16. Daily homework is necessary for students.

TOEFL Essay Writing Topics

If you manage to succeed in your TOELF test, you are assured of better chances of proceeding to a foreign university. Hence, put your best foot forward in all you do.

(Do you agree with any of these statements? Provide relevant reasons to support your statement.)

  1. It is better to have a low-paying job with shorter hours and give time to your friends and family rather than a high-paying one with more hours and less time for your family and friends.

  2. Good grades motivate students to work harder.

  3. Computers have made life easier and convenient.

  4. The best way to travel is in a group while being led by a tour guide.

  5. Some universities prefer students specializing in one subject rather than many.

  6. Boys and girls should attend separate schools.

  7. Technology has made the world a better place to live.

  8. Parents are the best teachers.

  9. Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers and professors.

  10. Decisions should be made after careful thought and not quickly.

  11. Progress is always good in all aspects.

  12. Telephones and email have made communication less personal.

  13. Dancing plays an important role in culture.

Get Help With Your TOEFL Essay

Do you want to get writing assistance with cheap rates? We have the best expert writers who can help make it easier for you. They also deliver the work fast to ensure they beat deadlines. Before you do any TOEFL essay, ensure you do thorough research to ensure you don’t fail. Research as much as possible.

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