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204 Great Art Essay Topics To Research And Write About

Art is immeasurable. It is dependent on personal impressions of what an artist has done. This is why art is challenging to unravel and why it is essential to treat art topic ideas. There is credible data on different art subjects, ideas which matter when they’re hot topics in the world art space.

As students of a university or college in any country, if you’re required to create an engaging essay on any contemporary art or art subject ideas, you don’t need to have an emotionless approach. Approach every art with an open heart with the possibility of being overwhelmed emotionally. This is how you interpret art and create a personal fondness for it. Before you access essay topics about art, what is the art essay itself?

What Is Art Essay?

As a part of humanity, art has been created, enjoyed, and criticized for as long as humanity existed. Art is therefore considered an expression of life and emotions. It allows an artist to apply his skill and senses to create something new.

Art is a unique way to express emotions just as artists find music and writers find poetry and stories. Each artwork is used to mirror society or a feeling. It is used to define culture, association, cults, and anything the artist relates with.

Art creation and art essay writing is a way to engage in art appreciation or criticism, emphasizing the significance of each artwork as well as their long-term appreciation of aesthetics. Art is involved with life as much as any other thing, and it’s why it remains a significant part of the world.

What a Creative Art Essay Should Include

The ultimate art of writing an essay requires you to provide an argument relying on credible sources to support your notions. You must also explicitly present your case and answer art related research questions.

There must also be an expression showing the relevance of your investigation and how it will develop the space of renaissance art, culture and art, visual arts, and every other segment art encompasses. Hence, you must structure your essay or paper thus:

  • Introduction. This must include your thesis statement as this is where you give your opening arguments. Your introduction is critical to the study. You must grab the reader’s attention with your perspective on any art topic idea you have chosen. You must expand your outline here and state precisely what your work will be about.
  • Main Body. This is where you break your arguments into paragraphs (or chapters). It is the section where you explain the significant details of your essay with each paragraph bearing relevance to the main topic. Here, you’ll share your ideas, the ideas of those before you, and state your resolution as your standpoint as a researcher of art movements.
  • Conclusion. You must pay attention to your conclusion. It is where you input your judgment as well as the summary of your main body. You must also articulate what you’ve formulated during your research and writing.

Art Topic Ideas

Whether you want to base your research on Asian art, European art, American art, or art from any other continent, these are general and custom art topics for students for your use:

  1. Evaluate the history and techniques employed in printmaking
  2. What do you understand about the movement to return the cultural properties of African countries which started after World War II?
  3. Examine the basic features of Indigenous Egyptian portraits
  4. Examine the basic features of the indigenous representation of the Third Estate in France
  5. What do you understand but the use of SpaceX colors, color blocks, lines, and textures in art?
  6. How do you think artists evoke raw gestures and emotions in their artworks?
  7. What do you understand about the philosophy of art and how has photography become a part of art?
  8. Examine the use of jewelry in ancient Egypt and its significance in contemporary Egyptian cultures
  9. What do you know about the Egyptian art canon?
  10. Examine the lives of three impressionists that you know
  11. In The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, evaluate the references to Renaissance art it embodies
  12. Evaluate the cultural significance of American art in the 19th century
  13. Do you think graffitis should be considered a form of art?
  14. What are your thoughts about making museums free for all citizens to access?
  15. How do cultural interactions make artists Successful in their professions?
  16. Detail the life and times of Da Vinci
  17. Drawing from three literature, appraise three works of Leonardo Da Vinci
  18. Drawing from three artworks, how do painters Approach the apocalypse?
  19. Examine the representation of the Catholic church in any artwork of your choice
  20. What do you understand about surrealism?
  21. Examine the symbol of stained glass in the artworks representing medieval France
  22. What do you know about still life art; give examples and illustrations of why three
  23. What does fantasy art mean to you?
  24. Examine the peculiar features of the Cubism movement
  25. Discuss the politics in cartoon works in France
  26. Give an evaluation of the Venetian carnival masks
  27. Discuss the use of art as a symbol of representation during the French Revolution
  28. Discuss the use of art as a symbol during the American Revolution
  29. How was art used during the Mannerism Period?
  30. What do you understand about art during the Baroque Era?

Art Topics to Write About

You can also choose essay topics about art for your essay or paper research. Aside from the existing essay about arts, you can develop yours from:

  1. Discuss the influence of pop art on American culture
  2. Discuss the styles and features used in Japanese calligraphy
  3. Examine specific differences in how henna patterns are structured in India, Africa, and the Middle East
  4. Evaluate the fashion and textile cultures of Asian tribes
  5. How does history Influence the pop art culture
  6. Examine the role of art on American Historical culture
  7. Evaluate the role of science on ancient Greek sculptures?
  8. Examine the role of Ancient Greek sculptures in the making of Italian art
  9. What are the connections between Greek architecture and Greek art?
  10. What do you understand but the history of architecture in ancient Rome?
  11. Examine three contemporary artists of your choice and discuss why you like their works
  12. Describe the role of beauty in ancient art
  13. Examine the influence of life and nature on art
  14. What do you think about art therapy?
  15. What do you think makes good art?
  16. Discuss the history of animation and its relevance in today’s cinema Industry
  17. What is the origin of Crop art?
  18. Examine the history of graphic novels and their influences
  19. Examine the art depicting World War II horrors
  20. Elucidate how ancient civilizations and Ancient art has contributed to the development of modern art
  21. What do you believe are the cultural influences of the Great China Wall?
  22. Examine the architecture of ancient times
  23. Examine the dimensions of pop art
  24. Discuss the altarpieces of Renaissance art and their significance to the era
  25. Investigate the anatomy of the human being in art as expressed by any artist of your choice
  26. Examine the use of light in artworks
  27. Give an in-depth discussion of the linear perspective in artworks
  28. How do you understand rationalism in the art of the Renaissance Europe
  29. Choose five works of any artists and discuss the humanism theme in them
  30. What do you know about the secularism theme in art?

Interesting Art Topics

You can also choose to discuss any art history topics. There are a lot of fun concepts in the study of art, you can choose any of these topics for your research:

  1. What are the most significant artworks of the 20th century and why do you think so?
  2. Examine the relationship between vandalism and graffiti art
  3. Would you say photography is also a part of art?
  4. How does Paris contribute to the art movements in the 20th century?
  5. Examine how painting can help ease mental illness
  6. Examine the invention of printing presses as a shift in the industrial revolution in the mass media
  7. Give examples to support the role of Hitler’s lifestyle in art
  8. How is art used as propaganda?
  9. Examine the use of art as propaganda in China and Russia
  10. What do you think about Japanese art in concert with the culture
  11. Why do critics believe the works of William Blake cleared the way for modem art
  12. What do you think are the major influences of American art?
  13. Who would you say are the major influences of European art?
  14. Examine the trend of African American art
  15. Examine the significance of cultural pieces from Africa in the development of European museums
  16. Examine the role of art in Nazi Germany and post-Nazi Germany
  17. Would you say social media is the best place to sell art?
  18. What are the major features of modern art?
  19. Why are modern art and contemporary art considered differently?
  20. Would you say the world of Leonardo Da Vinci is only religious?
  21. Do you think the world of Leonardo Da Vinci could be considered a rebellion against social orders
  22. Examine the use of art by France’s Napoleon Bonaparte
  23. What are the peculiar features of Asian art and Persian art
  24. What is the similarity between African culture and art
  25. Would you say visual art is a significant part of world art?

Art Research Paper Topics

If you need a topic about arts across world art or contemporary artists, you can consider any of the following creative topics:

  1. Evaluate the influences of the industrial revolution in the development of art
  2. What do you think about the criticisms of Denis Diderot on 18th-century French art?
  3. Examine the Neoclassical sculpture as a mixture of new and ancient ideas
  4. Who are the finest composers of the First Viennese School?
  5. Examine the history of Eugene Delacroix artworks and their significance to world art
  6. Examine the work of three artists in the 19th century including their aesthetics which made them stand out
  7. How have Greek mythology and Roman mythology influenced their artworks?
  8. Give a detailed analysis of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night
  9. Give a detailed analysis of Giovanni Strazza’s Veiled Virgin and why it remains so special in the history of art
  10. Examine the lightning in Monet’s Sunrise
  11. What do you see in the painting, The Death of Socrates?
  12. Examine the evolution of the methodology employed in impressionism paintings
  13. Elucidate the depictions of the Victorian lifestyle in the artwork of any three artists
  14. Examine the distinct features of French caricatures and Goya’s artworks
  15. Examine how Renaissance art was used to develop the future of world art
  16. Examine the work of Paul Gauguin’s art
  17. What are the extraordinary moments of art Movements in the 20th century
  18. What are the symbols in the artworks of Leonardo da Vinci
  19. Why do you think Dan Brown is obsessed with Leonardo Da Vinci
  20. What are the relationships between art and culture?
  21. Examine surrealism in the sculpture of any three artists of your choice
  22. Elucidate the adaptation of mannerism in Pablo Picasso artworks
  23. What do you understand about realistic and artificial motifs in the work of Jasper Johns Flag?
  24. Examine the most commonly used symbols in the paintings of Frida Kahlo
  25. Examine the use of lightning in effective photography
  26. How do framing and timing techniques help photographers who consider their work a part of world art?
  27. Examine what makes an artwork truly abstract
  28. Would you say the technology of photography changed the world of art?
  29. Discuss any three popular photographs and analyze them as part of world art
  30. What do you think about journalism and photography as part of art?

Art Argumentative Essay Topics

An argument art essay looks at arty issues from both ends. Consider any of these topics for a persuasive essay for your university essay:

  1. Choose an American painting and examine the significance of Japanese art in its creation
  2. Examine the influence of the Second Great Migration in the Harlem Renaissance art of the 1920s and 1930s
  3. Would you say the Hudson River School of Art has had a significant impact on American art?
  4. Should art be an academic subject?
  5. Would you say art appreciation comes with heavy criticism and possibly destruction?
  6. Is horror art also a form of art?
  7. Is there a possibility of art appreciation without being a fan?
  8. Is there any difference between art and design?
  9. Would you say the contribution of Adolf Hitler to German art and world art is powerful?
  10. Would you say the Chinese cultural revolution had more impact on art than the Russian cultural revolution?
  11. What are your thoughts on the uniqueness of Russian artists?
  12. Examine the styles Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg employ in criticizing art
  13. What do you think about the status of primitive art as art?
  14. Modern art has no legitimacy as ancient art: discuss
  15. Should the public have free access to museums to appreciate art?
  16. Does mythology influence the work of ancient artists?
  17. There is nothing like Muslim art: discuss
  18. The Japanese art world has influenced different art cultures, especially America’s: discuss

Art Research Questions Examples

Before you conduct research, you must have research questions. These are the art research questions examples that could help you develop an oriented essay or paper:

  1. What is the biographical information of this artist?
  2. Which medium of expression did the artist use?
  3. What are the physical features of the artist’s work?
  4. What are the influences of specific elements on an artist’s work?
  5. How does line, light, color, textures shape, etc Influence the artist’s work?
  6. Why is culture important to the artist?
  7. Which movement does art belong to?
  8. Why are the art movements significant in history?
  9. What inspired an artist’s work?
  10. Who are the artists that have been influenced by an artist?
  11. What is the significance of the movement to America?
  12. How does this research change history?

Modern Art Essay

Modern art is contemporary art. These are modern art essay topics for your use:

  1. Examine the composition and symbols of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”
  2. What is the purpose of “Marriage Contract” painted by Giovanni
  3. Examine the physical features of Christopher David’s “Heart of Gold”

Examine the symbols in:

  1. Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Delights”
  2. Mikhail Vrubel’s “The Demon Seated” and “The Demon Downcast”
  3. Albrecht Durer’s “Meloncolia”
  4. Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”
  5. What are the features of realism in Eric Roux-Fontaine’s “La note Bleu”?
  6. What do you understand but magical realism?
  7. Examine how totems are part of Papua New Guinea’s art?
  8. How do Indian, Middle Eastern, and African art converge?
  9. What does music style take from pop art?
  10. Would you say fashion and textile is a form of art?
  11. Express your understanding of African fashion and style
  12. How is the artwork used to make a statement?
  13. Study the works of any three modern artists of your choice
  14. Examine the connection between art and Philosophy
  15. How is human sacrifice depicted in the art using any culture of your choice?
  16. What are the components of modern Western art?
  17. What are the components of modern American art?

Art History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

The history of art can be explored through dynamic views. For art history, you can compare and contrast the following:

  1. Examine the components of Mesopotamian and Egyptian pyramids
  2. The biblical motives in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Delights”
  3. The beauty standards of Japanese women and Paris art during the medieval period
  4. The symbols of Christian art and traditional art
  5. American art and Russian art during the Cold War
  6. The Middle age art and Renaissance art
  7. The Greek canons and Egyptian canons as well as their compositions
  8. The novelties in the paintings of Edouard Manet and Gustave Courbet
  9. The differences in Baroque and Mannerism features of art
  10. The ancient and contemporary art
  11. The Ancient Egyptian art and contemporary Egyptian art
  12. The Ancient Greek art and contemporary Italian art
  13. The Ancient Greek architecture and contemporary Roman architecture
  14. The Asian architecture and South Korean architecture
  15. The South Korean architecture and North Korean architecture
  16. Graffiti and art
  17. Photojournalism and true artwork
  18. Influence of Paris and Ancient Greek on art
  19. Influence of Ancient art and ancient Philosophy
  20. Importance of art and the psychological consequences on artists

Essay About Artist

Artists make art. It’s impossible to consider art without considering artists. Choose any of these artists and write on them:

  1. Etienne Falconet of the 18th century
  2. Hubert Robert of the 18th century
  3. William Blake of the 18th century
  4. Jacques-Louis David of the 18th century
  5. Ludwig Francois Roubliliac of the 18th century
  6. John James Audubon of the 18th century
  7. Marie Tussaud of the 18th century
  8. Auguste Rodin of the 19th century
  9. Claude Monet of the 19th century
  10. Paul Gauguin of the 19th century
  11. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse of the 19th century
  12. Paul Cezanne of the 19th century
  13. Pablo Picasso of the 20th century
  14. Louis Bourgeois of the 20th century
  15. Alberto Giacometti of the 20th century
  16. Emily Care of the 20th century
  17. Salvador Dali of the 20th century
  18. Georgia Braque of the 20th century
  19. Andy Warhol of the 20th century

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