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exploratory essay topics

227 Exploratory Essay Topics To Top Your Grades

Are you looking for the best exploratory essay topics? In this article, we are going to go through the best exploratory essay topics, what is an exploratory essay, and how best to write an exploratory essay.

These types of essays, research projects, research proposals, dissertations, and thesis are just like any other. However, you just need to know how to describe the various phenomenon in a good way.

An exploratory essay is a type that you use your writing to solve a certain problem. In the essays, you need to describe when, how, and why you completed the different types of research. It is working through problems by research and writing.

Your exploratory essay should teach the audience how a certain concern can be solved.  We hope this exploratory writing definition will help you to be better at your writing.

The Process Of Writing An Exploratory Essay

  1. Introduction
    Just like any other form of essay, you need to have an introduction to the essay. In the introduction part, you need to outline the specific issue that you explored, and briefly discuss it. Also, remember to provide possible causes and the institutions involved.
    Furthermore, you also need to show the type of sources that you used during your inquiry.
  2. Body
    The body is also an important part of the exploratory essay. The paragraphs should include the source and the indispensable information you got from the source with regard to the issue. Also, you need to show why the information is significant to the issue. The source should play a major role in the exploratory essay. Moreover, ensure you segment the body section in the right way.
  3. Conclusion
    The conclusion is another important part of the exploratory essay. In this part, you need to review your whole essay using the findings and conclusion you came to. You can also discuss the issues that should still be assessed in the future. Remember to have a draft and proofread before providing the final version.

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Interesting Exploratory Essay Topics

Before you start doing your exploratory essay, ensure to consult your teacher or professor for advice. Also, always try to be attentive in class to capture everything taught to get high marks.

  1. The importance of having Oscar’s ceremony in the entertainment industry.
  2. The belief of different cultures on the afterlife.
  3. The different eating habits portrayed in different cultures.
  4. How does the Islam religion promote violence?
  5. The differences between Islam and Christianity.
  6. The negative effects of euthanasia.
  7. How does religion provide positive benefits to us?
  8. Do you think religion is used as a form of escapism?
  9. The significance of the different religions.
  10. The negative effects of terrorism.
  11. The beneficial effects of keeping a pet at home.
  12. Why do people stigmatize mental illness?
  13. The advantages and disadvantages of eating genetically modified food?
  14. The major real world’s superpowers.
  15. The ethics behind gene splicing.
  16. The evolution of interracial marriage.
  17. Can the renewable source of energy provide adequate energy for the whole world?

In-Depth Topics For Exploratory Essay

Whether you are in college or university, you need to do thorough research on your essays. These are some of the most in-depth topics that you can consider.

  1. The impact of phones on the eyesight of children.
  2. Is adoption a great alternative to getting children?
  3. The best way to provide better health care services.
  4. How are computers replacing the modern teacher?
  5. How can the racial background be detected through DNA testing?
  6. The effect of reality shows on society.
  7. The measures that can be taken to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.
  8. The major effects of carbon emissions.
  9. The individual efforts that can be used to make the world greener.
  10. The ethics behind gene screening.
  11. Why is human cloning unethical?
  12. The advantages and disadvantages of online buying and selling.
  13. The effects of the internet on kids and society.
  14. The advantages of nanotechnology.
  15. The risk associated with radiation exhibited by cell phones.
  16. How to verify the fact and myths circulated by social networking apps.
  17. The relation between traditional and modern learning methods.

Best Inquiry Essay Topics

These inquiry essay topics are not as complex as you would think. However, you need to do thorough research and find the right problem that you can solve through your writing.

  1. The negative effects of dictatorship.
  2. The difficulties faced in a long-distance relationship.
  3. The importance of electric cars on the environment.
  4. How does the government influence the growth of terrorism?
  5. The role of mutual understanding in any relationship.
  6. The negative effects of obesity on the self-esteem of the youth.
  7. The different needs that both women and men want in relationships.
  8. The best way to have a successful relationship.
  9. The evolution of feminism over time.
  10. The ethics behind men being the pursuer in any romantic relationship.
  11. The positive effects of self-driving cars.
  12. The effect of artificial intelligence in airplanes.
  13. The negative and positive effects of premarital sex.
  14. The major changes of technology in the education system.
  15. The positive effects of using supplements by bodybuilders.
  16. The negative effects of chemical drugs.
  17. What should be the political advertisement limit?
  18. The relation between ideology and truth.

Advanced Investigation Essay Topics

Are you looking for advanced investigation essay topics? Why not start with these? However, you need to get information from credible sources to ensure that you write the right solutions to the problems.

  1. The most advanced country technologically.
  2. Why do people need weapon licenses?
  3. The role of carbohydrates in our bodies.
  4. How do fast food chains lead to the growth of obesity in teenagers?
  5. What is the most ideal amount of sleep?
  6. How has China worked in becoming a global superpower?
  7. The importance of time management in academic life.
  8. The negative effects of global warming.
  9. Should schools focus more on practical learning than theoretical knowledge?
  10. The effects of caffeine on women’s health.
  11. How does religion impose on parenting?
  12. The importance of biological children.
  13. The major effects of early marriage.
  14. Is marathon running good for your body?
  15. The negative effects of dictatorship.
  16. Who should be accountable for children’s bad behavior?

Awesome Exploratory Paper Topics

At times, society can be a bit critical. Hence, you can try to dig in to see whether the various problems are solvable. Explore as needed.

  1. The role of women in the society
  2. How safe is wearing high heels?
  3. Should there be a law against deforestation?
  4. The significance of communism in the world.
  5. Do you think adventure sports should be banned or encouraged?
  6. How safe is nuclear energy?
  7. The negative effects of binge shopping?
  8. The underlying concepts of Darwinism.
  9. The reason behind continental splits.
  10. Do you think being broke is a habit?
  11. The effects of eating food cooked by microwaves.
  12. The positive effects of afternoon naps on productivity.
  13. How do vegetarians get protein?

Great Exploratory Essay Ideas

These are some of the best exploratory essays that you can try. However, ensure you do your literature review well and also read what other people already found out.

  1. The major causes of rampant bullying in sports teams.
  2. The importance of indulging in sports when young.
  3. Modern technologies are being used to promote sports.
  4. How do developed countries help athletes?
  5. Methods to cope with an injury as an athlete.
  6. How to maintain energy in the body when doing tiresome sports.
  7. The ethics of the death penalty.
  8. The effects of social media on society.
  9. The best punishment for drug users
  10. The best way to lower rates of homelessness.
  11. How to reduce casino gambling.
  12. The effects of lowering the drinking age in the US.
  13. Is smoking in public bad?
  14. The solution to reducing police brutality.
  15. The negative effects of gambling.
  16. The effects of cloning humans.
  17. The best way to provide water to everyone worldwide.

Easy Exploratory Essays

Are you looking for easy exploratory essays? Then try any of these! They are easy to comprehend, straightforward, and researchable. Make sure you choose a topic that interests you most.

  1. How do various countries promote peace and human rights?
  2. The role of the UN in the world.
  3. The benefits of organic produce.
  4. The importance of organic produce to eating healthy food.
  5. The relation between art and rehabilitation.
  6. The importance of political advertising in politics.
  7. Violence limits that should be implemented.
  8. The best way to educate students.
  9. Is it right for standardization to be abandoned?
  10. The importance of making college free for students.
  11. The best way to boost students’ performance at school.
  12. How to limit technologies used in school.
  13. Should digital textbooks be used in schools?
  14. The best way students can prepare for a test.
  15. The best time-management tactics.
  16. How does coffee help students when learning?
  17. The effect of violence on children.

 Informative Exploratory Topics

While in university or college, you need to read more than just want is taught by the professor. The university is a center of learning that should be used by students to expand their thinking.

  1. The negative effect of violence on children.
  2. How does monetary child support promote the well-being of single parents?
  3. The influence of parenting on children’s religion.
  4. The effectiveness of conventional parenting on same-sex parenting.
  5. Why is adoption not encouraged in the USA?
  6. The features that good parents should have.
  7. Why do women agree to be surrogate mothers?
  8. Should women continue their careers after giving birth to children?
  9. The influence of modern technologies on family life.
  10. The influence pets have on growing children.
  11. The difficulties encountered when one marries from a different religion.
  12. The benefits of interracial marriages.
  13. The disadvantages of polygamy.
  14. Do you think same race marriages work better than different race marriages?
  15. The negative effects of an arranged marriage.
  16. The main factors used by people when choosing a marriage partner.
  17. Do you think living together before marriage is good?
  18. How do different beliefs influence a marriage or union?

Fun Exploratory Essay Topic Ideas

Exploratory essays require digging deep to get to the bottom of a certain phenomenon. Hence, you can use these topics to learn about the influence, consequences, and effects of different things.

  1. The major features of a good marriage.
  2. The main reasons that lead to divorce.
  3. The importance of forming relationships.
  4. What makes marriages last longer in different scenarios.
  5. How do religions influence marriages?
  6. The consequences of marriages before finishing school.
  7. The best way to stop the increase in obesity worldwide.
  8. How to maintain a healthy weight.
  9. The effect of men having problems with body image.
  10. The best way to develop healthy body images.
  11. The criteria are used to complement the physical appearance of anyone.
  12. The negative and positive effects of adoption.
  13. How does divorce affect children as they are growing?
  14. The importance of being brought up by two parents.
  15. The advantages and disadvantages of two working parents.
  16. How to cultivate great relationships between siblings.
  17. At what age should one start a family?
  18. The ideal age to move out of your parent’s

 Exploratory Essay Questions

Are you looking for the best exploratory essay questions? Try and browse through these topics and see which one suits you best. However, remember not to be biased while doing your final paper.

  1. The importance of family kin ties.
  2. How does social media lead to invasion of privacy?
  3. The negative effects of too much use of smartphones.
  4. How are game consoles limiting children’s social skills?
  5. The negative effects of watching too much television.
  6. The relation between watching TV and mental capacity.
  7. The evolution of self-driving cars in the 21st
  8. The effects of technological advancements.
  9. The evolution of virtual reality in the health care industry.
  10. How does virtual reality shape our future?
  11. The ethics behind the use of artificial intelligence.
  12. How does technology reduce employment opportunities?
  13. How is I. impacting the growth of different industries?
  14. Do you think legalizing marijuana is a great thing to do?
  15. The physical benefits of dieting.
  16. The mental benefits of dieting.
  17. The importance of exercise to our health.
  18. The best way to diet is to overcome mental barriers.

Exploratory Essay

Always take your time while doing essays. If you do it in a hurry, you might miss out on some important points. If you don’t have enough time, you can consider consulting our writers to help you out.

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of cigarette smoking in university.
  2. The retirement effects on different people who have reached the prime age.
  3. How to maintain your health over time.
  4. The psychological factors involved in professional sports.
  5. Do you think athletes are made or born?
  6. The importance of sports on mental well-being.
  7. The importance of sports in schools.
  8. How does weather influence the kind of sports played in particular areas?
  9. How should great athletes and footballers be rewarded?
  10. Why should children be introduced to sports at an early age?
  11. The future of cryptocurrencies.
  12. Why is online gambling on the increase?
  13. How can a modern entrepreneur flourish well?
  14. The importance of accounting on business management.
  15. The importance of large corporations on paying taxes.
  16. The evolution of different social media networks.
  17. How to move from traditional businesses to e-commerce.
  18. The importance of investment to our future life.
  19. The growth of the eCommerce industry.
  20. The influence of classical music on our brains.

Exploratory Research Questions

These are some of the best exploratory research questions. They touch on the various issues that face society. Hence, have a diverse opinion to ensure you give the best output.

  1. What is the influence of music on our moods?
  2. How does our music taste affect our personality?
  3. What is the relation between music and emotions?
  4. The importance of music to entertainment.
  5. Which are the most preferred music genres in the world?
  6. What are the benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument?
  7. What is the relation between music and therapy?
  8. What is the relation between music and socialization?
  9. Do unborn babies listen to music? Should you listen frequently?
  10. Which are the various language barriers in the world?
  11. How can we reduce pollution in the world?
  12. How does global cooperation help in solving world problems?
  13. Why is it wrong to ignore the worldwide issues?
  14. Which are the negative effects of plastic pollution?
  15. Which are the negative effects of deforestation?
  16. Which are the ways being used to promote the growth of more trees?
  17. Which are the negative effects of water pollution?
  18. The importance of social media in promoting businesses.
  19. How has online dating changed physical dating?
  20. How do people celebrate achievements nowadays?

Exploratory Research Question

Doing these exploratory research questions will make you feel satisfied. Just ensure you choose a topic that interests you. You will be good to go!

  1. How do people make new friends?
  2. How have pubs become less relevant over time?
  3. Which are the negative effects of being anti-social as an individual?
  4. How have online dating apps affected people?
  5. How should government help to make schools more affordable?
  6. Should schools be transformed digitally?
  7. How can schools be made more appealing?
  8. What is the effect of coffee on our concentration?
  9. How can technology be limited to schools?
  10. How comes more women attend college than men?
  11. How come students are much better practically than theoretically?
  12. Do you think it is right for same-sex schools to be increased?
  13. Which is the most ideal length of a film?
  14. Which is the best way to reduce violence in films that corrupt children’s minds?
  15. Do you think people are opting to watch movies at home rather than at the cinema?
  16. How has Netflix changed how we watch TV
  17. Which is more entertaining between theater and film?
  18. Do you think actors are overpaid or underpaid?

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