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jane eyre essay topics

121 Great Jane Eyre Essay Topics To Consider For Your Essay

Jane Eyre is a great novel based on the life of Jane, her love life and her equals. If you are looking for a thrilling book, this is a must-read.

There are different styles of writing used in the novel and you need to have a deep understanding of them before attempting any of the essay, thesis, or dissertation questions.

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The Best Jane Eyre Essay Topics

These are some of the best topics that you can use to write your essay. If you do thorough research, be assured of top grades without any hustle. They are based primarily on the novel.

  1. How does history shape the literature in the Jane Eyre novel?
  2. Which is the position of women in Victorian society as stated by Jane?
  3. In your own opinion, do you think “Jane Eyre” is a gothic novel?
  4. Evaluate why Jane chose MR. Rochester instead of St.John?
  5. Describe the novel “Jane Eyre” from the formalism perspective.
  6. The major demonstration of feminism in the Jane Eyre novel.
  7. Evaluate how the authors of Bean Trees and Jane Eyre use symbols and plot structure.
  8. How do the theme and novel setting impact the different characters in the book?
  9. Evaluate two main characters in the story and how they influence it.
  10. Evaluate the major symbolism of “Jane Eyre”
  11. The moral and psychological development of Jane Eyre.
  12. How does the narrative from the first-person perspective – Jane help establish a close relationship with the reader?

The Latest Essay Topics For Jane Eyre

These are some of the latest essay topics for Jane Eyre. The beauty of using questions to get a deeper understanding is that they make you think overboard. That’s advantageous, right?

  1. How does the Jane Eyre novel relate to the moral criticism of Plato’s allegory?
  2. The role of supernaturalism in “Jane Eyre”.
  3. Explain the novel, Jane Eyre, from the structuralism perspective.
  4. Discuss nonconformity of gender positions in the novel.
  5. How is sensibility and affinity described in the Jane Eyre novel?
  6. Evaluate the manifestation of feminism in Jane Eyre.
  7. What stance does the author take about innocence in Jane Eyre?
  8. How does the character’s recognition in the world shape the meaning of the whole novel?
  9. Evaluate two articles that discuss the gender issues in Jane Eyre.
  10. The importance of home in the Jane Eyre novel.
  11. What is the symbolic meaning of the “red room” in Jane Eyre?
  12. What role models do women in Jane Eyre represent?

Argumentative Essay Topics For Jane Eyre

Argumentative questions require you to reason out from different perspectives. Yes, you may think from the norm, but someone else can have different thinking. They are the best!

  1. Compare and contrast the characters of St John and Edward in the novel “Jane Eyre”.
  2. Analyze between the novel “Jane Eyre” and the film 2011.
  3. How does Jane Eyre allude to women’s activism?
  4. How does the novel Jane Eyre identify with today’s world
  5. What lessons does Jane gain from her disappointment?
  6. What lessons does Jane learn at the end?
  7. What position does the creator take about honesty in the novel, “Jane Eyre”?
  8. Portray the novel “Jane Eyre” from a point of formalism.
  9. Does it seem like Jane battles with a sexual orientation throughout the novel?
  10. What is the importance of the paranormal experiences in the novel?
  11. How do the various experiences in the Jane Eyre novel modify the understanding of characters?
  12. State all the women in the novel and their representation in the novel.

Interesting Jane Eyre English Essay Topics

Who said writing an essay must be boring? These are some of the most interesting Jane Eyra English essay topics that you will even come across.

  1. Explore all Jane’s ideas on religion.
  2. Evaluate the major scenes in the novel that show Jane’s social class ambiguity.
  3. In the novel, Jane gives descriptions of her paintings and drawings, why do you think they are important?
  4. Do a comparison between Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason.
  5. What is the significance of Charlotte Bronte ending with a statement from St John?
  6. Do you think the novel relates to Charlotte Bronte’s personal life?
  7. In the novel, discuss Jane as a character and narrator?
  8. Give reasons as to why Jane Eyre’s novel may be termed as a feminist novel?
  9. What are the main lessons gotten from the Jane Eyre novel – How they are relevant to today’s world.
  10. What role does Jane’s uncertain social place play in determining the conflict in her story?
  11. Do you think Jane’s gender had a role in the kind of decisions she made?
  12. How did Jane conform or resists her gender role in the novel?

12 More Best Essay Topics For Jane Eyre

These topics dig deeper to provide a better understanding. Hence, they are mind-breaking and will leave you puzzled. However, don’t worry, you will learn better

  1. How did Mr. Rochestor conform or resist his gender role in the novel?
  2. The function of a class in the novel.
  3. The determining factors that make up a person’s class position.
  4. Discuss Jane Eyre as a gothic novel. Do you think it is one?
  5. How does mistaken identity work in the Jane Eyre novel?
  6. How does the psychological terror drive the plot?
  7. How does Jane’s class position shift in the Jane Eyre novel?
  8. Do you think the society in Jane Eyre’s novel was ruled by men? Give relevant reasons for that.
  9. Did Jane’s childhood influence how she turned out in the future?
  10. In the novel Jane Eyre, why do you think Sarah Reed was against her?
  11. How did the character’s time in school influence her life?
  12. In a spiritual context, how was Jane perceived at school?

Engaging Jane Eyre Essay Prompts

Prompts can be perceived differently than regular questions. However, these specific ones are easy to understand and provide a proper solution to them.

  1. How are the different characters portrayed in the novel?
  2. What do you think Bronte is saying about religion through the characters?
  3. Evaluate the paradox of Victorian marriage and the character of Jane Eyre.
  4. Explore the novel as a hybrid of three genres.
  5. The main motive of the novel, Jane Eyre. What is it trying to show?
  6. Compare pairs of literary foils in the novel.
  7. How can you term Rochester as a Byronic hero?
  8. Discuss the representation of foreigners in the novel Jane Eyre.
  9. The strengths and weaknesses of Rochester and St. John Rivers.
  10. The importance of the five major places Jane lives in her journey.
  11. The contrast between images of ice and fire in the novel.
  12. What are the various image patterns used to reveal personality?

Discussion Questions for Jane Eyre

Discussion questions require you to think out of the norm. You need to figure out why some symbolism, irony, and sarcasm have been used in the story.

  1. Why do you think Jane ended the story with St. John’s prayer?
  2. How is equality portrayed in the novel?
  3. Who are the characters that misjudge Jane, why do you think they do so?
  4. Jane asserts her equality to Rochester. Discuss.
  5. In your own opinion, does Mr. Rochestor ever intend to marry Blache Ingram?
  6. What is the balance of power between Jane and Rochester once they marry?
  7. What is the effect of the comparisons of the different characters in the novel?
  8. What does St. John feel for Jane? Is it genuine and how does Jane reciprocate it?
  9. How can you term power balance between Jane and Mr. Rochestor after they are married?
  10. In the story is Jane believable and consistent?
  11. Discuss Jane Eyre as a feminist novel.
  12. How essential is the Jane Eyre story setting? Why is it important in building a strong environment?
  13. After learning about Rochester’s secret, did your opinion change?

The Best Jane Eyre Project Ideas

Jane Eyre’s novel is one of a kind. Here are some of the best project ideas that you can use for your project.

  1. How does Jane’s time at Lowood shape her character?
  2. Why does Bronte choose a name for her character that has many homonyms? Do you think it is intentional?
  3. Does the story end in the right way?
  4. How does Jane Eyre compare to the other heroines of 19th century English literature?
  5. Did Jane and Mr. Rochester deserve a happy ending?
  6. What is the role of physical beauty in the novel Jane Eyre?
  7. Jane deviates from some of the social standards of her time about roles women should play. What do you think?
  8. What is Bront trying to say in the novel about the role of women?
  9. In Chapter two, what are your thoughts about suicide based on Jane?
  10. How does Jane fight for independence, consciousness, and enlightenment in the novel?
  11. What obstacles and limitations circumscribe Jane’s life?
  12. The means Jane uses to overcome the various obstacles in the novel.
  13. In what specific ways do we see Jane conscious of herself as a writer?

Jane Eyre Feminist Research Paper Topics

Feminism is greatly portrayed in the novel. These are through the various female characters. These topics will help you to get a better understanding of the novel Jane Eyre.

  1. What is significant about Jane Eyre’s narrative voice?
  2. In the first chapter, what does Jane’s choice of reading material reveal about her state of mind?
  3. Helen Burns confides to Jane about religion and self-control. What effect does this advice have on Jane’s life?
  4. What did you learn about Jane’s character when Mr. Brocklehurst calls her a liar in Jane Eyre?
  5. In Jane Eyre, how is the family aspect portrayed in the various characters?
  6. Why do you think Jane says she would not exchange Lowood for Gateshead?
  7. The significance of Jane’s thoughts about the role of women in society.
  8. What character traits does Rochester reveal when he and Jane are talking in the drawing-room?
  9. How can you term Jane Eyre character in the novel?
  10. How do you think Blanche Ingram is similar or different to Celine Varens?
  11. Evaluate the character of Celine Varens in the story?
  12. What is the role of dreams in Jane Eyre?
  13. Under which circumstances does Jane create her portrait of the governess in chapter 16 of Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre Thesis Topics for Discussion

Are you planning to do your thesis? Why not try any of these topics based on Jane Eyre. They are engaging, thrilling, and interesting.

  1. Discuss Jane’s last conversation with Mrs. Reed, her dying aunt.
  2. Why do you think Rochester referred to Jane as an elf?
  3. What are the gothic elements of Thornfield?
  4. In the novel, what image of womanhood and feminity does Miss Ingram provide?
  5. In your opinion, what will Jane and Rochester need to achieve deep emotional intimacy?
  6. Discuss the different aspects of love in the Jane Eyre novel.
  7. Why does Bronte bring the character of St John into the story?
  8. Why do you think the novel ends with Jane thinking about St. John Rivers?
  9. How does Jane mature up and interact with the natural world?
  10. Identify the significance of symbolism in the novel.

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