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gre issue essay topics

155 Most Exciting GRE Issue Essay Topics

GRE test, which stands for graduate record exam, is one of the prerequisites for graduates who intend to further their graduate programs, especially in the United States. Over time, this test has been incorporated into other countries like Canada and Australia into their graduate testing exams pattern.

For this test, in most cases, the need arises depending on where you are planning to further your graduate program. It’s often required in Europe for Ph.D. programs, and the test itself is valid for five years from the date of result.

It is believed that the intrinsic role GRE plays is that it allows the testing community to reflect on the critical mindset and ability of the graduate candidate. Depending on what your field of study is, you’ll be required to take the GRE Subject Test in addition to the GRE General Test.

GRE Issue Essay Sample Topics

The GRE issue essay is practically the primary stage when writing your GRE. It requires that you do a lot of critical thinking that would help you formulate your idea and argumentative opinion on any particular issue you have been given to work on.

What GRE issue essay topics require of you is that you develop your arguments from lists of provided issues. In case you are preparing to take your GRE, here are some GRE practice essay prompts to help you examine your position, which can help you attain better grades after the actual exams.

  1. The proliferation of social media and smartphones has significantly affected the learning attention span of students.
  2. The dominating nature of influencer culture is promoting more addiction to internet culture and unrealistic representation of life.
  3. How the emergence of smartphones is only proving more detrimental to underdeveloped and developing countries
  4. How global politics intrinsically affects the growth of smaller nations
  5. To what extent should the government oversee the production of goods and services
  6. Why should young people not be encouraged to take education seriously in America after high school?
  7. Why birth control pills should not be regulated for women or girls.
  8. The basic principle of consent, what it denotes, and why it should be championed
  9. Why every government constitution should be restructured to accommodate power only for four years
  10. What do you think are some of the reasons feminism should be promoted more
  11. Where needs feminist consciousness more? Underdeveloped or developed countries?
  12. What is the possibility that a country could be lifted out of poverty if it embraces socialism?
  13. The likely challenges or benefits the smart devices have on our brain
  14. “Dress how you’ll be addressed”: should this saying be considered primitive or still valid?
  15. Why should high school children be encouraged to pursue higher learning?
  16. The bridge students loan places on educational acquisitions
  17. Is history still a valuable subject to teach in schools
  18. What are still the core values for acquiring a Ph.D.?
  19. Does everyone in the academy require a Ph.D.?
  20. Should everyone in the academy aspire towards tenureship?
  21. Should a Ph.D. be a prerequisite to climb the academic ladder?
  22. Anti-Semitism: Why no Nazi Symbol should be represented
  23. The distinction between getting freedom and the implementation of that acquired freedom

GRE Pool of Issue Topics

The pool of topics primarily deals with a set of topics that belong to a particular pattern of analysis. When taking a GRE pool of issue essays, each issue topic provided is followed by a group of assigned instructions on responding to them. Here are some GRE prompts to equip yourself with.

  1. The University system should allow students to Major in one field of study. Agree or disagree?
  2. A state should be able to provide students with free health aids. Discuss this.
  3. Schooling should not be persuaded after high school. State reasons why
  4. Formal learning hinders room for a reality check. Explain in detail what you understand by this
  5. A government moves smoothly under socialism. Against or for? State reasons to back your reasons
  6. Political dissent leads to political growth. Agree or wholly disagree?
  7. Why a government should concern itself primarily with basic needs. Yes or no? State reasons to back up
  8. Why talent is not essential when choosing a field of study. Show with compelling reasons why you think this is true
  9. The demerits of law flexibility. Discuss explicitly
  10. Gender inequality hinders societal growth. Buttress on this with vivid illustrations
  11. The importance of scientific research. Write a concrete response to this
  12. Teaching as a profession is dwindling. Discuss more
  13. The importance of free education. Agree or disagree?
  14. Independence breeds excessive individualism. Good or bad? Discuss
  15. The importance of always trying. Wrote extensively on
  16. What yardstick accurately measures a country’s growth? Discuss
  17. Teachers’ promotion should be based on students’ performance. Yes or no?
  18. Sustainable living is important. Discuss elaborately
  19. More knowledge, more complexities. Discuss this
  20. Relevance of communication. Write a response to this
  21. Challenges of learning disabilities. Discuss this
  22. Promoting talent can be wasteful. Explore this assertion critically

GRE Analytical Writing Topics

When preparing for your GRE, analytical writing skills should be grounded in as they part of your GRE exercise. They determine your logical and cohesive manner of articulating arguments. Here are some GRE analytical writing prompts.

  1. The American government shouldn’t regulate birth control pills
  2. Why the notion of “strong woman” is stereotypical
  3. Cancel culture does more harm than good
  4. Internet woke culture is denying a must-have conversation
  5. College students should base career choice on ability, not talent
  6. Young people should have access to free education
  7. Unemployment breeds social insecurity
  8. Socialism will do more harm than capitalism
  9. Feminism advocates for everyone
  10. Media scrutiny is an upgraded version of cyberbullying
  11. A travel ban is a restriction on movement
  12. Work culture breeds more burnout than going to the gym
  13. Cooperation breeds more room for growth than competition
  14. Exams promote the ability to remember than the ability to know
  15. Social media breeds more insecurity than entertainment
  16. Beauty culture promotes more anxiety cases
  17. Hard work in capitalism means slavery
  18. Food insecurity causes poor school performance
  19. Government should have a limit to citizens’ lives
  20. Lawless breeds anarchy, Law breeds excessive control
  21. The Healthcare system should be free
  22. Health insurance should be all-inclusive

GRE Writing Topics

GRE writing essay topics usually fall within these categories. Education, technology and society, cities, arts, government and power, intellectual endeavors, philosophy. Here are some topics.

  1. Business education does not require schooling
  2. Digital marketing is taking over marketing. Agree or disagree?
  3. Government policies affect the business flow
  4. Leadership impacts business growth
  5. Business people should not stay neutral during politics
  6. Success in creative writing takes a while
  7. Perseverance is important in creativity
  8. Talents play little role in creativity
  9. The innate ability has an edge on creativity
  10. Hard work plays an intrinsic part in creativity
  11. The emotional argument is still an argument. Explore this elaborately.
  12. Basing arguments solely on emotion is improbable. What is your response?
  13. Facts and statistics are important in any argument
  14. Facts can be subjective
  15. Subjective arguments can win cases
  16. Free education is a human right
  17. Student loan hinders educational growth
  18. Government should provide free education systems
  19. Reactions are determined by emotions
  20. Behavior can be controlled. Discuss this succinctly
  21. Laws are necessary for societal growth
  22. Peace promotes national unity and security

ETS Essay Topics

ETS—Educational Testing Service has always been that examining body that has been around for a very long time, helping graduate students prepare for their next chapter of the academic pursuit. There are so many ETS essay topics to look into, and here are some.

  1. To understand society, you must pay attention to the very fabric of its people
  2. In learning, a beginner is more likely to become known than an expert
  3. Following due process requires that there first have to be a functional democracy
  4. Knowledge is crucial but wisdom is important
  5. Selfcare is gradually becoming capitalist
  6. Understanding neo-capitalism requires you to understand capitalism first
  7. Being a good marketer sometimes has nothing to do with studying it in school
  8. Separation of power cannot stand with an effective rule of law
  9. Attention and understanding play a huge part in learning
  10. Social media is creating a distorted view of reality
  11. Creating an appealing image isn’t the same as reality
  12. Reality can be carved out in a picture, but the picture isn’t reality
  13. Beauty should not be questioned
  14. Government should know they’re a servant and not overlords
  15. Creating a harmonic society requires a lot of concession
  16. Freedom isn’t always easily gotten, and not all freedom is true freedom
  17. The best type of argument can be subjective enough to tell the truth
  18. Acquiring education is important, but education isn’t only achieved in a school
  19. The primary goal of every lawful society should be protecting its citizenry
  20. We can learn much more from lessons than classrooms
  21. A leader is first a servant
  22. Religion isn’t necessarily spirituality.

GRE AWA Topics

Analytical Writing Assessment measures your critical and analytical writing and thinking skills through your GRE test. Here are some prompts on your GRE AWA Topics sample.

  1. Students should focus more on understanding than cramming
  2. Cramming does not entail knowledge
  3. The academy encourages wrong learning methods in students
  4. Education is the key but in school?
  5. Knowledge is not wisdom
  6. College students should be encouraged to write research papers
  7. Researching is essential to learning
  8. Researching broadens the mind
  9. College students should major in more than one course
  10. Researchers are not scientists but all scientists are researchers
  11. Food insecurity withdraws a country’s growth by 50%
  12. Government funding of healthcare is essential
  13. Free health insurance should be a basic human right
  14. The promotion of unity drives growth in a society
  15. Comradeship is important even in politics
  16. Obeying the leasing government might not often be the right call
  17. Dissent in politics isn’t terrorism
  18. Assessment of students’ learning should be on the ability
  19. The academy is experiencing a gradual decline
  20. Colossal failure is bearable than a gradual decline
  21. Government funding of basic amenities is essential
  22. Obeying rules and regulations do not completely make one patriotic

GRE Pool of Argument Topics

The GRE pool of argument functions in the same way as the GRE pool of issue topics. The major distinction between both is that one focuses primarily on issue topics while the other topics dwell predominantly in argumentative writing because each argument topic presents an argument followed by an analysis pattern for it. Here are topic prompt examples on the subject.

  1. Write a response to the challenges faced by low-income neighborhoods in Southern America
  2. What is your position on the issue of the Covid-19 vaccine and conspiracy theories around it
  3. Vaccination is important, but in every case, vaccines should be medically advised before us. Critic this
  4. Write an argumentative essay on while tenureship should be given to lecturers without PH.D.
  5. Birth control pills are a way to control women’s bodies. Posit your points on this
  6. Extensively discuss the issue of food insecurity in America
  7. Food waste is prevalent in America while food insecurity persists. Why do you think this is?
  8. Curbing insecurity in a country can only be championed by good governance. Argue critically
  9. Argue critically for the benefits of women liberation globally
  10. Technology has brought growth as well as challenges.
  11. Social media brings positivity
  12. Social media’s negativity consistently looms. Argue objectively
  13. Internship is beneficial to every college student.
  14. Marijuana has been proven to have certain health benefits. What are the odds?
  15. Survey is paramount for any new production.
  16. A declining economy is a leadership problem
  17. What is the possibility that Ethnography is more modern than anthropology
  18. Supplements can be used for ailments. Argue for
  19. Off-campus students have a wholesome school experience than boarders. Argue elaborately
  20. Homeownership breeds a lot of expense than renting
  21. Institutional neglect is one major issue faced in the American south
  22. High grades do not justify intelligence.

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