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economics essay topics

202 Essential Economics Essay Topics You Must Know About

Are you in university or college currently pursuing a course or unit in Economics? If so, these topics will help you. You just need to find where your passion lies and that will lead you to find an ideal topic for your essay.

The topics can also be used for your research project, thesis, or dissertation. It just depends on what interests you most. Also, when the teacher/professor assigns you the essay, try and consult them to ensure you choose a topic that will align with the course’s objectives.

In this article, you will identify some topic examples that you can use for your economics essay. Don’t hesitate to reach out, in case you might need some essay writing help. We have the best solution for you. Remember to choose a topic based on your likes to attain top grades.

What Is Economics?

Economics is a social science that focuses on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It helps people to analyze the choice that different individuals, companies, governments, and nations used to allocate resources.

Economists analyze resource allocation for the best interest of the people. It can also be termed as the study of scarcity, how people use resources, and respond to incentives. Economics helps us to understand the historical trends, headlines, and make predictions in the field.

Economics requires knowing the most effective way to use resources to meet private and social goals. This can be in terms of production, employment, savings, investments, health, money, government policies, international trade, urbanization, and much more.

Different Fields Of Economics

There are 3 major disciplines in economics:

  • Microeconomics
    This is the study of the implications of individual human action that lead to a person’s financial wellbeing. Additionally, this is about the study of the allocation of resources to an individual. The study of allocation helps make it easier for people to make daily and lifelong decisions.It also focuses on the decisions of individuals and businesses. It also entails how individual consumers and firms make decisions to allocate resources. You also get to understand why goods are valued differently and how people make financial decisions.
  • Macroeconomics
    This entails the study of the economy as a whole. Therefore, it entails the study of inflation, price, growth rate of income, gross domestic product, and employment. It is a bit more diverse than microeconomics. It looks more into the global context rather than just at the consumer.
  • Econometrics
    This entails the study of the economy in terms of theory, math, and statistics. This makes it ideal for policymaking. In the sub-discipline, students learn how to convert gathered statements to numerical statements for easier analysis. (Qualitative – Quantitative transition)

Good Economics Essay Topics

Are you in university and wondering where you can get good economics essay topics? Then try and use any of these. It will deepen your understanding of economics.

  1. The relation between economics and culture.
  2. Evaluate the economics of information.
  3. Relation between economics and the environment.
  4. How does economics impact modern psychology?
  5. Evaluate the political economy globally.
  6. Challenges faced by international economics.
  7. How do experiments impact economics?
  8. Illustrate the artistic economy.
  9. Evaluate the economics of justice.
  10. Basis of economics in the judiciary system.
  11. Evaluate the modern trading system and its impact globally.
  12. Ethics of economics and relation to philosophy.
  13. Evaluate time as a resource in economics.
  14. The relation between labor protection and economics.
  15. Effects of institutional economics in the modern world.
  16. How can third-world economics be improved?
  17. Evaluate the economy in different countries globally.
  18. Economics of agriculture.

Best Economic Essay Topics

If you are in college and wondering what research topic you can use; try and consult your professor. He or she will provide the right advice to ensure that you choose the right topic for your essay.

  1. In which percentage should the minimum wage for all employees be increased globally?
  2. Why do people prefer popular brands to others when making purchase decisions?
  3. Should the increase in the cost of living lead to an increase in salary?
  4. What factors lead to some countries developing faster than others?
  5. How can a country’s structure affect its level of income?
  6. How is economic growth dependent on capital accumulation?
  7. Does the third-world debt serve as a valuable source of capital for first-world countries?
  8. Best measures to use to ensure economic growth in Third World countries.
  9. The best modes for economic growth.
  10. Best methods that can be used to reduce poverty in different continents.
  11. Effects of international capital flows.
  12. How can trade liberalization lead to peace?
  13. Importance of democracy to the economy globally.
  14. Is international trade good for developing and developed countries?
  15. How is GDP growth evaluated?
  16. The relation between equality and efficiency in the market.
  17. What has more value – quality or quantity in the market?
  18. Which is the optimal measure for output in firms in different industries?

Current Economic Topics

While in school, you need to be keen to ensure that you understand everything that you are taught by your teachers. You can also form groups as students that you can use to discuss the topics and know what to write.

  1. How do public goods affect the market-does it make it secure or insecure?
  2. The impact of tax and subsidies in the market.
  3. What factors lead to the increase of commodities prices in the market?
  4. The importance of monopolistic competition in an industry.
  5. Is industrial monopoly convenient for goods?
  6. What can be done to reduce monopoly in different markets?
  7. Should the government intervene to ensure reasonable pricing in the market?
  8. How does market competition lead to an increase in medicine prices?
  9. How does healthcare spending lead to an increase in educational and health care costs?
  10. Which factors influence people’s decisions on whether to purchase health insurance or not?
  11. Relation between education and health care costs.
  12. Relation between the income level and life quality when accessing healthcare services.
  13. The relation between gender inequality and the economy.
  14. Evaluate social and economic development.
  15. Importance of Hong Kong in global economics.
  16. Pros and cons of the current money system in different countries globally.
  17. The government’s role in economic development.
  18. Evaluate the perfect capitalist and social economist.

Advanced Economics Topics

If you want a bit deeper topics, you can consider these advanced economic topics. They are all based on different subjects to help you get a deeper understanding.

  1. Role of Singapore’s market to the global market.
  2. The injustices with labor on the international market.
  3. Impact of globalization on the worldwide policymaking economy.
  4. The economics behind public health care.
  5. The unhealthy insurance markets globally.
  6. The relation between tax and government expenditure.
  7. The economics behind taxation.
  8. The tourism industry in Africa and other continents.
  9. Salary disparity in rural and urban areas.
  10. The best solution to unemployment.
  11. Role of bank institutions in the economy.
  12. Importance of cryptocurrency to the economy.
  13. How does homelessness impact the economy of countries?
  14. Impact of China on the world economy.
  15. The characteristics found in economic thriving countries.
  16. How does innovation impact economic growth?
  17. How does price affect the GDP of a country?
  18. How does oil price impact the GDP of a country?
  19. Which macroeconomic variables have an impact on countries?

Easy Economics Research Topics

If you prefer easy research topics, then these are for you. You can easily relate to the current economic state and know how to answer them.

  1. How do supply and demand impact product prices?
  2. The impact of drug cartels on economy of Columbia.
  3. Impact of green energy on economy.
  4. How does demand for goods impact supply?
  5. Evaluate a big brand like Coca-Cola from a macroeconomics perspective.
  6. Does income have an impact on people’s happiness?
  7. Major philosophy and principle of economics.
  8. Evaluate the wine industry to the economy.
  9. Why do people love to invest in the stock market?
  10. Best investment options in the world currently.
  11. What is behavioral economics?
  12. Benefits of behavioral economics globally.
  13. The benefits of discounts, special offers, and price cuts to boost sales.
  14. Role of big data in purchasing decisions.
  15. Does the architecture of a company impact its success?
  16. Which are the factors that lead a consumer to buy a product?
  17. History of economics.
  18. Impact of climate on economy.
  19. The impact of technological development on economy.
  20. The best way to deal with waste in any capital city.

Economic Topics To Write About

Economics has a lot of sub-disciplines, and you need to familiarize yourself with all of them. They all intertwine and will help you get a deeper understanding. What are you waiting for?

  1. Factors that lead to economic growth.
  2. Evaluate the three major economy disciplines.
  3. Which is more valuable the economy or environmental resources?
  4. The effect of globalization on economy in different developing countries.
  5. Evaluate conservation policies based on a country of your choice.
  6. The most common economic policies globally.
  7. Impact of governments on economy.
  8. Impact of the labor market on supply and demand.
  9. How does consumer purchasing affect the pricing system?
  10. The microeconomics market structures.
  11. Relation between economic change and seasonal changes.
  12. Write more on the macroeconomic market structures.
  13. The impact of creativity in building the economy.
  14. How is nature the biggest victim when it comes to the economy?
  15. Major industries that affect the environment.
  16. How do health care costs affect taxes?
  17. How can marketing affect a company’s progress?
  18. The advantages and disadvantages of starting a company in the modern market.
  19. The impact of local industry on society and the environment.

Interesting Topics In Economics

Economics is really important for any country’s prosperity. The developing and developed countries differ in certain aspects and, therefore, you need to evaluate them keenly.

  1. Evaluate the industrial organization.
  2. Impact of SMEs on economy.
  3. What leads to price growth when product demand increases?
  4. The best marketing and advertising mechanisms that can lead to more company sales.
  5. Evaluate the factors that lead to abrupt economic changes in the world.
  6. Evaluate the finance sector about the economic growth.
  7. Analyze the oil demand over time and its major changes.
  8. How does consumer goods’ demand impact their prices?
  9. How does media impact market growth?
  10. The sociological view of consumers and the decisions they make.
  11. Economic history of colonized nations.
  12. Evolution of global economic powers.
  13. How does gender impact economic growth?
  14. The history of industrial evolution.
  15. The study of tourism from a social-economic perspective.
  16. Ethics and morality in socio-economic.
  17. Evaluate the field of e-finance.
  18. Evaluate personal finance management

Interesting Economics Topics

There are different industries out there. Therefore, when researching a topic, try to narrow it down to a specific one to prevent writing many conflicting ideas.

  1. The fundamentals for successful businesses.
  2. How does environmental exploitation impact the economy negatively?
  3. Role of Singapore’s economy on international trade.
  4. The positive impact of labor productivity on economy.
  5. Evaluate the labor economics
  6. Does labor used by some employees equate to wages paid?
  7. Impact of entrepreneurship on economic development.
  8. The impact of institutional economics.
  9. Overexploitation in modern world economics.
  10. Evolution of world trade.
  11. Relations between economics and globalization.
  12. Economics of agriculture.
  13. Justification of relocation.
  14. Role of cities in the growth of the economy.
  15. Importance of investing in real estate.
  16. The difficulties behind green buildings.
  17. Evaluate any economic policy tool.
  18. The economic impact of biofuels.
  19. History of US economics.

High Quality Economic Topics

When researching these interesting economic topics, try and use books, scholarly articles, PDFs, and films to understand better. The more resources you use, the more informative your work will be.

  1. Why are fewer women engaging in economics than men?
  2. Impact of energy economics on any industry of choice.
  3. Is economics an experimental science or not?
  4. Future of economics.
  5. Effects of marijuana legalization on economics.
  6. Impact of Big Data on the banking sector.
  7. How has online shopping influenced the economy globally?
  8. The importance of land use planning.
  9. Probability of recycling the particular waste in the world.
  10. Cost of delivering high-level education in colleges and universities.
  11. The role of small and medium enterprises (SME) in the economy.
  12. Why doesn’t low unemployment lead to higher wages?
  13. Influence of behavioral economics on globalization.
  14. The relation between economics and education.
  15. Benefits of cheap foreign labor to globalization.
  16. The importance of renewable energy for international economics.
  17. Role of financial planning in business economics.
  18. How does economics affect individual and organizational behavior?
  19. How does school quality affect the housing price?
  20. The difference between economics and finance.

Unique Topics In Economy

If you love interactive topics, then these economic topics are just for you. Before you might decide to pay for essays, try to do your own research, align your thoughts, and try your best to provide a good final paper. This topics list should help you get started.

  1. How has economics been influenced by other disciplines?
  2. Compare the real-world economic issues with neoclassical economics.
  3. Evaluate the paradox of value.
  4. Was Soviet socialism an alternative to capitalism?
  5. How can the economy of the world grow?
  6. Evaluate the different economic industries being studied.
  7. What major factors influence people’s purchasing decisions?
  8. The impact of marital status in work delivery.
  9. Reasons that lead to salary inequalities in different genders.
  10. What leads to an increase in product consumption?
  11. The impact of demonetization on SMEs.
  12. Privatization of public enterprises and implication on economy.
  13. Relation between stock prices and inflation.
  14. The relation between internet connectivity and productivity.
  15. The gains and losses of international trade in developing countries.
  16. The role of the exchange rate in the US.
  17. Waste disposal programs in the US.

Topics Related To Economics

Economics is diverse, and you need to find the right scope or niche to ensure you become knowledgeable about it. Here are some good topics related to economics.

  1. The economic perspective of natural resources distribution.
  2. Impact of work-life balance on socio-eco systems.
  3. The relation between financial subsidies and the generation of eco-friendly products.
  4. The behavioral economics of discounting.
  5. How do corporations make customers spend more?
  6. Big data and implications for behavioral economics.
  7. Evaluate the impact of globalization on income distribution.
  8. Evaluate the relationship between migration and development economics.
  9. How budgeting impacts decision-making,
  10. Impact of population growth in development economics.
  11. Determinants of climate policy formulation in the US.
  12. The economic implication of climate policy changes.
  13. Evaluate the relation between producers and profit maximization.
  14. The impact of borrowing on human capital.
  15. Evaluate Moore’s law and economic growth.
  16. The wealth gaps among different economical classes.

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