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50 Business Topics for College and University Students

Writing papers and essays on business topics is a must for university and college students that are pursuing business programs. But, the major challenge that is faced by most students lies in selecting their business research topics. This is the step where most students spend a lot of time. That’s because they don’t want to choose a too broad or boring topic and end up scoring a poor grade.

But, choosing business topics for research paper or essay shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you’re preparing for a Ph.D. defense or pursuing your bachelor’s degree, there are several topics that you can choose from. Simply pick a topic that you find interesting to research and write about.

Tips for Finding Business Topics

Before you decide to write an essay or paper on a topic, you should consider several factors. Our academic writers outlined the following basics:

  • Whether you’ve been provided with a topic scope
  • Whether you’re allowed to change the provided topic scope
  • Whether the professor has provided a thematic area to select a topic from
  • If you’re free to select a topic
  • Whether you’ve specialized in a certain subject

When free to select a topic, start by conducting some research. Visit news websites to find out what’s trending in the corporate world. Analyze successful corporations and companies. Find out what other scholars have written about. If you still can’t create a topic for your essay or paper, consider the following business research topics for college students.

Business Law Paper Topics

A topic on business law is hard for most learners to find. That’s because business law essay topics should relate to business law and attract the reader’s attention. It should also be narrowed down to something focused. Here samples of business law topics.

  1. How does copyright law favor a singer or artist when represented by a recording company?
  2. How does a non-disclosure agreement save companies from disgruntled employees?
  3. Should legal name or nom de plumes be used for the protection of the written work of an author?
  4. How can a business ensure that former employees don’t join rival companies?
  5. The interaction between the state and federal law with marijuana-based businesses
  6. How can a state official succeed after their dismissal on corruption cases implication?
  7. Are there corporate crimes that should warrant a death penalty?
  8. How do the laws on alcohol sale and consumption benefit the public’s wellbeing?
  9. What’s the meaning of insider trading in the modern world?
  10. How is authority defined before starting business negotiations?

There are many business law topics for research paper that you can choose from. However, it’s crucial to select an interesting topic to make your research and writing process fun.

International Business Topics

When writing a business paper on an international topic, you can explore a global subject. Though lucrative, the topic can be complex. This category features topics for MBA students. Here are sample topics for international business research papers.

  1. Resources transfer in the global marketplace
  2. The economic transition of china
  3. Corporation theory in the joint venture
  4. The stagnation of the East Asia economies
  5. International business cycles’ volatility
  6. Financial autarky viability in a globalized world
  7. The importance of social media presence for global companies
  8. How war between nations affect businesses
  9. Why companies fail in the international markets
  10. Languages that are likely to be used to do international business in the future

It’s important to choose current and trendy business related topics. they should also not be too narrow or too general. That’s because a too narrow topic won’t let you delve deeper while a too narrow topic won’t let you say much. Thus, you might not write a paper that will earn you a better grade.

Business Ethics Topics

Business ethics research paper topics touch on integrity, business behavior, morality, and duties. The business ethics field allows students the freedom to select what to write about from a large pool of topics. That’s because many issues around business ethics can be researched and written about. Business ethics touches on ethical issues that affect groups of employees, employers, customers, individuals, and the surrounding. Here are samples of interesting business ethics paper topics.

  1. Should a business uphold honesty all the time when dealing with customers?
  2. What causes unethical conduct in most workplaces?
  3. How do moral principles affect business decisions?
  4. The history and psychology of business ethics
  5. Examples of ineffective moral judgment in business
  6. Do the personnel and manger have the same business ethics?
  7. How can businesses avoid workplace sexual harassment?
  8. How to take responsibility for a company’s corporate ethics
  9. The importance of ethical code for a company
  10. How ethical errors can lead a business to bankruptcy

Engaging in different businesses provide a chance for researching on general topics that touch on issues like environmental protection and common ones like workplace honesty.

Business Debate Topics

These can also be considered as business persuasive speech topics. They use published literature or existing materials. And, they are about convincing the reader to take a certain side on an issue. Some can be described as business communication topics because they touch on modern communication means like social media. They can also be informative or controversial business topics. Here are examples of topics in this category.

  1. Should a company exploit labor to maximize profit?
  2. Merger versus acquisition- Which of the two is better?
  3. Businesses whose focus is on market versus businesses whose focus is on products
  4. Should a company offer better value to its new employees?
  5. Can leadership in business be developed through learning and practice?
  6. Investing in social media and digital marketing campaigns- Can it capture the attention of the audience?
  7. Fringe benefits and personal acknowledgment versus monetary incentives
  8. Multinational companies do more harm than good
  9. Is multi-level marketing a legit business model?
  10. How minimum wage can prevent companies from taking advantage of employees

Before you choose any of these business proposal topics, it’s crucial to decide your position. Ensure that you have sufficient evidence and facts that support the position you take. Put your ideas on a pedestal when writing the paper.

Business Informative Speech Topics

These are also called business presentation topics. They are largely about informing the audience about certain issues that touch on business. Here are examples of business speech topics that can also be chosen for a presentation.

  1. Shareholder responsibilities and rights
  2. Corporate mergers tender offers
  3. How the poison pill scheme works when defending a business against a non-friendly takeover
  4. Major personality traits of successful CEOs
  5. Tax consideration in a stock-for-stock transaction
  6. Formal business proposal solicitation
  7. Major elements to include in a business proposal
  8. Differences between a successful and unsuccessful business proposal
  9. The importance of a business proposal
  10. Advantages of creating several business proposals

The choice of business essay topics should depend on the fields that students are interested in. Therefore, before you choose your business research proposal topics, think about the things you find interesting. What’s more, hot business topics enable learners to accomplish their study goals. Nevertheless, any of the topics highlighted here can be used to write a great paper, essay or speech. We also have persuasive essay topics. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Good luck!

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