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Hamlet Essay topics

A-List of 45 Impressive Hamlet Essay Topics in 2023

It is undoubtedly clear that Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time. His tragedy piece, Hamlet, broke the glass ceiling of just how much words can do. The play is centered on conflicts between a varieties of personalities. Throughout the novels, these personalities are pursuing power or their interruption of moral justice.

How To Write A Hamlet Argumentative Essay

In English literature, argumentative essays have a specific structure, which makes them unique. The introduction, body, and conclusion structure are followed, emphasizing the play or novel at hand. For a Hamlet essay, you will use the prevailing themes to put the flesh into the skeleton structure.

Points to note for such a paper include:

  • Identifying the major and minor themes
  • Point out the role of the characters in the play
  • Relate the themes with normal life occurrences

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What To Consider When Writing Essay Topics For Hamlet

The topics should:

  • Be precise and interesting to the reader
  • Point out the specific theme you wish to address in the play
  • Not exceed the number of words set forth by your instructor

Remember that the topic is the first point of interaction between you and the reader. Therefore, it can be love at first sight or rejection on arrival. That is why it is necessary to master the art of crafting top-notch essay topics.

Here is a list of Hamlet essay topics for your inspiration:

Essay Topics For Hamlet on the Theme of Love

  1. How does Prince Hamlet perceive the concept of love, and why it affects the rest of the play?
  2. Explain with evidence from the play how love contributes to optimism
  3. Are Ophelia and Hamlet in love? What is the impact of this relationship?
  4. How does Hamlet’s revenge mission relate to the love he has for Ophelia?
  5. Is Hamlet’s love for Ophelia genuine? Illustrate with examples

Hamlet Argumentative Essay Topics on Power

  1. How the powerful stature of Claudius makes him dominate the Court at Elsinore
  2. Does the death of Claudius’ brother affect his dominance?
  3. Is the threat from young hot-headed Fortinbras something to worry Claudius?
  4. The role of the ambassadors in reaching a peaceful negotiation
  5. Are Rosancrantz and Guildenstern trustworthy spies for Claudius?

Hamlet Essay Topics High School

  1. How Shakespeare presents the powerlessness of women in society
  2. Discuss the cause of distress and fear in Gertrude that Polonius creates
  3. Why does Gertrude pathetically handle the flowers and herbs?
  4. The irony in the fight between Hamlet and Laertes in Ophelia’s newly-dug grave
  5. Describe Gertrude’s obsession with female sexuality

Expository Hamlet Research Essay Topics

  1. The essence of the minor characters in the play
  2. Why did Hamlet refuse to take revenge? Does that prove his decisiveness?
  3. Explore the struggle between good and evil in the Hamlet
  4. How does Shakespeare bring out the theme of appearance versus reality?
  5. Was Ophelia’s decision to commit suicide wise?

Hamlet Madness Essay Topics

  1. How Shakespeare represents madness in the Hamlet
  2. How important is the theme of madness as used by William Shakespeare?
  3. How do madness and melancholy relate in the play?
  4. The significance of Ophelia’s madness in the play
  5. The relationship between traumatic experiences and stress with madness

Easy Essay Topics in Hamlet

  1. What pointers in the play denote that Hamlet does not love Ophelia?
  2. Discuss the role of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in the play
  3. How does Shakespeare use descriptions and images in Hamlet?
  4. With examples from the play, show the use of comedy in the play.
  5. How is suicide an important theme in Hamlet?

List of Hamlet Inductive Essay Topics

  1. What is Shakespeare’s portrayal of the role of women in society?
  2. How does morality in today’s society coincide with that in Hamlet?
  3. What was Shakespeare trying to communicate in the whole play?
  4. Discuss the essence of justice in the play
  5. How does the setting of the play impact its interpretation?

Hamlet Essay Prompts on the Characters

  1. Describe Hamlet as the Prince of Denmark
  2. Evaluate Claudius’ character as the King of Denmark
  3. The role of Gertrude as the Queen of Denmark
  4. What is the essence of the ghost spirit?
  5. What makes Polonius suitable as a chief counsellor to Claudius

Hamlet Writing Prompts For College

  1. An analysis of the opening scene
  2. The consequences of the character’s actions
  3. Imagery as a style in the Hamlet
  4. Moral lessons from the play
  5. The role of death in the play

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