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how to make essays longer

How To Make Essays Longer: Useful Tips And Tricks

An essay is a combination of many details. A lot of thought and research is necessary to put together an in-depth and informative piece. Sometimes, research might be inadequate, or the writers can’t find more words to lengthen an essay and articulate their points. In this case, such writers will be left with a short essay.

Teachers often give a word limit for students to write an essay, and you may not score full marks if you do not meet it. Instead of fluffing up your paper with repetition or redundant words that will invalidate all the hard work you put into writing it, there are legitimate ways to increase your paper’s length without affecting the quality of your work.

This article introduces you to ways you can increase the length of your essay, meet the required word count and still score excellent grades.

Meeting the length of your paper has many benefits. It shows that you have done adequate research and adhered to the instructions your professor had set out regarding the essay.

Making your essay longer is not tricky. Applying the tips and tricks exposed to you in this article will help you meet your goal within a short period.

Reasons For Wanting A Longer Essay

An essay is not supposed to be a summary of a topic. It is a detailed report of research done, including references. Some reasons students might want a more extended essay include:

  • It Doesn’t Meet the Required Length: Many teachers and professors will state how many words your essay should have or how many pages it should be. If the final work doesn’t meet this requirement, your paper might be rejected, or you may score low marks.
  • It is not Detailed Enough: Some details are essential in an essay to make it complete. When writing your initial draft, it is possible to have missed some information, and you need to find ways to add it without affecting the structure of your essay.
  • To Make the Essay Look Better: Short essays are not visually appealing. They will look incomplete and not well done. When you have such an essay, it may look like you didn’t put in the required work to produce an up to par essay, and your professor will be unhappy.

Because of the reasons highlighted above, many students are always exploring ways to make their papers longer. Continue reading to discover valuable techniques you can adopt if you are in this position.

Do Essays Have A Preferred Length?

Yes. Different preferred essay lengths depend on your level of education and your writing topic. If you haven’t been given a word count, your essay should have up to five paragraphs, including an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Generally, there are six preferred essay lengths students should try to meet.

  1. One Paragraph Essays: These kinds of essays are usually not expected to be lengthened. It is given to middle schoolers and students introduced to essay writing. It could also be a summary of an article or a concept definition. It will involve from 150 words to 250 words, and within that paragraph, you have to add an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. Three Paragraph Essays: High school students usually write these; their teacher tries to teach them the main components of an essay and ensures that they can begin writing essays independently while understanding the need for a definite structure. The first paragraph will be a short introduction, while the last paragraph is the conclusion. The middle paragraph will present the writer’s argument, and it is the longest paragraph in the essay. Three-paragraph essays are 400 to 500 words long.
  3. Five Paragraph Essay: This type of essay is for students who have grasped the whole concept of an essay. Their teachers expect them to be creative and expressive as they present their arguments. The essay’s body can be divided into three paragraphs, explaining different points. It is usually around 1000 words long.
  4. The Extended Essay: University or master’s students write this type of essay. Depending on the teacher’s requirements, it will usually be between 1000 to 3000 thousand words. A lot of research has to be done to achieve this, and the writer should know how to reference their sources correctly.
  5. Dissertation: These are longer research papers that will require you to have more than just an introduction and conclusion. There is an inclusion of abstract, literature review, methodology, and discussion of results. To include all of these elements appropriately in the essay, the paper will often be between 10,000 to 15,000 words. It is usually a final project for university and master’s students.
  6. Thesis: This is the longest kind of essay and is written by Ph.D. students. It can be up to 60,000 words, containing all the features of a dissertation, but in a more detailed form.

Your level of education and reason for the essay determines how long your paper is supposed to be. If you haven’t been able to meet the required length of your essays, it is time to learn how to make an essay longer.

Tips On How To Write Longer Essays

If you have researched for a long time and written all you know about a subject, yet you still fail to meet the required essay length, the following tips will be of great essay writing help, and will show you how to lengthen your essays.

  • Make Your Paragraphs LongerLearn how to make your paragraphs longer by expanding on them. Go through your sections again and become more descriptive with your write-up. There will always be more information available on a topic. A little more reading will give you more information to add a sentence to most of your paragraphs.

    Give some clarity by explaining complicated terms. This will make the essay longer and make it easier for readers to understand what is in your message.

  • Include Examples
    When thinking of how to extend an essay, think of examples. Examples will help you prove your point, and they also show that you understand the subject you are writing on and want your readers to understand it.You can use more than one example to explain your point correctly. Ensure that they are appropriately written and do not affect the flow of your essay. Always present your topic first, and ensure that your example relates to what you have just explained.
  • Research Properly
    If you have done your research correctly, you will often not look for ways to make an essay longer. Your research will provide enough information to write a detailed report and exceed your word count.Sometimes, the issue is that you do not have adequate information to include in your essay. If you are in this situation, instead of looking for how to extend an essay, read more about your subject to get the information you need to meet the required word count.
  • Quote Experts
    You are not the first person to write on the subject you are researching, and you need to get information from experts who have more knowledge about the topic than you do. If you are searching for how to make an essay longer, you should include direct quotations from experts.However, you do not need to flood your essay with quotations. Use them sparingly, and ensure they are relevant to your entire paper. Feel free to add one or two quotes to buff up your essay.
  • Do not Use Contractions and Quotations
    If you are writing a formal essay, you do not need to add contractions. It would be best if you weren’t writing essays the same way you speak. Your write-up should be more professional, and the addition of “can’t, won’t, shouldn’t,” and other similar contractions is unnecessary.Use phrases to make your essay longer by writing your words in full. There is no need to abbreviate words when looking for how to add length to an essay. Writing out the complete word will turn one word into four or five. For example, instead of writing “BBC,” you can write “The British Broadcasting Corporation.”
  • Read Your Introduction and Conclusion Again
    The introduction of your essay is essential. It is where you tell your readers what to expect from your paper. Make sure what you have written is intriguing and can call the reader’s attention. If not, you may need to revisit it.Your conclusion should summarize all you have written in your essay. Taking a second look at your conclusion is an opportunity to learn how to lengthen an essay. Make sure you are very descriptive, and your conclusion represents a clear picture of your writing.

Get Help Making Essay Longer

As you work on making your essay longer, and reaching the required length, know that your professor can spot when you are trying to fluff in your paper. Be strategic, and use the above advice to ensure that your paper remains of top quality as you make it longer.

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