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5 Paragraph Essay topics

155 Five Paragraph Essay Topics: Quick Ideas For You

Before we jump into the “how,” let us first of all attempt to answer the “what is a five paragraph essay?” question. A five paragraph essay is an essay that has five paragraphs and is divided into three segments: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction is one paragraph long, the body is three paragraphs long, while the conclusion is one paragraph long.

This format of writing an essay has been nicknamed many things, including “the hamburger format,” “the one-three-one essay format,” and so on.

Essays, generally, are mostly used by school teachers – including college and middle school teachers- to assess students’ level of consideration for their potential audience. The five paragraph essay format is the standard essay format for many schools and universities for various reasons.

Many times, students in colleges or universities admit that they default to seeking affordable and professional research paper help with some of their essays. Most times, they admit to not being able to meet up deadlines or not having confidence in their writing abilities. However controversial this notion is, it’s every student’s wish to get top grades, so getting help writing a five paragraph essay outline gives them a boost.

Whatever means the student employs, it is a good idea to commit to memory some 5 paragraph essay examples, and how long a 5 paragraph essay should be. That way, they’re prepared enough to write them whenever the need arises. It also ensures that they’re taking the right steps in getting the best grades.

Steps To Writing A 5 Paragraph Essay

Like everything else in the English language, when it comes to how to write a good 5 paragraph essay, there are basic rules you need to know and follow. For one, it is advisable for you to prepare an outline for your 5 paragraph essay. This will help you itemize your points and divide them between the five paragraphs. It also helps you to remember the points you want to add.

Typically, five paragraph essay topics need students to do either of the following:

  • Narrate something,
  • Expound on a process or concept,
  • Persuade the readers,
  • Establish relationships between concepts,
  • Argue for or against a notion.

Whatever the context, the standard outline for 5 paragraph essays is as follows:

  • Introduction. This is where the writer introduces the topic with an interesting plot line).
  • Body. The three paragraphs in this section each help to drive the writer’s point across and expound on the topic and introduction).
  • Conclusion. At this point, the writer summarizes the points mentioned above and draws the essay to a close.

Five Paragraph Essay Structure

The essay structure for 5 paragraph essays is easy to follow. Below is the structure:

– The introduction or introductory statement that lightly explains the topic,

– The body:

> Paragraph 1: First argument

> Paragraph 2: Second supporting argument

> Paragraph 3: Third supporting argument.

– The conclusion or summary that brings all the arguments together and shows their relevance to the topic being discussed.

Sometimes, students get confused and ask, “how long should a 5 paragraph essay be?”. Sometimes, the answer is obvious -5 paragraphs. Other times, five paragraphs are not enough to get the point across, especially at the university level. This, however, gives room for the controversial aspect of adding more paragraphs to a 5 paragraph essay. While it is allowed, the key is to remember to tie all the points together in the conclusion.

As a general rule, 5 paragraph essays should be between 450 and 800 words.

Five Paragraph Essay Topics

When choosing 5 paragraph essay topics, make sure that they’re good enough to fall under the typical reasons for writing an essay (or the types of essays).

Depending on the academic level of the student, examples of good 5 paragraph essay topics are:

  1. How can the use of plastic be controlled?
  2. How has urbanization aided pollution?
  3. Should people be made to pay for education, or should it be free?
  4. How much access should children be given to the Internet?
  5. How has tobacco marketing affected people’s health?
  6. How can the government clamp down on environmental law offenders?
  7. Should smoking be banned completely or limited to private property?
  8. How has social media affected students’ performance in school?
  9. What kind of recreational activities should students be exposed to?
  10. What are some benefits of using personal protective equipment?

5 Paragraph Essay Topics For High School Students

  1. Windbreakers and their importance
  2. Consequences of overdependence on nonrenewable resources
  3. Animal rights or human survival
  4. Practical ways to prevent desert encroachment
  5. Causes of a heart attack
  6. Air pollution is preventable
  7. Environmental protection projects
  8. Effects of replenishing endangered ecosystems in our environment
  9. Impending effects of climate change
  10. Cognitive interpretation of nature
  11. When it rains, it pours
  12. Long-term effects of deforestation
  13. Trees are more important than we’ll ever know
  14. Preparation against natural disasters
  15. Effects of erosion on the soil
  16. Helpful microorganisms that interact within the farm
  17. Harmful microorganisms present in the soil
  18. How water aids homeostasis
  19. Enzymes and their functions
  20. Glass and paper recycling projects
  21. Farmyard manure does more harm than good to food crops
  22. Teens and social media addiction
  23. Astronomy and its effects on the world today
  24. Hairstyles should not be censored
  25. Differences between the effects of positive and negative reinforcements
  26. Benefits of developing good breakfast habits
  27. How exercise affects the cardiovascular system
  28. How loss affects the mental health of a person
  29. Benefits of proper rest and sleep on a person’s health and mood
  30. How positivity affects one’s well-being
  31. What age is considered appropriate to start dating
  32. Some developmental milestones of children aged 0 to 5
  33. White blood cells and their functions
  34. Importance of hemoglobin in the body
  35. How teamwork helps foster co-operation among team members
  36. Qualities of a good leader
  37. Education of the girl child
  38. How you would protect yourself from the cold
  39. What to do when there’s a fire
  40. Differences between ancient and modern forms of transportation
  41. How hobbies can help protect a person’s mental health
  42. How to reduce pollution caused by festivals
  43. Cheap recycling projects to protect the Earth
  44. How frugality affects the environment
  45. How fashion affects the development of personality
  46. Co-education should be abolished
  47. Medical care should be free for people who can’t afford it
  48. Who should pay taxes; how to achieve equity in tax rates
  49. How to help someone who’s having a bad day
  50. How music and relaxation affect a person’s mental health
  51. How bullying can lead to the perpetuation of unfair caste systems in schools
  52. How oxygen is transported throughout the body
  53. Your favorite season of the year; why?
  54. What causes rainbows to appear
  55. Distinguishing features of mammals
  56. How ships differ from submarines
  57. The significance of memorials
  58. Effects of poor sleeping habits on the development of a person’s personality
  59. Different types of feeders in the food chain of an ecosystem
  60. Renewable alternatives to present electricity supply
  61. How poor road networks affect farmers’ productivity
  62. How the body reacts when foreign bodies get in
  63. Causes and remedies for common fevers
  64. Differences between regular verbs and irregular verbs
  65. Pollination: what it is and why it’s important
  66. Moral arguments against child marriage
  67. Instances where prevention is better than cure
  68. How gravitational force can be good and bad
  69. Respiration in aquatic animals
  70. Effects of sunlight on the skin
  71. Sustainable alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels
  72. Similarities between the skin and the leaves of a plant
  73. How you learned a skill via the internet
  74. Effects of harsh words on a child’s development
  75. How procrastination affects a student’s overall performance
  76. How to prepare your favorite food
  77. How diurnal and nocturnal animals differ from each other
  78. How a person’s immediate environment affects their personality
  79. The importance of water on the digestive system
  80. First aid techniques and types of equipment
  81. How the sun influences the solar system
  82. The benefits of having good role models
  83. How the digestive system processes food to produce energy
  84. Effects of cigarette and tobacco smoking on a person’s lungs and health in general

5 Paragraph Essay Topics For Middle School Students

  1. What can be done to put a stop to the continuous extinction of endangered plant and animal species
  2. Should school dress codes be abolished
  3. Students should be allowed to use their cellphones in class
  4. How the school authorities can put a stop to bullying
  5. Students should be allowed to approve teachers before they are hired
  6. Teachers should undergo a probationary period of training before employment
  7. School children should be allowed to put on makeup
  8. Virtual gaming centers should be banned
  9. The school cafeteria menu should include food choices vetted by students’ votes
  10. Student council members should include representatives from different grades
  11. Obesity is perpetrated by fast-food companies
  12. Historical records should be revisited and corrected
  13. Students should be taught the real history of countries and civilizations
  14. Do mission trips establish a “white supremacy” culture
  15. Are all plants autotrophic?
  16. How the internet has done more harm than good in terms of education
  17. How much control should young children have over their screen time
  18. How school teachers can help students learn virtues like forgiveness and empathy
  19. Are all scientific pieces of evidence and propositions absolute
  20. How air pollution has affected the ozone layer
  21. What similarities are there between American soccer and football
  22. Should textbooks be replaced with e-learning in schools
  23. What benefits did people enjoy during the lockdown
  24. How the lockdown has affected the economy of the world
  25. Argue for or against the notion that some public service positions should be scrapped
  26. What people must consider when choosing a career
  27. The importance of learning foreign languages
  28. Evolution has led to the creation of new species
  29. Soccer will not gain enough popularity in the US
  30. Football and basketball players’ pay is correspondent with their performance
  31. The use of hardcover books in schools should be abolished, and mobile applications be installed in their place
  32. The pay politicians receive is higher than their output
  33. A moment you’ll never forget and why
  34. How being in the school environment has benefited school children
  35. Define and differentiate between heroes and role models
  36. If you could spend a day with anybody, who would it be? Why that person
  37. How medicine has evolved over the years
  38. Online essays are usually non plagiarized content. True or false
  39. Getting expert research paper help is usually expensive and should not be trusted
  40. How easy it is to get quality and affordable topics for 5 paragraph essays
  41. How to enforce school uniforms to curb indecent dressing
  42. Attaining a high level of education cannot guarantee job success
  43. How the COVID-19 lockdown has affected your academics
  44. The effect of COVID-19 lockdown on your family
  45. Education is/ isn’t the ultimate test of knowledge
  46. Recent events that are relevant to your course of study
  47. Modern technology, if at all, has helped refine education
  48. Brushing twice a day does more harm than good to the teeth
  49. Practical ways to curb land pollution
  50. Steps to take to reduce greenhouse gases

Writing an essay doesn’t come naturally to some students, and that’s okay. Thankfully, there are sites online that offer expertly written outlines and essays, and most of their services are cheap. Because they are easy and affordable, they’re easy favorites of lower and higher level students.

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